Райхен Лемкюль


Американский актер, наиболее известный по своим ролям в сериалах «Чарльз в ответе» и «Беверли-Хиллз, 90210».
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Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey

So nice finally catching up with this one! 😘

It’s a repeat for me but I had to.

Today we remember that animals feel fear and pain just like human animals do. Let’s not think we have the right to torture fellow living beings just because we are more “intelligent.”

😍😍😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻✅ Another victory for the voiceless helpless victims of disgusting human cruelty.

Norway, Maine

Just CLOSED! on my new (98 years old) sweet little lake house in Maine that my parents used to rent for us when I was a kid. 😍 #LakePennesseewassee #ChildhoodDream photo taken end of July on the day I made the initial offer.

Cows and bulls are NOT fighters or aggressive animals. They are gentle peaceful animals who LOVE HUMANS, until we betray and torture them, forcibly rape them against their will (dairy) and put them in rodeos (where bulls testicles are clamped and they are shocked). We CAN DO BETTER as a race when it comes to treatment of fellow animals, and stop this. We are so intelligent yet so able to be cruel without thinking about it.

We can’t say we “love animals” if we buy pork/bacon and are 100% responsible for this torture. Facts: 1. Pigs are smarter than dogs. 2. Pigs feel pain and fear EXACTLY like humans do, and other animals besides humans.

Studio City - Ventura Blvd

Happy Birthday Brooks Stenstrom! #OilCanHarry’s. Proud of you for enduring all you have to BE here. Xo

Crossroads Kitchen

Got to snag a little @ericrobledo5 time while visiting from NYC who just won Best Performance at the Los Angeles Diversity FilmFestival!! And he’s a Vegan wannabe which works out since I got a friend to get us in to the overbooked Crossroads animal-free restaurant. :)

Natural meat-eaters don’t have to cook it to STAND it.

This cow is being sent to slaughter. This video broke my heart. How do we do this to truly sentient beings? We Trump-style purchase the torture and mutilation of living breathing feeling things as long as we are happy and don’t have to look at it. It’s gross to be a human unless we stop being gross.

This is where American hamburgers and steaks come from. Let’s strap a living breathing feeling (same feelings as you) cow upside down in to a death machine, slit her throat with no anesthesia before she’s shocked (but not all the way dead) and then cut her body up in to little pieces. Boil her bones,hooves, and hyde to make gelatin (Jello) and throw the rest in a landfill.

Naples, Maine

#BrandyPond #Maine

Norway, Maine

WaveRunner 👍🏻❤️

Lake Pennesseewassee

Speeding along on Lake Penneseewassee, Maine. We noticed a dude whose boat would not start and offered to tow him home. On the way he told us he’s a landscape photographer and offered to take a few pics of us! Thank you JEREMY!

South Paris, Maine

Mid vacation workouts make me cry. :)

Norway, Maine

When Jesus just can’t...SKEETER take the wheel. 😍 #NorwayME #LakeLife

Nice move Liam.

I recently had a conversation with someone who seems super thoughtful and intelligent tell me he didn’t think he could join the fight against animal cruelty and be vegetarian or vegan because saying he did not eat meat “could make dinner party hosts who invited him to dinner feel awkward.” This cow needs us to be strong in the face of the severe and unrelenting pressure of gay dinner party judgment. No? We fight for all kinds of rights. Why we wouldn’t stand up against the super twisted painful torture of living beings once we know the truth is hard for me to understand.

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