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niece for what? #niecerich #niecegawd thankful for them😊❤️ (photo cred my beautiful sis @lindsay_foret )

Land Of Pleasant Living, Delaware

captain shit #joinus

Dodger Stadium

#KidsSeeGhosts was incredible at #campfloggnaw tonight. ye and cudi sounded great and the energy was insane. this was the first time they ever played the album live and i wanna see them again. congrats tyler @feliciathegoat and thank you @kanyewest n @kidcudi 🙏

u can still have firsts at this age

Little Caesars Pizza

this is really good @cinegraphist

shakespeare was such a sweet dog. she wasn’t mine but i loved her since she was a pup. so much that i asked her to play my dog in a movie i directed. she was damn good in it too. sad when it’s time for good things to go...🖤

⚖️today is #WrongfulConvictionDay a day to bring attention to a cause close to my heart. i want to remind & encourage everyone to support the @innocenceproject & all the other great organizations fighting on behalf of those unjustly imprisoned. to help, follow the link in my bio⚖️

me n mine 🖤

Berkeley, California

my little ⭐️ on her birthday. love you, punk. such a proud dadish, i.

flog trac nipmip

if you have been a fan of our show the last 3 years, you DO NOT want to miss these last 3 episodes. be warned, be prepared, we finish strong. #ShooterTV 10/9c tonight on @usa_network & tomorrow on @netflix around the 🌎

stand for something @prettylittlething @fashionnova (i don’t know what these mean ⬅️, just see em a lot)

i’m moderately concerned. steve is not.

playing in the rain w my nieces


1.old faithful 2.a special geyser just for me 3.boiling earth-water 4.another reflection (i should post the videos one time too)

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