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Американский актёр и модель, наиболее известный своими ролями в телесериалах «Помадные джунгли», «Холм одного дерева» и «Парк авеню, 666».
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Friends don't let friends do cleanses.

It's called fashion, Google it.

Apparently, we're at the "scaring the shit out of each other" stage in the relationship. (📷: @jennyjwade)

Almost as cool as the picture we took next to a Prius.

These new Instagram filters are awesome.

OMG @mperegrym I love your work!! (📷: @jennyjwade)

I just spent 30 minutes taking pictures with my pizza. I'm gonna be a nightmare when I have kids.


Corn dogs, churros & Jenny. Happy day.

Happy birthday to the hunkiest (half of a) Jeopardy answer ever, @thisisjameslafferty. There's no one else I'd rather be on top of.

Happy birthday @therealshantel! Thank you for being an amazing friend, awesome TV wife and ride or die snack buddy. Hope the coming year is the best so far!

Giggle fits with the crew. #SDCC

Brain Gang, 2017. #SDCC

When the gang's having the best day ever but you've got pink eye.

I give the best gifts.

San Diego here we come! #SDCC #iZombie #AppleFarts

Made the mistake of saying her baking is "getting better" and this happens. #Repost @jennyjwade ・・・ Erectile Dysfunction can happen to anyone. Life comes at you hard. Come back at it even harder. Ask your doctor about Bonflexor today. 📸 @mperegrym

An entire week in Australia and this is the only picture of Melbourne I have. I regret nothing. #churronut

Guess who just got next year's Mother's Day shopping done?

Oh you got an STD on spring break? Well I got chlamydia from a koala, TOP THAT.

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