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Американский актёр и модель, наиболее известный своими ролями в телесериалах «Помадные джунгли», «Холм одного дерева» и «Парк авеню, 666».
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Buckley boys on the roof. Dad was cropped out due to a nsfw gesture.

Brain Gang, 2017.

The Brain Gang showing love for our fearless leader in the form of custom-made Rob Thomas pins. #JobSecurity

#tbt to last week when it was 2016 and everything was the worst.

Teaching the boys how to fix a broken drain. #ManShit

Still waiting on that comic book franchise, Hollywood.

#TransformationTuesday #DadBod #MomJeans

#tbt When I bought every car accessory Ed Hardy made and decorated @sophiabush's car while she was out of town. Always a good sport, that Soph.

Asked for a baby brother, got a stupid dog.

Male models.

Arts & Crafts AF

That moment when she drops everything to take a selfie with a penis plant.

The actor prepares.

First snowman I've ever made without an inappropriate carrot penis. Therapy's paying off.

I have no idea who this girl is. If you do, go ahead and tag her. Merry Christmas, stranger.

When you tell your friend "just grab me a drink" but they really know you mean "order me one of everything."

Rose stopped hugging me halfway through season one. #BehindTheBrains

Alright Photoshop community, do your worst.

Massive monologues, sweet dance moves, deep-plunging v-necks...there's nothing that @malcolmjgoodwin can't pull off. Here's to you, legend, happy birthday.

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