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In a world having so many distractions, we still manage to find the time to dedicate our attention to those people on social media that think the way we want to think, live the life we want to live, make the money we want to make, and have all the toys we wish to have. Many people condescend and criticize it as negative energy, fluff, and purely “fake people”. However, these influencers are smart enough to catch their attention. Just how they caught the attention of that hater, they caught the attention of many people who became their true fans and motivated by them. They figured out how to become an influencer. For me what makes someone an influencer different is if they are making a positive impact, providing motivation, sharing the latest trends with their audience, or other helpful activities. In my case, these people are my inspiration . I never hate people that are doing well; instead, I dig very deep and study their journey, and what they did to get there. I study every single step they took along the way. Up to this day, I wake up and the first thing I do is go on Instagram to get inspired by people I look up to. Instagram is perfect because a tweet could provoke too much thought for the morning. For me, an image says just enough to get me going for the day. Let’s draw some inspiration from some real life influencers…One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day 😉✌️photo my 👉🏼@mikechabotfitness #rodineymotivation #Influencer #influenceragency #InfluencerLife #influencerpr #influencercollective #influencerblog #influencerengagement #influencerbelge #influencermanager #influencerdubai #InfluencerMasculinoConMasOnda #influencervalencia #influencerspain #influencerawards #influencerjapan #positivevibes #positiveibe #positivedesignagency #positivethinkingthoughts #positivethaughts #positivereminder #positivementalattitude #positiveatractspositive #positiveprovocations #positivetimes #PositivePost

Beverly Hills, California

El progreso nos lleva a un camino lleno de conocimiento y desarrollo. Es a través del progreso que tenemos una visión más amplia de nuestros objetivos individuales y de grupo. Progreso nos lleva a un cambio de comportamiento individual y en grupo, porque el conocimiento práctico de la vida es lo único que nos hace crecer. Aprendemos con nuestras dificultades y sabemos que no vamos a llegar a ningún lugar solo, dependemos unos de otros para desarrollar nuestro potencial. Con el progreso, no podemos ser indiferentes a los acontecimientos, necesitamos mantener una posición y seguir adelante. Estos eventos nos empujan a ser mejor y crecer, porque nosotros desarrollamos en nosotros la capacidad de vivir en armonía buscando el bien de todos los que están buscando las mismas cosas que nosotros. Cuando tenemos la certeza de nuestros objetivos de vida, el progreso es siempre de nuestro lado, porque siempre estamos buscando lo mejor para nosotros mismos y para aquellos que nos rodean. Trate de ser útil para aquellos que están parados en el tiempo y no puede seguir adelante, ayudar a sus amigos a mantenerse en movimiento, y haciendo esto usted contribuirá no sólo a su propio progreso, sino también al progreso de todos. No sea egoísta y vanidoso para avanzar, porque ese progreso no será completo. El progreso que necesitamos es aquel en que nos permite caminar juntos hacia el bien común. Photo by @cmoscat #rodineymotivation #Model #modelonomodelo #modelsboys #modelingwithcp #modeltoys #modelcitizen #modellebas #modelstatut #modeltatto #modelingsearch #modelzuk #modeloninstagram #modelsagencie #modelingstill #ModeloTallasGrandes #modelandoporumdia #modelam #modelkesemuaorang #modeloninsta #modelagentur #modelsbehavior #modelsinhouston #modelcsout #modelbrazil #modeltestlondon #modeloalternativa

Beverly Hills, California

Who really knows me, knows that I am not a materialistic person. Materialism is prevalent because the societal norms teaches people to be consumers at a young age. Buying things we don't need all to feed the ego. You can drive an expensive vehicle, but at the end of the day its still just a car. You can buy a flashy watch, but in reality all it does is tell time. People are more concerned with image and feeding their egos than being a beneficial person to society. Investing money on the outside to appear a certain way to others, dont give me worng WE ALL #DESERVE THE #BEST 🚘⌚️but don't forget to invest in yourself to becoming a better person. People spend their whole lives working to attain materialistic things using their accumulation of materialism to validate their existence, but when you die you can't take any of it with you. Don't let this system turn you into a vanity slave, realize you're worth much more than that. Feed your soul not your ego. ➡️ people may not understand the message and judge me. I just think Going basic & Simplify on all your material possessions so they don't consume your mental resources. Simple, even if less glamorous, requires less maintenance, offers fewer distractions and uses less thinking. A simple lifestyle affords you the ability to focus your energies on your inner world ⬅️ #simplelife #feedyoursoul #rodineymotivation #lalife #worldlife #nohate #notpersonal #wealldeservethebest

Beverly Hills, California

I learned that Success is not the key to happiness but Happiness is the key to success. For me success is having the opportunity to live A happy life. Photo eye @cmoscat #rodineysantiago #rodineymotivation

