Р.Дж. Агуар


Американский ютубер, писатель и актер.
  • Все 1995
  • Фото 1894
  • Видео 101
West Hollywood, California

Shoutout to my friends at @underwearexpert redefining the term “fruit basket”. Y’all know the drill by now right? Use code “NOTADAM” to get $55 off the first box! (📸- @caseyk.photo)

These really cool glasses let you see the world in 3D!!! #lacma #lacma3d 📸- @maxchang704

I miss the days when things were built to last...

So @choutography caught me having a full on Jimmy Jr moment... (wearing @naughtyb_y on my shoulders and @kylechandesign around my neck) . . . #kylechandesign #kcdlovecampaign #malephotography #malemodel #malemodels #malemodelscene #malemodeltrending #malemodelscene #malemodelsearch #malemodelscrush

Sup brah. (📸- @bridgetmariecollective)

I just really like sushi you guys... (📸- @ahorsewithahorn)

Love this bish. He’s been my good friend and mentor throughout my years as a Bi+ activist and I’m so proud at how he’s CONTINUING to slay the game... 💖💜💙 @theelielcruz (📸- @davidelaffe)

Stretching before any physical activity can increase flexibility and decrease the risk of injury. (📸- @choutography, ⛓- @kylechandesign, @kcdlovecampaign) #kcdlovecampaign

I love it like XO. You love me like XO. You kill be boy XO. You love me like XO... (📸- @mason.gd, at @wearehappyplace)

If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen up in here??

What it feels like to scroll through Twitter and read the news these days. (📸- @ahorsewithahorn)

Is this what you guys mean when you say I should get an OnlyFans??? (📸- @bridgetmariecollective, fan by @dirtsquirrel)

Basic white girl, but make it fashion... (👕- @joshuajchris, 📸- @choutography)

Had a blast at @outfest yesterday and loved the chance to serve a look that was a little less heteronormative 💖✨ (peep that @jjmalibu harness underneath 😏, pic by one of my heroes @theelielcruz)

Just another movie starring white dudes. Look closely at our “90’s v. Now” video and see a TON of Easter eggs that @preston_yarger and I put in 😉😉

I’m so PUMPED to finally share the teaser for @our365letters with you guys! If you like it feel free to support our crowdfund to finish Season One! Link in the bio ✨ #our365letters

“You can drive yourself crazy and tie yourself in knots trying to anticipate what someone's going to like or not like... But pay too much mind to that, and you'll wind up with a big pile of mush.” Kevin Feige. 📸 - @bridgetmariecollective . . . #bendy #nude #nakey #yoga #nudeart #malephotography #malemodel #model #malemodels #malemodeling #malemodeltrending #malemodelscene

Little Damage

You can be dark and still be sweet too. Some would argue it tastes better 😉🍦🖤👅 Photo by my good friend @choutography

Trying out looks for @hardfest in less than a month! What do you guys think?? #hsmf18

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