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And on whatever the best day was, the Lord made @iamsandraohinsta.

Rare break from deadline hell to put on pants for the #Time100.

Refusing to cut my hair in solidarity with my Pokémon team. (📷 @noamgalai)

Shout out to the lady / possibly a robot who just sends cursed images to my urgent attention every day.

Me, deciding to become a writer.

Me, catching you watching me, contemplating whether to menace you with my eight foot wingspan and razor sharp beak.

Refusing to evolve any members of my Pokémon team.

Regram from @realmiafarrow, classic social media mom.

#FBF My ugly sweater birthday party with a very smart lady.

Read of the day: Shilling for my friend @jaredcohen81 here but I got a look at this pre-publication and it’s an incredibly useful illumination of several swaths of history I didn’t know a lot about—the presidents who died on the job, and the men who inherited the office afterwards.

No big deal. We need an incisive and independent media right now and the @peabodyawards lift up exactly that kind of work.

Ah yes, the classic homeowner’s problem of *checks notes* bees paying off your mortgage.

Look at my sister @quincymaureen and my niece Coretta knowing their angles.

Hi, this is Ronan Farrow, I’m a writer at the New Yorker.


People do a lot of armchair psychologizing about what inspired me to become an investigative reporter, but none of them ever guess... the tower rotation puzzle in Myst. (Thanks to Rand Miller and @cyanworlds for sending me this nostalgia bomb, and making thoughtful adventures like @mystgame that taught me much about storytelling, and gears, and levers.)

Clémentine Goldszal of Le Monde uses this as her reporter’s notebook and I am here for it.

And preparing to sell my soul as a law student a few years later.

#FBF Senior year of college. So young, so drunk.

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