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Raise your hand if you time your meditation with a lego batgrrl clock...! #BlissMore


Have I just figured out how I can rock a mustache everyday without glue or miracle hair growth?! #HowDoYouLikeMeNow?!

A Team. I look forward to this every year... Alfre's Oscars Sistahs Soirée. #QueensRule @iamnialong, @DanaiGurira, @amandlastenberg, @realalfrewoodard, @TiffanyHaddish, @therealmaryjblige, @morereginahall, Jada Pinkett Smith, @janellemonae, @gabby3shabby, @lodivadevine, @margaretshugavery, @AishaTyler, Emayatzy Corinealdi, @edwinafindley

I LOVE #BlissMore

Everyone, including incarcerated women, can live with dignity so please stand with us to reform the criminal justice system. Join me and support #cut50 with a digni-tee! Get yours through omaze.com/dignity ... "Did you know that 80% of incarcerated women in America are mothers? That 90% of women behind bars are survivors of sexual violence? Or that 2,000 women give birth behind bars every year? Help us start the conversation and create some change." –The #cut50 Team #WillILoseMyDignity #WillSomeoneCare

#FemaleFilmakerFriday (full video in link) Via @megganwatterson I watched this late last night. And I’ve watched it about 13 times since then and each time I cry. Not out of sadness or hurt or a sense of helplessness. But in that way you cry because something has made you feel more alive, because someone has said something that’s a truth that lives inside you. That way we cry because we know who we are, and we know how to do this. We know how to love, fiercely. We know how to start all over again, right now, and make everything sacred; especially the body. Our bodies. Watch the full video on YouTube by typing this title: My Revolution Lives in this Body. Written by the visionary @eveensler performed with profound heart by @rosariodawson and directed by @deborahandersoncreative for @vdayorg

"My revolution shows up unexpectedly.” - Eve Ensler Just released! Our new short film “My Revolution Lives In This Body.” A V20 Call for Activists. Written by @eveensler, performed by @rosariodawson, directed by @deborahandersoncreative. . This is an Instagram-friendly sneak peak at the first minute. To watch the full video click link in bio or go to: http://www.vday.org/myrevolutionlivesinthisbody . Please watch, repost and RISE! . #MyRevolutionLivesInThisBody #RiseResistUnite #UntilTheViolenceStops #V20IsComing #Repost @vdayorg

Hallelujah! Get you some friends that make you feel like this! Love love love. Sending thanks and blessings and so much love to all of my friends and family out there. That includes any and everybody who gets to see this vid and jam out to this song (or not). No matter what I love you my fellow earthlings. Do whatever it takes to match the feeling of wanting to throw your head back & toss your wig! #LiveYourBestLife! Thank you @finally_aaron! #Repost @_idalia_

Wishing you all much Qapla in the New Year! May all of your dreams come true! #MakeItSo #LiveLongAndProsper 🖖🏽 @pepemua_fx

"Golden Years- whop whop whop! In walked luck and you looked in time Never look back, walk tall, act fine" - David Changes Bowie @theacademy @pepemua_fx

Dassit @MauricaRodriguezDasit! I'm shaving my head and joining the @bluemangroup... @theacademy @pepemua_fx

‪Excited to announce my guest collaboration with @MrEdgardoNYC, along with my writing partner @DavidNAtchison & comic book artist/my tío @gusvazquezart on @LaBorinqueñaComics next project for Puerto Rico: #Ricanstruction! More details coming soon! ¡Palante!‬

You gotta stand up. Or. Fall for anything. #WomensMarch #TIMESUP #UpToUs #RiseUpAsOne #MigrationIsBeautiful t-shirt by @brownissues

Action Action Be All About It! INTO ACTION is open until January 21 in LA and is free and open to the public. All ages welcome. Come break stuff with us (plates only, please) and experience the world-class work of 200 artists and hours of panels, workshops, and performances that will shine light on injustices, galvanize communities, and turn ideas #intoaction. #Repost @intoactionus ・・・ Thank you @rosariodawson for your continued support and your relentless pursuit of justice.

Me Corazon En Africa Tambien @PrincessNokia... #AfroLatina shout outs!

Instagram believes in you dad... Mr. OG himself... #SuperGreg #SuperG!

From the March On Washington For Jobs And Freedom to the Poor Peoples Campaign for economic justice, Martin Luther King Jr. was uniting black, white and brown, young and old, across gender and oceans, criticizing foreign policy and highlighting the intersectionality of humanity's struggles the world round. The sanitized version of the movement we are often taught misrepresents the scope and breadth of the changes possible if we worked together on all of the seemingly disparate issues that institutionalized discrimination has perpetuated for generations. We are not the minority. #AllOfUs #UpToUs #reparations #TIMESUP

Me when I started work on #JaneTheVirgin... @hereisgina @lizytagliani

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