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This is Josh. He likes to sit in his van looking at his neighbours. Not unlike myself actually. You can catch him and way more important others in #SAFE on @netflix, now.... little inside information for yis, @harlancoben hired me specifically for my smile.... as I’m demonstrating here....

If Spartan & CrossFit training had a baby (lord knows why the fuck they would) but if they did, for some sadistic reason, it would be our training programme. There isn’t one day I ain’t thinking of reasons not to show up. We break eachother. Sure we’re smiling now, but we were sparked out on the floor, gasping, minutes before. I thank my brother Paul for his sublime tutelage and his commitment. This beast doesn’t teach anything he ain’t willing to break himself over first.... @myokinetics.... #Lobo #Krypton #GangsOfLondon #HBO #SkyAtlantic #WarnerBrothers

Easily one of the hardest recording sessions I have ever done, for one of the, if not THE, most fun character I have ever worn, LOBO..... The glorious Krypton season 2, coming this year, 2019 baby...I need a drink. And by “a” I mean “shit tons of”

Quick FaceTime with Starlord ... We never talk, just stare each other out of it... And I’ve never won once. Little ginger prick.

These morons are back. I ain’t happy about it. @garethandshelia hit Thailand.. #NoFilter

One day we got a boat from our island to Phuket. We wanted to visit the giant Buddha. We’d done this before in Hong Kong. But here it was different, very different. The energy was different. It was impossible not to feel it, to be infected by it. A constant flow of people migrated to this point to pray or to take selfies. Maybe even both. Trees of copper hearts surrounded the 45 metre statue. Written on these hearts where general messages of gratitude, or personal wishes of hope. I don’t know why we went there. Something to do I guess. Something more than that I’m sure. At the end of the day, we all queued up to get blessed by a holy monk dressed in orange robes. All with our own personal intentions. When it came to it though and I took to my knees, the only prayer I could think of was written on this copper heart I’d seen 20mins prior.. so I prayed for that #Thailand #Love

‪Winston Churchill said “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” I’ve walked from many a “failure”, many a “no”, many times being too much of a “wild card”.... But it has brought me here. Today. In my trailer. Still working. Still smiling (ye have to really wanna see it) Always hungry. Always feeding. Starting off the new year in London. Peace to yis all. #GangsOfLondon ‬#Sky #HBO #Gratitude

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THAILAND YOU BEAUTIFUL FUCKERS!!!! #2019 #Family @nathalieemmanuel @lanipekun @claire_e_cooper

Smashing through the world one New Years at a time.... Same family, different year. @claire_e_cooper @lanipekun @nathalieemmanuel #Thailand

Last night I caught the moon.. as ye do. #Thailand

Last year we dined out in the ancient fjords of Norway, drinking from the clear waters, as the northern lights danced above and the artic foxes howled in the inky blackness behind. It’s gonna take some beatin, but this year for the 4th year in a row the usual suspects @claire_e_cooper @nathalieemmanuel @lanipekun & myself are gonna give it a go... this New Year is gonna be a fucking doozy. Next stop in a series of stops, Helsinki.... #NewYearsBaby

All good things come to an end... But what a thing it was. What a celebration we had. Mammy Scan, baby Scan, skin n’blister, myself, Heisenberg & Swiss Scan. Almost everyone that makes me so fucking happy all in one photo.... I head off now leaving these wonderful humans in Ireland. Next stop Heathrow. I hope yis all had a ridiculously sublime Xmas wherever yis were... Peace & love to all... #HappyXmas

So my new favourite bottle of wine this Christmas is the one you need both arms to pour...

The best full Irish in Dublin this morning at @sova_vegan_butcher with me heartbeat, baby Scan...

My first real mate. Me skin n’ blister, baby sister.... The Scanlan’s are arriving one by one.... Full house.

Christmas time. Now for most of us that means Turkey. For my mum. My dad. My daughter. That means turkey. And I get that. This year however tradition is changing somewhat. This year mum is cooking a @sova_vegan_butcher turky as well. For my sister. My brother. My nephews. And for me. This year we’re doing both. Tradition is habit. We are all habitual. Some we break, others break us. Some we serve, others serve us. This Xmas we are mixing it up. But more importanty than that, we are all together. And that to me is the true essence of Christmas. That to me is a tradition I never wanna break. #Gratitude #Family..... Little Manchester Photoshoot with PETA and their Tees thanks to @anna_kristina.h with me boy @tony_craig_photography capturing moments and me girl @brookesimonsmua making sure those moments had good hair & skin... fuck me she had her work cut out for her... peace & happiness to yis all, wherever yis are, whatever yer doin....

It’s been a long ass beautiful day. London, you immaculate flirt, see ye next year....

My boy @joupin with yet another shot from one of my favourite interviews & shoots at 1883... Usual suspects @brookesimonsmua & @steviebstylefashion @premierpersonalpr with @shortiestyles coming on board... I forgot my brother @patrickmoynan came to this gig to help out and was like nipples on a fish, fucking useless...Click on @1883magazine for “New Hope Club” edition #Peace

Based on the catalogue of pictures I have of me & the Mrs, it would appear we just hung out in a hotel bathroom in Prague for 3 days. But I’m pretty sure we Grey Goosed the night away after this was taken, which explains why I have but one photo. Last week I watched @claire_e_cooper kick ass with Mark Hamill, Tom Cullen, Simon Merrells and it was beautiful... But then again, I see that everyday. Her. Kicking ass. The world has only seen but a glimpse. Congratulations to this force of nature for having wrapped on her new show #Knightfall. In the bag baby girl... bring on the next.... #Believe

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