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Ирландская актриса. Наиболее известна ролью принцессы Мэри в телесериале «Тюдоры» и ролью Мэллори Грейс в фильме «Спайдервик: Хроники».
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Rainforest attire. Photographer: @mgarsia_

So sharp, @hardingegeorgia!

James Joyce.

So fancy. ❤️ @hardingegeorgia

Throwback to when I was really muddled; kept walking into people and fell down a lot. #VR

Just out of frame is a person holding up an iPad, with the chords... and the words.

Over every mountain...

Yes, I dye it a lot.

Sligo, Ireland

My Comedy Family. #HalalDaddy is out in theaters across Ireland. ☘️#colmmeaney

Rockin' some overalls. Behind the scenes still from #HalalDaddy. ☘️

My goal was to look like a badass babe on a bike.... And, I failed. #HalalDaddy @inikeshpatel

Love this. Behind the scenes still. #HalalDaddy hit the Edinburgh Film Festival yesterday, and on Friday it'll be in Irish theaters. ☘️☘️☘️

Heading towards sunshine...

Soon I'll be bursting eardrums on Neptune, Neverland and in a magical wardrobe near you. Stay tuned in for imaginary tour dates.

Wanted: One Friend For Lonely Labradoodle.

Very excited to be working with these gentlemen. #EndOfSentence

.... like a lady. #intothebadlands

Did Jade just try and fight The Widow?! #intothebadlands @intothebadlandsamc

A woman must always surround herself with wallpaper that matches her face. #invisibility

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