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New York, New York

Hello! I am running the New York City Marathon on Nov 4th! Very excited. Very nervous. In order to do this, though, I must fundraise at least $3200 for the American Cancer Society. If you could find it in your heart to contribute anything from one dollar (come on, really?!?!) to the full $3200 (Wow! Clearly, you'd like SOMETHING in return for that kind of generosity) I would be eternally grateful. If you'd like to donate, the link to the GoFundMe page is in my bio. The reason for GoFundMe is because Oath (the company I work for) matches any personal donations I make. So, I created a GoFundMe page that people can donate to and then have their donations matched under my name. That said, if you do not trust this process, or if you would like your donation made out to the American Cancer Society under your own name for tax purposes, bragging rights or...you just don't trust me (that's fine!), please message me and I will send you the link for the American Cancer Society donation page under my name. Thanks so much, Ricky

The only man in the world that can get away with shit-talking Boogie Nights in front of me.

Wrote a short, sarcastic play about poverty and content and some nice people read it. It was fun.

Dad goes to #mardigras

Igloo Fireworks (new band name) this past weekend in Canada for @mattfinlin 60th bday. @gentlemanstimes and I spent at least 200 on fireworks and regretted not spending more.

Reddit made a cake.


Winter warmer.

Onur Turkels art is up and for sale down at The Living Gallery on 246 e. 4th in the east village. Go. Look. Maybe buy? I am.

#happynewyear from my favorite.

Old Deuteronomy photobomb.


On the third night of Hanukkah Jim Jarmuach showed up and taught us all what cool really was.

Gotta love my Dad.

Waiting for Aunt Jackie. #roseanne


Finally excited for VR.

Sunrise Los Angeles

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