Сара Силверман


Аериканская актриса жанра стенд-ап, кино и телевидения; сатирик, автор многочисленных скетчей. Называет себя «еврейским комиком».
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I call the following series "the ride to Norm's podcast"

Your father @jackblack and I are very proud of you, young @finnwolfhardofficial #SweetRelief

Mary facetimed with @mchshe2 today

I am literally the luckiest #CarlReiner #TooBusyToDie

Mary and her pet @stephsimbari

1st world problems

My two mom's, sandwiching these two schmucks ❤️

My mom and my step mom loved each other. Janice would send my dad over to mom's house to clip his toenails, and mom would introduce them to friends as "my ex husband Donald and his INCREDIBLY patient wife, Janice" When my mom first got sick, Janice, who faints from needles, gave my mom her blood because they shared the same type. Janice's blood helped my mom live. They are very different people but truly loved each other. Almost as much as they loved us. I love you, Janice! Happy Mother's Day and thank you for loving us a million zillion.

Happy Birthday young woman who makes an indelible mark. Glad we're on the planet in the same blip of time @lenadunham

Morning mantras

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