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How I feel about #SYTYCD coming back for season 15!!!!....patiently waiting, yet very excited! 😁 thanks @dillon_ivory for capturing my future emotions. 😂

Spent some time with the sun. 🌞

Usually what happens when I teach the juniors. 😁@dancemakersinc

Mr. Presley on the film camera. @leegumbsphotography 🧟‍♂️

Watching the sun go down on my roof is one of my favorite things to do...now if the roof door was open all the time, I could do it more often. 😂

Pink is a good color, I wish that car was mine, and @dillon_ivory is really talented at taking pictures and finding great locations. 👚🖖🏽

Last year I got to visit some beautiful places, needless to say but a year later I would do it all over again. (Maldives, Japan, New Zealand, Amsterdam) #throwback

Sometimes serious, sometimes not so serious....mostly not serious. Thanks for the awesome shots @blakeephoto 🐲

One of the best parts of thanksgiving! 😁 #happyuncle

Back at @dancingabc for the finale of season 25. Suited up and getting ready with the guys, for an awesome show! 🎩

Being able to see your beautiful dancing and your smile last night, made me so happy! Screaming for you in the audience is something I will always do!😁 @sievetaylor

Grew up watching the Mickey Mouse club and now making up moves with @nopenother for Mouseketeers! 😁🐭

Work and play are very important to me, so I try to keep them balanced...that being said, I decided to drive to the middle of the desert. 😂🌵 ps. The bell kick...necessary!

Disney night on @dancingabc. My favorite part about doing this is being with @dance10jenna. 😁

Messed around and tried to learn more about my camera the other day....I must have been really inspired by the guy on the wall 😂

Gaby I have mints and Jenna I have breakfast trail mix...come back 😩

Thanks for dancing with me @vanessahudgens

Your talent, your grace, your heart, your soul and so much more were all put into this process. I am so happy that I was with you every step of the way to watch you grow. I will continue to watch you grow and I am so excited to see that. You are so beautiful @sievetaylor and I am so thankful for you.

All I am gonna say is, I am so happy I got to share this journey with you. And "no matter what...we won." Please text "taylor" to 21523 and vote on the fox now app as well!:) @sievetaylor

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