Роланд Эммерих


Американский кинорежиссёр немецкого происхождения. Неоднократный лауреат фестивалей фантастических фильмов.
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Central Park

Fall in New York City #tbt

Last weekend at the Tahoe Film Festival with @travistope for the premiere of @sotogerard.o's film I.O.C.

As you all can probably tell, I love working with animals. My dear friend #MichaelFossat has produced a film directed by @kohlharrington called @petfooled. It's a documentary about the pet food industry and the harmful chemicals that are fed to our beloved pets on a daily basis. If you have a pet of your own or just love animals, I highly encourage you to check out the film. There will be a screening in Los Angeles on December 15 and a few others across the country. It will also be available on VOD on January 10! Check out their page for more information.

Been spending a lot of time locked in a room writing with @haraldkloser. Looking forward to sharing new things with you all soon!

Repost from @ponyboysoto our naturally lit Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful to have worked with so many talented people this year and for all of the support from my family and friends!

Guggenheim Museum

Got to check out the #agnesmartin exhibit at the Guggenheim this weekend.

Central Park

Had a great weekend in New York City!

The Maid Marian II at dusk this summer in Ibiza. #tbt

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes! And a very special thank you to @ponyboysoto who threw me a surprise screening of one of my favorite movies: Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

One of my favorite birthday gifts from last year. Awesome drawing from our designer Johannes Mücke #tbt

We voted! Today is such an important day for our history. Please #govote.

Repost from @vlad_alexis. I am loving this mini #stonewall reunion! @joeykingactress @atticus.dean @rohanmmead

Happy Birthday @dolphlundgren! From the set of Universal Soldier in 1992! #tbt

Happy Birthday to the handsome @ponyboysoto. Thank you for always being there for me. This is one of my favorite shots from our summer vacation while we were in Barcelona.

Getting the Mastage ready for the next shot. 22 years ago today Stargate was released. Happy #StargateDay! Check out my story, I'll be sharing some memorabilia I have in my office.

Waiting to go on camera in Berlin with these handsome gentlemen #tbt #independencedayresurgence

Happy Birthday to the incomparable @jeffgoldblum. I'm so fortunate to have you bring David Levinson to life.

One of my favorite photos I took this summer while on vacation on my boat in the Mediterranean. 🏝 #tbt

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