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Finale for the deadly #WomenOnTheVerge.... don’t miss it. Tune in tonight... Peace & love

With only weeks instead of months, with a lot of psychopathy & some hard work, with over head lighting, a filter and a post workout pump that will be gone before I step on set, let alone before i step out of the shower, I am proud to have gotten to where I am, but still a way off from where I want to be....One thing is for sure, where this is wouldn’t have happened without the committed tutelage of my brother Paul McAvoy at @myokinetics in Chester. He is my Mr. Miyagi and I his Daniel son. This is for him. Thank you mate. When I booked this gig (Krypton), I told those wonderful faithful souls who said “yes”, they ain’t gonna get the biggest #Lobo out there but with me they will get the fucking craziest. Next time, should fortune smile, I will give them both.. in the meantime, I give them this....#Kryptonfamily #Lobo #TheMainMan #Gratitude #VeganLife #DCComics

Like a shit Karate Kid.

There a point in every workout where I’m like “fuck this“ and all I wanna do is literally anything else.... when I get past that point however I can go on forever. This is that point #Krypton #Lobo #DCComics #Gratitude

This ain’t no one night stand, this is the beginning of one long ass debauched affair... Behind the scenes with the maestro @rankinarchive & his immense team & my crazy team @brookesimonsmua @steviebstylefashion @ruby_elkins & @danielaagnello at @premierpersonalpr... if you’re arsed, link to full interview & shoot on insta bio... #londonphotoshoot #Gratitude #Hunger

When you shoot with one of the best @rankinarchive only he can make you forget about the mutton chops. Pleasure working with @hungermagazine THE CUT team. Full interview link in my insta bio, about inclusivity in our industry, this Irish lad setting up camp on British soil, role models, fear, challenging our idea of what normal is, movies TV, this legend @officialslystallone & the Jungle book etc......None of this would have been possible without me powerhouses @steviebstylefashion @brookesimonsmua @ruby_elkins & @danielaagnello at @premierpersonalpr #Gratitude #londonphotoshoot

Don’t miss this. I mean. You can. No one’s gonna stop you. But also, don’t. Tonight #WomenOnTheVerge on W @uktv & RTE...

When Lobo met Zod for some Thai food... breaking bread before we break bones #Kyrpton #TheMainMan #Lobo #Zod #Belfast #BrotherColinSalmon

#Butterfly Finale tonight. I gotta say a massive thank you for all the great reviews on this right across the board... I think we all felt this was a special project when we signed on. But to feel that is one thing, for many others to feel the same is something different entirely. On a personal note, thank you to my sublime brother & dear friend @antobyrne75 & every gorgeous soul at @redproductionco & @itv for signing off on me, once again... thank you to my stunning dancing partner @annafriel, my beautiful powerhouse kids in Millie Gibson & Callum Booth, the magic @amy_huberman, the deadly Louise Sutton, our savage scribe Tony Marchant, the rest of the ridiculously talented crew & cast, but most importantly to you guys, without which none of this would have happened. What a journey. What a trip. Twas a pleasure to share it with you all... Hope you enjoy the final chapter... Thank you. Tonight 9pm. #Butterfly #Gratitude #Believe

Daaaaaaamn I miss that chin hair..... Preview of Interview with @1883magazine in bio, with magazine coming out next month. The click master @joupin in the company of me family @steviebstylefashion & @brookesimonsmua @shortiestyles... thanks to @danielaagnello @premierpersonalpr #Lore #WomenOnTheVerge #Butterfly #Safe

I fell for a woman I saw in front of the camera, a woman I saw on my TV; but I fell in love with the woman I saw when the cameras weren’t rolling, the woman only I get to see... no script needed. Happy Birthday baby @claire_e_cooper

If I could give you guys one piece of advice tonight it would be, “Don’t be a tampon” and tune into #WomenOnTheVerge at 10pm. Wait!!! that’s two pieces. If I could give you 2 pieces of advice... TWO.

Cause who doesn’t love outtakes??? To see full video go on to either mine or @joetracini1 twitter page...in the meantime here’s a minute of us fucking up...

It’s that time of the week again ladies & gents... #WomenOnTheVerge

‪Thank you to my main man @eamonnholmes & the lovely @ruthlangsford for having me on @ITV THIS MORNING. Thanks for making me feel comfortable. Huge love to yis both and of course me sublime ladies @brookesimonsmua & @danielaagnello @premierpersonalpr for making sure I looked normal & didn’t fucking curse... #Butterfly #Krypton #PeakyBlinders #FlipFlops #Gratitude ‬

#Butterfly airs tonight at 9pm on @itv The response to this show has been utterly phenomenal.... Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.. @redproductionco @annafriel #Gratitude

By order of the Peaky fookin Blinders...

‪The amazing @Lore_TV premieres today on AMAZON. So I talked with Den of Geek @denofgeek about what an honour it was to be part of that family, to take on Scotland’s most infamous serial killers & my unhealthy obsession with horrors from the ripe old age of 8... link in my bio..... photo by my boy @rioromaine & styled by me girls @steviebstylefashion @brookesimonsmua @ruby_elkins

ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!! Tune into #Lore on Amazon today, as we all start doing some dark ass true story shit... #BurkeAndHare #Halloween

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