Роуз МакГоун


Американская актриса, режиссёр и певица итальянского происхождения. Она наиболее известна по своей роли Пейдж Мэтьюс в телесериале «Зачарованные», в котором снималась с 2001 по 2006 годы.
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It’s ok to feel your TRUE emotions as they hit you. There is no need to be anything other than your authentic self for anyone. What should be attractive about a person is their ability to be honest about who and how their are. Not their ability to morph into whatever makes someone else happy. Because if you change you for others than you aren’t you at all. You might as well be dust. You owe nothing to this planet other than your authentic self. Sadness is ok to feel. Anger is ok to feel. Frustration is ok to feel. Confusion is ok to feel. You’re feeling something at all and it’s awesome. Everyone else who would want you to suppress your emotions can buzz off. Live your own truth. #FreedomIsFeeling #whysoserious #smile #thestruggleisreal #memesdaily #sidebyside #rosearmy #brave

Proud of my partner and love @raindovemodel for providing CPR to someone this morning. The person had gone into cardiac arrest after suffering a heart attack while on the freeway and got into an accident. Everyone on the scene wanted to help but they weren’t trained. Many rendered other kinds of aid aside from medical. It was an honor to be surrounded by such caring people and to assist a person in need. I would like to recommend to all of you to get a first aid certification if you can. It’s affordable, easy and it can save a life. I’m going next week to get mine. #GetFirstAid #firstresponder #yeswecan #togetherness #kona #wearestrongertogether #rosearmy (LINK IN IG STORIES)

I love this track by my friend and collaborator Hot Sugar. - and the walls came tumbling down- God’s Hand by @midimurder

Understand media slant. I never ever said #metoo is a lie. Completely fabricated by the Sunday Times. The words in parentheses were never said, they are the writer’s notes. I said the lunches were a B.S. lie, not #MeToo. In other words, #fakenews. I stand with and for #MeToo. Always.

Babies! Charmed is 20! Regram from @thehmc whom I love very much xx so glad this show brought so many so much joy. Blessed be xx

Charmed anniversary

What we do when haters strike. Psychos bye bye #RoseArmy

Happy day to you all xx

The best way to deal with disgusting humans? By letting them know they do not exist in your reality

Be who you are #RoseArmy

People will try and tear you down, stand tall. Especially in tin foil #RoseArmy

Feeling pretty with my bestie @monsieurdavid

Are you a good citizen ?

@nicholaskirkwood makes stellar shoes and I’m proud to be a part of his art

#RoseArmy stands for freedom of spirit, freedom of pride, freedom of strength, freedom of mind

Checkmate, Weinstein & co #BLACKCUBE #DavidBoise #BenjaminBrafman #CharlesHarder #Sitrick&co #LisaBloom #PaulCoggins #LacyLynch #JanMiller #DupreeMiller #PSOps #Kroll #BlackCube Do research. Google Rose McGowan Ronan Farrow New Yorker Black Cube. Trust me. It’s all true. I actually just laughed out loud. What an absurd group of evil turds that have been after me for so very long. The fight isn’t over. The old guard system still wants to shut me down. That is why it’s important that people like Dylan Jones & his team stepped up for truth. #gqmenoftheyear #gq #unfuckable #wannaplay? #letsplay #RoseArmy

Thank you @gmb for having me on to discuss my book #Brave We are all sovereign beings and no one has the right to hurt us #RoseArmy @piersmorgan @gmb

Dear fellow warriors don’t forget to fight not just for your cause but also for yourself. If you don’t care for yourself before/while caring for others you will then in turn become a person who needs care as well. Despite the forces that may rage around you find that moment even if for a second to remind yourself that you are worthy of love too. Consideration too. Power too. And if you have a hard time doing so find and accountability buddy to remind you. Ps 🕊🌧 @raindovemodel 🌧🕊 #boatymcboatface #london #rosearmy #relax #bathtubsNstuff #educatedonthate #lgbtq #youareworthy #LoveWins

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