Росс Линч


Американский актёр, певец, музыкант.
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New York, New York

Thank you NYC. You’ve been good to us as always. I’ll see you very soon.

On a whim, I decided to make a makeshift banner for our show in NYC. Thanks for helping everyone. 👍

The new #chillingadventuresofsabrina trailer! 🔥🔥🔥 April 5th

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you Philadelphia.

Baltimore down. DC today. #thedrivereralive

Boston, Massachusetts

Baltimore, you’re next. #thedrivereralive

Boston, Massachusetts

1 show down, 21 to go. Boston started the tour on a high note! Thank you all. Excited for the rest. Today we play Baltimore.

Boston, Massachusetts

Back on tour! Feels goooooood. First stop, Boston! #thedrivereralive

Boston, Massachusetts

If you’ve ever wondered where the salt on the road comes from, we found the place. Finally getting to hang with @rylandlynch! He was on tour in Europe with @jackandjack the whole time I was home.

One of my favorite photo shoots.

That’s my squad dance. 🤘 New music coming soon. We’ll be playing this on our tour. Starts in a week! • • #thedriverera #music

Crushing it 🔥💯 Tour starts in 3 weeks! #thedrivereralive

We’ve added a few dates onto our tour —> 💯

I’m ready for some football. #superbowl

When there’s a noise in the house but you’re the only person home... #vader #frenchie

Come get a little. Tickets on sale - Link in bio #thedriverera #thedrivereralive #rosslynch

*when you announced a tour and haven’t released the music for it... #thedrivereralive #sick

Here we go. Short and sweet. #thedrivereralive. Who’s comin?

It’s my burthdaayyyyy. This photo was taken after @gavinleatherwood and @jaz_sinclair stormed into my room with coffee blaring “it’s a beautiful morning” by The Wipe Outs. It was great way to wake up. #mybirthday #december

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