Саня Ричардс


Американская спортсменка, специализируется в спринте в основном известна по выступлениям на дистанции 400 м. Четырехкратная Олимпийская чемпионка, чемпионка мира и действующая рекордсменка Северной Америки.
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He has my heart.... Love my PJ’s goddie @yolandekelly 😍😍 #GoodNightFromDeucey We must protect our children! #PrayingForParkland

Only four more days to pre-order my teen book #RightOnTrack and get a ton of cool goodies!!!! A signed poster, a digital reading guide and a healthy lifestyle guide. Just email a copy of your receipts to SANYA@HarperCollins.com. This book is GOOD right @iambabyross 😉 link in bio!!!

My heart breaks for the families who lost their loved ones in Parkland.... I just can’t wrap my mind around dropping your kid off to school or your husband headed to work at your local high school and never coming home. I’ve heard the impassioned cries of the students and heartfelt pleas of the fathers and one proposed solution is arming our teachers?!? There is a better way to protect our kids..... WE MUST have stricter gun laws! Why do civilians need AR-15’s at any age, much less 18?!? Mass shootings must end! 💔 #ProtectOurStudentsNotGuns

We’re talking SERIOUS bounce 😎. Do your feet a favor and go get the #NikeReact. Grab your pair at nike.com. #TeamNike #LOVEThese #NikeGal

@jshorts17 is smart @jshorts17 is a leader @jshorts17 Is a champion Be like @jshorts17 #PREORDER #RIGHTONTRACK today!!!! Available the day after my birthaversary... FEB 27th!!!! Link in bio

Albuquerque, New Mexico

How cute are my guys giving the award to @courtneyokolo yesterday!?! Thanks for the pics E! #ErrolAnderson @usatf #400mChamp

Showtime.... fun with my guys!!! Missing our @atoboldon. Hope you’re having fun at the winter games. TUNE IN NOW!!!! Lots f great races coming your way @nbcsports @usatf

Albuquerque Convention Center

Deucey’s first track meet! @usatf #IndoorChampionships

I’m ready Mommy.... what time is the 6month 60m?!? Thanks @nikerunning for my first pair of spikes and good luck to all the athletes competing today @usatf and in the Olympics!!!! #TeamUSA #FutureStar #BabyRoss #AJRII #NikeFamily

Family vacations are the best so I'd like to invite your family to join mine for a COME ALONG August 30-Sept 2. We're headed to Mexico!!! If you know me, you know I can’t go a day without putting in some WORK! So we’ll be hosting empowering sessions lead by myself, members of the glam and gold cast and Ross!!! We will grow TOGETHER! Who's down?!? Stay tuned for all details and start packing!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

So Deucey was really upset that there were no races on the track.... I told him tomorrow will be ACTION PACKED!!!! @usatf #IndoorChamps #ButGod... thanks for my hoodie. @iamgenetics !!! I love it. #Jordans #11

The Ross family’s headed to Albuquerque for #USIndoorChamps. Don’t miss it. @usatf

Such fond memories of last Valentine’s Day when Ross and I were just announcing the coming of our prince!!!! #HowTimeFlies #MuDeuceyDoo #IWasPushingOutMyBelly 😂😂 #CouldntBelieveHowBigItActuallyGot 📸 : @deee_porter

#LoveIs UNCONDITIONAL.... and I experience it with these two everyday!!! Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. Share what #LoveIs to you!

Someone’s smiling again!!!! BORN JAMERICAN 🇯🇲🇺🇸 our little prince 😍

This flu season had us on the ropes..... 😷🤧 but Mommy and Deucey are ready to bounce back!!!! Here’s to the start of a great week 🙏🏾

It’s time to pre-order my third book #RightOnTrack for your teen daughters and sons!!! Wrote this book for the teen who is eager to be great and wants a game plan for success..... Available 2-27 LINK IN BIO. . . Cover photo by @deee_porter

Happy birthday Sladey!!! - 💙❤️ The Ross’ . . . Outfit inspiration: this adorable Moschino sweatsuit for Deucey from his awesome Godfather and aunty (@illest972 and @missanna213) Mommy was inspired by the teddy bear on his chest and Daddy rocked his @loyalamerican sweatshirt and matching #Harrauches. #IssaFamily #SladesAWildOne

Slade..... you came into our lives at the perfect time. As a reminder that God restores and still performs miracles everyday. You’re a ball of energy, light and love! Our little tornado 🌪 Aunty loves you sooooo much! #HappyBirthday #SladesAWildOne

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