Сара Силверман


Аериканская актриса жанра стенд-ап, кино и телевидения; сатирик, автор многочисленных скетчей. Называет себя «еврейским комиком».
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#FBF miss you Joan

Dad lets Mary eat all the brunch off his face while laughing like a lil boy

AND Happy Father's Day to the man on the right (@mchshe2) who made the woman on the left (@lily_beckinsale) w the woman in the middle (@katebeckinsale) I love you allllll

Happy Father's Day to the greatest of Dad's, @donaldjan, who calls me every Saturday and leaves me messages like, (read in thick Boston accent) "hello little girl it's your daddy. Remember me? I know you're a big shot now but maybe you can find a little time in your fancy schedule to call the guy who gave you LIFE. I used to lift up your tiny little legs and wipe the SHIT out of your tuchus, you know."


Newsflash: Sarah is a knob @mchshe2

Hi I'm michael sheen and I think I'm Fucking great @mchshe2

That's me, Honky MD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing niece @shishi_12345 I LOVE YOU A MILLION ZILLION!!

Yo yo thanks @stopstaringclothing for makin me look like a supah classy lady tonight ❤️and thank you @hebathormakeup and @sunniebrook fer making me purty

Vid by @amyzvi

Friend of my sis's has a daughter who had to finish the sentence "I dream about being..." this got me misty for at least 8 reasons

...and then these assholes in SF @kevinhart4real @natashaleggero

Michael Sheen blowing minds speaking in the NHS at @hayfestival tears

Natasha , me, clusterfest pic by Bethy Stells

Today was my son Brian Moses's 33rd birthday. Classic age for legends and comedians and Jesuses to die too soon. To Brian! Live!!! You are loved

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