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and reflected

i watched it

was a sunrise


thanks for the lift, g

got lost

took a walk today

move snowflakes by the O-Z

merry, loves

go brady!

i have a cold & i hate it (📷: @esherertz81) great photo, homie

good to be back (📷: @esherertz81)

(📷: @jakepuke)

#FOLLOWTHROUGH (📷: @esherertz81)

Wa Sushi

favorite chef favorite dish favorite restaurant and the best dinner for one, in L.A. #Wa thx again, t.t. you really blew my mind tonight (@chefkursten & @mvoltaggio i 🖤 u fellas too & obv @craigsla in general...)

Capitol Reef National Park

at the end of the day... (📷@cynthiaaddairobinson)

SHOOTER/SEASON3 (@followthroughbuck)

STAY READY. IT AIN’T OVER. #ShooterTV 2018 @shooter_usa @usa_network @netflix

Lodge at Red River Ranch

hey guys! we’re out here in utah, training for...season 3 of #ShooterTV !! preproduction has officially begun, and we start shooting new episodes this january! we know a lot of you have been waiting for this news, and we’re happy to be back! we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store this season... 🎯

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