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99 Luftballons make me #HappyPride ...! #SpreadLove #NoH8 #RainbowsInTheClouds #Repost @studiooneeightynine ・・・ Happy 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈🌈🎈❤️💫! #pride #lgbtq

Gratitude in ACTION...! #REadySETGO! #ReSet Accepting what is (and isn't) can be very powerful and a great starting point for critical changes each and every one of us can benefit from. This does not mean lie down and allow injustice....! Making "it" better each and every day than it was the day before can absolutely mean rising, stepping up and pushing back against institutional/generational systems of oppression. This, to me, doesn't say be a blissful doormat, but instead that we can choose to be empowered by the ever present ubiquitous gift of now, full of choice and possibilities, informed by the present, as a consistent starting point... We can (just) bitch and wallow or we can BE... Start from the pain and build from there... #DoSomething...! Now...! NOw...! NOW...! Every moment we're alive we have another chance to be/do...what...?! Your choice... Live Love. #chooseyou #selflove #selfcare #realism #meditate #contemplate #happinessequation Thank you Mo Gawdat...

Someone WILL clean it up because they/we CAN... By doing so they inspire the next person to....?!


Pictured: #GrenfellTowerFire The #Knysnafire (natural bush fire) in South Africa has taken 1,000's of homes just this past week. Displaced people residing with friends and family are urged to contact the regional home affairs official Mosiuoa Ngaka on 072 621 5047 or email on mosiuoa.ngaka@dha.gov.za Please keep them in your prayers and donate if you can. The words in the below post well applies to them (as they are asking for proper safe replacement housing; many are impoverished and don't have insurance/protections). Communities the world round are under fire, literally and figuratively (racism, classism, lack of msm coverage, abuse and inhumanity). . . . . . . . . Well said @colinchristian! #Repost ・・・ I've been reading up on the London tower block fire, the lives ruined, the death toll rising, possibly hundreds dead. I don't come from money, as a kid I spent time in one of these blocks, they were pretty new back then, but you could tell it was on the lower end of housing even then, dark, grey, the end of the line. It's now obvious that the cladding used to make the building 'look nice' for the eyes of the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood was done in the cheapest way possible, with zero thought to those that lived inside. Years of deregulation at the insistence of the rich landlords, their accusations of " too much red tape" translates as 'too expensive' but these are lives we are talking about, and that is forgotten. This is not a 'tragedy', it is a crime, by many but it really comes down to these victims representative, who looked the other way, for money. Right now, this government is defunding the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, 'too much red tape' we are told, nope, it's there to protect people from those who want to exploit us and the land, and it's being stripped away, this is bullshit. I don't think the lives of those people in that block are worth any less than those in a mansion, I was in one of those blocks, I am worth less? Those cremated bodies are worth less?? I honestly feel that as humans we are loosing touch with what's important, we are not here to tread upon others, something is very wrong.

Galvanized by the news of #environmentaljustice making strides in generationally marginalized communities. This is why we must continue to #PERSIST in the face of historical adversity. #NeverGiveUp! There's still a lot of work to do. This is far from over....! (Oh! Just found out LA is voting to replace columbus day with Indigenous Peoples Day...!) #WaterIsLife #WaterProtectors #MniWiconi #KeyboardWarriors #Prayerful #NoJusticeNoPeace #UpToUs #Flint #NoDAPL #environmentalinjustice

Thank you water protectors! Keep spreading the message keyboard warriors - It ain't over till it's over...! Keep the prayers coming.... #WaterIsLife. #UpToUs #NeverGiveUp #WaterDefenders #Repost @urbannativeera ・・・ Victory for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as court finds that approval of Dakota Access Pipeline violated the law. ⚡️Read more by clicking on our Instagram story and swiping up⚡️ Photo by @yakamoz_ayse #NoDAPL #DAPL #StandingRock

Let Go....Or Be Dragged...! #TrustFall "The @Lovesac is a little ol' place where, we can LET (go) together... 🎼" #FlyHigh #FlyFree #LetItGo #Release Thank You @jamisonernest!

May I Light Your Candle? (And Oh, Won't You Light Mine...?!") #SpotOnFortunes

"Be an optimist. There does not seem too much use being anything else." - The Universe #palabra

#AnotherDay Felt like a good idea when I first thought to record but of course now I feel self conscious... My bro got to the house, though, now, & said folks like tish unplugged but I'm just thinking, "but, Tony's!" Haha. Anyway, was moved by everyone's responses to the last post and kept seeing people quoting lines from RENT and realized I was Vaneza's age when I got to be a part of this film... She doesn't get to turn 27 yet I've spent so much of the last 12 years not practicing the lessons Jonathon Larson shared with all of us. I've indulged regret and fear and anger and worry and anxiety for too long. So here it tis from me to you. Just cuz. And unedited. Maybe next time I'll warm up... or nah... #LiveTheMoment

