Сэмми Ханратти


Американская актриса и певица. В 2007 году она начала свою актерскую карьеру, с роли юной Шарлотты 'Чак' Чарльз в детективном сериале с элементами фэнтези Мёртвые до востребования.
  • Все 1993
  • Фото 1854
  • Видео 139

Saturday’s are the best days❤️

It was snowing and I was really happy about it😬 ❄️ Who’s excited for the weekend??!! . #friday #snow #excited

Happy Valentines Day lovers❤️ going out to dinner with my man! What did you do/are you going to do to celebrate this day of love??

Happy Valentine’s Day, love me and this Lumberjack ❤️

Happy #humpday ❤️ how’s your week been so far??

Sooo excited to be going back to @stagecoach!!🥰❤️ Can’t wait for the VEGAN ice cream, the Honky Tonk, and most importantly... I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE SAM HUNT LIVE 😱😍 . April 26-28....will you be there?? #stagecoach

We all leave a first impression of someone. What was your first impression of me? PC: @thetylershields

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday Funday! Who’s watching the Grammys??😜💕

“Booty is in the eye of the beholder” - my mom 🤣😜😂🍑 . #puns

Ew does anyone else’s room get this messy??😱 #help #mess #hoarder #tlc 😂

#tbt to last year watching the season 8 finale of @shameless 😜 What was your favorite Kassidi moment?

Happy hump day loves💜 missing the beach and my purple hair.

Every superhero needs a sidekick❤️ I’m so proud of you @brecbassinger So much has happened in the last year! You have accomplished so much and you have overcome so much. You’re such a talented, lovely, stunning, empathetic, passionate human being and I’m so thankful to be one of your besties! Thank you @thetylershields for capturing this moment of sisterhood❤️

Valentine’s Day is coming up❤️ What are you going to do?💋

Super bowl car selfie with friends😂 who are you rooting for?? Who did you want to see in the Super Bowl? Or do you not care and only watch for the funny commercials like me?

I see London I see France...I see Sammi’s underpants 😂😜 📸: @thetylershields

#tgif 🙌🏻 just founded out IM GOING TO @STAGECOACH thanks to @shaunhoff 😱🙌🏻I love me some country music! What’s your style of music like?? #stagecoach #countrygirl #country #music #festival

#tbt to taking a selfie with a dead guy😱 #shameless congrats @shameless on season 10🙌🏻

Happy #humpday 😜 hows you week going so far?? I wish it was this warm in New Mexico right now😂☀️

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