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Американская актриса, режиссёр и певица итальянского происхождения. Она наиболее известна по своей роли Пейдж Мэтьюс в телесериале «Зачарованные», в котором снималась с 2001 по 2006 годы.
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Purple steel for @girls.girls.girls.magazine

Hair does not make you. It’s more than okay to go against societal standards of beauty. I know I technically look “better” with hair, but I Feel better without. Celebrate all the Yous. #Charmed #Paige #RoseArmy #Brave - thank you all for commenting! I love you

I have a trial coming up in January in Virginia. I am scared of America. So I figured if I look like George Washington America will like me more.

I get by with a little help from new friends. What helps get you by in this life? #RoseArmy #femalearmy #everyonearmy

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in #NoVember. Your stories touched so many and we are so grateful. #RoseArmy #YouArmy

“Growing up I watched as my father objectified and treated women like sex toys, he abused my mother mentally and emotionally. Watching this for 34 years, since the age of 9, I have said “no” to the social construct that has been taught to me as “male”. I have always refused to believe that it is my mission in life to “win because I’m a man” “belittle because I’m a better man than you” “treat women as second class human beings because the system gave my penis the go ahead”. I said NO to what the world blue printed on my manhood, and I will say YES to standing as equal with the spectrum of all my human tribe members.” #NOvember #adamarmy ##rosearmy

“I have said no too a lot of things in my life. For one, I said no to stop seeing my father. Ever since I was about 7 my mom and dad went to court and fought for visitation. I was always in the middle- having to talk to law guardians and going back and forth and asking “was this my fault” or “why can’t we just be one big happy family?” But at the end I lived with my mom and visited my dad. As the years went on my dad was horrible to me. He never did anything fun with me, made me wear clothes that were too small and that were for boys. He wanted me to be his son that he didn’t have. Fed me shit about my mom, said horrible things to her, I felt so uncomfortable and sad and not myself around him and his wife until one day I finally said NO too visiting him, then next I knew visitations and calls ended. Haven’t seen him in 3 and a half years and haven’t talked in 2 1/2. The next thing I said NO to was my uncle. He got so mad at my mom and I ans hit us,I was 14 at the time. And he hit me ans I cried the whole day. I asked myself “did I deserve this” ans “why would this happen” but then I said NO that this would not happen again, I wouldn’t let it happen, and if it ever did all contact would be cut. (My life is complicated with my uncle). My next NO story would be me hurting myself and suicidal thoughts. I have mental illnesses and I thought life would be better if I wasn’t here, I hurt myself a lot but had stop but I still work everyday to stop it from ever happening again. I say NO to this because I will not let my mental illnesses control me and my life and I won’t let my scars define me, they are apart of me and make me who I am, it’s all a battle I fought but it doesn’t define me. My last NO story is, not taking shit from anybody for me being lesbian, who I am and who I love. I will not take shit from friends or family because it is who I am, it is me and love is love and there shouldn’t be no “standards” to love or stereotypes.” - @sararose03 #NOvember #saraarmy #rosearmy #fatpositive #metoo #lovewins #together #womenempowerment

