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Американский актёр и модель, наиболее известный своими ролями в телесериалах «Помадные джунгли», «Холм одного дерева» и «Парк авеню, 666».
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When Pintrest Goes Bad: The Story of My Mom's 'Deviled Eggs.'

Finally, a drink that looks AND tastes like it's made of melted crayons. It's called a Unicorn Frappucino and it's the coolest way to disrespect your body. #YOLO

Tonight, the gang finally confronts Blaine about his horrible posture. #iZombie

This reminds me of that beautiful tale of friendship, Of Mice and Men. I'm your Lennie and you're my bunny rabbit. I never got around to finishing the book but always remembered loving their bond. #goals

Ever crush an audition so hard they hire you for all the roles? #Dimension404

Udderly adorable.

The Brain Gang's back in action tomorrow night, adorable matching aprons and all.

Can't believe you cut out the part where I did that sick backflip and everyone asked if I was a pro. Whatever. #Repost @markpmilburn with @repostapp ・・・ Want to see what I have been up to since @timbercreeklodge? . . The first episode of my new series Chairlift Chat is up and my guest is @robertearlbuckley, star of @thecwizombie and #onetreehill. . . Big thank you to @jschmidtgall, @flynnmediaproductions @whistlerblackcomb @peakperformance @factionskis @mikeylausen and @gibbonswhistler for supporting this project. . This was a super fun collaboration with the team at @movesmedia. Check out the link: 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 . #adventure #izombie #realitytv #cw #robertbuckley #zombies #comedy #funny #skiing #anowboarding #

That's right, only ONE more day until iZombie's back. Season 3 kicks off Tuesday night at 9pm on the CW. Word to your mother.

Only two weeks until the Brain Gang is back at it. Tuesday, April 4th. Be there or be square.

This is my nightmare.

April 4th, the Brain Gang is back. #iZombie

When you finally find something whiter than your midriff.

Prepping for my Quizno's callback.

#tbt Every Valentine's Day ever.

#Repost @behindthebrains with @repostapp ・・・ Loving this #iZOMBiE #Southpark #FanArt Let us know who your favourite character is and use the hashtag #behindthebrains to show us your fan art! New season of iZOMBiE airs April 4th 9/8c on the CW Network ✌🏼

Is it me or is my ringworm starting to look like the Green Lantern symbol? Also, I'm on @nbcpowerless this Thursday at 8:30pm.

Happy VD, weirdos.

When you unfollow your friend just to keep him from reaching 100k followers.

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