Ричард Хэрмон


Канадский актёр. Наиболее известен по ролям в таких телесериалах, как «Убийство», «Континуум», «Мотель Бейтса» и «100».
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BC Place

Spooky Luke and the boys.

TODAY IS THE DAY I Still See You is out in theatres and on demand. If your city has it in theatre then I’d highly recommend that as a viewing experience. If not, I got a link in my bio.

I Still See You is out tomorrow in theatres and on demand!

Thank you to @questionanders4 for capturing wat it’s like to watch @ndfootball with the Harmon’s. Great win ☘️

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Boo 🎃 #DickySpooks

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

@thebrendanfletcher with the moves on Freddie.

Los Angeles, California

So great to see our film yesterday! And a massive shoutout to my partner in spooky investigations, @bellathorne. I Still See You is out in Theatres and on demand October 12th! #istillseeyou

He’s back. #DickySpooks

The rivalry is on. We’re ready.

Downtown LA

@schonmagazine 📷 @mynxiiwhite

So happy to announce that @woodlandmovie will be having its World Premiere at @whisfilmfest in November!

Happy Birthday to the man. @allan.harmon

BC Place

When she wears your jersey.

Join me at BC Place on September 15 for @whitecapsfc's #LegendsAndStars charity soccer match! All funds raised support @bcchf. Get tickets from the link in my bio.

Love this little scamp. Uncle to Nephew. @shannonkook

I’m ‘Biting the Bullet’ for @bitethebulletstories to say “...passion is passion and it deserves to be explored...” “In recent years I’ve noticed a trend in life where we’ve all become so drab about the things we care about. Maybe this is because we are afraid to show what is important to ourselves only to fail in front of others. It’s almost as if being passionate about something has become uncool. It’s ok to care about something, in fact in my experience it’s all that matters. Every good thing I have in my life has come from following the things that make me happy or even more specifically the things that scare the shit out of me, passion is passion and it deserves to be explored. Who cares if someone doesn’t think it’s cool, or that you won’t have success in it, they can disagree with it all they want, they aren’t you! And at the same time stop judging other people’s passions, if you’re worrying about someone else’s fire you aren’t stoking your own. Go work your ass off and let’s all be some energetic psychopaths together.” 📸 @farrahaviva 💄 @msmonicaryan #bitethebulletstories #bitethebullet

Northview Golf & Country Club

Luke and Bryan

God it feels good to send Michigan home with an L. Great start to the season! @ndfootball

Bella and I will see you in October! @bellathorne #IStillSeeYou October 12, 2018

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