“I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myaglic Encephalomyelitis, I was diagnosed at age 12 and it has been a constant battle since. I have had no help from medical professionals, and had severe disability discrimination until the age of 16 (which I am still getting as I have to claim disability benefits as income). Due to my disability, I am unwell often and unable to perform every day tasks - and over exertion worsens it. Instead of being treated as someone who is sick,I was treated as if I was playing truant, driven to school daily by a (inappropriate) attendance officer, threatened with fines and jail time. After two years of this, I transferred to a school who specialises in students with medical needs, similar things happened again. I had no doctor to tell them that I was genuinely sick, no one cares what you've got to say unless you have a professional backing it.I then went to college, who told me they have knowledge of this disability and will help me as much as possible...when my attendance started getting low (which was quite quickly as I wasn't given any support whatsoever), they told me to go back to therapy as it's all in my head,and I was told if I don't start attending more, I'll be kicked out (although I was ahead in all of my work as I did it at home), I also had teachers saying in front of the whold class "oh she's actually in today!", I'm unsure if they were ever told the reason why I was always missing classes, and only one cared to ask - I eventually stopped going completely as I became too unwell to force myself,and they kicked me out soon after (actually they lied and said I dropped out as it's illegal to kick someone out because of a disability). Despite being illegal to not be in work or education under the age of 18 in England*, I made the decision to say NO to putting things before my own health, my disability has been permanently worsened because I didn't listen to my own needs for 5 years, and I'm never letting that happen again. * Not illegal if individual is too sick to do either but, what has happened in my past shows that no one seems to understand that I am legitimately disabled.” -Anonymous #NOvember #AnonymousArmy #RoseArmy

“My November is learning to say no, learning to reclaim my voice, my strength, my power, and learning that I am worthy of a choice. My November is using my voice, my strength, my choice, to stand up against those who have wronged me. Those who chose to meet my boundaries with flaming arrows and hacksaws, to try to break me, to try to strip me of my dignity, my power, and my individuality. For those who believe that my identity is one that is prone to shattering under pressure, that my struggle is a choice, and one that is made from the simple desire to gain pity or victimhood. My November is saying no to a workplace who had an issue with my identity from the moment I walked through its doors, saying no to family and people who chose to ignore my pleads for acceptance, saying no to the harassment, discrimination, and torture that comes with being transgender. It is not a choice, and for those who do choose this life and therefore give harassers and oppressors more ammunition and firepower against those of us who were never given an option, I say no. My November is learning to love myself enough to let myself be.” -NOAH #NOvember #NoahArmy #rosearmy #lgbtq #iamworthit #peoplepower

“I thought I'd share something else, and that is saying no to males in the medical field that refuse to help women who need it. About 4 years ago, I felt my body begin to fail on me. I was sick much of the time, and no one could figure out what was wrong. One day, I felt a lump in my left breast. I'm a kinesiologist and manual therapist so I know when something feels suspicious, especially on my OWN BODY. I made an appointment with my primary (who is male) and he prompted to not only yell at me, be claim I was a hypochondriac trying to get meds. I told him, NO I AM NOT SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE. He just blew me off. I saw 3 other providers st my clinic and they ALL told me I was crazy...all 4 providers were male. I said to them and myself, no I will not be treated this way. I'm educated and work in health care so I refuse. I paid Out of pocket to be seen by a female provider (4 months later). She took a conservative approach and sent me in for testing. The ultrasound was suspicious. Come to find, I had very aggressive BREAST CANCER. The Male physicians I saw completely disrespected me, but I told them, no I will not be buried and silenced. I will fight for my medical rights. I'm glad I did because it saved my life. Had I waited, my cancer would have been metastatic within a few months. I couldn't even trust the medical establishment to say my life was worth the time. Or that my life was worth saving. I felt violated all over again. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 23, 2017 and I was 31 years old. I lived an incredibly healthy lifestyle before I was diagnosed. I wish I could say that was an isolated incident, but it got way worse before it got better. During chemo I wanted to die I was suffering so much. I lost my ability to walk and relegated to a wheelchair. My physicians during that time failed to listen to my words. I finally said, I refuse to deal with this, and as soon as my first phase was over, I changed medical oncologists. I am NOT an isolated incident. I am in many support groups and so many young women with breast cancer get disrespected by medical providers. It is truly sad.” @_amber_kim #NOvember #amberarmy #rosearmy #survivor #NOmeansNO

