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Congratulations to Matthew Weiner and to everyone who worked on @theromanoffs! Last night we saw the beautiful first episode — all of them full films and worlds. (*The song I wrote is in the Mexico City episode ;-) 💕✨ 1st 2 episodes premiere today on Amazon!

Friends let's VOTE our ❤️! Today = LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE! The best thing we can do for our *struggling* democracy is VOTE! Sending a big hug full of hope and good vibes your way! Please register! 💪👊✨✊️❤️

Found this old pic my papa took of my incredible teacher Sonia Vargas and I. She gave me tools to express myself through music. To gift someone music is to give them joy, love, and kindness, in perpetuity... ❤️ #tbt #love

Picture taken a while back on a happy day... So hard to believe that a year ago yesterday we saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers play their last show. We love you Tom, and miss you everyday. Rest in peace... #yourmusiclives

If you haven’t already please register to vote! 👊✨ #nationalvoterregistrationday

Happy Birthday dearest @jackdishel You were always so damn cool and awesome! Here's us being young mimes back in 2006. Thank you for being born, and for everything else too! ❤️

Hello from the Ocular Binocular Spektor *I can report that I'm still blurry at times, yet focused at times... What does it all mean? ✨💕👊 #eyelovetheworld #artorbust #fuzzyfriday

NYC Primaries today! If you can- please get out and vote!👊💪🔥✨❤️

Hi friends! I'm gonna play with @murkanpianist and @calebteicher and the National Symphony Orchestra at the @kennedycenter on November 2nd. Yup. Totally chill and laid back. New orchestral arrangements for a bunch of songs. I'm not even that excited. Don't get tickets or follow the link in bio when it goes on sale tomorrow. It's not going to be super unique or special in any way. I'm not gonna freak out at all. Totally chill. Uh-huh. Laterz. * @murkanpianist I love you, you beautiful human. Thanks for inviting me to your awesome DECLASSIFIED series. Tickets on sale 10am EST, Friday September 7th. 💪👊🎶✨😊

Here are some thoughts right after the Colorado show... will put the link in bio #mountainthoughts #moonthoughts #bearsliveheretoo #boulders #Colorado #thanksAhsleyandAli 💕😊

Rocky Mountain Folks Festival I'm so so excited to play for you at 8pm tonight! Colorado you've been so so beautiful! Can't wait! #bigsky #tourlife

Thank you dear Aretha for sharing all that inspiration with us... so much talent, depth, soul, and love in every note... thank you for being able to expand our idea of music... Rest In Peace... we're grateful you were here, that you worked so hard, and that you gave us all so much...

When the floor of the public bathroom sends you a little message of love, and instead of sticking to your shoe the toilet paper sticks to your 💛 #love #message #sign #potty #thetruestroominthehouse #oldsongnewday

Thanks dear Canadian hardcore friends who were able to dance and sing along in the cold! Thanks @jackdishel for beatboxing with me in the rain and capturing this rainy photo of the set in @edmfolkfest ☔️✨🇨🇦 Colorado you're on deck! @folksfest On the 19th of August. Link in bio 😊

@edmfolkfest I'm playing for you tonight! Will be my first time here- so excited! I'm on at 8:10pm I believe (double check that;-)UPDATE FROM THE LOCATION- air is quality is good post fires after some rain! Yay! #beautifulEdmonton #love #canada 📸photo by @shervinfoto in @brooklynsteel

A dream within a dream :-) @lauracjyoung 📸thanks for the photo @jackdishel thanks for sharing it Edmonton I'll be seeing you tomorrow!!! @edmfolkfest #ohcanada #hedgehoginthefog

#currentmood #goingatmondaylike #wishmeluck *photo taken in Australia back in 2012 by the wonderful @danielryanvideo 💕💕💕

@jackdishel and @stevenstmertens (friend/director of my Small Bill$ video :-) made this awesome mini short! Sharing here but full one is on Jack's YouTube channel. 😎

Sydney Opera House

feels like a dream already

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