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Texas A&M University - Kyle Field

Texas Aggie Midnight Yell! #midnightyell #BTHOlsu #texasaggies #aggiefootball

Crunch Fitness

Sweating it out in Sexy Spin this morning with these already sexy guys! #ridewithtommy #crunchsunset #crunchtv

Crunch Fitness

Just dancing through my workout today...next to Dancing with the Stars @dancingabc pro, Gleb Savchenko @glebsavchenkoofficial! Come Ride with Tommy! @ridewithtommy at Crunch @crunchgym tomorrow morning at 7:00am at Crunch - Sunset @crunchsunset and 9:30am at Crunch - Burbank @crunchburbank #crunchtv #crunchsunset #crunchburbank

Crunch Fitness

I always say that I want everyone to go out and share the positive energy that we create in class. We can all make a difference. The world can definitely use more positive. We can start by creating positive changes within ourselves. So let's go do it! #crunchsunset #crunchtv #ridewithtommy #spin #indoorcycling @crunchgym @crunchsunset

Crunch Fitness

I was a guest on a podcast! Check out my interview on "Daddy Squared: The Podcast" about teaching at Crunch for 20 years, "Dad Bod", being a dad, and staying committed to your workouts and a proper diet after you become a dad. Or just staying committed to your workout and diet in general! It's not easy! Thanks to Yanir Dekel and his husband, Alex for having me as their guest! #spinning #chrishemsworth #dadbod #gayswithkids #menhavingbabies #daddysquare #ridewithtommy #crunchtv #crunchsunset (https://twitter.com/YanirDekel/status/1047154309262004224?s=19)

Barry's Bootcamp Hollywood

This is me after doing my first @barrysbootcamp double in years! Class #7 of 20 in 30 days! Anyone wanna come Ride with me in addition to your regular routine? Let's do it! #decadeschallenge #20in30challenge #ridewithtommy

Barry's Bootcamp Hollywood

One of the benefits of taking part in the @barrysbootcamp #20in30challenge is getting to workout with beautiful people like this! Great seeing you @brentdawg!

Barry's Bootcamp Hollywood

Well I did it! I started the Decades Challenge at Barry's Bootcamp! 1 down, 19 to go! #decadeschallenge #barrysbootcamp #20classes30days #ridewithtommy

Ride with Tommy!

Ride with Me! Tu/Th 7:00am, Wed 9:30am @crunchsunset, Th 9:30am @crunchburbank and I'm subbing this morning (Tue 10/2) 9:30am at Crunch - Sunset! @crunchgym #crunchtv #crunchsunset #ridewithtommy

Crunch Fitness

The families that Ride together, stay together! Mom @bionicglo and son @hoosfrmla4 AND husbands, @johnmanelski & @gordojordo5. Come Ride with Tommy! #crunchsunset #crunchtv @crunchgym @crunchburbank

The Beverly Hilton

So proud to be a part of the LA LGBT Center's Vanguard Awards dinner honoring @gberlanti, @robbierogers and @ricky_martin!

Crunch Fitness

Teaching my first Ride at @Crunch - Burbank! Come Ride with Tommy! Thursday mornings 9:30am #crunchburbank #crunchtv @kendellhogan @lianeypanny

Ride with Tommy!

Worked out next to the amazing @scottydynamo @crunchsunset @crunchgym yesterday. I've played his videos in class so often. Looking forward to the next time he's in town and in class!

One of my favorite artists and one that I play often in the @ridewithtommy, Steve Grand @stevegrandmusic! I was fortunate enough to see him perform live again on my recent trip to Provincetown. Thanks for sharing your talent, Steve! #nottheendofme #allamericanboy #wearethenight - @daveaude remix www.ridewithtommy.com

New York, Central Park

I just can't get away from the bikes! Even when in New York City and in Central Park! @ridewithtommy @crunchgym @crunchsunset #spin #indoorcycling

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Today's Ride is very different. When we pedal, we actually GO somewhere! Thanks to Guy B. @guyblessed, Joanna @jojuarez, and Kirk @kirknonotcaptain for covering my classes while I'm on vacation! Stay focused! Stay committed! Ride intensely, focus on form and have fun! @ridewithtommy @crunchgym @crunchsunset

American Airlines Terminal 4

Thanks @americanair Not! Usually luv flying w/u. Not letting us board when at gate MORE than 15 minutes early cuz ur oversold?! Really?! Our 4 FULLY PAID tix are part of reason ur oversold! Friends on plane just texted still on runway 50 minutes L8R! Next flight 4 1/2 hrs L8R! Awesome. Thanks! https://t.co/q5RyZTBNk0

Crunch Fitness

The Men's Locker Room at @crunchsunset is back! Construction is complete and there is only 3 more "switching off" days until August 1st when men will have full use of their locker rooms again! So come back and Ride with Tommy! (Pics not actually taken in the Crunch locker room but from the Teen Wolf series!) @crunchgym @teenwolf @ridewithtommy... . . . #spin #spinning #indoorcycling

Fit Athletic Downtown San Diego

My annual vacation spin pic at Fit Athletic Club overlooking Petco Park watching the San Diego Padres play the Chicago Cubs. Once again celebrating Pride and our legal wedding anniversary (10 years this Thursday, July 19th!)

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