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Американский муыкант и актер.
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Cheers for the leather @bodaskins @bohnes literally wearing it right now🌌🌌🌌

Wrap day...by the look on my face I can tell I felt super cool🌌🌌📷 @nicoleegwebb


Happy Birthday Michael! I’ve always loved that MJs birthday is the day after mine. 🌌 Here’s me dancing to MJ on Pier 39 when I was 10..trying to look like him in the ‘Come Together’ video.

Atlanta, Georgia

Enjoying my last week in atl...never wanna leave🌌📷 @inanna . . Also, do me a favor and go follow @oroimperial I’ll love you forever!!🌌🌌

Georgia Aquarium

I seriously felt like a little kid🌌🌌🌌

Atlanta, Georgia

I know you’ve all been waiting for it..and here it is. Me wearing a hat. You’re welcome #imahatguynow 👍📷 @khadijha

Atlanta, Georgia

*never wants to leave..📷 @khadijha

Cheers to Larry & Mike for letting me sit in..you’re a fun time atl🌌🌌


Atlanta, Georgia

I’m absolutely over the moon to be your Zed...already loving this cast and crew and can’t wait for these next few weeks 🎬 🎬@aftermovie #aftermovie

Me and @philippaulsen just went kung Foo fighting...but not without some of that sweet @oroimperial go get yours!

Now you got me so blue oo... Cheers @phixclothing for the modern vintage fit🌌🌌 #MYPHIX

I wonder what I’m looking at🌌

Hola! Celebrating Father’s Day and Mexico’s victory today with, you guessed it. Tequila! And if I’m gonna be drinking tequila I always reach for a bottle of that smooth @oroimperial you should do the same. Adios🌌🌌🌌 #oroimperial #shamelessplug

got a new phone..found this in iCloud...here we are

Happy Birthday..I love you..I miss you...thank you🌌

Get to hang out with my beautiful mother today and she’s loving @oroimperial as well... do yourself a favor and join us🌌🌌 . . Ps. She nailed this video #onlyoro

not that I’m comparing..but if I was...norcal wins🌌🌌

Happy Sunday my friends...back at it with my mate @philippaulsen and of course we are sippin on the one and only @OroImperial tequila Go check them out! They are amazing🌌🌌🌌 . . More of the 3 of us coming soon

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