Сэмми Ханратти


Американская актриса и певица. В 2007 году она начала свою актерскую карьеру, с роли юной Шарлотты 'Чак' Чарльз в детективном сериале с элементами фэнтези Мёртвые до востребования.
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I had a lovely time in England❤️

Cliffs of Moher

I had such an amazing time today at the Cliffs of Moher 😍🍀❤️

Can't handle my sisters beauty 😍 Bar hopping tonight with this babe😜

Dublin, Ireland

Being a good lil Irish girl 🍀🤤

Dublin, Ireland

Just an Irish girl chillin in Ireland 😊💜

Byeeee Cali✈️ ✌🏻

💜💜💜 "Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning And you're there to save me And I wanna thank you with all of my heart It's a brand new start"

TGIF❤️ My neck looks weird cause my spray tan is fading....oh well🤷🏼‍♀️

How do I have such beautiful friends? ❤️

Happy hump day! 😝How's your week been thus far?

I love puppies 😊💜

Suns out Buns out🌼

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

Alright last one from Cabo...for now...😍😭

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

I know I've only been home for one day but can I go back?

This has been such an amazing weekend💋 How was your Saturday?


I'm way happier than this photo makes me look PC: my baby bubby bear❤️

When your BF and you have been together for a year but he still feels awk in photos. Hahah love you hot stuff💋

I love vacations😊 Messy hair don't care 🤷🏼‍♀️ #awkhand

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