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This brings a tear to my eye.... apparently they wrote this themselves.... Yet another amazing fan video and my 6th posting from this collection...... best fans in the world.... #Believe

Time to transform. Preparing for the next Gig. In order to do that it's important for me to surround myself with people better than myself... The wonderful suckers behind this project are (from left to right) Kel "the kiwi" Kemp my nutritionist, who has the interesting job of working out the diet plan for a vegan and making sure I'm hitting my daily macro target... Gaz "The Hulk" Stowell, whose job it is to train & fight me. Weights and Martial Arts. Bringing back the old me, but a much better me. I'll be spending most of my time with this beast.... And last but not least Paul McAvoy our Physio aka "Mr Myiagi" whose job it is to put me back together again when I break. And break I will....GLADIATORS READY??!!! Let's do this shit!!!!. #Myokinetics #Training #Believe #BreakingBarriers #Teamwork

I'm not gonna start getting intolerable or arrogant like United supporters can quickly do, not after only one game. That would be utterly stupid...and I'm certainly not gonna give others any more reason to hate on United... In saying that, we are gonna win everything this year, including domestic leagues from other countries.... and cups from other sports....

The theatre of dreams, kicking off the season with my boy Gaz 'the Hulk' Stowell... #Believe

I had 3 beautiful make up girls looking after me on set of #Lapwing.... It was in my contract. That and handmade blueberry muffins for breakfast....The main girl on me was this South African lioness, whose job it was to fuck me up, which on hindsight for her wasn't much of a job. I'd been doing that for years prior.... To the left you have a rare moment of freedom when instead of smashing our scenes our demented souls smashed up the local bar.... to the right is her handy work on my almond shaped head. A head so 50shades of filthy that I was known as the Jamie Doran of Lincolnshire... #Makingmovies

It was very rare we got "one more take" considering the time frame we had to shoot #LAPWING, but when we did you can bet your bottom dollar it was the last scene of the last fucking day... The evil looking imp smiling behind me was our extraordinary director Philip Stevens.... the man in front of him was his meat puppet... Last orders anyone??? two broken spirits on the rocks....

I walked down the aisle to this music, donning a boxing gown & Tri colour boxing gloves for maybe the last great fight I'll ever know... this video was taken the morning of in NYC with my daughter at Central Park.... #RIPBalls, you are missed....

Released the "Shoulder Dance" once again today queuing up for some much needed food..I gotta be very careful when I do this, cause it's addictive. It's like the Mexican Wave of dad dancing.... Do it for too long and others will join in and before you know it, fucking chaos.... Arrived early today to our very own Vegan Festival. Our good friend and revolutionist, STEVEN CHESTERS organised this stunning event from the ground up... It runs all wkd. His ONE TRIBE FESTIVAL is on at Cholmondeley castle, Malpas. We were duty bound to come and sample the music and cuisine.... I suggest you do the same. You won't regret it... I promise... #VeganFestival #GreenPaw #ShoulderDance

Yet another fan video ready for posting all the way from South Africa... It warms me cockles to get such love from across the world.....best fans in the world...

I think the trick is to find a job you love so when someone asks you where you wanna go on your holidays you can say 'I'm already there'... On holiday in Leeds, doing ITV's #Girlfriends with this wee fire cracker.... Rochenda Sandall you are a ridiculously happy human being and what a state of being that is.... #KayBrilliantMellor #RollemProductions #MakingTV

Here is a pissed Brummie necking back a 2litre bottle of shit cider sitting on the lap of a sleep deprived goggly eyed Paddy with a ponytail and an erection... this is a DP and an Actor at a make shift wrap party, a party that didn't end well for one of us. The other of us is writing this post... #Lapwing #MakingMovies #Believe

Love this photo with my beautiful leading lady Hannah Douglas as we wrapped on set of #Lapwing... ''twas a pleasure to dance opposite this little powerhouse..... She owned it..

‪No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others-Martha Graham. Here I am, my arm wrapped around our director Philip Stevens as we shared the screen on the final scene of #Lapwing... I am in awe of this beast, his talent & his heart.. it was a true highlight to work so close and under such conditions with him and the unsung hero of Stew MacGregor. I look forward to walking with them once again through this blessed dissatisfied unrest. No better company to feel alive with...

Ladies and gentleman I give you Jo @thegrumpysailorkitchen... you need to check out her page immediately... Amazingly on set we had 6 vegans not including Jo herself.. From day one she supplied us with a ridiculous variety of amazing vegan food. Catering on this movie thanks to herself has been off the charts, so much so the carnivores were turning...I wish I could take her everywhere with me.... Now if you'll excuse me I got a box of Rocky Roads to demolish, like Alan Partridge demolishing a fucking Toblerone. And yes, they're even better than "real thing".... #BetterLiving

The lightening storm that happened during our final moments of filming was one thing but to capture it going through my head like some Frankenstein monster was something else...#Lapwing #ThatsAWrap

THATS A WRAP!!! There ain't no family like a #Lapwing family..... truly blessed to have spent these last weeks with these savagely talented fuckers... now if you'll excuse me, it's party time

Whenever I'm feeling sad I like to play videos from my fans like this one, to remind myself that I'm special....Warning; video contains language that some sensitive people will always find offensive.. #Believe

Listening to my playlist, getting In The Zone on set of #LAPWING... Between Laura Turner having written a great story, to the director Philip Stevens having put together a great family to make that story, I find myself in the very fortuitous position of making something that pushes and excites me... #UrbanApache #MakingMovies #Lapwing

Earlier this week I watched Michael C Hall devour a scene. This is it. Me watching. Not the scene.... You're welcome... #Safe #Netflix #JoshMason

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