Сара Силверман


Аериканская актриса жанра стенд-ап, кино и телевидения; сатирик, автор многочисленных скетчей. Называет себя «еврейским комиком».
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Such an honor to work with a legend. Shot with my pop, @donaldjan today and he was genius

Mary made @people

That's not a horn and those aren't bangs. It's just Jew hair- it grows straight out and then stops.

Today is the birthday of my friend the GREAT @lizzwinstead who works tirelessly every single day for women's rights. In every waking moment she is on the ground in every tiny town in this country doing everything in her power to keep women safe and in control of their own bodies. She gets very little fanfare and deserves the love and appreciation of the whole world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZZ!!!

I'm posting this to prove to all you motherfuckers that even tho this melasma-ridden Jew has to wear two hats, zinc and a bandana over my face, I STILL GOT IT🐴

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS WOMAN WHO IS MY FRIEND AND CONFIDANT and who has a secret life on the deep web dear FBI please investigate her it's her birthday so wait until tomorrow but she's into some fucked up shit this is between us though, okay, FBI? Don't tell her I tipped you off because we have a good thing going and I'm hoping she never knows I was the mole in this. Cool thanks HAPPY BIRTHDAY @katebeckinsale !!!

Mary had a tooth pulled today. She's on drugs ands lil confused


My dad @donaldjan and my step-dad John O'Hara. The two greatest men in the world and beyond

#TBT @laurajanesilverman and meeee

80 years ago today @donaldjan was born and today we celebrate the best dad, Zadie, man you could ever know. Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

#FBF sweet boy Duckie

Basketball Sunday 🏀 hard hard fun fun home bath food sleep heaven. @yokoonoofficial


Staycation weekend w @stephsimbari @realbrianmoses @halebofosho NO LOUD GUM ALLOWED

Mary keeps facetiming my boyfriend and it's NOT COOL

#TBT to the time I came out of an induced coma, couldn't speak, but felt it urgent to ask the nurse if she lived w her mother & then draw a picture of a penis

One year ago today I shoulda kicked the bucket but then I didn't and now I say shit like "we're made of stardust on a planet in outer space y'all!" #TBT

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