Рики Линдхоум


Американская актриса, комик и музыкант, более известна под именем Ри́ки Ли́ндхоум. Она наиболее знаменита по ролям в телесериалах Девочки Гилмор, Доктор Хаус, Теория большого взрыва и Такая разная Тара.
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Hall and Oates at the Forum 🎸🎤💪 #hallandoates #forever

Good at selfies.

Apparently, this is my dance face. #VERYserious #flagdance @ucbsunset @katmburns 📸= @liezlwashere


This is my chess face. Go ahead. Move that piece there. Do it. Nothing bad will happen. You’re safe with me.

Decided to develop a new personality. #chess



Peanut Buster Parfait then goodbye Montreal.

The afterglow from full Montreal magic. Just came home at 4am from a @johnmayer Dave Chapelle surprise show. Such a great night. Thank you @justforlaughs!

Got to see @hannah_gadsby’s final performance ever of Nanette tonight. What a privilege to get to watch this incredible woman. #montrealcomedyfestival

My favorite part of the Montreal Comedy Festival is Andy Kindler’s State of the Industry address. This year was incredible as always.

Montreal, Quebec

From now on, I only eat gnocchi that’s made in a wheel of cheese. #aupieddecochon #montrealcomedyfestival

I loved this book. Such a well written biography. Deep dive into what it means to be an artist and what happens when you don’t truly have the ability to love another person. #fosse

I call this piece Selfie with Green Room Lighting. #montrealcomedyfestival #justforlaughs

I like to call this piece 1998 college selfie with disposable camera. #tbt #syracuse

Montreal, Quebec

My usual pre and post show look: tights, sweatpants, ballet flats, show dress, sweatshirt, jacket, guitar, artist badge, phone charger charging my phone and it’s charging case. #prepared #warmth

Montreal. The Katacombs. Tonight. Midnight. It’s raining. Come anyway.

Montreal, Quebec

Even in Montreal, they think my name is Brittany. #montrealcomedyfestival #justforlaughs

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