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Simple things

What’s up, sunrise?

Some dumb asshole got his drunken way tonight.

Feeling that spring sprung

Steve Earle stopped by.

Resident creep.

Chinatown, I love you.

My bday presents have finally arrived. Thank you, me.

Hook it into my veins and let’s die.

So unprofessional but I had to. Isabell, folks. Isabell.

Happy birthday to me.

@mattfinlin and @mrs.finkle had child #2 yesterday so @katrinanorvell and I forced random strangers around the city to congratulate them.

I write at the NYU library and I like seeing this when I walk in. That’s it cool bye

Haha I’m punk haha #urbanoutfitters #subculture #sum41

Me: “Did I really drink that much last night?” [finds this photo on phone] Me: “I seem to have drunk all of the alcohol.”

M. Night Shyamalanshadow

Family photo! Merry Christmas!

Posting this photo after having just finished telling the teens at the family party that I deleted insta and Facebook because, “life’s too short, guys.”

Good morning!

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