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Американская актриса, режиссёр и певица итальянского происхождения. Она наиболее известна по своей роли Пейдж Мэтьюс в телесериале «Зачарованные», в котором снималась с 2001 по 2006 годы.
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Getting back in front of the camera is awkward sometimes 😂😂😂 I hope this at least makes you laugh! Seriously though, I had to make these videos for a tour I’m doing this month. I’d love for you to come! I’ll be doing 4 dates in the UK/Ireland - Chester, London, Dublin, and Salford Quays for my tour! I really want to share space with as many of you as I can! It’s going to be really fun, and also I’m a bit nervous so I could use your support haha. Go to faneproductions.com/rose to get the details. Ps: What’s your favorite UK food? #brave #rosearmy #faneproductions #experience #freedom #think #love

The best way to explain sexism I’ve seen. Who is this artist?

When you find someone that loves you pimples and all you fight for them. Happy anniversary baby. We made it a year. Through occasionally harsh and mostly beautiful times, through thick n thin, I’m your Creature xx

A lot of people think they’d like to be famous, I’m here to tell you it’s an illusion. If you can be truly proud of your own life and how you live, it’s worth so much more than being on display

Said this to Yahoo News in 2014: “It’s always part and parcel of it, you’re expected as a woman, this is what you trade off of, this is how you sell tickets to the movies, this is your part of it,” she rattled off, regretting the state of the business. “Your job as a promoter is this: They’re not sticking a guy on the cover doing it, unless it’s like Seth Rogen doing a joke. So as a woman I’m expected to sell myself, my body, my image, my sexuality, in order to get your ticket sales up. It’s kind of fucked up. And it’s like, wait, I wasn’t aware that when I signed on to act, I had to sell myself that much.” Things are different now. I’m proud of having a hand in that. Most importantly, I’m proud that these young girls won’t be treated how I was because they know not to let themselves and others know not to manipulate them into it. F yes! #gameofthrones #rollingstone #rosearmy

Always trying to save the world. Always carrying the Book of Shadows xx #charmed

That’s right @fitbypik we got this. Ask me a question and I’ll answer. #WWRD #RoseArmy


Follow @rosemcgowanarts to see my creative world, my photography, the way I see, what it says xx would love your support

The power of three will set you free

London, United Kingdom

Read my interview with @newstatesman magazine, can you guess my Mastermind specialist subject before you do? #BRAVE #RoseArmy

Allies and friends are so important in this fight. This is a picture from when I was unwittingly caught up in a French protest with @aureta I believe in protest. I also believe in friendship #rosearmy

Happy anniversary

London, United Kingdom

Being empowered to me, means knowing your own power. Make a list of your fears and what you would do if you weren’t afraid. We can survive almost anything and be stronger for it. The reality is you can do it, even when everything around you or other people are telling you to be scared because society really implants fear. #BRAVE #RoseArmy

If you missed my interview for @talkradiouk Bad Ass Women’s Hour on Saturday get the highlights online or listen again #BRAVE #RoseArmy

My interview for @irishtimesnews is online now, I talk about my fear of homelessness and what #BRAVE means - being scared and doing it anyway. #RoseArmy

“I implore you to read Brave, and to actually listen to this woman, who described herself to me as a freedom fighter.” Thank you @thegayuk #BRAVE #RoseArmy

Tag #Brave (picture of you holding book) wherever you are in the world and I will FaceTime you and send you a signed copy of Brave, a new kind of bible for these times. Let me introduce you to @bloaddsom a member of #RoseArmy #Russia

When I was 14 years old I marched in a Seattle, Washington, for Gay Pride parade. It was 1988 and Gay marriage was not even on the distant horizon. As long as I can remember, gay rights were a huge part of the agenda for me. Discrimination of those with whom I most identified was unacceptable. The march made me feel like I was doing something in a time when discrimination ruled. Things were not as they are now. It really felt like life and death because it was life and death. It is so important to engage, to fight, to dissent and to cure the sickness in our world. We must fight for each other and be unafraid to do so. We all count. We all matter. Rise up. #BRAVE #RoseArmy

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