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Beaten’ bad ones down with that Christmas cheer.

Hi, it’s Christmas.

Hi, I’m Eric Trump.

What’s up #fuckedup

The crossing guards have been quite nice.

4:28 and the leg are still cooking with gas! Who wants to go again?! #nyrr #nycmarathon

Done! And with a supremely uncool pose to boot. #nyrr #nycmarathon

Be on the lookout for this nerd tomorrow. #nyrr #nycmarathon

Hi, it’s a really pretty day outside. That’s all.

One more. Actually from broken this time.

Nine inch nails basically opened with Broken in its entirety and I was in heaven.

#halfmarathonboyz #brooklyngreenwayhalf

It’s nice to work somewhere and look up to this. Libraries rule. #libraries4eva

What the fuck is this fucking shit? Fuck you! Ill probably pop in later today.

Kissed by Laurie Strode.

Obligatory I voted pic because voting rules, #teamcynthia and a teenager saw it and said “respect” as she walked by and now I feel like I imagine a dad feels when his teenage daughter tells him he’s “not always such lame-o and can be kind of cool, sometimes.”

Nose holding

Base that head

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