Сара Джессика Паркер


Американская актриса и продюсер. Известна ролью Кэрри Брэдшоу из телесериала «Секс в большом городе», за роль в котором она четырежды удостаивалась премии «Золотой глобус» и дважды премии «Эмми»
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The moon tonight. She dominates. She will not be ignored. X,SJ

Oh Mr. Lagerfeld, In your company- Watching you work- Sitting beside you- Sharing a meal- Being shot by you- Being fitted- Watching a show- Often in awe. Constantly dazzled Frequently shy Always a privilege. There is no replacement. Just countless memories of your extraordinary and tireless work. They broke the mold. Aren't we all lucky to have known and admired you so. RIP X, SJ

Best attempt. Good morning from somewhere north of Manhattan. X,SJ

She's worth it. X, SJ

I've no idea why she loves a sink so much. But she is welcome wherever she pleases. X,SJ

When you can't decide. She is @sjpcollection Divinity. At the pop up. 6 west 52nd st 646.863.3475 She is keeping excellent company with all our other silhouettes. Some even on sale for a few more days. Stop by and see us if you are walking around the island of Manhattan on this gorgeous day. X, SJ

Yes. @barbrastreisand X, SJ

Sending 💕💗💜❤️ to all. X, SJ

From our "scene" and heard column on @divorceonhbo You will find these beautiful fabrics on Frances and on display in episode 304 scene 7 through 11. Airtime worthy! X,SJ

Sing "this is how we do it" From our "scene and heard column @divorceonhbo Thank you to Janis who sent over the @chihaircare dryer, a very friendly and helpful part of our morning here at work. Now onto rehearsal! X,SJ

From our "scene" and heard column on @divorceonhbo Removed from our natural habitat... X,SJ

Thank you!!!! To all who have reached out,posted photos, tagged us in order to convey how much this book has meant to them, we are so moved and delighted. @claireadamwriter has written an extraordinary debut and its success is so deserved. Thank you to all the independent booksellers who have supported this publication, the critics who have met the book with such ravishing reviews and to librarians everywhere we thank you for making sure your readers have a chance to know the author and her beautiful story. X, SJ

Sunday in NYC X,SJ

Making valentines. The way my mother taught me all those many years ago. The only way I know how. Old school. X,SJ

If you love something, you want the whole world to know. Opening today "To Dust" Beautiful work in front of and behind the camera. Starring #GezaRöhrig and #MatthewBroderick Wife pride cause husband is so darn good. X, SJ

From our "scene" and heard column on @divorceonhbo Cinema secrets and creating the base. @evelynenoraz_makeup makes sense of all you see. X,SJ

Opening Friday February 8th. Make your way to a cinema near you and see #TODUST Starring my beloved and brilliant #Matthewbroderick and #GezaRohrig Beautiful, funny, original and offering exquisite performances. My pride is unbridled and my admiration for the filmmakers and all involved is brimming over. X, SJ

From our "scene" and heard column on @divorceonhbo Some good news! X,SJ

From our "scene" and heard column on @divorceonhbo Baby powder, a dolly's best friend. X,SJ

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