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Goodnight Cape Town, it was emotional. Homeward bound for Paddy’s day NOT Patty’s Day.... homeward....

6 safari’s & 4 of the BIG 5 captured... we got so close to these majestic lions I could literally reach out and touch them. I didn’t. Mainly because I like living. Instead I sat very still & didn’t blink, hell I didn’t even breathe.... To top it all off we captured the elusive & super shy Black Rhino (swipe left) Now this little bastard took my breath away. Last spotted by our guide @christiansperkaphotography 2 and a half months ago, that rhino is a collectors item, folklore almost.. like the leopard (the ghost cat)....Thank you to Christian & his brother (now our brother) BHEKI our tracker. You two made the Thanda experience utterly magical... To the staff at @thandasafari we salute yis.... #Africa #Gratitude #Love #BhekiKnows

Safari clothes adorned, getting ready to see the Big 5 this evening (we’ve seen 3 already).... What are the big 5? Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard & Lion. Why are they called the big 5? Cause back in the day when they used to hunt animals for food and not for made up erections, shit wine & sport, these 5 stunning creatures were the only ones that if you didn’t kill them out right and only managed to injure them, they’d turn on you and take the fight to you....hence the BIG 5.. I love that. The only shooting today will be with our camera. The way it should always be.

Couple of things to know when taking a selfie with a lion, but No. 1 is, make sure that beautiful fucker is asleep....

We had to both be in South Africa to hang out, but fuck me it’s worth the wait to see his hairy northern face.... High in the hills of Cape Town with the cast & crew of the hugely anticipated #Warrior coming out next month, lemonade in @kieranbew hand, wine in mine, we shot the shit and caught up.. This lad has got a heart of gold. I couldn’t be happier with all the success coming his way... lap it up brother, you deserve it. #BeowulfReunionInAfrica #Gratitude

Watching the sun set in Cape Town... I mean we all share the same sky, but fuck me if it doesn’t look extra special standing in Africa...

This is one of my favourite tiny humans EVER, @antobyrne75....He effortlessly directed the effortlessly cool @hozier music video. The link of which is in my insta bio. Check it out. One click. It’s fantastic. Trust me. I mean look at him in this pic, sitting there in his high chair, with his little beanie on....such a dick.. #Hozier #Family

Few days ago we fucked off to Copenhagen, hired a bike and rode some of the flattest plains I’ve ever seen....Side note, our hotel was introducing this thing called “wine hour”. For those unfamiliar with this they gave away FREE wine.... not cheaper wine, FREE wine.... from 5 to 6 every evening this Irish man sat at the bar with his Yorkshire wife and took advantage.... From 7 this Irish man lay on the floor of the bar without his Yorkshire wife, advantage wine. If you find yourself that way & are looking to flirt with some quality plant based food, no matter your dietary preference you will not be disappointed with the tastes of @soulscph @simpleraw @sundaymundaycph @42raw @kokkeriet...... these we absolutely smashed.... Denmark you were a mess.. a beautiful red graped mess... #Copenhagen

BUTTERFLY has been nominated for Best Mini series. A good cast falls short without a good story, a good story falls short without a good director, a good director falls short without a good crew, all of which falls short without a good production company, and that production company falls short without a good Network which ultimately falls without you guys, the audience....And everything comes to naught if not for the bravery of those rockstar kids who inspired us all in the first place.... Together we did something special, regardless of the outcome; together we should be very proud. huge love and respect to yis all, (on a selfish note, to our savage casting director David Martin & me agent @daphne0287 for putting this on my table in the first place, I bow to ye)... honoured to have gatecrashed this party... Peace out. #Butterfly #RTSAwards #Mermaids

Happy birthday to this little beauty @nathalieemmanuel..... we’ve shared many a special times together over these last few years... if me & @claire_e_cooper weren’t in Copenhagen we’d be sharing yet another... love ye Nat. Welcome to the 30’s club. From the bits I remember it was sublime. Oh and for making me feel old I simply say, fuck you. #Fam

Little backstory to this shot. Here goes; whiskey...... thanks. photo by ma man @l1vestudios

Love to my man @brianfortune1 in LA for the oscars.... A true gent. A battle hardened warrior and a god damn hero. Bring it home brother...

Anyone who knows me knows I keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for that good news that’s coming, that good news that’s already here. Every time I open the fridge it reminds me to be grateful. It’s a tradition I’ve been doing for years.... Whatever your poison have a bottle on tap to remind yourself to be grateful. Popping that bottle this evening, whilst watching the finale of @umbrellaacad with me boy @tom.hopperhops.... Slainte to yis all.

THAT’S A MOTHER FRAGGIN WRAP BASTICHES!!! Special thanks to our legendary showrunner & dear friend @camwelsh_ Paul Stewart & the props department for putting this bad ass gift together. I give to you Lobos BFG (Big Fraggin Gun) equipped with sound system blasting out a character favourite from my playlist, KISS...What else can I say? It has been my true honour to be the first person to bring Lobo to life. Which basically means I’ll be the best the world has ever seen. Although based on that logic, also the worst.... To everyone who made me feel welcome and everyone involved in giving me this chance to dance, thank you. On a side note, no fuckin idea how I’m gonna get this gun onto the plane. Krypton, you’ve been beautiful. PEACE!!! #Gratitude #Belfast

‪#BanTrophyHunting now. Support The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting & get your T-Shirt at http://campaigntobantrophyhunting.teemill.com‬ link in insta bio....

‪Happy almost Valentines to my Valentine. Why the premature ejactulation of a celebration? Because I’ll be spending a romantic evening with the #GangsOfLondon Crew this Thursday. So needs must. How much do I love this woman? Let’s put it this way. Man United are playing PSG in the Champions League right now. Did I remember this when I booked it??? Not the fuckin point. #SimonRadleys ‬#Valentines

This is pancake. Pancake is my cat. She has a flat face & it’s fuckin hilarious. What’s that? The coat? Thanks for asking. It was a really lovely gift from River Island themselves..... Mind you I love anything that takes the attention away from my seemingly humongous looking head. So I’m using this coat...... and a reluctant cat. (None of which has worked)

I’m gonna be seeing a lot more of these beautiful fuckers.... In as many months this year, Chester opened her 2nd 100% plant based restaurant @hypha_chester. The 1st being @jauntygoat_ ... If you live here check em out, if you’re just visiting, check em out. Whatever your dietary preference, check em out.... it’s worth it. You’re welcome..

‪Bought flights. Lost flights. Bought flights again. Manchester to Dublin. Dublin to the heart of Ireland. Baby Scan & her beautiful mates in their school musical. And they SMASHED IT!!! Sidenote, she was fuckin ecstatic to see me. They all were. I’m a giver.‬

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