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Британский певец, автор песен и актёр. По результатам опросов считается самым популярным британским певцом, исполняющим песни в таких жанрах, как поп, поп-рок, софт-рок.
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Make sure you know every word because #TheHeavyEntertainmentShow Tour is coming!


So you lot are pretty good at drawing 👊


It's all there waiting for you 👊

Training for #TheHeavyEntertainmentShow Tour like... 💪 💪 💪 (Credit: @aydafieldwilliams)

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Less than a month to go until #TheHeavyEntertainmentShowTour kicks off! 😍

Once upon a time...

The official video for #TheHeavyEntertainmentShow is here! Watch the full-length version on YouTube (link in bio)

Step into my office.

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50 days to go until #TheHeavyEntertainmentShowTour kicks off 🙌

There is only one place to be this summer ✌️

Parenting... (Picture by @aydafieldwilliams)

Your Friday soundtrack has arrived! 👊 Follow the link in the bio and get involved!

Edinburgh are you ready?

When it's not the weekend anymore...

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