Саша Питерс


Южно-африканская актриса. В 2003 году получила номинацию и премию «Молодой актёр» за участие в телесериале «Семейное дело».
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Happy to be sharing the stage with this one again 😜

I made a new friend 🐱

Reunited. 😜

* insert caption here * 😜 #friendsgiving

I love you friend ❤️ #friendsgiving

PLL flashback 😉 #fbf

Happy #saturyay 🖤

Lovely unexpected nights with the beautiful @sharnaburgess ❤️

Half-assed kitty kats are fine with me 😜 love you @rebeccarollinsinteriors

Even my 12 y.o. self knew how special you were back then and never could I have imagined the journey and adventures we would experience together. You are such a beautiful, strong, graceful, loyal human and I am so thankful to know you. Happy (one day late) birthday @sleepinthegardn ❤️ I love you!

🤡🤠☠️😈👻👽 #dontworryitsfakekids 🚭


#tbt it’s always been you 😉


Reunited 💖

Hi friend, I love you. 💕

Babes 💕

Keo 🔥 for life

Question of the day...is @alanbersten naked?

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