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🚨NEW TOUR SHOW ALERT🚨 Middleditch & Schwartz is coming to LOS ANGELES in a big ol' way! We are playing @TheWiltern on 3/26! Just a month away! Our first show of this size in LA! Buy tix right now with our pre-sale code- GOOFS. Go to MiddleditchAndSchwartz.com for tickets or swipe up on my Instastory.

Tag that pic and let the fun begin.

The legend @davekloc created an incredible LIMITED EDITION poster for our Middleditch & Schwartz show at @carnegiehall this Friday. 18”x24”, screen printed, hand numbered out of only 375! That's it! 375 posters! Sold ONLY at Carnegie Hall on show night then a very limited supply will be available with kloc afterwards. Dave did such an amazing job on this poster. He is a genius. I love it so much.

November 8th.

Woo oo! @ducktalestv is playing ALL DAY TODAY on @disneyxd!!! So here’s a pic of all of us at @disneyland to celebrate!

‪Just a reminder that after 3 decades of absolutely killing it in this industry, the icon @Doncheadle is hosting @nbcsnl tonight!!!‬

#happyvalentinesday Tetris Battle Royale


‪“Well, you should have worn a condom.”‬ ‪“Well it’s too late now, you’re pregnant. What are we gonna name the kid?”‬

Love this piece of two of my three blues by @thasagram & @raisa__art! Great job you two! And love that you created it together!

I was at a bar last night when "I 2 I" from A Goofy Movie played and I looked around smiling hoping someone would smile back knowing how awesome the song was but got nothing. So I'm here to remind everyone how awesome Tevin Campbell and that song still is.

2 weeks. @carnegiehall #MiddleditchAndSchwartz

Carpool Karaoke: Does Middleditch & Schwartz want to do @carpoolkaraoke? Middleditch & Schwartz: Can we do whatever we want and be insane? Carpool Karaoke: oh..um..OK. Here’s the trailer. If you want to watch the full insane 18 minute episode go to RejectedJokes.com or my Instastories. #MiddleditchAndSchwartz

Two more fun ones at @largolosangeles last night. Thanks to everyone who came. Next stop Carnegie Hall on 2/22. #middleditchandschwartz

I got to play a banana that slips on itself in @thelegomovie 2 and for that brief moment of recording... everything made sense. Slipping atcha February 8!

Is this something?

‪Thank you Denver. That show was so much fun. And thank you to this wonderful pedicab driver and the arcade we spent the next two hours in. See you tomorrow Seattle!‬ #middleditchandschwartz

‪They had a Nintendo emulator in the green room. A short 20 minutes later I got to the last level of Back to The Future. You only get one shot at this board no matter how many lives you have left. The. Rest. Is. History.‬

Everyone has that one annoying friend.

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