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No air conditioning got me all... 🙅🏼

Mood af // To Infinity and Biyombo

In a dreamy pink wonderland 🐷

This scarf and I are bffs these days


Existential crisis selfie. It's a thing.

And the Queen Bee herself! My beautiful roller skatin' grandmother.💖

My best friend, my partner in crime for life.



📞☎️📞☎️📞☎️📞 @effwalsh @eeshamarr

Enchanted by these peels

Lunch date w/ my little pancake

Happy Earth Day everyone, let's take time today and every day to remember how giving this planet is. Let's treat her with kindness and respect. There are simple and easy ways to show your love. Compost, recycle, turn off lights, buy products with less packaging etc 🍃🌿 So so happy to be sharing this beautiful planet with all of you! 💛


"Grab your passport, we're going to space" #cosmicbowling 🎳


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