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Американская актриса, режиссёр и певица итальянского происхождения. Она наиболее известна по своей роли Пейдж Мэтьюс в телесериале «Зачарованные», в котором снималась с 2001 по 2006 годы.
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Watch the @viviennewestwood show live on her insta! I’m acting in it!

Are you afraid of love? It’s been really good for me to ask myself questions so I can see what I want in my life. I’ve been having to have some real conversations with my insides. What kinds of questions do you ask yourself? Are they mean or helpful? I’m genuinely curious to hear your thoughts.

My NEWEST video made with my partner @raindovemodel called WALL WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR! Fuck the wall. We need more comprehensive solutions that will last longer than steel. Watch the full video via LINK IN BIO. If you’re worried that this is just another whiny unrealistic liberal piece than get educated by watching the follow up video which breaks down COMPREHENSIVE ALTERNATIVE solutions. We can do BETTER. This isn’t anti trump or anti conservative. This is just anti laziness. Anti hate. Anti quick fix. #WallWhatisitgoodfor #wall #latinx #usa #rosearmy #morethanthis #wecandobetter #womensupportingwomen #humanssupportinghumans #musicvideo #daca #WhatIsItGoodFor this features people like @vryzio @coryw4de @scarletthalo_ @definitiondesire @itsrockylanes @khrystyana @jillianmercado @loveaprilkae @gmarybell878 @johnny.apple.9 @joecardamonephoto @ninaburns and more

@munroebergdorf thank you for being you

Red lips kiss my blues away

I’m so excited to announce the dates for Brave, it’s an evening with me! Reserve your tickets now!

today I feel #rosearmy

#fbf #Charmed thank you @art_by_appassionata

Always inspiration

sometimes it’s really hard for me to trust people, but then I say, ‘fuck it’ pull up my bootstraps and march on. #rosearmy

A classic from my first photo shoot ever #fbf

Teach your kids well #RoseArmy

This is honesty. This is truth. This is Kesha. A beautiful being in all ways. @iiswhoiis

Dreaming of summer right about now

Rules bitches, but don’t forget who made you! #Jawbreaker #ownit #fierce #Strut

Last year I was alone on Xmas wheeling my suitcase down a lonely New Mexico road. This year, I’m lucky enough to be inside. Helluva year. How was your last Christmas?

“BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE” has lyrics that many think are controversial. Read without music they definitely can be interpreted as problematic in the modern day context and application. Someone saying “NO” not being heard, gaslit, and even manipulated into staying at another’s home. When the original piece was written by Frank Loesser it was actually deemed progressive for women. The song wasn’t meant to be date rapey- it was meant to be romantic. Not taking NO for an answer was considered accepted flirtatious activity. Today it would be taken as a harassment. Also the film Neptune’s Daughter popularized this song with two scenes. One which put the song in the context of “worry about society judging a woman for doing what she wants.” The other scene was more about “a woman demanding her partner stay with her”. It goes so far as to have her throw him on the couch which would today also be deemed harassment. We must put things into historical context but also be real about the implications of celebrating those ideas today in the modern world. We made a fake movie scene with the lyrics of this song put into the scene type that many believe the song represents today. I wore long hair 😳 and acted 😳😳 I also made a breakdown video of the history of the song with my partner @raindovemodel Check it out LINK IN BIO. #BabyItsColdOutside #metoo #inperspective #timechanges #lovewins #lifeaslyrics #whatarewesaying LINK IN BIO TO THE ACTUAL VIDEO WE MADE. BOTH THE BREAKDOWN AND THE FAKE MOVIE SCENE.

When I wear a dress and people grope, catcall, or call me slutty in self righteous conversation... I’m told that I asked for it. When I wear “boyish clothing” and someone comes at me (which happens less frequently) people look at me incredulously and say “Why the heck would they do that?! I don’t get it!”. I should be safe no matter what I wear. The architecture of my garments shouldn’t change the fact that I deserve to be respected. I deserve the right to not be touched without permission. I deserve the right to be considered a person not a playtoy. It’s just cloth. It’s not an invitation or a condemnation. We don’t need how to “dress less sexually”, others need to learn how to not sexualize others. We need to learn we are not entitled to others. Think with your humanity not with your power. Also check @catandkingofficial they support anti-humantrafficking. Our vessels don’t demand abuse. They demand respect. Love. Kindness. YOU deserve respect love and kindness. #womensupportinghumans #womensupportingwomen #rosearmy #notasextoy #mybody #fashion #sidebyside #tomboy #iamnotarobot phot by the incredible @clairerothstein for @girls.girls.girls.magazine makeup by extraordinary @andrewgallimakeup

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