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on stands july 4th @skillsetmag really dig this magazine, it's veteran roots, and the interview/story we did. check it out next week.

cuffin' seazon --

Lancaster State Prison

doin time

3 weeks from tonight #ShooterTV returns on @usa_network

Looney Bin

we've had enuff of this desert. this heat makin us both crazy...

Hot as Hell

#ShooterTV Season 2 trailer 7•18 on @usa_network @shooter_usa #BobLeeSwagger ----get ready-----🎯💥🇺🇸


sniper cam #ShooterTV S2

secure the shower

Hummingbird Nest

@breckinmeyer found my @mensfitnessmag in thailand. this is the last week to get it anywhere! thanks to those who have & thanks to @rikerbrothers for the pics & m'lady @barbaraguillaume for the styling. to my body, it's been a good run...time to age👴🏼😊

binge us

None of Your Business

from the black sand beaches of iceland to 10O+ degree temps in texas, now helping shoot me in cali, for "shooter". @trevcoe & i go way back.(& omar is not ab to merk us) #flagsofourfathers #stoploss #shootertv (📷:@isurfsmallwaves)

btwn 2 treez -- a lot of ish feelin right

United States Senate

the woman next to me & the reason i was there, #elizabethdole is a true inspiration. her energy & commitment are boundless for what she believes in, which is helping others. she is & was a political pioneer, the first female to do so many things in politics, including being the first woman to hold cabinet positions in two separate presidential administrations. she's an advocate through & through, a hero of mine, & a joy to be around. read about her.

Washington, District of Columbia

this was a day i won't soon forget. thank you to @elizabethdolefoundation for having me be a part. i posted the act we're supporting(in my IG story & twitter), it has a tremendous shot of passing, but if you wanna help ensure it does, as Sen. Bob Casey instructed everyone in the room today, CALL YOUR STATE SENATORS, and let them know! #HiddenHeroesHearing #Vets #Veterans

United States Senate

i gotta testify

Barrel Springs Trail

& tomorrow i'll be on the floor of the senate at capitol hill

Hot an Dirty Mud Run

cookin' up #ShooterTV Season 2 for ya, but in 10 days you can watch all of Season 1 on @netflix June 18th to get yourselves ready for our premiere July 18th on @usa_network -- tell a friend 😊 🎯💥🇺🇸(@bjmcdonnell)

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