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Американская спортсменка, специализируется в спринте в основном известна по выступлениям на дистанции 400 м. Четырехкратная Олимпийская чемпионка, чемпионка мира и действующая рекордсменка Северной Америки.
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Every #TexasRelays is special but this one even more so, as I shared my new teen book #RightOnTrack with my favorite fans. #Longhorns @longhornnetwork

I’ll be HURTING tomorrow 🤕 Thanks @bigbruce77 ...and my new favorite weight makes a special appearance at the end 😉 @iambabyross #FitLife #BackAtIt #TeamSRR #SpotTraining #BellyAndBooty 😂😂

So.... it’s been 8 months since I had my son and I haven’t seen the inside of a weightroom, touched a med-ball, or went for a run. I guess it was two things.... 1. I prioritized my hubby and my Deucey’s needs and working out just didn’t make the cut. 2. I never worked out to maintain my body.... I TRAINED to be the BEST in the world! The transition from elite athlete to mommy and normal life left me a bit unmotivated.... but finally, your girl is back and ready to get my body where my mind is... READY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD (in new ways!) Today marks day 1 of my new fitness journey.....

I’ve worked out with @angelasimmons and I was so inspired by her discipline and determination!!! Her #BNB, Built not Bought program lays an 8 week workout plan that’s a digital PDF download with easy to follow gym/at home workouts! It also comes with a healthy eating guide as well with taster recipes and great tips! To learn more about BNB, visit AngelaIAM.com and are welcome to use the coupon “bnb10” for a $10 off coupon!

Every now and then New York comes to Austin.... #MJMFashionShow #RunWay #Fashion Styled by @yolandekelly @yvkevents

Deucey: I’m so happy to be your namesake Dada.... One day I’ll make you so proud. Daddy: I’m already proud!!! I love my boys.... #AJRx2 #DaddyAndDeucey #MyDeuceyDoo

This absolutely made my morning.... when I wrote my kids and teen books this is exactly who I had in mind.... dream big princess!!!! The world is your oyster.... #RepresentationMatters #BlackGirlMagic #IAmMySistersKeeper #ShesMe #ItBeginsInYourMind #Believe #LittleGabby

Times Square, New York City

Proof for the day he tells me we never go anywhere cool.... #TimeSquare #MommyAndDeucey

Manhattan, New York

Yesterday still feels unreal.... Thanks for my glam @reneemadeulook and @tb_hairstylist. 😘😍💋

New York, New York

And so it begins....

New York, New York


How does your faith play a role in your success? Faith requires letting go of our fears and trusting in God’s unconditional love for us.... knowing that He only wants the best for us in EVERY area of your life. If you’re at a standstill on your job, it’s for a reason. Stay prayerful and know that God has you right where he wants you and your promotion will come! Make it a great day!!! #iccountable @iccountable

Maya Angelou, the original Phenomenal Woman, would’ve been 90 years-old today. Not only was she an iconic poet and author, she was also a civil rights leader. In this urgent moment of social activism, let’s remember what she so beautifully taught us: phenomenal black women will be seen and heard, and we will always rise to the occasion. #wewillrise @phenomenal.ly

Answered prayers.....

Werkin... 👀

Another day.... another city with my #DeuceyDoo. What up ATL?!? #HappyEaster Thanks for the shot 📸: @sirmilesrashad

Meant a lot to me to see how happy my comeback would make some of you... but the only time I want to run is when I get to a competition and that would never work! Lol #DontMissTheTraining #MyBigToeCantTakeIt #IWish #InMyDreams #ImReallyRetired #TheyMadeMeDoIt #WhosThey 😂😂 #AprilFools #ImSorry

#RichardsRossReturns 4.28.18 #PennRelays @usatf

Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium - University of Texas

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