Сара Джессика Паркер


Американская актриса и продюсер. Известна ролью Кэрри Брэдшоу из телесериала «Секс в большом городе», за роль в котором она четырежды удостаивалась премии «Золотой глобус» и дважды премии «Эмми»
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Aug 1st, 2018 Rabbit rabbit. X, SJ

I spy Matthew waving his hat, 3 Broderick children and my own shadow joining as seen imposed on just some old ruins in the eternal city. Rome. Never enough time or room in the belly. We will return. Arrivederci! X, SJ

The smile says it all. Thank you Sicily for living up to all our hopes and very high expectations. Farewell. For now. X, The Parker-Brodericks

Blood moon. Lunar eclipse. Mars as companion. From Noto, Italy. X,SJ

Blood moon In midst of lunar eclipse With Mars as companion. X, SJ

Live from Noto, Italy Blood Moon in eclipse With Mars as companion. X, SJ

Notohenge X,SJ

Laundry Sicilian style. X, SJ

Ragusa, Italy Just luck to witness. My best to beautiful couple. X,SJ

Mt. Etna "Broom" with lady ladybug. X,sj

Mt. Etna cricket Like so many. Just trying to fit in. X

Modica! X

La Chiesa Di Francesco All 'Immacolara Ragusa Ibla X,SJ

Will this make me Sicilian? X, SJ

Mommy. Mother. Grandma mommy mommy, You of endless creative thinking, rules to live by, industry, mother of eight, quiet fortitude, library regular, source of all the most important and best parenting advice and counsel, top of the pyramid, premiere and superior "ribbon tie'er", first person I want to call when... beautiful, beloved Bobbie Happy Birthday on this your 80th. All your ducklings love you. Love you. Love you. Xxx

Over a decade has passed since we launched Lovely but the legacy lives on. Today we introduce #BornLovely. A contemporary update to its predecessor. And it's with enormous joy and pride that I pass the baton along to Tess, Shivani and Sophia, the new faces of Lovely. 3 smart and lovely young women, ushering in a whole new generation. Head to @sjpbeauty to learn more about #BornLovely. Launching today on our brand spankin' new website www.sjpbeauty.com where you can now find all our fragrances. And landing at @kohls ​on August 5th. X, SJ

3 great summer reads. Ok, Mr. Field by Katharine Kilalea out now. His Favorites by Kate Walbert available on 8/14/18 Vox by Christina Dalcher available 8/21/18 All women authors who are most assuredly worth your time and I must say read back to back an exciting bundle and robust testimony to the accumulating list of very special female voices publishing today from all over the globe. X, SJ

Siracuse and Ortigia. So much to see, smell, eat and delight in. We are filled with tomatoes, olives, prosciutto and happiness. X,SJ

Local "Nonna"was amused that I was ooo'ing and ahh'ing Her eye has long ago adapted to the beauty, beauty, beauty everywhere of her piccolo village. Sicily!!!! X, SJ

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