Сара Джессика Паркер


Американская актриса и продюсер. Известна ролью Кэрри Брэдшоу из телесериала «Секс в большом городе», за роль в котором она четырежды удостаивалась премии «Золотой глобус» и дважды премии «Эмми»
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This year I will be supporting my friends at @IAVA as we once again #GoSilent on Memorial Day. ‪Monday, May 29th at 3:00pm EST. Would you like to join us?‬ ‪Always grateful to have a moment to remember the true meaning of this day and to honor our many American heroes.‬ ‪To learn more, go to iava.org.‬ ‪And tell a friend.‬ ‪From your friend,‬ ‪SJ X‬

Just in time for summer... She's here! She's Meteor! And, as her name suggests, she's seriously out of this world. A comfortable, smart, day-to-night silhouette that's SO sparkly she'll blow your mind. Jump on over to @sjpcollection to see our very first sneaker in action. X, Sj

From our "scene and heard" column @divorceonhbo In between set ups, this is what we do. X, SJ

From our "scene and heard" column @divorceonhbo Just another perfect sunset on the Hudson. X, sj

Congratulations baby. Im so proud of all the beautiful, complicated and challenging work you did this year and so pleased to see it recognized. And thanks @jasoneagan for the photo. X, SJ

"Hourglass", a gift from the author. "Exit West" and "Sergio Y.", a gift to myself after a visit to Three Lives bookstore. I feel armed and ready for any sneaky or openly revealed pleasure reading. X, SJ

Single and fabulous "question mark"? Will a decades old battle over punctuation be settled today? Find out at today's @vulture discussion at 1pm. There's still time to purchase tickets at vulture.com. See you in the ring, Adam Moss. X, Sj

For anyone wondering where to eat in our fair city for locals or visitors put @madamevonyc at the top of your list. I've been waiting for months, expectations were high and I'm already plotting my return. East 10th St on the land of Manhattan. X, SJ

Monday May 19th, 1997 It flew by Baby. Good golly I love you. XXX, Your wife

From our "scene" and heard column on @divorceonhbo. Sometimes at work they yell "action" and you must dance. X, SJ

The sounds of practice, music to my ears. X, sj PS piano to be tuned soon!

From the Parker-Brodericks. To mother's near and far. We send sweet wishes and hopes that you all are surrounded by those you love and those that love you. Xx X

That's a wrap on day 2, episode 206 @divorceonhbo @stevepasquale I will never tell anyone what fell out of your pocket or what was REALLY in those wine glasses. Let the weekend begin. X, SJ

From our "scene" and heard column @divorceonhbo. Unexpected visitors. The great FDNY taking care of business. It's Friday night in NYC x sj

Tell me Trombone, yes tell me. Tell us @tromboneshorty Cause you are making our Friday morning a Friday night. Right @elaineoffers and @mflyons? X, SJ

Part 2 from our "scene" and heard column on @divorceonhbo. Flying high upon the wings of love with @theofficialsuperstar and @officialjeffreyosborne. X, SJ

Part 1 from our "scene" and heard column on @divorceonhbo. Shutting out the world with @theofficialsuperstar and @officialjeffreyosborne. X, SJ

From our "scene" and heard column on @divorceonhbo. Sister Sledge, "we are family" while moving the camera takes on new meaning with @theofficialsuperstar. X, SJ

In between takes on @divorceonhbo subway rides, van drive home from work and any chance I get. X, SJ

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