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Британский актёр кино и телевидения, наиболее известный по роли близнецов Люка и Марка в сериале «Последователи».
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#LosingDays #WeShouldProbablyTalk @edfringe @ftproj https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/losing-days

My #WonderWoman

Thanks @russrowland & @simsjamie for the beautiful poster for @opheliashortfilm Looking forward to showing it at @sohofilmfest Sun June 18 https://t.co/rb79f50U3n?amp=1

On May 7 2017, the world will welcome @carlitanyc & @jordan_biebs #wedding

Woodstock speaks shameless truth

Wait... Chekhov is funny???

On Broadway, with my company @ftproj Yep. #DreamJob #DreamTeam

This is me. It is also my puppy. He has many names; Bobby, Bobbadoo, Bobby Jindal, Bobadook, Dook, Wanker, Oi, Wanker-Bobby. I have many names too (including some of the above) We are one. #LabradorsForLife #MyBPF #NationalPuppyDay

LOST: This wanker. Please keep an eye out for him. He responds to a good firm kick in his tiny shriveled wart-covered scrotum. Keep kicking until he stops moving, then DM me with location. Cash reward: whatever he has in his pockets.

My theatre company @ftproj has the distinct honor of memorializing the work of Sir Peter Shaffer, playwright of Equus, Amadeus and many more. Incredible friends of Peter, including the legendary Sir Ian McKellen have filmed tributes from the U.K. with the help of @simsjamie I truly hope will join us Monday April 3rd on Broadway for this one night special event. www.Show-Score.com/Shaffer


Will you #ShowUp and stand with #BLM this Saturday March 4th?

Bits found me a spare hand. Cheers.

Proud of my building and its community #Resist

#Resist Opening Night Party was incredible Are you going to #ShowUp for the rest of the run. It's most likely going to extend for a while, with many script, cast and venue changes. As always the audience is important. But the ensemble driving the story and message home is vital. YOU are vital. There is no other time more important to get involved. AND GIVE OTHERS THE MICROPHONE. This is not about co-opting a discrimination or a threat - this is about EVERYONE marching FOR EVERYONE EVERY DAMN TIME. #ShowUp

Regram: @blackonblackbk

#Resist #ShowUp

We march #WomensMarch

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