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Американская актриса, певица и писательница.
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I got tig bitties and a flat belly... #WorldGothDay

Tick tock you don’t stop teening to queening 📷 @fadingadsnyc_fjump

Making breakfast moves... oh Mykki you’re so fine. You’re so fine you blow my mind hey Mykki!

Don’t miss #TheAssemblyTV B side of our Conversation on Hate airing tonight on @freespeechtv. #WelcomeToTheAssembly @theassemblytv 📷 @cchangphoto @FreeSpeechTV @missewill @ashleemariepreston #ShibleyTelhami @tracymbroughton @sarahisalamanca1 Musical guest: @rayezaragoza poetry: @saulwilliams

I love giraffes.... #thehorror

SMILF?! Mami still got it...

One of the best things about being a mom is embarrassing your kid... Ice Cold! Nah, she thinks I’m the coolest...

The snuggle is real... Happy Mother’s Day Da Mama!

Butterfly Vaneza You’d say, “They’re just feelings. You’ll get over ‘em....” So much wisdom and surety you had. You were authentic and lead with integrity. Embodying the realest realness. I have had 13 more years of life already than you ever will... I’m ashamed of how much of that time has been spent in fear, anger, sadness, depression-squandering precious life time... You were right. Those feelings can, will and do go away. What is our life without them? What do we build upon? There’s more to this journey than mere survival. Thank you. You gave me my gratitude back. My life back. I am awake. I am present. I am here. I am. LOVE. 💛💙💛🦋💛💙💛 LIVE your LIFE TIME to the fullest!

😭👏🏽✊🏽❤️💜♥️💛💙🖤🧡💚🙏🏽 via @supafly_sua

Reflections on not letting gravity bring me down...

Happy birthday suit to me... 39 & feelin’ fine...

Love you Queen @amyleonmusic! See you in London soon!

Welcome to and grateful to be a part of The Assembly! #Repost @missewill ・・・ It’s finally here! A few months ago, a bunch of friends and I got together to have real conversations about changing the world, conversations that you don’t see on mainstream TV with voices that are rarely heard: The voices of the ppl who are DOING the work, not just commenting on it. The result is 6 episodes of @theassemblytv hosted by myself and @rosariodawson. This space was an experiment - the culmination of two years of dialogue and work with ppl behind the scenes - some credited here and some who have gone on to do even more amazing things. I hope this project inspires you to not just talk but to listen, not just observe but to do, and not just wish but to actually try to make the things you want to see in the world. Check it out on Tuesday nights on @FreeSpeechTV (Direct TV, Apple TV, Roku etc)

#Repost @corybooker As states are moving to legalize marijuana, most are not expunging the records of the thousands of people who have criminal convictions for marijuana possession, use or distribution crimes. ⠀ A marijuana conviction (like all convictions) is a life sentence.People can’t get jobs or many business licenses, & they can’t get food assistance like SNAP or public housing if it is a felony.In fact, the American Bar Association found over 40,000 collateral consequences facing formerly incarcerated people. What makes this worse is that those arrested for marijuana crimes are overwhelmingly poor or minorities.Some say we already have marijuana legalization in America for privileged people because you don’t see the kind of enforcement for marijuana use and distribution in well-off communities or even college campuses.But in low income communities & communities of color, there is widespread enforcement.In America, there is virtually no difference between blacks & whites for marijuana use or sale, but a black person is about 3.7 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession. The so-called "War on Drugs" hasn’t been a war on drugs, but a war on people.I am all for states moving to legalize marijuana.But it is unfair & unjust not to expunge records & to not use some of the proceeds from taxing marijuana to invest in those communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the prohibition of marijuana-investing in things like job training, education programs, libraries, & more. ⠀ I'm the author of the Marijuana Justice Act.This bill would deschedule marijuana at the federal level & allow states to legalize the drug.The bill includes expungement provisions, community reinvestment provisions, & pushes states to correct for any disparate treatment in their enforcement practices. I hope everyone who is in favor of legalization will speak up about the urgency of expungement & become an advocate & activist for a broader & more restorative justice. We should legalize marijuana AND help those who have suffered due to its prohibition.

“It is insane to be arresting some 600,000 people a year for marijuana possession. It's time to remove the federal prohibition on marijuana.” - @berniesanders #MarijuanaJusticeAct #Repost @ericfuckingandre ・・・ I could really use a weed leaf emoji right now.

#MayDay So many thanks to our entire @studiooneeightynine Familia. So grateful for your talents, care, passion, creativity, artistry and fierceness. Thanks for making us all look and feel good while doing good. #FashionRising #S189 #WhoMadeMyClothes #Repost @ngaabedell ・・・ Happy May Day to my work family this marks my one year anniversary with @studiooneeightynine its been challenging, insightful and a world wind year. Im blessed to be exposed to so many amazing, talented and driven individuals. Thank you to my #Studio189 Family especially @rosevalentina @rosariodawson @kofinky the heart of the family.


Top o the mornin’ to ya... #ImFineAndOtherLies #WCM

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