Рики Линдхоум


Американская актриса, комик и музыкант, более известна под именем Ри́ки Ли́ндхоум. Она наиболее знаменита по ролям в телесериалах Девочки Гилмор, Доктор Хаус, Теория большого взрыва и Такая разная Тара.
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When your neighbor has a post-show karaoke party, you study the words to Wide Open Spaces before you sing it. #dixiechicks #wideopenspaces #karaoke

Kate found her new favorite book. #worstpillsbestpills

Just because you’re wearing a carpal tunnel glove doesn’t mean you can’t get a manicure.

#tbt Buffy.

#tbt Queens of the dance floor @bitsietulloch

Beatrice woke up like this. After she fell asleep in an x-ray machine, injected herself with cyanide and put a box of bees on her face. Amazing makeup by @lindsaygarrisonmakeup & @laura_peyer. Swipe to see the progression. #anotherperiod

Beatrice gets a makeover using an x-ray machine, arsenic and live bees. The price of beauty. Amazing makeup by @lindsaygarrisonmakeup #anotherperiod #comedycentral @pagetpagetgram @armenweitzman

@garfunkeloates got to write some musical numbers for tonight’s episode of @anotherperiod! 10pm on #ComedyCentral. @bridgeteverett makes Miss Hannigan look sweet. @armenweitzman @katmburns

Watching porn was a lot harder in 1904. See @jason_ritter attempt it on a new episode of @anotherperiod. 10pm on #comedycentral

✌️Double episodes starting tomorrow at 10 📺 @anotherperiod on #comedycentral

The only photo I took at my bday. Very grateful to everyone who came out but apparently more so to these two lovelies. Balloons by @emmabates 😊 #theroost

Very excited to see this tonight. I saw Sarah Jones perform her one woman show Bridge and Tunnel at least a decade ago and loved it. Can’t wait to see her latest creation. @geffenplayhouse

Early for my meeting and sitting in my car. I’m actually incapable of being late so I get a lot of parked in my car time.

#tbt 22.

@ecarenphoto just gets me.

“Peepers don’t be grotesque! Nobody’s wearing hats this season!” A new episode of #anotherperiod starts now on Comedy Central. @pagetpagetgram @michaelianblack

The Woodward and Bernstein of 1904, @bejohnce & @kateberlant are on #anotherperiod tonight!

Beatrice discovers the power of sex on tonight’s episode of @anotherperiod. 10:30 on Comedy Central. #pattonoswalt

Sometimes you just like your dress.

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