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On the third night of Hanukkah Jim Jarmuach showed up and taught us all what cool really was.

Gotta love my Dad.

Waiting for Aunt Jackie. #roseanne


Finally excited for VR.

Sunrise Los Angeles


Get out there and vote today!


Look at this nerd.

@saintrecords found the lone guy in the front last night that happened to be sitting next to me and sang him a whole song. He legit tried to kiss her.

Solange round 4. Woman is the best.

Solange is the best.

Wit Rick Deckard the boss @suzanne.lindbergh photo by @jammi_york

Great gift from a great friend. Thanks, @daniellittlewood

Obligatory Mount Royal Montreal photo with the lady.

"Ancient pottery always tells a story," she said. "For instance, this is the first hand job." Happy Birthday @katrinanorvell no one makes me laugh like you.

"Like a fucked up face." (That's a pic of me when I was 18 in an Amsterdam hostel being held up by a "My Own Private Idaho" magnet"

Outsidelands crew at #go90 studio.

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