Сабина Емельянова


Латвийская модель и актриса.
  • Все 1972
  • Фото 1762
  • Видео 210

Self awareness post... No makeup!!! 🙅🏽 I want to inspire more girls, women To be real, and not to hide... 😌💡 Have to learn to love yourself with and without makeup! 🎀👑 I feel more confident By facing my flaws, marks, scars, spots etc... finally accepting them and showing them- instead of hiding 🤡😝👀💥 It is such a wonderful feeling to feel good and comfortable with your appearance! To be in balance with inner and outer You 🙏🏽 ✨❤️✨ What's your thoughts 💭 ???!👀🗣 Feel free to message me ! 💁🏽✨💕📩

Time to get rough and wild 😜 😅 are you with me ? 😏🌪

When you just sit to relax and intake that good energy 🌟✨who else loves sun ☀️?

being active around London 🇬🇧 summer warm days😍🤤 do you feel the same ?

When no filter is needed and @ladyroc_ 💃🏽✨ captured me in a moment having a conversation! The best pictures are always the ones with real smile/emotion (not posed) 😄❤️✨ the real me ✨❤️ thank you 😊 @sheeshchigwell

#happybirthday 🎁 @scarlettshoward 👩‍❤️‍👩 wishing you all the best 🌟✨ my special ginger soul 💃🏽💯✨thank you @sheeshchigwell for amazing #Sunday vibes ❤️ @ladyroc_ 🥂✨

Can’t wait to go to @sheeshchigwell tomorrow to celebrate 🎉 @scarlettshoward Birthday 🍰🔥🌟💃🏽✨ the best food, people and atmosphere 💯🎉✨ @ladyroc_

I must of felt super happy😃 when I took polaroids @immmodels 🌟✨ #natural #happy #model do you like me smiling ?! 😁😏💯✨ ???

When you get to see me full length.. 💃🏽what comes to your head 😏💭 ? No edit, real, natural, dimples, flaws and stretch marks

When I popped in @immmodels to update my Polaroid’s 😏🌟✨ what do you think? Natural makeup and hair by me 💁🏽

It’s good to be delicate✨and soft sometimes ✨

Inlove 💕 with this colour 🎆so delicate✨ @orhidejalingerie

When you wear white and gives you sense of peace 😏✨ @orhidejalingerie

Today, natural makeup and semi dry/wet hair 💁🏽✨ do you like this simple makeup? #glow 🙌🏼✨❣️

Makeup by me 💁🏽✨ and it is another selfie 🤳 😅#nofilter

Saturday vibes... 🎈hair by @Nickylazou

Feeling free and comfortable with your self(inside -out) ❤️natural is the best way, embrace it 🙌🏼✨ do what you feel... not what you think 😁

Monday... and I want to feel free.. 👀🍑

Chilled Saturdays... cosy clothing and bed ✨no edit, real.. 🙌🏼

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