Рики Линдхоум


Американская актриса, комик и музыкант, более известна под именем Ри́ки Ли́ндхоум. Она наиболее знаменита по ролям в телесериалах Девочки Гилмор, Доктор Хаус, Теория большого взрыва и Такая разная Тара.
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So excited about this! I can't wait to share the stage with these hilarious women. OCT 7th. 10pm!

#tbt Fake flower. Real deep.

Channeling Tess McGill today.

Hall and Oates but mostly Oates. @ejcahill

Hall and Oates at the Staples Center. Oh yes.

Not a girl, not yet a woman. #tbt

Having a Sidney Lumet marathon in bed until this cold goes away. #DeathTrap #thatsthemovienotmycold

#tbt Whatcha looking at? How long you been holding that smile for?

Got a light. (I know you you're... you're shivering 🎸)

Red nails, red wine, Ramona.

Hey man, it's all gonna be alright. #tbt

Sparkly pink top, feather crown and sperm soap. #fashionicon #tbt

To support people impacted by Harvey, donate at RedCross.org/Disney or text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation. #DayOfGiving

Repost @garfunkeloates. Me & @katemicucci in our most natural states.

Last day of editing on #AnotherPeriod season 3!

Boy bye.

I liked two of these. #theplaythatgoeswrong #sleepnomore #comefromaway

So good. Blown away. #adollshousepart2

Hair goals @manrepeller.

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