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Friday 🥀

I am homeschooled and am crying at home and walking out of my living room because I️ have so fucking moved to be apart of this generation! Kids are incredible!!!!!!!! We are incredible!!!!!! Watching these videos right now of students walking out, I️ am reminded of the day in fifth grade when I️ went from school to Staples with my mom to buy school supplies when I️ turned around to see the news on stating that dozens of 5 year olds, like the kids I️ went to school with, the age of my brother at the time, were murdered in school by a gun. With two siblings in public school still now, every time I️ see a headline that there is a school shooting, my heart skips a beat, because at this point, everyone who is still alive is simply lucky someone didn’t go to school with a gun. I️ wish I️ had a more eloquent way to say this, but at this point, adults, we are begging you, change this. We are dying. Your children are dying. Our friends are dying. Our teachers are dying. Get behind us, take us to protests, find out what you can do to help us. We are doing more than any child should have to. We are possibly doing a lot more than you did. Believe in us, affirm our voices, recognize that young people have historically been at the front lines of every fight. Being young and processing the news is unfiltered, truthful, and raw: we are angry that we are dying. Help us.

Looking back at You

By @campbelladdy for @wmag about a month ago ⚔️💧🐉

Sunday back home 💧⚔️🌹⚔️💧

New York, New York

The Cold Never Stopped @HaileyBentonGates

Charlie and Her Angels

Really grateful today to be reminded of how lucky I am to occupy the space that I do, and the visibility I have been allowed due to the many privileges I hold that have allowed me to infiltrate more radical beliefs into spaces that are inherently less so. Today I got to speak on a panel with two teen Stoneman Douglass activists, @sarahchadwick.k and @delaneytarr, real life hero and DACA dreamer @craneyourneck, and criminal justice/ mass incarnation activist @jamiraburley. I am always amazed when I get to share space with activists like these, nonetheless other teen activists like Delaney and Sarah, when so often I am the youngest person in the room, typically having my activism infantilized as something really “cute” or unique to my age and myself, when really I’ve learned everything I know about activism from other young people. My generation is really, truly fucking incredible. I️ can’t really talk about it without getting emotional, and I’m so grateful for this moment in Time where adults are fully processing the power in our voices. Thank you @cindi_leive and @dvf for this opportunity, a day of conversation I will never forget. 💕

I don’t really believe in a “happy” women’s day but: here’s to all the femmes and non binary persons all around the world who do the work every day and survive in spite of it 🖐

Paris, France

Oh mon @tessamaethompson 🌹

Thank you for having me @miumiu 👯‍♂️ sorry my calves look weird i did Russian ballet for six years please stop saying it’s photoshop- i wish lol


Paris, France

One day, I️ was already old

Paris, France

🌷@avaphillippe 🌷

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

I Love The Whole World!

Musée du Louvre

Sad Girls of the Louvre !

Well?????? Idk sis RIP me!!!! #chloeGIRLS @chloe @nramsaylevi

@wrinkleintime 🌹 @ava, you are a hero, I️ am forever grateful.🌹 Last night was such a celebration of the power of a film who loves and sees its audience back. Celebrating Ava’s uncontainable vision every day and boy, getting to watch @stormreid SHINE!!!!!!!! The world is in for a treat❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

There are some moments in my life where I️ am so overwhelmed with wonder and amazement of how I️ even got there that I️ must sit in disbelief and almost pretend it happened by some magical, lucky accident. Forever grateful to @ava for allowing me to join this Wrinkle in Time world. 🌹

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