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ALL NEW #ShooterTV TONIGHT 10/9c on @usa_network

Fisher Island, Florida

rosè mens

bob lee creepin and searchin, tryin to find the truth TONIGHT! on an all new #ShooterTV 10/9c on @usa_network @shooter_usa

*peace sign

this sky is a projection of my whole heart’s love for my 🌞

The Philadelphia Eagles Nova Care Complex

the hardware

how i like my coffee

lil beach

Land Of Pleasant Living, Delaware

where i’m frum

Bethany Beach, Delaware

we out here sand castlin

what you missed last week don’t miss this week #ShooterTV 🎯💥🥊🔥⚖️ (@shooter_usa)

the kid in the pink shirt can play some mean beer pong🔥 (p.s. #shootertv is on tonight) (p.p.s. i’m on @richeisenshow this morning - ☑️ it)

why do #shootertv creator, @john_hlavin and i look like we’re about to drop the most 🔥 season 3 of all time?...oh, cuz in a few hours... (damn, i’m dirty)

MCAS Miramar

“apex firearm”- 2018 (but really they did shoot “top gun” at this base)— thanks for having us, colonel woodworth and the @marines at MCAS miramar to screen #ShooterTV yesterday and thanks for the fresh jackets!

season 3 complete. both legs intact. we did five more eps than last year and i think we kicked a lot of ass. this was me, at 11pm, even though it looks like daytime. just one of the many things the crew of #ShooterTV makes happen. we have the best group of quality, hard working, individuals making this show(it’s not an easy one)and since i know some of them will see this, i wanna thank them again, for their efforts, for the people they are, for helping bring the story to life. our cast is awesome too, each person in it, but the group of people, on set, everyday, who you don’t get to see, deserve a TON of the credit. so, after 6 months of work and a 15 hour final shooting day today, thanks for another great season everyone. (📷: @jackthegripper80)

EXPLOSIVE new season of #ShooterTV starts 2 weeks from tonight!🎯💥💣🔥


Swagger Town Studios

#Repost @shooter_usa ・・・ Strength, bravery, courage, #BobLeeSwagger. Catch Up on Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix now before Season 3 of Shooter premieres June 21 on @USA_Network.

Los Angeles National Cemetery

honoring the brave and fallen today. we’re thankful for all who serve and though we could never repay their sacrifices, we can try to make life better for the veterans still with us. for assistance caring for a veteran use the resources found at www.hiddenheroes.org and for emergency help call the veteran’s crisis hotline:18002738255 #MemorialDay #HiddenHeroes #veterans

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