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Outsidelands crew at #go90 studio.

This painting.

Heaven is a place on earth. PT Anderson, Ed Saxon and Louis Black telling stories about the making of one of my favorites, "Something Wild."

Met this couple at NIN panorama last night. They're from Jacksonville, FL and he's seen NIN 26 times and she 27. Their son is named Trent and when I asked about traveling around to see Nine Inch Nails he said, "We LIVE life, man. Gotta live it." I love them and their spirit and I'm hash tagging this in the hopes they'll see it. #nin #panorama #nineinchnails

Trent last night.

It's a personal goal of mine to never have my wrist look like this and today I've failed. #panorama

Some people hated that walk from the lot to the beach so much they built a lot in the beach but then the beach ate it because fuck cars.

It's like that painting in the MOMA of the girl laying in a field looking at a house except @katrinanorvell is on a beach, standing and not looking at the house. So, not that.

Rainbow halo, yo.

We bring out the best in each other.

I'm an asshole.

FUCK Annie Hall!!


This child put seaweed on her head, called herself a swamp monster and was dragging me back to shore to cook and eat me. She is my favorite child of all time and I have no idea who she is.


Good girl.

Moon between the guard rails.

Saugerties Lighthouse

Into the Woods but without all the songs and stuff.

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