Сэмми Ханратти


Американская актриса и певица. В 2007 году она начала свою актерскую карьеру, с роли юной Шарлотты 'Чак' Чарльз в детективном сериале с элементами фэнтези Мёртвые до востребования.
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  • Фото 1490
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Forever in love with the beauty of nature💜 Happy Friday everyone! What are you doing this weekend?💕 PC: @chrislabadie

#tbt to the late 1600’s. I miss @salemwgna 😭 if you could travel in time what decade would you go back to?🤔 #salem #salemwitchtrials #salemwgna

i have what i have and i’m happy i’ve lost what i’ve lost and i’m still happy🥀 #milkandhoney

Happy Sunday! I’m missing this little cutie! I’m also missing #shameless. What was your favorite part of this season?

Happy Saturday❤️🌹 Any suggestions for shows I should watch??💋

Here’s a little #tbt to #seedsofyesterday with @jamesmaslow 😊 how’s he doing on @cbs_bigbrother?? I need to catch up on this season.

Happy Valentine’s Day loves!❤️ What are you doing to celebrate?

Woah...just realized how close we are to Valentine’s Day! Who is your Valentine?💕🌹 PC: @fleurworthyy 💋

Sunday Funday 😜 anyone else ready for summer??

Cheers to the freakin weekend😘 what are you doing tonight? PC: @rose_brendan08 🥀

You’re such a lovely and wonderful creature. Do you know that? What’s your favorite thing about yourself?🧡

#tbt to when I did not get away with murder on @howtogetawaywithmurder 😜did you watch this episode?#skanksgetshanked 😱

Hump dayyyy🐪 I miss this look😩 should I cut and dye my hair again?

Coming back homeee✈️ Shout out to the hair attacking my left eye✌🏻

Flower child ✌🏻💐🌷🌸🌼🌺🌻💐

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day❤️ trying to find new music..any suggestions?😊

Australia is pretty cool😎😝 (I put the sunglasses emoji so you know it’s really really cool)

Hello loves💕 how’s your weekend going?😊

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