Сара Джессика Паркер


Американская актриса и продюсер. Известна ролью Кэрри Брэдшоу из телесериала «Секс в большом городе», за роль в котором она четырежды удостаивалась премии «Золотой глобус» и дважды премии «Эмми»
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She is mysterious tonight. X,SJ

And no jokers. X,SJ

Images from a morning stroll. X,SJ

News from a morning stroll. X, SJ

Discovery Reflection Music Reckoning Love 24 hours @hereandnowmovie Nov 9th, 2018 X, SJ

Sunset when it's no longer summer. Or magic hour. X, SJ

Illuminating, enjoyable, surprising, informative, terrifying, addictive. For your ears, brain and soul. Podcasts. My favorite distraction. And there is more where these came from. X, SJ

We still have time. More for some than others. We still live in a democracy. But we are testing her. Check out your local deadlines for registering. And as my wise mother taught me long ago if you have any questions about registering or voting go to @leagueofwomenvoters X, SJ

"Here And Now" Will be. Nov 9th, 2018 A script that captured and broke my heart. Made by and with people I love and admire. Shot in our endlessly surprising NYC. X, SJ​

Buongiorno and benvenuto @intimissimiofficial to our city. And grazie mille! X, SJ #Intimissimi #ItalianLingerie​

An electric blue can falls out of out of a bag and rolls into a pair of electric blue shoes. It's true. Crazy Wednesday. X,SJ

Come little children... Let's celebrate 25 years. X, SJ

Like thousands of others I admired and adored Bill Cunningham. I am so proud to be the narrator of Mark Bozek’s new documentary @thetimesofbillcunningham. This t-shirt I’m holding, wearing, wrapping, designed by artist Ruben Toledo, is part of a campaign I'm honored to support. $1 for every item sold will be donated to @godslovenyc​. I encourage anyone interested in learning more about the film to visit @thetimesofbillcunningham. X, SJ #dressforbill

Gemmy Broderick. Stretching into October. X,SJ

Oct 1st, 2018 Rabbit Rabbit X, SJ

My sunday best. Made better by 89.9 on our local FM dial. X


A mothers conundrum. Or what will embarrass LEAST my son. X,SJ PS joining other parents in orangeon the sidelines. This isn't a solo exercise.

Crossing town, riding the cross town bus, crossing the street, crossing from day to night is super easy in my @intimissimiofficial. X, SJ​ #intimissimi #italianlingerie

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