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Today’s image was taken on set in Prague, where I played the infamous WILLIAM BURKE, 19th century serial killer. One of Scotland’s most famous. Thank you HERTZ studios the SHARP PROJECT, for once again welcoming me into your ADR booth to polish off the finishing touches to Amazons new series LORE... coming soon... huge love and gratitude to all involved..

“Burpees are my friend, burpees are my friend” was my thought process moments before taking this photo. Which incidentally was only moments after getting sick #SickFriendship #Beasting

Here’s Gareth watering the plants. If you wanna see what else Gareth and Sheila do, follow @garethandshelia #NoFilter

I said, CRETE BABY!!!!

Crete baby!!!!

1 year ago I shot a wee indie movie called LAPWING.... Yesterday Lapwing’s truly ridiculous director and now dear friend Philip Stevens called over to Chester to drink and eat with my family. A date long overdue... He brought with him an almost completed version of the movie. Now I don’t watch me any more, haven’t for years; so the little bit he showed me he was very selective about... but none of that mattered, because the courage he marinates in to let scenes breathe. And the look??? The look was something sublime... It took me back to a time, a perfect pocket of time, that I won’t ever forget. A time that as actors or humans we very rarely get, driven by a collective creativity, everyone in tune with each other. I ain’t been this excited about the possibility of a movie since Charlie Casanova back in 2011. This video has nothing to do with any of that, and everything to do with the family we became as a result. The material was so dark we had to do things like this, we had to find the laughter in between the takes...Sandwiched between lead actress and powerhouse Hannah Douglas & make up legend Taryn Gladding as I endeavour to teach the unteachable “Shoulder Dance”.. ye either got it or you don’t. #ThrowBack #ThrowingShapes

It looks like I’m reaching for the phone. But I’m not. This is my celebration face, this is my “put the fucking phone down and pass me the champagne” face.... the irony of having my phone on me to type this isn’t lost on me..... but today’s a good day... today’s #LaurentPerrierDay

Thing is, after all the “mental” we’ve squeezed into such a short time of being together, sucking the marrow out of life, @joetracini1 taking a selfie of me eating his head yesterday, is the most “normal” thing we’ve ever done... today marks the anniversary of me taking him to the Priory. 6 years ago, today. If only we had a script that could in some way touch upon those experiences together... oh wait, he does, we do.... Dangermouse & Penfold coming soon, definitely in our lifetime. If we live that long.... #Scars #Friendship #MoreScars #Better

Hollywood Baby!!! Follow @garethandshelia

That’s a wrap.... #WomenOnTheVerge #Gratitude

‪This is perfect. My dad & daughter have come down to watch my last scene of the series #WomenOnTheVerge being shot here in Dublin. I played it cool.

FaceTime with my little nephew Emmet lasted all of 4 seconds before he literally ate the fucking phone

Playing Hide & Seek. @claire_e_cooper is like a black belt at this... @garethandshelia

Throwback to London Photoshoot with my brother from another mother @rioromaine. Not sure what I’m doing with my finger but I’m assuming I’m searching for my jawline; result still pending.... love to the team @brookesimonsmua @steviebstylefashion & assistant whose name escapes me now. Lovely girl. I’m sure Stevie will remind me, fucking RUBY... literally came to me as I was typing, @ruby_elkins

Throw back to the puppet masters behind Burke & Hare for Amazon, our wonderful show runner ‪@Seanecrouch & Boston’s own scribe ‪@LACarlos... love these boys. Feels like a lifetime ago but it was only a month... #Gratitude #Lore

Hollywood to Hollyweird...Treated myself to my first Dirty Hans @dirty.hans piece. Love this Liverpudlians artwork..... #Gratitude

Learning how to wink. Nailed it. @garethandshelia

People who wear sunglasses indoors are dickheads.... Photo by @claire_e_cooper, just now.

Bringing in the wkd with Gareth & Sheila listening to our favourite band in the world TAKE THAT...Take this world!! happy vibes #NoFilter @claire_e_cooper Follow @garethandshelia

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