Рик Хоффман


Американский киноактёр, получивший известность за роль Патрика ван Дорна в сериале «Джейк вчера, сегодня, завтра» и за роль Луиса Литта в сериале «Форс-мажоры».
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This guy in the pic next to his beautiful children is one my oldest friends from college Patrick Reed, and his kidneys are fucked. Apparently they’re working at only 18% efficiency and it’s getting worse. He’s a kid, 48 years old. Lots more living to do. He put himself on this massive transplant list. He’d never live long enough to get one of those. Those are dead kidneys, anyway. We got to get Pat a live one. You live a lot longer with one of those. If I had the right type of blood I'd give him one of mine. I need to put it out there to anyone who supports my cause. I can't imagine any of you wouldn't do what I'm trying to do for my dear friend. All you need to do is retweet the shit out of this, talk to people, whatever. You never know. Oh, and if you're an extraordinary person and wanna get tested, Pat's insurance will take care of everything. I’m gonna give you his nurse’s number: Paula Gull Nurse Practitioner Kidney Transplant Center 714-771-8033 Pat’s blood type is O positive. I love you all just for giving the time to read this. You never know it might just save this amazing husband/father/son/friend's life.


@kyledunnigan1 you are brilliant

Parallel Parking @skipperscanyonjet with @nmather1970 #nzrocks

Jet Boating in Skippers Canyon, NZ. @skipperscanyonjet #nzrocks

Lake Erskine with @helitoursqueenstown #nzrocks

Milford Sound with @helitoursqueenstown #nzrocks

Blade Runner @helitoursqueenstown #nzrocks

The most incredible experience ever with @helitoursqueenstown with Mr Ben Walker. Will never forget it! #nzrocks

Thank you @eastdayspa for your unbelievable treatments! What a way to say goodbye to Auckland. #nzrocks

I shit you not..Just met these two real lawyers in Auckland and this is the dress code!!! #nzrocks

1st class friend, 1st class actress, 1st class mom, 1st class daughter, 1st class professional, 1st class traveling companion. Miss you SR!! #suitsaustralia #1stclass

The Australian Cleaner!!!! @emmakilkeary nobody like you..you made our trip!! Period! Nothing like Australia..Can't wait till next time!!

Caviar Dreams in Melbourne...#thankyourockpool!!


Thank you Sydney!!! #ucteam #suits

The Honeymooners "On A Boat". Thank you @anyboat_australia Daniel and co. @iamsarahgrafferty #austraila #suits #universalchannel

The Honeymooners #bennelong #sydneyoperahouse A @nmather1970 special!!

A @nmather1970 special. The gorgeous #bennelong restaurant! More pics from @iamsarahgrafferty to come!

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