Butterfly, it's 1 month today since you transformed from this life of the flesh and blood. So much has happened in this short time. I feel so grounded and present and raw and vulnerable...so alive... One of the last times we spoke you insisted for me to not stress. I've spent so much of my life worried and stressed and anxious. Thinking that was being present. Being mindful. Being artistic. That it helped. Trying to foolishly control what has and always will be out of my control. I can only control my habits, my actions, my discipline, my focus. And not condemn myself when I falter. Just notice. And choose again anew in the now with knowledge and presence of heart and mind. That is all. What IS...and isn't... I can only be in this moment. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not an hour ago or a minute from now. And now, I feel freer than I've ever remembered feeling, at least in my adult life. Breathing in and out. Honoring this body temple while I have it, while I'm here. I think for the first time I can truly say I love myself. My perfectly imperfect self. Top to bottom, inside and out, from my stretch marks to my well earned scars and wrinkles... Not just my potential. I'm equally humbled by my achievements and failures. My humanity. And I am present to that gift. Thank you for that. I wouldn't have necessarily called you wise before but now you're one of my greatest teachers. I will always love you. Thank you for loving me. It's truly an honor to know your soul chose to be close to mine in this life. Here's to love, loss, life and death. The journey truly is the destination. Alone but not lonely. Connected. Interconnected...

#Aloha Will do Malia... #OneMinute #TimeToTakeTheTime #TakeYourTime #Be #JustBe #Here #Now #Alone #Together #JustOneMinute #Repost @malialia ・・・ go ahead. it's ok to be nervous :)

#HappyPrideDay Live like Maya Angelou And Be A Rainbow In The Clouds.... #SoManyRainbowsToCelebrate #Repost @mayagoddessnyc Wepa! Feliz Domingo a todos ♡ To all the Boricua's "Happy National Puerto Rican Day Parade"! Proud #afrolatina #latina #puertoricana #africana #boricua ♡ #knowmyroots #entrepreneur #healthactivist #healthcoach #juiceguru #juicer #holistic #nutrition #nutritioncoach #plantbased #livingfoods #vegan #juicelife #healthylifestyle #puertorican #PRparade2017 #puertorico #tropicallifestyle #tropicallife #proud #Indigenous #ancestors

To the icon behind the mask, the voice behind the animations... Howling to the full moon Batman signal in the sky that finally called you home... Thank you for your delight and humor and talent all of these decades great one. #ThankYouForYou #AdamWest #RestInParadise #YouBringMeJoyWhenImDown

!!!!🖖🏽 ・・・ at some point we all end up a memory I just want to make sure I'm a good one for everyone I come in contact with. I never want my experiences or my fears to cause me to be someone's devil or the cost of someone's last hope. if I am that or have been that the only thing I can do is apologize. I'll be gentle. I'll do better. Be and do that with me, for you. #Repost via @iamreneewatkins

Thanks for this @iamreneewatkins... know you're weary and I've worn you out, but you can rest your mind here and take your trainers off and... I apologize. I should have approached this differently. We said we'd be honest with each other so I guess... You make me feel like the unrequited lover. I don't wanna follow you around until you find the truth. But I'd rather not kiss every stranger until I find you. Can't you just appear in my hands and I'll carry you instead? There's planets in my palms, if you get bored of my skin, I mean you change with the moon. Habitual rituals. Your smiling and light is my only residual. The first time we met, did you go home and think of me too? Our silence settles strangely now and self consciousness is heavy. I know. People overthink things. Women wreak havoc. Men implode. But don't trouble yourself with my opinions. Just remember me in the morning and carry me home Poem: @jorjasmith_ Carry Me Home Interlude #poetryinmotionlive #poetryinmotionliveyoga #yogavideo #yogaflow #rwyoga #iaspiretobeaninspiration #sosubliminal

Full Moon 🌕 in Sagittarius tonight brings intensity, transformation, and optimism. Full Moons often signify a time of completion and there may be something you are wrapping up or completing in your own life so you can start fresh. Love and light to all #Repost via @laurenandersen

I am just as thankful for the hard earned lessons from those who've walked away, as I am grateful for the moments when I've been at my worst and wasn't thrown away, while equally being present to how fortunate I am that I've so often found the strength to not take someone's anger or pain personally (if not right away at least ultimately) when my loved ones needed me most. I am deeply sorry for the times that I have completely failed to do that because that's real, too. I own all of those moments, good, bad and ugly. We are not perfect but instead perfectly flawed. Let the lessons in. Don't take anything for granted; time, people and love included. Grow and learn and evolve. Go towards the pain and face the demons. True deep healing healthy #LOVE for self and community require us to practice present conscious mindfulness... It's well worth it. #WhereIsTheLove #LiveLove #discipline #nonviolentcommunication #meditation #contemplation #loveunconditional #loveunconditionally #Empathy #Compassion #Repost @vrrrock ・・・ Be excellent to each other. 💋💋💋 #LUVLove

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