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Moon between the guard rails.

Saugerties Lighthouse

Into the Woods but without all the songs and stuff.

I bought s guitar a few weeks ago. This is what I look like butchering "Waiting For The Great Leap Forward."

"Raw" a great cannibal horror movie I saw at Sundance sent me the best swag I've ever received for a movie. An edible finger made by city cakes.



Hangover New Years with Boogie Nights at Lincoln Center.

#byeobama :(

The gifts that show you your girlfriend really knows you.

Family time

In the future I can tell my children i voted for the first black and first female president. Unless I'm sterile. Then I can just wander the streets and playgrounds screaming it at strangers children. #imwithher🇺🇸

Big and little reunited once again.


With #fleabag star Phoebe Waller Bridge. Best new show? I think best new show.

I am sick and I'd just like to lay in bed and listen to this all day.

Emmy prep bro

I look like the Bridget Jones version of Patrick Dempsey.

Oh daaaaamnnnn!!! Preview of our @buildseriesnyc street level studio!!!

Happy birthday to the younger of the sisters. The greatest girl a guy could be with. I love you sweetheart. (What a schmaltzy post! Can't help it)

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