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Vancouver, British Columbia

Another day of being awesome, brilliant, and most of all loving ! Blessings for all. Shout out to myself for thriving 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦#teamrhys #teamsingle2017

Melrose Avenue

Wednesday is my birthday I'll be accepting venmo, PayPal, and traditional parcels (envelopes preferred) 🎈dm for details

Fairfax District, Los Angeles

Take a number

Lake Muskoka

Comin to LA to ruin lives Thursday bye !!!!

Lake Muskoka

Looking hot on the dock. Bye.

Thinking about stuff 🥀

This colossal piece of shit is celebrating his birthday today - trappin since pre K 🌴@christopherrrobin

Fairfax District, Los Angeles

Today's @sophielowelowe BDAY not only is she a spawn of cate blanchett but she was actually originally cast in LOTR turned it down to give cate a chance to revitalize her career. If that's not THOTful I dunno what is .... I should be In LA thriving with u on this day but I'm on a spiritual journey 😓🌹😎 #birthday #beyonce #hollywood #girl #model #thriving #cateblanchett #LOTR

Pouting as usual ...👍🏼

Just being Miley


Thot of the day 🌹

Shaine & Shelly 🌹 Good after Bad 🌹 Premieres April 21 @newportbeachfilmfest 👌🏼

Not actually calling anyone

The French


New York, New York

‪reflecting In NYC after a trip to La ... 2 all the freaks trying to make me feel bad about myself ! Newsflash: ur a hideous rock that my golden chariot representing my life has ran over and I am now miles ... light years ahead of u ... enjoy the dust !‬!! Current status: feeling highly favoured and blessed. 😁😁🌃🌃s/o to fellow beam of light @sophielowelowe

The Magic Castle

Waiting in my castle for u 🌹

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