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‪1st time I saw my wife @claire_e_cooper was on a TV show called Hollyoaks. The 1st time some of you will see her will be this week on ABC's Still Star Crossed. And if your reaction is anything like mine was you'll make sure you clean up after...‬

I love coaching and helping my mates out with their self-tapes. This is John Lynn's. Unfortunately for John he won't hear from casting ever again. I on the other hand have a call back and I wasn't even auditioning... #Believe

On a scale of 1 to Sit the Fuck Down, I'm obviously missing a chair...but after waking up with a sack full of energy & slapping the iPhone in the dock station, I was left with no choice but too..... It wasn't long before @gscwarrington & @claire_e_cooper glided in for breakfast and saw this thing fly by the kitchen window. I was never asked to go on STRICTLY in the past. And if I'm being perfectly honest, they missed a trick. 8 songs in and I was STILL throwing the shapes... sure, some time after song 5 I started to lose my rhythm, and by this stage there is no logic, no form, no style, no breath and I'm a Queen number away from a god damn heart attack, but look at this place? How could I not dance??? I say dance, I mean move....shitly...

‪One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement. When someone encourages you, that person helps you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own- (John O’Donohue) – Now if you can't do that for your wife and her for you, if you can't do that for family, friends or even a stranger, then you need to check yourself.... speaking of checks, I tried to encourage her to pay the bill. Was she having it??? Was she fuck... love ye @claire_e_cooper #SimonRadleys

I've known this reprobate for 14 years now. I was dating a girl at the time, who took me to an art gallery. The things one does for women.... 14 years ago you wouldn't have found me eating with utensils let alone looking at paintings like a scientist looks at God.... Yet there was no other way we would have met. We couldn't be more different. Our worlds, our social circles couldn't be more far removed.... I had to dip my toes into his circle, cause there ain't enough tetanus in the universe for him to dip his toes into mine.. We sat on a bench in the middle of the gallery our backs to one another, oblivious of eachother. Then he turned to me and said 'When there's this much money involved, it usually means I get head.' 'Wha?' 'I mean get someone's head.. Thomas Crown Affair?" 14 years after slipping into a routine of constant amusement at each others alien lives I can safely say he's one of the good guys.... ish....... ladies and gents, the legend that is-@gscwarrington

Like a really shit Legolas in Lord of the Rings, hitting 4 from 5....real men shoot targets not animals.... then again, real men tend not to take their own arm off either... @gscwarrington

When you go out for some Thai and the guy behind you spends the first 10 minutes slurping soup like a fucking hoover sucking up water... the old me would have sat down opposite him, taken his soup & started drinking it... quietly.. The new me decided I wanted an Indian after all... and left.

‪The fat lady is singing and she sounds beautiful.. Surrounded by ridiculously talented women with such a hugely important story to share, thanks for letting me dance with you all on this. #OverShadowed #RollemProductions #BBC

This week I dressed like Kyle Chandler in Bloodline. And depending on how you look at this photo I look exactly like him too.... for example, close your left eye. Now tilt your head to the right. Now close your right eye... and VOILA...#Believe

The BOX in NYC comes with a reputation. A reputation most only hear about it. Thanks to my boy @mattryanreal for making sure we were all well looked after and well watered that night... Number 1 rule of THE BOX, you can NEVER EVER post what you see in THE BOX...I wouldn't know where to fucking start.... THROWBACK TO #NYC with @claire_e_cooper @stephenuppal @charlsabrina

Early bird and all that....

"Hey emmett you wanna do crossfit???" He said in his thick Brazilian accent... "I train like a beast everyday. How hard can it be????" I said in my melodic Irish one.... Anyhoo, long story short, I now hate medicine balls, deadlifts and for some reason I've forgotten how to walk... hey Edwardo??? Fuck you man.

London evening with these two stunners... absolute legends both in & outside of the industry... so fucking nice to hang with them... this is not the martinis talking... well not all of them. Maybe just the last one.... love to @sharonbialy & #SherryThomas Photograph by the dynamite wee Dubliner Farah "the box" Woods.

Just got myself a Free Hug from my new Japanese friend in Leicester Square..... London you really have out done yourself today... #WorldPeace

Here's a man blowing into a traffic cone. Made me laugh my balls off, so I bought him dinner.... still feel like I short changed him. How can you put a price on laughter???? A true original. #LondonBaby

Easily Chesters best. And it's not because the threads are top notch. They are. But it's not just that. It's how the boys NICK & LEGS do business that keeps me coming back..... Here we have Legs holding what looks like morning wood in his hand and by the look on my face I'm really happy about it. As I said, they'd do anything for their customers @citygatemenswear.... #FineFeathers

When you have a little girl you are expected to do things that only she wants. You are expected to down tools the manhood, to sacrifice the ego and make pretty... if she wants to paint your nails, you let her paint your nails, if she wants to dance to 1D with you, you better start limbering up... I wish I could say this was one of those times. fact is, I'm starting to enjoy this shit..... in the words of Ozzy Osbourne, I'm going through changes

The shoulder dance is back... #2017 #LondonBaby #WoodCocks40th

Dance off in London... BLACK BELT!! My work here is done...

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