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Coming home at the wkd’s to release, to exercise & exorcise, with the now 5th dan master & brother @antony_pendlebury.... I was in the darkness so darkness I became....

Following on from the in-house banter of last week I walked into my trailer this morning to find this wonderful surprise, an inflatable number 2. Which means I’ve either snuck in as “No. 2” while everyone else was sleeping, or it’s toilet slang for giant shit......the former being the only one to give me hubris, I’m going with the former....although the chances are and rightly so, she meant the latter....Tough week started with a massive smile and for that I am hugely thankful.... #Butterfly Week 2....

Found this old video on my phone. Date night. Pre Xmas. Sexy doesn’t even cut it...

To the Ste in Stendan, happy birthday brother, you wonderful human @mrkieronrichardson

Very serious looking pics, and while the content we are working on, is; the spirit on set is anything but. Week 1 went by in a blink.... #Butterfly with my girl @annafriel... Production, cast & crew slaying it...

‪New cop show??? Just putting it out there.... Can Kay Mellor write that one too @ITV?? Starring DI Chis “the tan” Donoghue and DS Ann “thirsty” Thurston... Rochenda Sandall you are a sublime human, the jelly to my peanut butter....‬ Love, Donoghue #Girlfriends‬

1st session of the New Year with my brother & master @antony_pendlebury... One hour turned into two, two turned into fuck you!!! in the words of Gandhi himself “You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result”.... Getting results whatever the cost.... #FearlessFaith @omandahlondon #Believe #Shotokan #TheArts #Hasha

Different country, Same company... Old friends, New Year...... #Norway

Family holiday in Switzerland...Such a beautiful time. They wanted me to stay longer. They never said it, but I could just tell.. #HappyXmasONEANDALL

Love getting on the mats with this man of steel @antony_pendlebury.... that’s not a metaphor.. I’ve done conditioning sessions with this guy where the only colour to matter isn’t your belt but how dark your fucking bruises are after... Still a long ass road to go but loving the journey... my baby girl made this video of us finishing up a session by applying Katas & blocking reactions at our very own iron paradise in @myokinetics #TheArts #Shotokan #Hasha #GoHardOrGoHome #Family

As I rolled out of bed, somewhat confused, sporting an Xmas Onesie; as I stood in our families Swiss living room with no awareness of anyone else being there or of a camera clicking, contemplating Santa and his ineptitude for not getting me a holiday in the Maldives, a motorbike, a parachute jump, or any of the things I wrote in that letter and placed in the fireplace all those days ago; as I wore this bad boy like superman wears his fucking cape, I contemplated all the whiskey and chocolate I necked back the night before, leaving Saint Nic with nothing for the long night ahead and it dawned on me.. I was on the naughty list, I’ve always been on the naughty list.... touché fat man.... touché. Love SCANta..

Merry Christmas ONE AND ALL #NoFilter

I was in charge of dressing my nephew Rian-Emmet this morning. With great power comes great responsibility. So I bought him this. They already want me to leave... You’re welcome @orlaith_13


Last session of 2017 with sensei & brother sir @antony_pendlebury...I thought if I bought him breakfast, gave him a little Xmas pressie, sorted out a few autographs from Dolph Lundgren & the beautiful @missjenjomet he’d take it easy on me. After all it was the last session of 2017 and it’s Christmas.....He didn’t...... and to be honest I’d have it no other way.... To my boys at @myokinetics, I love yis. Thank you for your space, your skills, your friendships... To Anto I say the same as above with an extra “fuck you man”.... See ya’ll next year...2018 is gonna be beautiful. #Believe #Hasha #Shotokan #FightingIrish #Family

Cinema Day.

Oh London once again we exchange small talk for real talk and I fucking love you for it.... INK in the Duke Of York Theatre with my brother Richard Coyle who delivers a KO performance as Larry Lamb in an utterly brilliant play showing the birth and rise of THE SUN newspaper under Lamb & Murdochs ruthless tutelage... here we have the beautiful Pearl Chanda & Richie Coyle with some Irish beef nestling between their appreciative chests... I’m a giver... #Ink #DukeOfYorkTheatre #ArtSandwich

‪THAT’S A WRAP on the @netflix Original #SAFE... What an immense cast & crew to play with... family almost.....Sublime thanks to my gorgeous brother @harlancoben the utterly savage @redproductionco & my beautiful partner in domesticated bliss @amanda_abbington74...you can tell they’re gonna miss me...

Great night out with the boys and actually the first time we’ve all been out together in over 10years. They’ve always been too busy to hang for some reason and get this, they both accidentally gave me their wrong phone numbers all those years ago... I mean, what are the chances????.. Anyhoo, when I found out we’d all be working together on #Safe there was no escaping. Thankfully. Especially for them, because they LOVE being around me... I’m such great craic... Thanks to @manchesterunited and the beautiful Debbie for looking after us. A testing game. Not a beautiful one. From left to right, Director of our last block on #Safe Daniel O’Hara, fellow cast mate @paddyccourtney & the linchpin that holds us all together, me... We all started out together in a little big city called Dublin doing a little cool show called #Paddywhackery... our lives have changed dramatically since then, but the brotherhood is just the same. Cue hangover song ‘we’re the 3 best friends that anyone could have....’ @harlancoben @redproductionco #Safe @netflix

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