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Thank u @hm #hmconciousexclusive for last night 🐛 Ethical and Eco friendly fashion is the future 👁 do whatever u can to support and protect our Mother Earth 🌎 thank u @amystrozzi @_hairbylaurie @chrishoran20 love u all 🌿💐🌿

U have to put flowers in a fairy's hair 💐🌹🌾☘🌷 @sashablane 🌎

@simonerocha_ 💐💐💐

#TheFuture 👁 believe in The Kids 🌙🌚🌎

Mondays that feel like Wednesdays 🌙#isabellehuppert 🌄

Still the same flower child 🎨

The Ghetto Film School students with Spike 🗯✅‼️ wow what an imperative inspiring place 🚀 I believe with my entire heart that teenagers will save the world 🖖 these are the minds of the future, creating work that tells diverse and representative stories to elevate the audience's consciousness 👫 the two things I believe in most strongly: Art 🎬 and teens 🙋 I ❤️ movies 😻😻😻😻😻

FIND OUR GIRLS #FINDOURGIRLSDC Posting whatever info and pictures of the girls I can find on my story Please spread the word Repost @chaninicholas ・・・ If you are in the Venus retrograde course with me you know that we are entering the heart of Venus's retrograde cycle and the part of Inanna's myth where she is deep in the underworld and in need of help. Her faithful counterpart, Ninshubur, rallies the the god, Enki to save her. Ninshubur is relentless in her search for help. She petitions other gods who will not come to Innana's aid. She does not stop until Enki helps her. Together they save Inanna from death. They do so through compassion. They do so with resilience. They do so because it is their job. The fact that these stories are finally breaking into consciousness is our call to action. Please do not turn away. Please call on the powers that be. Spread the word. Howl. Cry. Do not let the world rest until these young ones are brought back from the underworld. . Care. . More. . #Repost @h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y Repost #findourgirlsdc #findourgirls 💔

I'm just a ghost 🕷🕷🕷 @mollymgoddard 👰🏻👰🏻👰🏻

#internationalwaterday FLINT MICHIGAN HAS HAD NO CLEAN WATER SINCE 2014 💧 this is a purposeful neglecting of poor, black communities ⚠️ this is environmental and systematic racism ❌#WATERISLIFE #FLINTWATERCRISIS 🚫

Oh wow 👸🏻 things you discover in London 🗝 David Hockney's illustrations of brothers Grimm fairy tales ⛪️

Omg regram @krassjournal 💔❤️💔 James Baldwin's open letter to Angela Davis 💒

LA ❤️💛💚💙💜 our safe place needs our help ✏️ @welcometojuniorhigh provides space for LGBTQ+, PoC, immigrant, and woman* artists to show their work, space which otherwise wouldn't be given a platform ⚠️ the LA art scene is cool and stuff but let's be honest it's a pretty white male artist scene 🚹 and it's imperative we have places that showcase the various spectrum of experiences artists have ✅ junior high practically exclusively does shows to raise money for charities and needs funds real bad to keep doing this vital work 🔍 in our current political climate we need to have safe spaces for artists and safe spaces for free speech 💒 artists, PoC, and queer people are always the first targeted and attacked by fascism ✂️ please consider donating whatever u can (srsly 5 dollars makes a difference) to the link in the bio 📚 we need safe spaces in our communities to create safe climates in our world ⚖ #supportindependentartists #supportsmallbusiness #supportartists 🌈 please repost 🌈

SPRING 💒💒💒💒💒 via @flower_lore 🌹👭🌹

What's her @? 😍😍😍😍

Pick u up at 8 😈 📸 by @mastergia

Corey @coreyfogelmanis after I told him that boo from monsters inc is the old witch in Brave and that the entire Disney Pixar collection is an allegory for US obsession with oil #staywoke

My adorable incredible Grandmother texted this to me about her building and I'm gonna use it to bait u guys to write your senators/representatives 😈😈😈 I'll be putting a link to a website that gives you formats and text and everything that makes it super easy 🐥 so click that link, print and sign 📱 you can do this no matter what your age as long as you are a US citizen 👓🐶

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