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@jackdishel new episode on :DRYVRS is up! Starring #jeffgarlin and @darrencriss 🎶⚡️🎶👊⚡️link is in Jack's bio

@largolosangeles with these incredible gents! Tonight 8:30pm💕❤️💕🎶🥁

LAST MINUTE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT 💕If you're in LA this FRIDAY October 13th come to @largolosangeles for a special SHOW that @jackdishel is hosting to premiere new episodes of :DRYVRS Jeff Garlin and I and some very special friends will bring you some comedy and music! 💕❤️💕 More than ever we need some togetherness and love and art! Hope to see you there! Can't wait to sing for all y'all!

It's hard to find the words to describe the gratitude for having Tom Petty in my and Jack's life... It's also really hard to look at pictures of happy times and to speak of Tom in the past tense... What an incredible human and artist and what a sensitive soul, poet, philosopher, melody maker, dreamer... Being around Tom meant laughing a lot and learning a lot. He helped me understand better the country that adopted me. He shared a lot of context- a scholar of history, of music, of film, of human nature. I can't believe that it will all be memories from now on, no new times- new discoveries, new laughs... The sadness of seeing his family and friends hurting is overwhelming. He was so so loved by all who knew him... Thank you Tom for sharing that time with me and my family, for taking us in, for mentoring both me and Jack, for sharing so much with us... we will try to keep making you proud, we will try to carry on working hard at art and life, to follow your examples, and we won't back down... love forever, rest in peace dear Tom...

If you're in LA- come to this wonderful show @largolosangeles on October 13th Friday with @jackdishel & me & friends ❤️❤️❤️🎶

@gganguzza thanks for sending this old flier... I used to love drawing and xeroxing little doodle fliers for shows. Probably one of my earliest shows... Hard to believe almost a year to the date... maybe '99? 🌱🎶🌱 SUNY Purchase 💕

I met Headcount.org peeps at the Newport Folk Festival & we snapped this picture. NYC primaries are today! Please vote/or register to vote in the future& visit Headcount.org for more info! 🌱🎶🌈

Hi everyone and anyone and someones too! I want to congratulate @ODESZA on their new record, "A Moment Apart." I had the pleasure of writing and singing the song "Just A Memory" with them for this new album! It's out today- woohoo! You can check out the record and buy it at the link in my bio, or at your friendly local record store! Happy new music day! 🎶💕 regi

Congratulations to @hutz_eugene and all the incredible humans of @gogolbordello on their record release! May the dancing and the rocking shake awake all the sleeping seekers! Thank you for inviting me into your fun world to sing a beautiful song! Happy Birthday "Seekers and Finders"! Love reginka immigraniantka

Can't wait to see you all tonight at 10pm at Ra'anana Amphitheater! ❤️ Shalom!!

3 band, 1 crew, and soon YOU! August 19th, Sat Night, 10pm, 2017, Ra'anana Amphitheater, songs and more songs, last day of tour, love being carried from all over to Israel! Music and good vibes will be had! Link for what tickets are left in bio! Big hugs! Shalom!

Israel we're here!!! The airport Menorah and I say hi! Playing Here August 19th 10pm, after Shabbat at Ra'anana Amphitheater Come sing and dance with us! Link to tickets in bio. 💕❤️💕

And now: Tree tops... I'm gonna take a deep breath and let my mind rest for a bit... feel free to join in the quiet! 💕🌱

Some mystery sticky tape artist has been making little tape dudes and leaving them on Mathias' drums! Reveal yourself, you artist you! Come sing with us at the Tempodrom in BERLIN tonight! Link in bio✌️🌈😘

"I am a donut!" and Tonight Berlin at the Tempodrom!!! Link in Bio :-)

*i couldn't stomach putting an image with this that went with the content. So I just share this green leaf that doesn't know the madness of humans and only drinks water and takes in sun... My heart is breaking on tour... I am in Berlin where after a dark history, it is illegal to be a Nazi or say hate speech... If you supported Trump but now are realizing that he allowed a tremendous amount of white supremacists into the White House and empowered hate groups- please speak out against him to family, friends and the community at large... If you ever wondered what you would be doing during the rise of Fascism, or during Pogroms, or during the 60ms civil rights movement, you can see very clearly now whose side you would be on. It is showing itself to you... please let's wake up to the horrible prejudice and the nightmare that has fallen over the United States of America. As a refugee, I have promised to protect and fight for my country when I was sworn in as a citizen. I was a teenager then. As I held up my right hand, I never dreamed of the hate speeches and the normalizing of institutionalized prejudice that would be falling over the land in such a short time. The haters coming out of the shadows, and being empowered. I am devastated by this, but I know that my crying my "liberal tears" (what a title- it lacks empathy and kindness...) doesn't do very much. But I still cry. I cry for the ignorance, the hate, the lack of education... I cry for the future, and I cry full of hope... I hope that more and more people who didn't realize that electing Trump would usher in this era of darkness wake up to it and demand that the politicians who represent them stop allowing these viruses of ignorance to be spread among the people. They are evil and dangerous and misinformed. The good old days were very horrible for many people... We are with you- the students, the peaceful protesters, the minorities, the fighters for equality, freedom, and the ideals written so clearly on the Statue Of Liberty... "From my beacon hand glows world wide welcome" she says... "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"she says...

Thank you #wayoutwest for being so beautiful and kind, and for filling my heart with happiness on a rainy night (especially because then the rain stopped and we all sang together!!!) See you next time lovely Sweden, hope it won't be too long before I return! 💕❤️💕🌈

Here we go London!!!! See you sooooon! #london ❤️🌨💕🤘👊

London I love you! See you tonight at the show! If you want to come and still haven't gotten a ticket look for link in bio. Xoxo 🌦🌨🌦🌨💦🌨🌦💦🌦🌨🌦🤘🤘🤘👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

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