Росс Линч


Американский актёр, певец, музыкант.
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At the Tribeca film festival for #MyFriendDahmer. This is our director Marc. He's a boss.

On the come back. Glowed up. #newaddictions

The krew

As the singer, sometimes you have extra duties outside of music. We are now rehearsing the new songs for our upcoming shows. One in LA, NYC, and a few fair dates.

If you want to see our movie #StatusUpdate its released you might be able to. There is a screening at the Grove on Wednesday. RSVP here - Chanceb@unitedtalent.com We just saw it, and i think you're gonna like it. *stole this pic from Harvey*


.... i like this app. I know I'm late.

Flew down to San Diego for the Red Bull Air-race! I have always wanted to come to one. Brought the crew with me too.

Dream car. No joke.

Doing a poll on twitter. Im gonna give you a sneak peak at one of these songs. You pick.

Moab, Utah

We have a beautiful planet we live on. 🌎 Lets keep it that way. 🌻🌵

She woke up with a heart on her face. <3

Missing our third musketeer @ratliffr5. He's in Mexico. 📸 - @courteaton

Making sound waves.

Two now. Many more to come.

Space helmet.

Not too bad for a craigslist ad. Rhymes for days.... helping dad sell his paraglider.

Mountain biking is more extreme than i thought. We are riding on cliffs. Its a little terrifying.

In Moab for some Mountain biking.

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