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Южно-африканская актриса. В 2003 году получила номинацию и премию «Молодой актёр» за участие в телесериале «Семейное дело».
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Pinch me...😉


Friyay brunch with the besties 🥂 #callyourmother

Portland, Oregon

I love, love. ☺️

Thank you #stephenhawking you’ll be missed ✨

Oh Ali, the places you will go. #plltheperfectionists

Janelly bean 🤩 #plltheperfectionists

I think our cast is pretty damn...🔥just wait until you meet the rest. Me and @janelparrish are so excited to welcome you guys into the world of #plltheperfectionists.🖤

💁🏼‍♀️ 🍟 #friyay

I’m so lucky to be able to use my imagination for a living. I am inspired by each character I play. Their different walk of life, what makes them tic, what makes them unique, and in the different ways they love others. I’ve learned a lot about myself by creating somebody else. We are all different but we can always find common ground. At the end of the day we are all human and we all need love. So spread it ♥️ #whatinspiresyou #shampoomovement

• Happy #internationalwomensday • Today is the first day of filming #plltheperfectionists and I’m so fortunate to be around so many incredibly talented, strong, inspirational women. I’ve been blessed to have been built around women like them, starting with my mother. Every daughter should be raised to know they are valuable. That their worth is greater than someone else’s opinion. They are strong and beautiful in their own right and their own words are what truly matters. Learning to love myself was the greatest lesson I was taught. It’s helped me navigate my life and has effected all of my decisions. It has helped me respect and appreciate other women because I am comfortable with myself. Let’s raise strong women who empower other women. And let’s raise strong men who are smart enough to recognize and cherish the strength in the women beside them. “Your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize. Your words are the greatest power you have. The words you choose and their use establish the life you experience.” —Sonia Choquette

Just had to share some of these ♥️ I got spoiled this past weekend thanks to some very special people in my life.

Rad 💋

Babies. #fbf #emison

Fun fact: a fake prego belly is very convenient for various day to day activities, even the occasional bubble blowing sesh. #tbt p.s. #burningbodhi just got released in the #UK YAY!

And so it begins...🖤 #plltheperfectionists 🤫

I didn’t wake up like this...😅 thankful for you @elizabethmessina and your magical ways💋

Accurate display of my current level of tiredness 😳😝😶😴

This one 🖤

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