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Do you know how hard it is to back pose??? This is serious shit. Chilling in one of my locals @theflowercupchester with my Paddy’s day gift from @omandahlondon.... People seriously need to get involved with these Star Sign T’s, for yourself or someone else... great value.. I say that, mine was free cause I have sex with one of the owners. I’m not sure whether she does that deal with everyone though.. Let me ask... @claire_e_cooper????

The morning after the night before #Roadkill

This is the most “non wreaked” photo of the night which is saying something considering the state of it...Smashed #Gauthier thanks to the Mrs @claire_e_cooper, then Soho House thanks to my boy Anto Bryne & his boys and finally THE BOX which PALED in comparison to NYC but then again, everything does...all in all an intoxicating night if not a little “what the fuck happened” night... next stop Farmacy. So to sum it up, United to beat Liverpool and Ireland to smash Scotland..

London I am in you for the birthday I robbed myself 5weeks previous. I’d ask you to be gentle but we both know that’s not gonna happen... Temple of Seitan next stop....

Back on the torture rack at @myokinetics.. He’s laughing cause he’s a sadist. I’m laughing cause I’m a masochist... week one, light training... next week we take it up a notch.. these boys don’t fuck around.... none of us do.

Dirty aul town, filthy aul men @eoincmacken #DublinsFairCity #homemade

Before any action or stunt scene on #Butterfly and by action or stunt I mean the ability to fucking walk, our medic Matt would- after buying my flag colours in bandages-have to strap my leg up really tight using these self tightening veterinary straps used only on horses. So why on me? According to him I’m an animal & I needed to be treated as such.. he also said and I’m paraphrasing here “this is normally a 3 month injury but because you are basically vegan and as a result super human you are healing faster than those who eat meat. You inspire me & all the medical staff around the world. You’re like an Irish wolverine” As he spoke I put my finger to his lips and simply whispered “shhhhh, I’m just a man. Sitting in front of a medic. Asking him to bandage him”.. a single tear rolled down his cheek. True story.

Thurs 1st of Feb at 10pm I snapped my fibula in two in a freak accident. It was a 5 a side, no contact. I was in goal, it was last kick of the game & as I tried to save an effort on target my leg got caught under me at a weird angle & SNAP. 3 hours waiting in A & E, with the remarkable staff at Manchester’s Infirmary, I prayed for the doctor to tell me I didn’t need surgery. The angle of the break wasn’t a good one, so I fucking prayed. I arrived back to my apartment at 2.10am with no answers, a protective hospital boot & the sage advice to “rest up.” Of course that wasn’t possible, we were only half way through filming on #Butterfly, I had four weeks left & was due on set in 7hours. So, I made the choice not to take painkillers because I needed to know my limits, when my leg was hurting & when it wasn’t. But even that pain paled in comparison to the raking guilt I felt in letting production down; yet EVERYONE on #Butterfly was so understanding, helpful & it all started with Anthony Byrne our beautiful director. The guy who gave me a shot on this project, instead of taking a shot at me. Which would have been the easy thing for him or any of them to do on the morning of Feb 2nd, all things considered.... Even though the schedule didn’t change & not one scene was dropped, I fought with myself every second of the way. It was a terribly lonely place to be in, mentally, but I deserved it & had to figure out a way to use it. I had to remind myself constantly that I was healthy & fit despite appearances & that with positive feeling I could be out of this boot in 3weeks instead of the diagnosed 6, giving me the last week to help the gang bring #Butterfly home, fit. I’ve done over 50gigs since I started out 13years ago & this is probably the most important one. Never have I had a sickness or an injury whilst filming & I’ve been in plenty of situations which should have spelt otherwise. Yet on this, I got both. What did I learn?? UberEats is a dangerous game changer when you’re incapacitated, yet despite breaking myself, we won that 5 aside and I saved that shot like a shit DeGea. As for the boot??? Fucked it off after 3weeks.... Prayers answered. She always listens..

Wrap party with these future stars...to Callum and Mille especially, you guys made the Duffy’s sing. Will miss the corpsing during takes and the laughing in-between.... #Butterfly

Today I say goodbye to the Duffy’s and everyone on the #Butterfly team. But even that pain pales in comparison to saying goodbye to my fucking beard... @itv @redproductionco @annafriel

Popped my airport filming cherry with this bag of wonderful trouble @annafriel....don’t let that innocent look fool ye....Penultimate day on #Butterfly tick tock.....@itv @redproductionco

When the Irish came to England and they just wouldn’t fucking leave... With Anthony Byrne, @amy_huberman & myself on set of #Butterfly #HomeAwayFromHome

Final week on #Butterfly & we’ve saved the best locations till last.....Home stretch with the sublimely talented Callum Booth & Millie Gibson & a wrap on the ledge bag @amy_huberman in SeaLife Trafford Centre....@itv @redproductionco

Slate 600... penultimate week....#Butterfly with the Duffy Family. So proud to be part of this story....

looking really fresh and young these days, like if Chewbacca shaved his face, or if Wolverine never had rejuvenating power....

This man. Anthony Byrne. Dublin born. A great story teller, conductor & fascinating fucker. Week 6 done. @itv @redproductionco #Butterfly #Believe

In the Trafford Centre shooting #Butterfly yesterday with a special guest, my daughter, baby Scan. Sensational having the wee legend over... I won’t be surprised if she engraves herself in this industry.. and eventually takes it over...

In Frankie & Bennys at the Trafford centre filming #Butterfly today. From left to right, yawning at something I’m saying Si Bell our wizard cinematographer. In the paddy hat with his back to camera, our ridiculous director Anthony Byrne and to my left, the beautiful, effortless @amy_huberman.... week 6 of 8....

When @claire_e_cooper takes a photo of your face watching your beloved Man United lose, AGAIN... I need to break something, other than myself. Now.

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