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Last year I got to visit some beautiful places, needless to say but a year later I would do it all over again. (Maldives, Japan, New Zealand, Amsterdam) #throwback

Sometimes serious, sometimes not so serious....mostly not serious. Thanks for the awesome shots @blakeephoto 🐲

One of the best parts of thanksgiving! 😁 #happyuncle

Back at @dancingabc for the finale of season 25. Suited up and getting ready with the guys, for an awesome show! 🎩

Being able to see your beautiful dancing and your smile last night, made me so happy! Screaming for you in the audience is something I will always do!😁 @sievetaylor

Grew up watching the Mickey Mouse club and now making up moves with @nopenother for Mouseketeers! 😁🐭

Work and play are very important to me, so I try to keep them balanced...that being said, I decided to drive to the middle of the desert. 😂🌵 ps. The bell kick...necessary!

Disney night on @dancingabc. My favorite part about doing this is being with @dance10jenna. 😁

Messed around and tried to learn more about my camera the other day....I must have been really inspired by the guy on the wall 😂

Gaby I have mints and Jenna I have breakfast trail mix...come back 😩

Thanks for dancing with me @vanessahudgens

Your talent, your grace, your heart, your soul and so much more were all put into this process. I am so happy that I was with you every step of the way to watch you grow. I will continue to watch you grow and I am so excited to see that. You are so beautiful @sievetaylor and I am so thankful for you.

All I am gonna say is, I am so happy I got to share this journey with you. And "no matter what...we won." Please text "taylor" to 21523 and vote on the fox now app as well!:) @sievetaylor

When @itsgabydiaz won't take a normal picture with you...

Holy freakin crap!!!! You made the top freakin four! Look what you have accomplished all the things you have worked for! I am so so proud of you! I am so happy to be by your side. Please vote for taylor! Text "taylor" to 21523 :) @sievetaylor

It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable in front of people. You showed a lot of courage tonight and I'm so proud of you. Please please vote for taylor. This weeks votes are so important. Text "Taylor" to 21523 or vote in the fox now app. #iamrunningwithyou 😊 #sytycd

Not too long ago with @gnphotographyla it was cooler in the desert then, than it was today in LA. 🌞

Yo tonight was wayyyy too much fun!! @luudaddy thank you giving us a routine to just have the most fun! I secretly want a grill now. 🙌🏾 Vote for taylor for by texting "taylor" to 21523 or on the foxnow app! LETS GO TAYLO @sievetaylor 😁

No matter what we will fight as hard as we can! You did incredible tonight and I am so happy we got to samba together! Thank you again to everyone who has voted for Taylor!Please please vote for @sievetaylor text "Taylor" to 21523 the lines will be open until 9am on Wednesday :)

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