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Американская спортсменка, специализируется в спринте в основном известна по выступлениям на дистанции 400 м. Четырехкратная Олимпийская чемпионка, чемпионка мира и действующая рекордсменка Северной Америки.
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Slade.... we CANNOT wait to meet you! 🤰🏾 #AuntToBe #SpoilingHimOutTheGate #HesGonnaLoveComingToAuntysHouse #ComeAlready 💙💙

Lunch date 😍😍

I never thought I'd get into the OJ case as much as I did and there's still more.....Think you know everything about the OJ Simpson case? Think again. See new evidence, hear new theories and explore unanswered questions. Don’t miss ID’s three-night special investigation, Is O.J. Innocent? The Missing Evidence Sunday, January 15th at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery. #ojsimpson #ad @investigationdiscovery

AISD Performing Arts Center

The @blackexcellencetribute is our contribution to the community but we can't do it without your help. We want to inspire, especially our youth, to strive for excellence. If you want to get involved, if you work for an organization that you believe will donate please reach out. @rossboy31 and I are so excited. So many great things in store and ALL proceeds benefit #TheGoldStandardFoundation.... ALL!!!! Thanks for your support. 2.18.17 #BlackExcellence #CommunityOutreach #Poetry #Art #Honorees oh yeah.... and buy your tickets today!!!!! Early bird prices won't last much longer

...and are always worth it! #HappySaturday

Thank you @CNN for that thoughtful piece on the legacy of @michelleobama. Such a powerful reminder of how remarkable it was for her to stand (as only she could) as our first black First Lady and how impactful her conscious choices to use her platform to inspire positive change for our youth and women all over the world were. An unblemished two terms filled with love and hope. Representation matters! When you see someone who looks like you carry themselves with such grace and dignity; strive for excellence and achieve it.... you believe you can too!!! Thank you for showing the world your beauty and heart.... for that you will never be forgotten! The definition of #BlackExcellence #MichelleObama #BlackGirlMagic #MyShero

Walking up to The Rich Hair collection sale like... @richhaircollect visit the website www.richhaircollection.com and use code wavy now trough feb 28th and save 15% on the naturally wavy texture!

Tyler, Texas

Last night with the legend..... #EarlCampbell

Love how easy it is to switch up my @richhaircollect. #CurlySue #WashAndGo

Tyler, Texas

Oh hi @gabunion... when you're running out and the family doesn't want to miss their show 😂😂 #TylerTexas #EarlCampbellAwards

The way you honor your Queen.... what a great example of love, support and admiration. Behind every great man..... #TheObamas

When they say no individual pictures but you just can't imagine missing the opportunity.... He was so gracious and kind. Took a picture with every Olympian that visited. What a man.... what a leader...thanks for everything @barackobama. We will miss you!!!!

My second big announcement: It's out today!!!! #MyQuest Me and my squad have been working hard, developing together with MyQuest a new unique interactive program - Speed Secrets - just for you. Now that I am officially off the track I have time to give back to you - I want to help you become one of my "Champions Under Construction". If you love running, whether you are competitive or not, this Quest is for you. I am dedicated to helping you run faster and to feel better on and off the track. Get your running shoes ready! I guarantee that after you do this Quest you will achieve your personal best and be your best. And I will be with you all the way to the finish line. More good news.... for a limited time only - special for the launch - I am offering my new program for only $29.90 Hey.. Meet your new running coach....ME! #TeamSRR Link in bio

Two big announcements today: First... super excited to have #DavidBanner (@davidbannerlikespictures) as this year's featured speaker at our third annual #BlackExcellenceTribute!!! Riveting, compelling and honest you won't want to miss an opportunity to hear from him! Get your tickets today!!! See you there. @blackexcellencetribute #AustinTX 2.18.17.

UPDATE Hey congrats to all the winners of My Running Quest! The MyQuest team is contacting everyone now - check your comments - The winners were chosen randomly from my FB and Instagram profiles" Then they will reply to my request !

Huston-Tillotson University


#TBT still the happiest day of my life ❤ #MrsRoss

Our faves 😍😍 #Bellas90sBlockParty

Good times... thanks for having us @missanna213 and @illest972!! Happy birthday BELLA!!! #Bellas90sBlockParty

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