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New York, New York

Dad vibes today

Vera Cruz Mexican Restaurant

Waiting for my meal 🥘

New York, New York

Kiss me im stupid

Chinatown, Manhattan

Me walking 🚶‍♀️. Ty @oliveredwin

New York, New York

Photo cred : NYPD

New York, New York

Ya boy be working his butt off and manifesting big tings !!!!!! Dontcha worry bout me !!! comment below ☺️

Busy being a snack

New York, New York

Bit of a mess 😌

Coolest kid award goes to me !!!!!!

🌞 sunscreen @thehappysmovie

OSHO blessing me whilst in Canada. Feeling v blessed and grounded. #sheela

Brooklyn, New York

Look I just want to break up all your shit, Call your mama phone, let her know that she raised a bitch

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

What else is new

SoHo, Manhattan


Great pic of me, @matt_mcinnis and @tommyleeba at the gym 🤘🏼

Brooklyn Bazaar

I am tech avail 4 work thx @matt_mcinnis

New York, New York

💪boss status !!!!

SoHo, Manhattan



Taking names 💦

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