Рики Линдхоум


Американская актриса, комик и музыкант, более известна под именем Ри́ки Ли́ндхоум. Она наиболее знаменита по ролям в телесериалах Девочки Гилмор, Доктор Хаус, Теория большого взрыва и Такая разная Тара.
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Early morning glam for Comic Con. @veronicasinclair @loganjaxxson

@midnight #tbt

#tbt @midnight

First sound mix. #anotherperiod #season3

Claire got in this position on her own.

Made a new friend.

Classic bathroom pic. #tbt #notqueen


Challenge accepted Joss & @davidwain. Donate to Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition & make a video of your own. I challenge @ashleythejohnson. #Ham4All (link in bio) Co-star and camera work courtesy of @jeremykonner @embbly.

Strictly biz she don't play around.

#tbt Me & @davidwain. Another Period Season 2.

Happy 4th, America.

@bitsietulloch sent me this picture and it made me really happy.

The best way to describe some men I've dated would be to say they have Broadcast News level emotions.

I ❤️ this movie and @katemicucci is so good in it. #thelittlehours

Eye of the alien tiger.

Garfunkel and Oates 2009. #tbt

Just over here being myself.

Laying in bed in my show dress. Excited to perform but too cozy to move. @garfunkeloates #id10tfest

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