“As a male, trying to be signed to a modeling agency with my look is extremely difficult. Not only mentally, but physically as well.. Most days I feel completely numb and a little ashamed to even look in the mirror. I am unsure of who I wish to be, or if that person is worth even being. Most days I’m depressed. Some days I barely want to get out of bed. I’ve been told because of my feminine qualities that I am a shame to the black community. That I deserve to die because of it. I don't want to just be another face. I want to inspire. I want to make a difference and have a voice. Not just be an image everyone admires because of my body or appearance. I don't want to live in anyone else's detention of sanity. I want to share stories. To show people that momentary instabilities are not a sign of weakness, nor are they disempowering. I want to show others the importance of having a love and respect for oneself, as well as viewing "flaws" as positive aspects of our being.” - @iampruwuityautdinova #NOvember #PruwuitArmy #RoseArmy #masculinity #lovewins #thisishandsome #thisisbeautiful #yourlifematters

“My name is Autumn and I was sexually abused by my stepdad from the time I was 9 years old until I was 16. It started when one night he climbed into my top bunk and laid beside me. He fondled my breasts and then put his hand down my pj bottoms and touched and rubbed me. He told me that he loved me more than a daughter and not to tell anyone what happened because “no one would understand”. Over the years he would ask me if I liked it when he touched me and I would say no. I would tell him to stop but he would ignore me or if he did stop he would get mad at me. One day in February when I was out with my mom, aunt and her baby I finally told my mom. I am lucky that my mom never questioned if I was telling the truth and as soon as we got home she kicked my stepdad. Charges were pressed but justice would not come because it was found HIS right to a swift trial was violated. His charges were stayed. I still deal with guilt to this day over it. But I am strong. I will not let him hold power over me. I am now in the Social Work field and help women and children fleeing abuse by working in a transition home with the Elizabeth Fry Society. I plan on finishing my degree and figuring out where I want to go from there. I am a survivor and I am strong.” - @autumnostrom #NOvember #AutumnArmy #RoseArmy #NoMeansNo #MeToo #together #womenempowerment #socialworker #socialworkersareheroes

“Hello Rose, I wanted to share my story of saying no. Growing up I was bullied for being different. I found it very lonely and most of the time the only being I could count on for comfort was my cat Lucky. I was able to share 18 years with him but unfortunately he passed. When he died I held him in my arms for two days and nights. I was so hurt and I still am. I held his body close to mine and cried. I came to the realisation that if I loved him more than anyone in the world it’s possible for me to be friends with other animals too and that is when I decided to say no to eating animals. I never wanted to eat someone that could be my friend instead. That day my heart was bigger than my stomach. I am so grateful for Lucky and what he has taught me. I am a happy and healthy vegan with many animal friends! 💚” -@jesse.of.the.jungle #NOvember #JesseArmy #RoseArmy #fisharefriendsnotfood #vegan #purrfection #yourtruth

“This year has been one of the worse of my life. And I could of changed it all if I’d said “no”. I was love in this time last year. And I truly believe he loved me as much as I loved him. In December 2017 I found out I was pregnant. And I was happy. I told my partner and he wasn’t happy. He didn’t shout/scream or swear just said he couldn’t deal with having another child at the moment (was having an intense custody hearing with his first born, which I had helped and supported him through). He promised me we’d try again and that he wanted children with me but it wasn’t the right time. Like a fool in love, I believed him and did something that felt wrong with every ounce of my being. 13th January 2018 my pregnancy ended. And when I tell you I hated myself and wanted off of this mortal coil, I’m not being over dramatic. And I did all of this without he’s support because he couldn’t deal with it. And couldn’t either. But I put someone’s happiness before my own. Two weeks later, he left me. The last time I saw him was the 12th January. October 13th 2018, I had an ectopic miscarriage. I feel this is my punishment. Because I wasn’t strong enough to say no. I put someone happiness before my one and my health. And while he’s doing what he’s doing, I’ve had to carry on with a broken heart and the guilt of knowing what I’ve done. I wish I had said no. But I have an 8 year, and her happiness keeps me going. Xx. @natbrewell #NOvember #womenwarrior #NatArmy #RoseArmy #metoo #womensupportingwomen #survivor #youarebrave

