Райхен Лемкюль


Американский актер, наиболее известный по своим ролям в сериалах «Чарльз в ответе» и «Беверли-Хиллз, 90210».
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Hermosa Beach, California

Chance: on 100% self-appointed guard duty.

Check out how DOLCE & GABBANA treats animals just to make more MONEY. And their execs and employees sleep at night. Amazing right??? #Dolce&Gabbana

New York, New York

“Canada DOUCHE” (Ka-nuh-duh Doosh): The UGLY and IGNORANT human you see walking through New York who thinks trapping animals to suffer and die in the cold is fashionable. #douche #douchebag #cruelty #animalcruelty #canadagoose

New York, New York

WHAT A DOUCHE wearing his Canada Goose jacket. #Douche #canadagoose

Hermosa Beach, California

Esther- the best dog-Mom I’ve ever had. Feeling so safe even though I’m away from my babies in NYC. #LoveAllAnimalsDontEatThem xo

Le Bain at The Standard, High Line

Happy Series A closing to me. ;) #LifeIsGood


Blow-torching dogs and cats alive in Indonesia at “the Market.” We terrorize pigs out of their cages with sticks like this. Pigs are smarter than dogs. Let me know if it disgusts you enough to do something about it.

Fur clothes = Sucky Humans like @dolcegabbana @fendi & @dior



My my my

Hermosa Beach, California

Just came home from a trip to this AMAZING Valentine’s Day surprise. 😍😋 #FeelingLoved

Lake Pennesseewassee

Throw back Valentines Day to August in MAAAAAINE!!! (#SweetP#nisWaterLake)

Formosa Gardens

Stealing a rare between conference calls pool break on my last Orlando convention week. :)

Me and my Mum, 1981. She had perfect early 80s sitcom hair!! #JanetFromThree’sCompany. #OneDayataTimeHair

Walt Disney World - Yacht and Beach Club

I wish work conferences were at DisneyWorld Resort every week. Poolside in the FL sun: NOT a bad place to check email!

When unapologetic #IGNORANCE reaches the point of #Disgusting.

Love ❤️ this Mercy for Animals Game Day sub idea.

#Volkswagen #Porsche #Audi. Humans are terrible to animals but this is extra terrible.

New York, New York

Their feet hurt in snow just like ours.

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