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Of course we had to go to see this (49th& 7th!) Jack and our awesome agent Marsha Vlasic freaked out happily! Broadway we're on our way! *And if you haven't yet- get your tickets ASAP! Link in bio.

Notre Dame still stands. She still holds on and hopefully will keep holding... After centuries of keeping the dreams and hopes and despairs and questions of those who passed through her, or by her, she again needs us. Like in the beginning so long ago. Of course she will be rebuilt soon. If she ever wondered before, whether she was really needed- if she ever questioned her own worth or value to France, or to the world... Well at least she knows now. Your beauty is needed more than ever. Thank you for still standing with us... Gather your strength, and we'll gather ours. We love you Notre Dame. Paris, we will rebuild with you. Bisous to Our Lady! ❤️✊️regina

Woah! NYC! This is getting more real by the minute & by the billboard 🙊🙈😝 *runs back to practicing your requests 🎶 #regibroadway #fiveshows

NYC you look so good and you smell good too! Yesterday I visited an old mousy friend and Alice. Beauty all around. *If you want to visit New York and need a reason, I can think of FIVE: June 20,21,22,25,26 at the Lunt-Fontanne on Broadway 🎭 #Broadway #practicing #thanksforhelpingwiththesonglists #haveafunfriday #agirlcantbelockedawaywhentheweatheristhisgood #getyourbuttoutside #breathe #fbf

Nobody puts baby in the corner. Unless it's posters for baby's shows in the corner. 5 shows on Broadway, babies. Get them tickets, babies. Ok now I'm just gonna go listen to "Hungry Eyes" 3 times in a row, cause I gave myself teen nostalgia... Laters baby alligators! 🌷 * @shervinfoto having a meta experience, double photo credit cause he took this photo of his photo. Overachiever 📸📷📸📷

The research goes on! I forgot about this little song. It was only recorded live at Bull Moose (we made a live EP years ago when I played in the store while on tour). Fun fact—I needed a cover for this EP and didn't have any time, so I took that picture of myself in a photo booth at Webster Hall and photo credit on the CD was "Photobooth, NYC”. If you have songs you want me to try and remember about (no promises but long lists are being made ☺️) please write them in comments or replies 💕🌷 Happy Spring Time, reginka ********* UPDATE! WOW! THANK YOU! So many beautiful comments/ ideas/ words/ memories!!! Gonna be reading these comments for days! Thank you for all the help and sweetness! I feel more excited than ever- I'm practicing already ;-) 🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪🤘🤘🤘❤️

Tickets for my 5 Broadway Shows at the Lunt-Fontanne this June (20, 21, 22, 25, 26) are now on sale to the general public! Go get your velvet seats! We're busy planning some theater magic for you! 💕🌷💕🌷💕 Link in bio. Filmed by the one and only @shervinfoto *Footage from last summer's Brooklyn Steel shows

This is just a little reminder that the pre-sale to my mailing list is now open, and if you signed up, you got info in your email. 5 shows... June... Broadway... the Lunt- Fontanne... And while you check that out, I'll just be here thinking about playbills and velvet seats and smoke machines and music... (but not in that order ☺️) Link to sign up in bio.

Hi Friends, I wanted to share some very lovely news with you. I’m coming to Broadway! For 5 shows this June, I’ll be playing at the Lunt- Fontanne Theatre! June 20, 21, 22, 25 and 26. These days I go to sleep and wake up thinking about the many details and ideas I can try. It's such an exciting and fun way to play music! I hope to see you there! Cheers, regina ✨

Happy Purim! Wear your best masks, and eat a Hamentashen cookie as big as your face :-) Bravery, honesty, community, and a genocide crisis averted, are just a few of the things celebrated during this Jewish Holiday. Anyone can join in! #Purim #JewishHalloweensortof #peaceandlove *you really, probably, at this point, should go and sign up to my mailing list, if you're not on it already, because I will be sharing some very special news very very (very) soon and it will go there first. Just sayin' 🙊 Link in bio.

Hi friends! Well, @jackdishel and I got to see one of @amandapalmer’s friends and family shows at @joespub. It was an experience of great emotional depth and truly special. This new record is beautiful! I highly recommend catching her when she plays @beacontheatre (*One of my favorite places to hear/see/play in NYC -- I love you Beacon!) April 20th is the show. I definitely want to come back and listen again! And if you want to hear a new song go check out "The Thing About Things." Cheers, regi

Music education is a gift, but it should be a free gift to all kids! Singing/playing brings joy & confidence! 3.8M kids don't have access to music in schools. Let's support @grammymusiced in helping schools! #MIOSM

Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the amazing, strong, loving, and inspiring women of the world! This international woman loves you! ✊️👊💪❤️

Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish

Hi friends! @fiddlernyc! I've been wanting to write about it since I saw the premiere in its new theater home- Stage 42. Last week @jackdishel and I cried and laughed at this beautiful, timely, timeless, hilarious, heartbreaking music. It's one of my favorite musicals ever- but this one is in Yiddish with subtitles you can follow. Hearing it all spoken and sung was an extra layer of magic- cause it's such a rare special thing in our world. The language has a music all its own, and seems to impart a lot about Jewish heritage, just by hearing it... If you haven't seen it yet downtown, go now. It won't be on forever since this is a special engagement- so don't miss it! Sending a snowy hug and some klezmer melodies your way, regina *Fun Fact: Zalmen Mlotek, the musical director and conductor of the show is a family friend from the Bronx! I used to babysit his toddlers when I was 13/14! (I was a pretty rad babysitter at the time, if I do say so myself 😃) #fbf #FiddlerNYC

Hard to say goodbye to this special place... Thank you Sidewalk Cafe for all those late nights of listening/playing songs and seeing friends. We carry you in our hearts ♥️

2.18.19 Thank you & Love regi

Carnegie Hall

The Tibet House Concert at @carnegiehall was so special! Years ago I played it, and now I got to sit in the audience and take it all in! We listened to @philipglassmusic join and introduce a stream of contrasting performances. Monks chanted blessings for the new year—Year of the Earth Pig! The wonderful cellist @brickcello, who had invited me (and I was joined by @aleksa_palladino my amazing actor musician friend :-) played beautifully with @laurieandersonofficial! She also had everyone in the audience scream for a minute—I gave it my all to try and get the frustrations and confusions of our life and time to resonate through the resonant acoustics of Carnegie Hall! I might start asking the audience to scream at my shows—it was one of the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard! @stephenathome read Bird Brain by @allenginsbergofficial while Philip Glass improvised on the piano. @thisispattismith read a poem and played with her band! So many incredible people came together to celebrate the gifts of Tibet—the religious, artistic and philosophical contributions. And to hope for a freedom for these long-oppressed people to practice how they need to and to celebrate their culture freely. I'm sure if you want to look up everyone who played (I highly recommend exploring the diverse music of that evening) you can on the official website. And if you want to support @tibethouse.us by seeing shows, gallery art, or other ways, you can find out how to do it! Happy Year of the Mother Earth Pig to us all! #freetibet #tibethouseus #thusbenefit2019

Found these works in progress from the Small Bill$ video. The first few are makeup and wig tests by the amazing @michelle_bankson and then, @anina_pinter designed the mermaid top and sewed and glued beautiful shells to it. The last photo is my crude sketch of the nesting doll dress матрёшка I had sent Anina's way. She rendered it amazingly! If you want to see how it all turned out, check out the full Small Bill$ video directed by @stevenstmertens on YouTube. Xo regina

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