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now playing - "Leave" by the homie @postmalone "stoney" already en fuego big year, young man

this tuesday, we're taking you back to where it all started. afghanistan. find out what happened at musa qala. this shit is like a movie... #ShooterTV @shooter_usa #BobLeeSwagger i'll be back in north america to watch live w y'all. it's a good one. spread the worddddddd🎯💥⚖️



almost finished

blinds to the haters

thanks to everyone who watched episode 3 of #ShooterTV last night! our audience is growing & we appreciate it. glad you're enjoying the ride...next week's ep is crackin! #BobLeeSwagger @shooter_usa 🎯💥👻🏍⚖️

big hazy sun falling in paris

had this much fun on #TPMP tonight in france.

#rp (@breckinmeyer) "Happy Birthday to Garry the funniest ray of sunshine. Miss." he really was. happy bday, g.

here you go. goodnight from paris. (@oceanealagia)

this blew my mind, just gonna leave it right here & say goodnight, ok maybe one more... (@letssmileatstrangers) wow. goddamn. #andywarhol

Eiffle Tower, Paris

this dumb selfie of me & eiffel tower makes it look like i'm 1000% not in paris but standing in front of a drawing of tower or superimposed.


la flare s/o @laflare1017

❤️🔒 peeps write their names, lock em to bridge, & toss key into the river seine. at one point 700,000 locks, so that means a lot of thin, shitty, keys rusting below, as most couples have prob unlocked...

Pont des Arts,Jardin du Louvre

thought they tried to stop these locks guess the loves are too strong...🙄


quoi de neuf?

lag face supreme

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