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Last year @nathalieemmanuel & punching above his weight @lanipekun bought myself and @claire_e_cooper this beautiful paper light for our 1 year paper anniversary while all of us vacated in Berlin. This New Years, the company is the same, the setting somewhat different... Being the sublime friend that I am and wanting to give them as much advance notice as I could, I texted Alex that the 2nd anniversary is the diamond one. After looking it up on his phone he discovered it was in fact cotton. They’re now getting us bedsheets... Fuck you google

Fighting Irish with champ & sensei @antony_pendlebury at my sweat box at @myokinetics... Every time pushing harder.... #Believe

Stranger Things on Netflix. One flat faced cat. One tub of ridiculously good VEGAN @benandjerrys chocolate fudge brownie.... Happy #WorldVeganDay ye beauties... #TheUpsideDown #BetterChoices #strangerthings #netflix

In order to be better, surround yourself with people better than yourself. ‘Twas an honour to share the mats and spar with these artists.... aspiring to touch the sky but right now I’ll just settle for a fucking ice bath...thanks to my man Jamie Moss for the use of his place. Utmost love & respect to @antony_pendlebury and the @myokinetics team....

Ended up at a party hosted by The Shining Twins & pulling the Cosmos @claire_e_cooper & a mermaid @lucyrob... completely normal sentence....#Halloween

A pre Halloween “Electric Six” video for our beautiful neighbours before we head over to their den of debauchery tonight... For the sake of this post we will call the lovely couple Mark and Edwardo, mainly because that’s their actually names.... I love these guys and like most gay men, in my experience, they know how to throw a party...As for us??? We just know how to party....well, I do.... she’ll be spread eagle on top of our bed by 11, snoring by 11.01... #HalloweenBirthdayWkd #GayBar @claire_e_cooper

This kid was born looking like Benjamin button but has since grown into someone as cute as a button. Here’s a picture of my nephew & god child Oisin in the bathroom after I closed the shower door behind him... I’m nice that way. Happy birthday buddy. This celebration will mean absolutely nothing to you, different only through the rapid punctuation of sugar & the ripping of colourful wrapping paper.... This post will mean nothing to you either because you can’t read. Sure, you can speak English, French and German living in Switzerland with tri-lingual parents and a brain like a sponge. But you can’t read. And that my friend, is fucking embarrassing. Really, this post is for your parents. Your first friends, your best friends.... keep doing what you’re doing David & Orlaith Nellen ... cause it’s working..

Meanwhile, last night in Liverpool....

Watching @michaelkiwanuka tonight..... do music. Obviously. Anything else would be fucking creepy‬... this picture represents none of that. In fact, this picture is kinda creepy...

Bit late with this, but to the staff at @manchesterunited last wkd, especially Debbie, thank you... As always you outdid yourselves. On every level.... Also thank you to @thegrumpysailorkitchen for my kids colossal birthday cake, savaged by the Scanlans like Partridge attacking a Toblerone... the shitty tea light was me improvising the vacuum left behind by forgetting to get birthday candles... genius really... #RedDevils #VeganCakes #Gratitude

It feels like yesterday I held you for the first time; this newly born Smurf coloured blob of gorgeousness. If feels like yesterday I danced with you like no one was watching, this buck toothed wonder at my cousins wedding in Spain. It feels like yesterday we sang Black Betty like sugared up maniacs every night in Florida, we zip wired through caves in Wales & travelled the length of England with you as my shit PA.... I know the older you get the less cool it will be to hang with daddy, the older you get the more you'll head off exploring the world and the infinite potential of your life. But until then, until I one day wave you off, if it's ok with you I think I'm gonna hold your hand a little tighter this year. Until it feels like yesterday...Love Daddy #ShoulderDance #DadDance #BirthdayWkd #ManUnitedRedDevils #Scanlans

The beautiful game...

Having a chin wag with my wee nephew Rian-Emmet.. gotta be honest with ye, unless you're interested in heavy breathing, making mouth bubbles and squeezing one out every 6-8minutes, there's nothing really to talk about.... not surprisingly these are 3 of my all time favourite things to do.... Still though, 86 days old and he's still a shit conversationalist...

When @antony_pendlebury handed me a Karate hoodie with the initials GB on it, I hesitated, my first reaction being, 'I'm Irish I can't be wearing British colours.' My following reaction not long after that was 'Why can't I?' This hoodie was a gift from a friend, an invite into HIS family, HIS colours. I thought about how instinctively divisive my spilt second reaction was. I thought about how I truly believe we are all one race, inhabiting one home. I thought about how some of my greatest and most beautiful friends in the world are British. How my gorgeous home is in Britain. My wonderful job (for the most part) is in Britain. My beautiful wife @claire_e_cooper is British (with Irish in her on occasion). I thought about these old archaic beliefs that have been sub consciously engrained into the child in me and that are now but an echo of a voice long dead..... Cause todays me sees only people; a rainbow of different colours united under the same beliefs. Love, loyalty, compassion and the occasional Yoko Geri (side kick) to the head....Today this gorgeous man brought me another hoodie, this time with my familiar Tri colours. I smiled like a Cheshire Cat. Not because I love the colours, obviously I do, but because of the thought that went into him doing that.. Here I am wearing it with pride, Irish pride.... But with him as my brother and the people I've met & loved since I moved over here in 2010, I wear the GB one with pride too. Thanks for inviting me into your family. Don't get me wrong, Theresa May is still a fucking donkey, Brexit was a shit shambles and I hope yis never win another World Cup, but regardless, you're family, my family... OSU!! #believe

My mate Bosco came over for a relaxing wkd. So on Saturday morning I brought him to my relaxation den at @myokinetics... Bosco narrowly escaped Tough Mudder thanks to my negligence, so I got this Tough Motherfucker to hurt him instead. And before ye all say I'm not a good friend, you're right. But I made sure Gaz "The Hulk" Stowell put me through the same.... on a side note, I popped my hamstring after Shotokan yesterday..... so ye know, karma and shit... @patrickmoynan #FriendsLikeThese #Fitness #NoPainNoGain #NoLimit #HashtagSomethingElse #BlahBlah

I met @thegrumpysailorkitchen filming this year and I've not let go of her since....The beautiful Jo is a remarkably imaginative chef who fed us like kings throughout our shoot...This is a representation of one of her meals. In fact, this is a shit representation of one of her meals.... Her food is in my belly. Which is actually a great representation of her food. ... #Health #VeganShit #BetterChoicesAndStuff

The respect between cast & crew during our filming in Lincolnshire was exceptional... I missed a London get together recently. But thankfully they sent me a message to let me know how much they missed me... feeling blessed... best fans in the world... #believe #Lapwing

"Hi Honey" "Hi mum. You got the FaceTime to your ear again"

This is the result of me repeatedly punching @antony_pendlebury AKA Shredder to the body.... how am I the one damaged? Good question. Thanks for asking. It's because the fucker blocked them with those iron bars he calls forearms... Now, getting punched by him has a whole different set of marks in a whole different part of my body... #Conditioning #Karate #Fitness #BeastMode #Believe

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