“As a proud African HUMAN I am saying no to kneeling down to so called male counter parts that see themselves as more important. AS A PROUD African Human I will bow to my history or should i say STORY. As a proud African woman I say fuck you to the people that say I am at the bottom of the totem pole. As a HUMAN WITH ABSOLUTE DIGNITY I WILL NOT KNEEL FOR ANYONE BUT MYSELF! So if I choose kneel before you, you are as regal as I am. I say NO to kneeling.” -@carolineolweny #NOvember #carolinearmy #rosearmy #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #iwillnotkneel

“Hey, I wanna share my No story. I’d honestly prefer you didn’t post it, but it’s up to you. I used to be a scumbag. Just a miserable, emotionally distant, immature person. I was in a really toxic environment and that toxicity reflected itself in my personality and how I acted. But I eventually said no to continuing that kind of life and made amends with the people I hurt in that time in my life, and I’m working to be a better person half a country away from the people that negatively influenced me. I am evolving, and will continue to do so. Thank you for inspiring me and others to shed their evils and be simply better.” -M.R. #NOvember #ThisIsBrave #MRarmy #rosearmy #behonest #activism #shareyourplatform #cinderfellastory

“I wish I said no.. but I’m trying and working on it. I wish I could be myself all the time instead of hiding, but I’m trying. I’m learning to love myself because years I’ve never been able to love myself. I’m learning that I can love myself, even if it means that I’m not fully there. I’m damaged and afraid but I’m working on being okay. I’m working on smiling.. I’m working on forgiving. Forgiving my mother because I had to raise myself. But I’m still here. A little damaged but here and smiling.” @ericbreeze #NOvember #honestyisbravery #ericarmy #rosearmy #truthisasword #strongertogether

“7 years ago I said “no” to staying inside my comfort zone after grad school in NYC, and I took an opportunity to relocate again to Europe-Switzerland. As an expat abroad and the only POC in my executive leadership team at my company’s international Global HQ, I say “no” by being present, excelling, and creating opportunities for others globally.I say “no” to the box many have tried to place me in based off my gender and race. I’ve said “no” to PA state rape kit processing laws by meeting with my local senators, when I visit the USA, to write and help pass comprehensive legislation. I continue to say “no” to voter suppression that continues to happen in our African American communities (e.g. Georgia, Florida), “no” to the Dakota Access Pipeline that destroys the land of my Indigenous people, “no” to my sisters and brothers’ voices and stories not being heard in the #MeToo movement…we all have stories , “no” to our stories not being heard in Hollywood…I could go on forever….Most importantly, I say “yes” to love and creating spaces that are truly diverse and inclusive for everyone and supporting people and causes that are trying to achieve the same goal. Thanks for asking to hear our voices. Let’s do this work together.” -@nik_nyc #NOvember #NIKarmy #rosearmy #womensupportingwomen #voicesarevalid #femaleepowerment #NOisNOisNO

NO more life for these beautiful creatures if they are not adopted by SATURDAY!!!!! So for today’s #NOvember I’m dedicating it to them in hopes that you (or someone you know) will say YES to giving them a second chance. Information on how to enquirer is included. Pitbulls often get a bad rap because of their breed. They didn’t choose to be on this space rock yet they are constantly punished sinpkyfor existing. It’s not right or fair. It’s selfish of us humans to murder thousands a year in shelters simply for being unwanted. I eat what it’s like to be blacklisted. Stigmatized. Bad PR. We must do more to protect those that we don’t share the same language with. Don’t get pets from pet shops or breeders. SAY NO to cruelty and say YES to ADOPTING always! Or try FOSTERing it’s a great way to save a being while also testing if you would like one. #adoptdontshop #NOvember #dogsofinstagram #pitbull #pitbullrescue #puppyeyes #loveothers

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