Роуэн Бланчард


Юная американская актриса.
  • Все 1985
  • Фото 1863
  • Видео 122
Downtown LA

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What they said ⬇️ #transgenderdayofremembrance 💔🖤 Regram @iiindiiia ・・・ questions to ask yourself always: what are you doing to dismantle the gender binary and cis-supremacy? what are you doing to make the world you touch a safer place for trans & gnc folk? have you asked someone new in your life what their pronouns are? have you made space for people in your life to identify in new ways? if you identify as cis, what makes you so sure of your gender and what do you need that identify for? what privileges does it grant you and what doesn’t it protect you from? what resource can you be further extending to supporting trans communities and people in our lives? energy? time? money? friendship? a job? a bed? love? we can and must always try harder. 💔❤️

Here’s a whole minute and 45 seconds (swipe ➡️) of how I️ see the world 👻💕 #nerd #undoinggender #stupidannoyingvoiceandmannerisms #obviouslyhomeschooled 💕👍💕 @netaporter

The Theatre at Ace Hotel DTLA

Wow!!!! @dash_julie interviewed by @ava after Daughters of the Dust at the Ace last night 💖💘💝 hearts mended 💝 feels so sacred to be in spaces like this during such unsure, disturbing times globally and in the film/tv industry- but I’m excited if this is what grows out of this—� women, PoC filmmakers to the front, claiming space 📈 🌱 📈 and then dinner with Ava, Julie, and angel Miss Meg Murry @stormreid after —� I️ love women 🖤💖😇💖🖤

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I️t was lovely to be photographed by Yelena @Yemchuk for my @netaporter #TheEdit cover 🖤🍒☄️ @yemchuk @ttstyle @theannabelbrog @jennifer_dickinson @netaporter #TheEDIT 👩‍🎤 cover story out now on #TheEDIT 👩‍🎤

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Monday 📈

I️ like that everyone can post the same sunset, over and over again, it never growing old (✿◠‿◠)

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Wednesday ☀️🌈💥 with @ollynutrition #ollyambassador 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

Regram @sarahsophief 🙏🌈📈📞🎯 your vote matters, your voice matters, your action matters 🎖 ••• History. Herstory. Our story: First Sikh Mayor in U.S. history First Latinas in the Virginia State House First Transgender State Representative in U.S. history First Trans person of color in a major city's council First African American Woman Mayor of Charlotte, NC. Via @chescaleigh & @mspackyetti #keepshowingup #resist #stayhuman #electionday #vote

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