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No matter what we will fight as hard as we can! You did incredible tonight and I am so happy we got to samba together! Thank you again to everyone who has voted for Taylor!Please please vote for @sievetaylor text "Taylor" to 21523 the lines will be open until 9am on Wednesday :)

Dancing in the desert. Thank you @gnphotographyla for asking to be apart of your project.

You were a Hollywood beauty tonight!! I keep saying it but...I'm so proud of you!:) thank you for giving us another week to dance on the #sytycd stage! Please vote for @sievetaylor by texting "Taylor" to 21523

"Change is everything" and you are transforming in front of my eyes! 😊🌊 @sievetaylor (I wish there was a mermaid emoji)

My partner for season 14 #sytycd :) you are one incredible girl and I am so happy I get to take this journey with you!! (And I can finally follow you on instagram) please go vote for @sievetaylor tonight!! The number is 21523 😁😁

Some more shots from this years @dancemakersinc shoot. 🖖🏽

Having another year of life means celebrating and smiling with some bubbly! 🍾🤙🏽

Tonight is the night! You gotta watch how academy week went down, and also want to say how very fortunate I am to stand next to these incredibly talented people durning this process. @danceonfox at 8pm. 🙌🏾 #sytycd

This Monday starts the journey season 14 for me as an all star. Make sure to watch on FOX at 8pm! Here we go 🕺🏽 #sytycd

Go check out @dancemakersinc's new website for tour dates and more! 🤙🏽

Just gotta keep going and going...🐰

These past couple weeks have been crazy busy but really really awesome! Thank you to @dancemakersinc @jkell30 @beccasweitzerchoreo for making that possible! 😊

#SYTYCD season 14 starts tonight! Make sure you watch at 8pm on fox!!! @dance10jenna and I are very serious about this matter so don't miss it! 😂🕺🏽

More @leegumbsphotography 🌅

10 DAYS!! Set your DVR...tell a stranger on the street...and make sure the dog watches too! #sytycd @danceonfox

Yesterday was really awesome. Went to the park, played trivia and lost...but it was awesome.

Every once in a while I get to take pictures with my friend. I'm thankful for him. 🕺🏽@leegumbsphotography

Here we go season 14! 🤙🏽 #sytycd

Excited to watch you on #dwts tonight dude! Making me proud and happy I got to see you 🐒 @jt_church

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