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Let's use our resources for preemptive measures and community relief/care and not just more punishment! "Many of you may not know this unfortunate fact, but Los Angeles County operates the largest jail system in the world. This means that Los Angeles locks up more people in jail than any other place on the planet. Despite the fact that 30% of L.A. County's total jail population is suffering from mental illness (again making our jail system the largest mental health hospital in the world!), local elected officials are planning on spending $3.5 billion to build two new jails rather than investing those resources into community-based health services and alternatives. #JusticeLANow is a campaign challenging this over-reliance on punishment and is committed to stopping Los Angeles from building two jails and instead reinvesting those resources into community-based alternatives." - @mrmikedelarocha @justicelanow #justicelanow #justicela

When standing up for justice means taking a knee... #TakeTheKnee #Repost @hot97 ・・・ STAND UP for something or FALL for anything ✊🏾 @yourrightscamp x @girlsclubny cc: @nessnitty @kaepernick7 @rosariodawson

#TakeTheKnee @kaepernick7 @girlsclubny @isabelcelestedawson #Repost @studiooneeightynine

Ahhhh! Paula Abdul!!! #FBF to that time Jeff Hova worked the runway/dance floor repping #S189 with so many of the familia crew like @popsmbonsu and @jesseboykins3rd with performances by @elrepgh, @jojoabot & @youngparis! #stillreeling and so filled with gratitude to #werk with so many amazing people. #goteam! #Repost @jeffhova ・・・ ⭐️✨ a highlight from fashion week was modeling for @studiooneeightynine 🎉@rosariodawson and @rosevalentina beautiful clothing line and getting to literally dance the whole time with ❤️@paulaabdul @the_leetwins @giannie_couji @indyamoore and all the other gorgeous models // #playingmuse #nyfw #jeffreycwilliams #studio189 #StudioOneEightyNine // vid @ubikwistmag

"Don't postpone joy"... That means now, and now, and now... Truly allow yourself to enjoy, learn and grow. Every moment is an opportunity. Honor yourself and your experiences by bringing joy, light and love to everything you do and to everyone. If you fail? Make mistakes? You're human. Don't hesitate to show up again with compassion for yourself and passion for your journey. Let that stumble invigorate you, acknowledging the adrenaline and shock that shoots through your body and renders you grounded and present. It's a gift. Start from there. And watch everything you do and everyone you love grow with that attention and love you can unconditionally give to and from you. Rest In Paradise #EdieWindsor! Thank you for all you dedicated yourself to and created. #loveislove #NoH8 #equality

Kinda a little bit super excited to be traveling around NYC in this bad boy...! #NYFW #coppermakesitbetter @absolutelyx @edun @studiooneeightynine PS when in the city, I say ball like a true NYer! #bawl

Mad love to @elrepgh representing for @studiooneeightynine SS18 show yesterday... aka when your fashion presentation gets so lit your dancing breaks your jewelry but you're still trying to hold it down and get dat tish on camera...! @jesseboykins3rd don't play when he feelin' the music! Neither do I! #HowWeDo! #fashionrising #Ahfreakah! #KiaStyle360 @kialatino

#70svibes @annasui and @bedstu make a moody entrance before letting the sunshine in...! #NYFW

CREATE! #NoH8 #Repost @ebonymagazine September 11. On this day, 16 years ago... #NeverForget 🙏🏾

After party vibes tomorrow September 11, celebrating our spring summer 2018 collection • hosted by @rosariodawson @rosevalentina (#AbrimaErwiah ) • co-hosted by @saada___ @everydayppl @jaymacardoso @glowmaven • live performance by @youngparis • music by @uprootandy @djmoma @martinamcflyy @koolboblove • rsvp as space is limited #studio189 #fashionrising #Repost @studiooneeightynine

Thrilled to present the Studio One Eighty Nine Spring Summer 2018 collection for #NYFW with the support of so many friends and family, chosen and otherwise. #itsafamilyaffair #ittakesavillage #KiaStyle360 @studiooneeightynine @kialatino

As per @jesseboykins3rd, come through and check @studiooneeightynine Spring 2018 collection...! #NotCharityJustWork (Deets in next post- Rsvp required.)

Took a knee with @kaepernick7 and the @girlsclubny today while my momma @isabelcelestedawson sang...! Go team! #Repost @hot97 ・・・ STAND UP for something or FALL for anything ✊🏾 @yourrightscamp x @girlsclubny cc: @nessnitty @kaepernick7 @rosariodawson

Care No Matter What! #IStandWithPlannedParenthood

#RISE! Be The Change You Want To See In The World sidenote: loving everyone calling out history in the comments. He behaved like the change HE wanted to see. I'm grateful to see such passion/compassion/integrity showing up in response. Hopefully there are more of us (!!!!) willing to stand for all of us without prejudice or abuse, with full unconditional love, respect and acceptance...

What a difference a year makes... This weekend marks a year that I had to get emergency surgery to stop internal bleeding from a ruptured cyst on my ovary. It was the first time I told @ericfuckingandre that I loved him (and very much not the last). Thankful for his care and all of the doctors and nurses and staff at the Desert Regional Medical Center. The "privilege" of insurance and access to medical care. Vaneza is Resting In Paradise since May. Only 26 years young on this earth with us. I left Sierra Leone the Saturday before the floods. The community of the "land of smiles", ravaged by colonialism, climate change, Ebola, child soldiers, war, blood diamonds and more coming together to take care of each other yet again. Saving lives and picking up the pieces. I was front and center at the suicide at Burning Man this weekend. The firefighters endangering their own lives to try and save his. Americans standing together in vigil, honoring Heather Heyer's humanitarianism with solidarity against her senseless murder. I wish I had practiced more of what I learned from my near death experience last year but so much is conceptualized as you go back to work and routine. Life has a way of reminding you again and again and again, though, what, and who is important. Of the necessary work to do contemplating, meditating and healing yourself as you look out for others. Dreamers, immigrant families, refugees, #blacklivesmatter, #sayhername, Hurricane Harvey/Irma and terrorist survivors the world round, and more, call for our care, love and focus. It was 115 degrees in the Bay Area. Things are going to keep changing. The universe demanding that we pay attention, educate ourselves, and be activated to advocate and create better circumstances than we were given, for our generation and those to come. I'm so filled with gratitude and humility. Thank you for being the tribe I get to be a part of on this journey. I am at your service with unconditional love, acceptance, humor and light. Thank you.

#Ahhhhfreakah!!! Hats off to you #Ghana! Was wonderful being back home on the Motherland... Hopefully back again soon...! #goodforthesoul #whatatrip #Liberia #SierraLeone @studiooneeightynine @PIH @shineonsierraleone @wavesforwater #KimberlyMooreFoundation #Africa

Meet Joe Black #VoltaRegion #Ghana @studiooneeightynine #tsatoevillage

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