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Whatever you are waiting for to happen under this administration is happening. ICE has torn 7000 children from the arms of their families and have “lost” 1475 of them. I don’t have much to offer up other than though I never identified with “proud American” politics (considering the deep ignorance that implicates for white American people to address themselves as) I can assure you I have never been more deeply haunted by that empty title until now. We should all be very, very sick. ICE are the kinds of unspeakable evil that has been historicized as being just that: history, not of this time. Yet ICE is detaining children, murdering brown people seeking asylum, and ripping apart families all while the president and his followers and even us- the “woke” mostly white liberals tell ourselves that things could be worse. The truth is things have hit That point, and have probably been at that point for so many communities besides our own. This is state sanctioned, murderous violence. We shouldn’t feel comfortable looking away.

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Sometimes occasionally I wish I was blonde

I guess like Dissolve marriage as a hetero patriarchal institution but like I would get Married in @mollygoddard

Hollywood Forever

Alia and I went ham with this Atreyu look sis

In my eyes everyone’s a winner

Earth has been a bit of a project but we successfully infiltrated Fantasia

“Gaza qualifies under every definition of genocide yet massacred protestors must always be identified as 'peaceful'. How do white settlers so successfully deform language that no matter how astounding their violence, it is always the colonized who have the burden of proving peace?” zaina alsous, today, may 14 2018

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Dear my beautiful Mama, I love you, I owe you the whole world 🦋

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Feeling #mentally #healthy #empowered #lovingmyself because I’m about to be on this @time panel to talk mental health #eat #pray #love 😍🙏JK y’all know I’m a sad girl for life just on the panel to talk about the #sadgirl #sadqueer agenda 🙈 it’s live-streaming on Time.com I think in like 10 min or so, watch me discuss if that’s your Thursday Mood 🐤🐣 ps thank you @ninapark for making me feel pretty when I cry 💧🦋💧

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Cheers to this angel birthday boi who has changed my life forever 💐 indy, I am so grateful for the siblinghood we share, to be able to grow alongside you and whisper to each other our navigations of newer, stranger, kinder, queerer ways of being 🍧 especially grateful to whatever angel alien let you visit earth, and be a big sibling to me in this lifetime 💧 happy birthday, here’s to growing with you 🌟

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I just like remembering when I wore this @gucci jumpsuit to their show and felt like a Jetson, Okay Sis! I am on my third face mask this morning and may never Peak again!

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The first thing I ever saved up for and bought for myself, Audrey’s autograph <3 Audrey’s presence on screen has always brought an emotional visceral-ness to me, to be able to witness these dimensional woman characters who weren’t superheroes or even necessarily empowered. Lately, I get concerned that a sort of recent feminism dictates that what constitutes Strong Women or Strong Female Leads are women who are to a certain extent, are playing men: an empoweredness, a inability to be shaken, maybe even less sensitive and more forceful with their will- while it is cool to see that I guess, I wonder what movies and other types of strong women are being left behind or forgotten as they as they are masqueraded under some sort of non feminist relevance. Audrey’s characters on screen never really had it figured out, sometimes they were selfish, insecure, silly helpless, or maybe even delicate. Her strong softness, (which was influenced by a especially strange and traumatic childhood, and dysphoric body illnesses all her life), reminded me that we do not need to position our softness, our sadness, or chaos or our voidness as in opposition to our feminism, or in what we classify as strong woman leads. Maybe we can work within it, think of it as being more radical to give nuance to and spotlight on the power of watching women think- the endless, fascinating world of our own psyches. If we are to describe woman super heroes or assassins or action stars etc as being the only kind of empowered characters, what does it mean for characters like Audrey’s who were just as full if not more so, of the deservingness and nuance to be called strong. Something to ponder about 🎻<3 Happy birthday Audrey, I love you forever! 💌

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