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Американский киноактёр, получивший известность за роль Патрика ван Дорна в сериале «Джейк вчера, сегодня, завтра» и за роль Луиса Литта в сериале «Форс-мажоры».
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Wish I was in that room!! When your pals are just insane at what they do. Feel good song!! So proud of you @therichardmarx

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Sick, Bored, Showing off..

How come I don’t have a mug??? @katherineheigl Welcome to @suits_usa !!!

About 6-7 months ago I posted about my old friend Patrick Reed. So many of you beautiful souls reached out to help, but to no avail no perfect matches. If any extraordinary one of you out there feel the need to help with O+ type blood, please contact Paula Gull, MD 714-771-8033...Here is his update::::: I had surgery this morning to place a catheter and begin peritoneal dialysis. An overwhelming amount of people came forward to offer to be potential donors. 2 amazing souls made it to the last tests but were disqualified to insure their future health. Insurance will only test 1 person at a time and tests can take 3-4 months and everything is driven by the donor schedule. It's also just a far easier process if I live closer to you. I have a friend left on the list in CA. but that person is not in L.A. Millions of people live and work while perforning dialysis and such will be my fate. I am determined to continue to search for a suitable donor so that I might double my life expectancy. Please consider calling my nurse, if you haven't already, if you live in Southern California and have O+ blood. I hate to be long-winded and I don't want to be a bother, but it's my "job" to get a kidney so that I might be around for my family and lead a more normal life .

What Sarah wrote..

Hi Suitors!! Starting episode 713!! Thanking you guys for your loyal, loving support!!! #suitorsrule

A Roger Kumble Regram of today's Rosh services.


He ain't lyin...

Boy..did he capture this perfect..Welcome to our family Dule!! You fit right in pal!! #suits100

Suits 100

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Sarah gram'd this..I am regramming. She said it best. Episode 100 5AM Toronto time. Patrick Adams directing. Loving what you do for a living is a blessing. #suitsusa #suitors

This guy in the pic next to his beautiful children is one my oldest friends from college Patrick Reed, and his kidneys are fucked. Apparently they’re working at only 18% efficiency and it’s getting worse. He’s a kid, 48 years old. Lots more living to do. He put himself on this massive transplant list. He’d never live long enough to get one of those. Those are dead kidneys, anyway. We got to get Pat a live one. You live a lot longer with one of those. If I had the right type of blood I'd give him one of mine. I need to put it out there to anyone who supports my cause. I can't imagine any of you wouldn't do what I'm trying to do for my dear friend. All you need to do is retweet the shit out of this, talk to people, whatever. You never know. Oh, and if you're an extraordinary person and wanna get tested, Pat's insurance will take care of everything. I’m gonna give you his nurse’s number: Paula Gull Nurse Practitioner Kidney Transplant Center 714-771-8033 Pat’s blood type is O positive. I love you all just for giving the time to read this. You never know it might just save this amazing husband/father/son/friend's life.

Parallel Parking @skipperscanyonjet with @nmather1970 #nzrocks

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