Dubai Frame, Zabeel Park Dubai

When you arrive in #Dubai you can see this HUGE frame 🖼 I mean.... HUGE!!!!!! about 45 to 50 floors. They say when you go to Dubai you have to snap a picture of the frame skyline. So I did . I didn’t get the tickets to go inside I thought it would take a lot of my time but they said from the top you get the chance to see the city from a 360 angle. #dubai #rodineydestinations #dubaiframe

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love and to have a coffee ☕️ #Dubai #rodineydestinations

Atlantis Palm Resort Dubai

Because it was my first time in Dubai I thought I had to experience stay one night at the #atlantisdubai . After getting our things settled it was time to go exploring around. You know the coolest thing I thought Atlantis had to offer in terms of making guests feel like they are indeed in that underwater castle world? The ginormous aquarium which extended all throughout the hotel. You would literally walk down the marbled hallways and fish would be swimming right beside you. The concept of the aquarium is of course highlighted by ruins and debris to give off that truly Atlantis vibe. This is the same aquarium they use for The Lost Chamber, which is an attraction that plays to the Atlantis concept even more. To me it’s kind of like an alien’s nest thriving in a cave near the ocean, if that makes any sense. Hahaha .... They literally have this creepy spider-like pod that emits smoke right at the very center of The Lost Chamber. #dubai #rodineydestinations

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai

Dubai is such a #magical place. It was my first time in #Dubai . I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but it seriously exceeded my expectations. Whatever it is you could possibly want to do in Dubai, you can. There's everything from jetskiing, to camel riding, to fountain shows Even ski 🎿 it was such an incredible experience. I definitely see myself living there one time as life experience. I absolutely LOVED staying at Nikki Beach. I woke up every morning feeling like I was in the Caribbean. Everything from their spa , gym to their breakfast was top notch, not to mention they have a private beach that makes you feel like you're in the Caribbean when you're there! If you don't have the pleasure of staying there, at least make a trip for a day by the pool or dinner. The water in Dubai is 80 degrees and turquoise blue. If I didn't know better, I could have been easily tricked into thinking I was in the Caribbean on some of the beaches there. #dubai #nikkibeachdubai #rodineydestinations

Burj Al Arab Hotel

After my last post I got a lot questions about the hotel . Here are some information you may want to know . Located on a manmade island, linked to the mainland by a private bridge, the distinctive sail-shaped silhouette is more than just a stunning hotel, it is a symbol of modern Dubai. With the world’s largest fleet of Rolls Royces, 24 karat gold ipods, butler service, exquisite dining, and a rooftop helipad, spending an evening there is no doubt a pricey affair, but worth every penny if you’re looking for the ultimate luxurious splurge. So what would it cost to stay in the most luxurious hotel in the world? The most expensive suite goes for $19,000 a night. But for those wanting to experience gold-plated opulence at its finest, keep an eye out the Luxury Escapes website, as they often run deals for $3,499 for two nights. It’s your chance to stay in the world’s most luxurious hotel!! Can you go in the Burj Al Arab? The Burj al Arab is a private resort, and it's closed to non-guests. However, you can visit if you have a dining reservation at one of the restaurants. Afternoon tea is the most economical option. First of all, reservations are definitely required. Some people book their reservations as far out as 6 months in advance. Afternoon tea on the 27th floor at the Skyview Bar is served at 13:00, 13:30 and 16:00, 16:30 (except Friday) and costs AED 620 (USD ~$168) per person (tax and service charge included). Information about the dress code you can ask when you do your reservation. But I just want to take a photo from outside.... there is two ways to capture your photo. One side is a public beach but with a lot people the another side you can get a beach day pass $60 including cold water towels. #dubai #rodineydestinations #Travel #travelinformation #travelgroups #TraveltheLifegoestoTheNetherlands #travelingadventures #travellinginjaipur #travelepic #travelvibes #travelgaia #travelexploreexperience #TravelExploreWander #travelprofesssionalcommunity #travelmom #travelpug #travelxmexico #travelosyo #traveloftenlivewell #travelcrane #travelhealth #travelwithbestie #travelural #travelblooger #travelnd #traveladvisorspty #travelrealindia #travelerintime

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

The Burj Al Arab, Tower of the Arabs) is a luxury hotel which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Burj Al Arab is the third tallest hotel in the world, it stands on an artificial island 280 m (920 ft) from Jumeirah Beach and its connection to the mainland through a private curving bridge. The design and shape of the structure resemble the sail of a ship. It has a helipad near the roof at a height of 210 m (689 ft) above ground. #burjalarab #dubai #rodineydestinations

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Do you believe that it's harder for a rich man to get into Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle? The rich not getting into in heaven can be possible. But Is hard to picture how the camel will be squeezed out in the eye of a needle.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well. #dubai #dubaidesert #camel #rodineydestinations

