Райхен Лемкюль


Американский актер, наиболее известный по своим ролям в сериалах «Чарльз в ответе» и «Беверли-Хиллз, 90210».
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True Food Kitchen

Rock a linen napkin scarf in the summer.

Hermosa Beach, California

Weeds don’t stand a chance in our garden. (Well they do until we make time to pull them out.) ;)

Hermosa Beach, California

Skeeter is THREE :) 😍😘❤️

Hermosa Beach, California

Skeeter, special little girl to us and to so many, turned 3 today. 🎂 Happy but sad because I need her to live forever. 😭. Love you Baby Girl!!!

When the dog falls asleep in your lap and you can’t move and disturb him until you die of natural causes. But you can flex when you see your boyfriend pointing his phone at you to take a pic.

When we know the truth, we just know.

Your “Grass Fed” “Humanely Raised” cow on a “boutique” farm in TEXAS.

San Diego, California

Giving away money. Eradicating ALL security deposits. #LeaseLock

San Diego, California

Skeeter safe in the arms of the LeaseLock Deposits Monster 😍 #LeaseLock 💥

YOU ORDERING “The Lamb” = You suck.

Hermosa Beach, California

Crazy morning when The Amazing Race SEASON 31 started in my back yard! WHAT?! Got to catch up with Phil and everything. :)

Here is where your disgusting glass of COW MILK comes from. See how every sip tortures animals. I mean unless you enjoy torturing living beings...WHYYY???

This “free-range” veal cow will spend its life in this pen. Sad AF. Humans suck. Order veal = you did this. #Truth

National Animal Rights Day

Today is the day when we have the chance to think rationally, pay attention, and admit that what we do to other living beings is unthinkable. To admit that all animals feel terror, fear, and pain. That it’s USDA bullshit that we need protein from animals to live or to be hugely muscular (millions of muscular athletic bodies are plant-based—my body is plant-based and I get just as much gym gain as when I ignorantly ate meat, if not better). And that ignoring it doesn’t make us innocent. Every time we order an animal to eat, we are ordering the horrible and terrifying torture of another animal for no good reason. THAT IS THE INESCAPABLE TRUTH.

I love when the LeaseLock Deposits Monster visits my office! 😍 #LeaseLock

This is a fur farm in China. All of these dogs get killed by being clubbed in the head until they stop moving. Their fur is shipped to the US to make coats bags and “flair” on jackets. FUCK FUR. STOP BUYING IT.

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