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Американский актёр и модель, наиболее известный своими ролями в телесериалах «Помадные джунгли», «Холм одного дерева» и «Парк авеню, 666».
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How much does this picture of David Blaine drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade look like @rahulkohli13?

I just took romance to a whole new level.

I'm in this month's issue of @menshealthmag discussing my misadventures with Nair and other grooming fails. Dream. Come. True.

Rob Buckley: C-list actor, A-list paparazzo.

#tbt When I owed @thetylershields $40 and he sent his goons to shake me down. His new show opens at the Leica Gallery tonight, check it out.

Here's to another year of kicking ass and taking brains. #iZombie #Season4

What the hell is Major doing? Why is he doing it in the kitchen nook? And WHY IS RAVI WATCHING? Tune in to an all-new iZombie tonight to find out.

OTH (partial) family reunion.

Sundays, am I right?

Stevey and his entourage.

#fbf With members of my first gang. We called ourselves "The Pageant Boyz" because of our dead-eyed stare.

Warm fuzzies with @thetylershields

According to FaceApp, Anders never ages and I become Dermot Mulroney. Everyone's a winner. #iZombieSeason24

Shortly after @malcolmjgoodwin won the tournament, I "accidentally" dropped his trophy. Can't help but feel like we're all losers today.

When Pintrest Goes Bad: The Story of My Mom's 'Deviled Eggs.'

Finally, a drink that looks AND tastes like it's made of melted crayons. It's called a Unicorn Frappucino and it's the coolest way to disrespect your body. #YOLO

Tonight, the gang finally confronts Blaine about his horrible posture. #iZombie

This reminds me of that beautiful tale of friendship, Of Mice and Men. I'm your Lennie and you're my bunny rabbit. I never got around to finishing the book but always remembered loving their bond. #goals

Ever crush an audition so hard they hire you for all the roles? #Dimension404

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