Сара Силверман


Аериканская актриса жанра стенд-ап, кино и телевидения; сатирик, автор многочисленных скетчей. Называет себя «еврейским комиком».
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#Repost @__nitch with @get_repost ・・・ Charles Bukowski // "I get many phonecalls now. They are all alike. 'Are you Charles Bukowski, the writer?' 'Yes,' I tell them. And they tell me that they understand my writing, and some of them are writers or want to be writers and they have dull and horrible jobs and they can't face the room, the apartment, the walls that night...they want somebody to talk to, and they can't believe that I can't help them, that I don't know the words. They can't believe that often now I double up in my room, grab my gut and say 'Jesus Jesus Jesus, not again!' They can't believe that the loveless people, the streets, the loneliness, the walls are mine too. And when I hang up the phone they think I have held back my secret. I don't write out of knowledge. When the phone rings, I too would like to hear words that might ease some of this. That's why my number's listed."

Got major hair & face by @sunniebrook and @tobyfleischman 🌈

I miss you, Momma 💔#HappyMothersDay

I miss you, Momma. #HappyMothersDay


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our big sis @susansilverman7 I see all your children, all our elders, and the wisdom & love of a whole world in these eyes. Look at this lil girl. She has no idea what’s comin. ♥️


‪So excited to be at the #MatGala right now!! Def not home in dirty shorts & asics doctoring photos of myself I AM THERE I MEAN HERE #METGALA ‬

Not high here. Just had a slightly existential experience — went to my bestie’s apt and her son has a hand-me-down toy I HAD and I hadn’t seen it since I was like 4 so yeah makes you go “whoaaaa I HAD THIS”

My favorite person in high school is still one of my favorite all time humans. A couple of NH’s only jew & black peoples as of 1989

Omg @amyzvi is this the weird snarl that shows an odd sliver of teeth you were telling me I do?? Thanks @josephmaine & @beautybyanthea for making me so pretty for da #Hulu Upfronts also

#TBT to a little girl writing for #SNL atop a side table in the middle of the night. I’m wearing clean boxer shorts and socks that I stole from @ianhmg ’s office without asking. I did this every Tuesday around 3am when shit got gamey. He never said a word about it and neither did I. I was such a weirdo

written by the people that were here before us

Lo Lo Estrin FE birth control days of the week sticker art

Oh yeah someone posted this - this was my first professional NYC headshot and I think it’s still on the wall of comics at the @comicstriplivenyc #firstheadshot

This is a private joke I have with myself (toast has been in there since Thursday.) LOLOLOLOLintogentletears

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