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‪When I wrapped on #BUTTERFLY @RedProductionCo gave me this personalised bottle of champers. I said I’d open it when I had reason too, when the time felt right. It feels right. In the words of ‪C.S Lewis “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind ‬ #Gratitude

Thank you to my brother Lee Boardman for the ticket to the #FACupFinal & inviting me to share it with his son. Regardless of this being the 2nd fucking FA Cup Final I’ve gone too, and the 2nd time I watched United been beaten by the same score and the same opponents, we had such a laugh.... unfortunately all the entertainment happened off the pitch, mainly from the fruitcakes around us... Next year. There’s always next year. Congrats to Chelski dining out on Red blood this evening...

‪Up since 4am, travelling from Prague to London for rehearsals on something really special & ADR on #Butterfly with the equally special Anthony Byrne before heading off to Cotswolds...or in picture form, this.‬

Another wrap, another sublimely satisfied production.... they’ll miss me terribly, you can just tell... I hope they will be strong now that I left. I hope they will stick together... I just hope....regardless, shooting #BurkeAndHare in #Prague for #Amazon was a fucking blast.. #Gratitude #Believe #Etc

I spent most of yesterday looking like this. I’ve decided I now want to be a cowboy. #BurkeAndHare #Amazon

Getting notes & exchanging war stories with my beautiful German director Christoph Schrewe.... You better know your shit before you get on set, cause he’s fast. thank you @WaringMcKenna @LACarlos @NancyBishopCast @valhallapics @Seanecrouch @amazonprimenow #BurkeAndHare #Lore

Our supremely talented scriptwriter Carlos Foglia in-between two hugely overrated Willies... #BillAndHare #Prague #Amazon

‪The two infamous Williams played by the two infantile Emmett’s #BurkeAndHare #ScanlanAndByrne‬

T-Minus 5days... @netflix

1 week to go. No big deal.

Talking to the brilliant @CrookesMagazine about AUDITIONING, #Safe, #Butterfly cast mates & things that piss me off (unrelated)...Link is in bio... #Gratitude #Believe

Here we have @rioromaine giving me good head... what? I’m tired. It’s all I could think of... thanks to the lovely @brookesimonsmua & @steviebstylefashion for highlighting how much I don’t look like this normally..

Food Diary Day number 2.... #NoFilter

‪Is anyone Safe? Really? Isn’t it Safer to trust no one?? Cept maybe this guy. This guy looks like he’s made some good life decisions; this guy looks trust worthy in his beat up blue van... #Safe #Netflix ‬

I don’t have a headshot from 10years ago, but what I do have is my future hairshot in 10years.... Fuck you Dad....

Deep in the heart of ADR for #Butterfly with our esteemed producer @lou_lou_land... Can’t wait for you guys to see this... @itv @redproductionco #CorePost

The Safer The Street, The Darker The Secrets....Nothing Stays Hidden Forever. SAFE | May 10th | Netflix | Worldwide. @netflixuk @redproductionco @harlancoben

I know what you’re thinking....“How do I get big attractive arms?”....Two ways, the Scanlan way, which is to prop up your bicep using your other hand, as shown in this picture. The 2nd is the @tom.hopperhops way and work for it... Now I don’t know bout you, but I look like I’m having more fun in my shoot than he does in his Men’s Health one. I think it’s obvious who wears it better too.... @rioromaine @brookesimonsmua @steviebstylefashion #londonphotoshoot #ScanlansWay

#Repost @racingextinction with @repostapp ・・・ Animal agriculture is now recognized as the #1 cause of habitat loss in wildlife species, and the leading driver of species extinction. Additionally, at the behest of the meat and dairy industries, government agencies target and destroy tens of millions of wildlife animals every year, globally. It's time for the world to wake up to the ways meat and dairy consumption are devastating free-living animals everywhere. via @free_from_harm #meatlessmonday #racingextinction

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