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Южно-африканская актриса. В 2003 году получила номинацию и премию «Молодой актёр» за участие в телесериале «Семейное дело».
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Thanks for having us @entertainmenttonight ! ❤️ can't believe the finale is next week 😩

Nothin' like being photobombed by your self 😉 Happy #pllday ❤️ you're gonna love it! This is a special episode 😘

#Monday 😝

#happyfathersday to the best dad anyone could ask for. You have always put me first and have sacrificed so much for me and to get me where I am today. Thank you for always being my biggest fan and loving me through every moment. I love you with all my heart! #babysasha

Love ❤️ #OnCloudOconnell

Had SO much fun today launching the PLL museum on the WB lot! ❤️ go check it out to see tons of PLL props, clothes, set pieces, and so much more! 😘

Happy birthday Luc ❤️ I hope you have an incredible day and I can't wait to celebrate you beautiful lady 🎉

Happy #pllday 😉❤️

Learn how to make my DIY rustic laptop stand on my @sashaingoodtaste blog!! Check it out now! 🌸💻😉

Happy Birthday ShanBam ❤️ love you!!!!!! And love you too @jenndupont always 🌸

#tbt with this one ❤️ @lisah76 miss you 😘

Fun DIY's for the blog with KenKen (@itskenn) today ❤️ @sashaingoodtaste

Extra excited about #prettylittleliars tonight 😜🤓


When you realize tomorrow is Monday...😪 where did the weekend go?!

Thinking bout my weekend plans ✨ #fbf

Waiting for the weekend like...🍹

Take us back to Miami! ☀️ #tbt

Did y'all get the same #emison feels that I got last night?!? #emisonfamily #emisonisendgame ❤️

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