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"Hi Honey" "Hi mum. You got the FaceTime to your ear again"

This is the result of me repeatedly punching @antony_pendlebury AKA Shredder to the body.... how am I the one damaged? Good question. Thanks for asking. It's because the fucker blocked them with those iron bars he calls forearms... Now, getting punched by him has a whole different set of marks in a whole different part of my body... #Conditioning #Karate #Fitness #BeastMode #Believe

After 4 weeks with Gaz "The Hulk" Stowell at @myokinetics I've gone from wet bread to toast... I also have no fucking idea what that means...#Stage1 #Fitness #Family #Believe #NoPainNoGain

If photos had sound, I'd never work again...And if he isn't dishing out pain he isn't happy... Mr. Miyagi working a 20year old fighting injury on me, in a place where no man has gone before.... what this guy can do with his hands is nothing short of brilliant... no wonder he's married. @myokinetics is my home now.. #Family

On the final hurdle of #ToughMudder with my then Keyser Söze legs, I pulled myself across that finish line but not before the electric mistletoe kissed me 3 times in the head, knocking me to the floor... "Train hard" they said. "Condition yourself" they said. "Prepare yourself" they said. "Fuck you" I said. Well, fuck me. #Karma

Outtake....Couldn't hold it together...Tried to convey an important message through fat face; saw how ridiculous I looked and spent the rest of the video pissing myself.... #WarIsGoodForAbsolutelyNothing

‪I absolutely fucking LOVE this shot....On the last scene of the last day, me and my now brother & director extraordinaire shared the screen together (he's on the left) after a fortnight of gruelling filming. Bonded by a mutual hunger and insatiable appetite myself & Philip Stevens, surrounded by a savage cast & a beastly crew far greater than ourselves, did what everyone said we couldn't.... 3weeks prior to this shot been taken, the first time we ever met (via FaceTime) and distant fans of each others work, he pitched to me with naked honestly what he wanted to do and how it was with me he wanted to do it with....He told me they had very little money to shoot this feature, and even less time to do it in... he told me he'd give me everything he had if I only gave him the same in return. He asked me to believe in the project because he did. This mammoth task, this near on impossible mission turned me on; turned him on. It's was fly or die, drown or swim, there was no in between.... Arthur C. Clarke said The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible..... of course now that the shooting is over, the hard work has only just begun, as he slaves ferociously away in the edit room...for me, I'm onto the next.... but every once in awhile I get a photo like this which transports me back to those beautifully difficult times & I take time to smile.... cause smile we most certainly fucking did... Love ye brother... #LAPWING #Believe #MakingMovies

You can't tell because of my age but this is actually my good side.... #Lapwing #MakingMovies

I've shared friends, football stadiums, LA bars & morning after regrets with this guy....Now we add TV/Film to that list... we draw the line at sharing bedrooms though... there has to be some sort of fucking boundary... me and my boy @tomiwa.edun dancing for the brilliant #LittleIsland & #Crackle on #InTheCloud with our fantastic director @oceanalovetagon #ThatsAWrapFolks #Gratitude

‪IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR ALL DICKHEADS OUT THERE... I like to play tricks on my best mate Bosco. It's one of my favourite things to do. Ever. This year I invited him over for a very special but "secret" event. I told him I needed him at my house for a celebration. It was hugely important for me to have him there. That was all he knew. He was very excited. He hypothesised and theorised. Eventually thinking I was gonna announce a new baby. Why i'd want him over for that, only Bosco knows. The thing is I was gonna surprise him with Tough Mudder. Basically, I wanted to surprise him with an obstacle course over half a marathon long invented by Satan himself; an obstacle course that comes with a two page contract saying it isn't the organisations fault IF YOU DIE!!! I wanted him to have no training and no idea what he was getting himself in for. All the while I'd jog beside him as he got electrocuted and became broken.... Think Gervais with Pilkington. That's us. I'd be crying with laughter as he cried. It was a flawless plan.... Only I got my fucking dates wrong. It was today, and it was me who hadn't trained. Not one single day of conditioning. Not one. When my neighbours picked me up this morning to do it, my jaw hit the floor. "surely you got the dates wrong" I begged my neighbour Edwardo. "I bought 2 tickets, 160£ to watch Bosco fall head first into a dirty pool of ice, I'm not ready for this shit" NOPE. It was me who got it wrong. It was me who got electrocuted and beaten and broken and bruised.. Where was Bosco in all this??? He had a morning of downward dog in a park in sunny Dublin, followed up quickly by a chia latte with some chick he picked up on tinder to probably once again practice downward dog later that evening.... he hadn't a Scooby what he missed out on and won't know until he reads this status.... Karma isn't without her humour. Karma you absolute bitch, dishing it out in perfect symphony to those deserving of it. I deserved this. Touché sweetheart. Touché. ‬#ToughMudder

Great thing about my Sensei is he doesn't mind if you forget your GI. You can forget your gear anytime you want, for any session... for example this is me in a T-shirt and Man United tracksuit bottoms.... Only thing is, if you do forget it he will break you into little fucking pieces.. This is me breaking... #Shotokan #Karate #Believe

I ain't just saying this but this is the best bag I've ever bought and it's from the revolutionary @matt_and_nat.... lining made 100% from recycled plastic bottles.....recycled rubber, cork, nylon...Apart from ACTUALLY knowing no animal was killed for it, you couldn't tell the difference. If anything, it's better... This is the fucking future.... it's my future, hopefully yours... trying to make better choices and on occasion doing so....

What I love about @claire_e_cooper is this unwritten rule we have of always talking to each other before we start any gig... #InTheClouds #Crackle #LittleIslandProductions

‪Last time I worked with Little Island Productions was on the hit series #SNATCH. It's a beautiful thing to hook up with these beasts once again.....‬Int. Night before, Manchester.....

Oh Dublin you little minx. I hit a couple of clubs with these degenerates last night.. clubs I ain't hit in 10/15years... Everything from the people to the place itself have stayed the exact same. The only think that's changed is I've gotten older. From right to left, my beautiful manager Tom Drumm, his boy William "I look like JEFFERY DEAN MORGAN" Lowery, my boy Bosco "the Muppet" Moynan and finally I have absolutely no idea.... So just to recap; yes, they're white pants & yes that's my belly. I'm no scientist but I believe that's what attracted the girl over. Mental note, must stop shopping at Baby Gap #HomeSweetHome

‪The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen-Frank Lloyd Wright‬

Whenever I start to doubt myself I look to my fan videos and I remember that I'm loved and that in itself means something... another generous fan video all the way from LA... sometimes I wish I knew the names of these people so I could thank them personally #Believe

Top meeting today thanks to my coach Gaz Stowell (middle) with Anthony Pendlebury(right), 4th dan black belt at Shotokan Karate, talking & planning all things fighting... 3 head cases round a table discussing the arts.... shit is getting real...

‪Last night we spent our time doing cultural things & drinking things in London. But mostly we discussed one of our more exciting collaborations, THE WOLF & THE SWAN... remember that name, cause it's gonna be a beast of a movie.... Working with this Goliath Philip Stevens (middle) I soon realised he wasn't just a director I'll work with for years to come, but a friend that goes beyond that... His writing partner, the formidable Giles Kristian(left), another of those people... ‬Now for some reason in this photo we all share the expression of having sat on something quite penetrating... Giles seems to be the only one enjoying it though... #Believe

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