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#currentmood #goingatmondaylike #wishmeluck *photo taken in Australia back in 2012 by the wonderful @danielryanvideo 💕💕💕

@jackdishel and @stevenstmertens (friend/director of my Small Bill$ video :-) made this awesome mini short! Sharing here but full one is on Jack's YouTube channel. 😎

Sydney Opera House

feels like a dream already

Thanks @doublejradio and Zan for a lovely wake up hang on the way to the airport! Now off to Sydney tonight to play @sydneyoperahouse ! So excited! Thank you so much for last night Melbourne! Dreamy! Also thanks to @freedandfreed for bundling me so softly in this warm coat! #itsalwayswintersomewhere #sunshinemakesmehappy #iloveyouaustralia

* the little list is now full/ closed! Sending a hug to all who wrote- I will come back and play for you again sometime! Melbourne!!! I'm IN YOU! You're so moody and rainy and lovely! I'm so happy to be back! Brought my warm clothes so I can run around and get a look at ya! Tonight- July 8th- I play Hamer Hall! Show is SOLD OUT! Thanks for making me feel so welcome! It's been a long minute since I was here... I'm super loopy/ jet lagged/ on the less making sense part of the spectrum at the moment.... thanks for sending in requests- practiced a bunch of them! Also- I found someone in DM's here asking for tickets. Put her on the guest list! Yay technology- sometimes I'm into you (though most of the time no... as a matter of fact I highly recommend unplugging for a month or so at a time- been doing that and it's AWESOME!... but I digress.....) I have a few guest list spots and not many guests so if you are broke/ or missed the tickets- write into messages here and I will try to check and see if I can get you in. It's prob only a few spots. Please don't get your hopes fully up- this might be a dumb thing on my part since I don't actually know how many I can get in! Write with your full name soon. Before I pass out! I'll write you back if I can get you in! *Ok- off to either sleep/ practice/ or laugh cry... whatever this jet lag wants me to do- I'm not fighting. Till tonight! Can't wait to see your beautiful faces! *i prob have to run to sleep right after playing since tomorrow I'm playing THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE. yup. So I have to actually get to Sydney tomorrow morning. That requires flying. Also- if the last news I heard is right- there might be some tickets left for the Opera House Show (it's in the round:-) if you want to go check into that. I may have old info, if so- I'm sorry! I did travel into the future and skip a day! If you're reading this from the US or Europe or U.K.- or somewhere not in this hemisphere- then hello. I'm in Sunday, and things are looking quite lovely- so you have that to look forward to..... Good morning/ good night/ good everything 💕👊✨regina

Wow! Incredible to be a part of this wonderful group! Thank you for including me @CarnegieCorp Sending love and solidarity to the many immigrants and refugees, and to the people who support and welcome newcomers into their country and homes! ❤️🌎✊️✨👊

The video for Seekers and Finders is out now! Mystical art, fog, fun, singing and jumping around together at the Fonda in LA! Yay! I love @gogolbordello a huge ton! 👊✨❤️ link to full video in bio 🤘🏼

Hi #sydney friends!  @Sydneyoperahouse awaits! Can't wait to see you all there! Link for tickets in bio. If you have song requests for the solo show let me know! *no promises, but practicing now:-)

Sometimes when the yellow brick road isn't available, just follow the yellow brick... ✨👊✨👍🐝🌴 #tbt #somewhereovertherainbow #bluebirdsfly #theresnoplacelikehome #love

Ahhhh! And here's the inspiring and light filled Lin-Manuel Miranda in a husband and wife sandwich. Singing Dear Theodosia live to the man who wrote it while he was being honored by #geffenplayhouse was as special as it gets... ***** and cause I've been living in Swoonville, USA- I got to Chim Chim chiree and Jolly Holiday to the great chimney sweep himself Dick Van Dyke! Can't wait to see the new Mary Poppins starring Lin as Burt! So much art! So lucky to behold these great humans! 💕💕💕Thanks @jackdishel for keeping me from passing out all day... I'm glad I got on that stage. All the crew at Geffen helped me too... @kristenanniebell gives amazing positive energy hugs by the way... I was so nervous....✨🌙🎶🎤❤️

Wow! So many pictures! Maybe I'll find more later... The most dreamy night at the benefit for @geffenplayhouse last night. Celebrating two magical musical brilliant gentlemen who mean the world to me: Dick Van Dyke and Lin-Manuel Miranda! I got to serenade them with Jolly Holiday/ Chim Chim Chiree/ Dear Theodosia 🎶❤️🎶 It was so wonderful to meet so many heroes and new friends during a night of awesome performances and stories! Now to take the good vibes from backstage to beyond the theater walls! #feellikecinderella #stillflying #dreamsandmemories #theater #marypoppins #regipoppins #love #thankyouworld #greatartists

Brooklyn I LOVE YOU! You sold out so fast for the August 8th show, that we added a friend for you! On sale today August 7th - link in bio! 🎫🎟 #brooklyn @brooklynsteel #summerinthecity #fuckyeah #imeanhowverylovely #dontcursesomuchregina #butthisissofuckingawesome #thenfineyoucancurse #yay

Hi friends! I have added 2 solo shows this July in Australia, as well as a few shows in the US and Canada this August. They're going onsale soon, here are the dates! I’ll be playing solo- a set spanning many records, as well as some never officially released little songs that want to hang out too:-) Tickets for Australia, NYC and LA go onsale to everyone this week! You can go to my website for more ticket info. Tickets for the Rocky Mountain Folk Festival are already onsale and tickets for the Edmonton Folk Festival (my first show ever in Edmonton!) go onsale May 30th. I wish you a very happy summer, and hopefully we'll see each other on the sunny side of the street! Though it's summer, so maybe the shady side? Anyhow- wherever and whenever I will be so glad to see you! Take good care and till soon- regina

My mama standing next to my piano teacher Sonia, also a mother figure... thank you thank you thank you... and Happy Mother's Day from this very grateful mama ❤️

Last night at the @bmi #bmifilmtvawards was lovely! Here @jackdishel captured me lovingly gazing at #johnwilliams giving his speech. What a special composer and human being! Congratulations to everyone! Will post more pictures soon! #musicians #dressedup #fun 🎶💕🎶

Oh Yeah! #benmonttench & music= happiness ❤️

If you read Dostoyevsky, better be ready to weep...


Forgot to post this from the other day... if you spot this lil' friend in Manhattan- help reunite this family! 💕💕💕

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