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is often seen as an urban space, but going on a camel ride in Dubai totally changes that perception. As you drive into the desert, the city gives way to a breathtaking landscape - a shockingly different change of scenery! Camels are known to be able to travel far distances for a long time without food and water, making these wonderful creatures an indelible part of the Arabic tradition. This also made them an indispensable form of transport back in the day. One way of experiencing this tradition is to partake in the Camel ride in Dubai. This unforgettable experience takes you back in time as you ride the Ship of the Desert and experience how the Bedouin people traveled in the old days. Relax as you enjoy the camel’s slow gait across the vast expanse of the Lahbab desert, and look unto the desert from your elevated perch. #bubai #rodineydestinations #desert

Maldives Islands

My last photo from the #maldivesislands . This island nation has always been on my “bucket list,” and it was my second time I visited it and I think I will neve get tired. There are so manny resorts and island to see. So when I decided to visit Maldives, Dubai ☀️🐪was a logical and obvious addition to my itinerary. ✈️ ready for some Dubai experience? #rodineydestinations @theasia.collective #WeekendVibes #happyplace #getaway #maldives #travel #tropical #luxurytravel #luxurylifestyle #wanderlust #travelgram #traveladdict #travels #islandlife #paradise #relax #beachshorts

Maldives Islands

If you are struggling attracting great things into your life experience, the most simple, and perhaps best principle you could KNOW about the law of attraction, is that the better you FEEL, the better you ATTRACT. The better you FEEL about what is coming into your life, the better will flow into your experience. You can have unlimited abundance if you first start getting into an abundant MINDSET. When you control your emotions you are in control of your life. You always have a choice and everyday you wake, you have a new opportunity, a new start, a new beginning. #thesecret #lawofattraction #rodineymotivation #rodineydestinations #maldives #maldivesislands

Kurumba Maldives

Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of every day, then we will be happy no matter what ... Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain. Do not live in the pass , do not live in the future happiness is build in the moment . Don’t search for happiness be happy now . First step to build happiness is being grateful for what you already have . #rodineymotivation

Kurumba Maldives

Ser feliz é algo que vem de você aceitar que tudo o que está na sua vida hoje, tem uma razão para estar ali. E vai passar, no seu devido tempo. Nesta vida nada é por acaso. Tudo tem uma razão de ser. E mais: nesta vida tudo passa. Quando cessa a necessidade de um acontecimento em nossa vida, quando aprendemos a lição que há para nós nesse acontecimento, então ele se vai. Ele passa e dá lugar a novos acontecimentos, com novas lições de vida. A vida é um renovar constante, é uma lição contínua. Na vida tudo passa! As coisas boas passarão, as coisas ruins também passarão. Por isso a felicidade vem do bom senso de aceitar o inevitável, com a paciência necessária para esperar que tudo passe... A partir do momento que paramos de gastar energia lutando contra o inevitável – e damos à vida o tempo necessário para resolver esse problema -, passamos a acumular condições para transformar a nossa vida em algo melhor. Passamos também a ver com mais clareza onde usar essa energia economizada. Tudo começa a ter uma perspectiva melhor, então. E isso favorece a felicidade. Seja mais feliz, aprendendo as lições de cada acontecimento e tendo a tranqüilidade de saber, que “Tudo passa após cumprido o seu propósito. @kurumba_maldives #kurumbamaldives @theasia.collective #WeekendVibes #happyplace #getaway #maldives #travel #tropical #luxurytravel #luxurylifestyle #wanderlust #picoftheday #travelgram #traveladdict #travels #islandlife #paradise #relax #beachshorts #ad #vilebrequin

Los Angeles, California

Ok lets talk about Beauty! 💁Beauty shouldn’t be about changing yourself to live up to your standards or to be more socially acceptable. Do you want to change something? Change for you! to make you feel happy. Living in Los Angeles, even here on Instagram, I see a lot of people who think Beauty is only having a cute face or a nice body or to look cool. But they have a terrible attitude 😖. Real beauty is about honoring the beauty from within yourself. It’s about knowing that someone else’s definition of "perfect" has no hold over you. That, even when you've 'stripped' yourself from everything materialistic or what you think might be important. Remove all the worldly things from your mind. Don’t think about looks, what kind of car to drive, what brand of clothing to wear, but instead think about how you've made people feel. Have you helped them selflessly improve their life and what virtues you possess that push someone else to become a better person? ‘Stripped' of everything on the outside and you're soul is still pure... It's still beautiful, it's gentle and kind. A pure, kind heart is superlatively rare. When you remove all the shine from a diamond, it becomes a glass rock. What value is it then? For more intelligent and beautiful someone might be, if they are not humble, they lose all the beauty in there arrogance. Humility and kind is still the most beautiful part of persons wisdom! If you are like shit on the inside, then who cares what you look like on the outside.? Always try to work on yourself from the inside out. This is the key to happiness and Beauty . 😘🥰🙋‍♀️💎 #rodineymotivation

Maldives Islands

Waking up in the Maldives in these classic linen @Vilebrequin pants. #Vilebrequin link on bio

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