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Американский актёр, певец и автор песен. Известен по роли Питера Паркера и Человека-паука в бродвейском мюзикле Spider-Man: Turn Off. Фронтмен рок-группы Carney.
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El Rey

Very excited to announce that I will be joining my brother, @zanecarney and the rest of our band #Carney onstage @elreytheatre in #LosAngeles this THURSDAY January 26th!! Go to Zane's page to get your hands on some tickets!! Gonna be a fun night!! 😁😊😎

For those of you in need of some comic relief today... Just wanted to say THANK YOU 🙏🏻 to all of you kind enough to follow me on the good ol' #IG!! 🙌🏻😍... P.S. I have a feeling @nbcsnl is about to get really good... 👌😬😂🤣 #69 #69k #Woohoo!! #snl #BillyMadison #Inaugurationday

Thanks @bellomag for the compliment! 😍 And thank you to @theabsolutephilliptmorrison and @where_is_emilie and @christinaguerra and the rest of the amazing crew for making this shoot so enjoyable 😊 Link to full article and more photos from the shoot in Bio 😎

Another shoot from my Cover Shoot with @bellomag. Props to @theabsolutephilliptmorrison for all of the amazing outfits, @where_is_emilie for the amazing photos and @christinaguerra for getting me camera ready! 😜 What a fun day! Thank you #BelloMagazine! Link in my bio leads to the full article! 👌

One of my favorite shots from my Cover Shoot for the January Issue of @bellomag! 😍 Click the link in my Bio to see the rest of the photos and article! What a fun shoot! 😍 * * * Photography: @where_is_emilie Styling: @theabsolutephilliptmorrison Hair/Makeup: @christinaguerra

Had my Piano tuned today by the incredible #BrooksTaylor... look him up if you live in LA and need a tuning! 👍👍 Also, hand delivered my @recordingacademy ballot... Wanted to ensure it's safe arrival 😊 Who are your picks for #RecordOfTheYear?! #SongOfTheYear? #AlbumOfTheYear? #BestNewArtist?!

Golden Globes Red Carpet

Had such a blast last night at the @instylemagazine #GoldenGlobes Party! Happened to have been invited by one of earth's greatest people... 😊🖤 @victoriajustice

Came across this photo of me sitting with my beautiful sister, @pariscarney, a.k.a. @o_neillcarney, in the space in which #YouthIsWasted was created!... ❤😊❤ #NYC

#tbt Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, immediately post #balldrop! What a fun night... 😊🎉🎊🥂 Thank you @jaredeng for your hospitality, and for making it so much fun for us all! 😍 #HappyNewYear! #2017 ✌️🍾🎉

Looking back on one, and into the next...😊 🎉❤Here's to a new year filled with Love, Happiness and the fulfillment of dreams and purpose hidden in the deepest chambers of our hearts... #HappyNewYear!!! 😊😍🎉🥂🎉🍾🎊❤️❤❤ #16GoingOn17 #RodgersAndHammerstein #2017

Stumbled upon this Christmas card from 1988 and it made me smile... 😊❤️ Wanted to share it with you all on here... So many wonderful memories... And look at sweet little @pariscarney!! 😍😇Not even 2 years old yet... 😊❤️ And how cute is @zanecarney?! That hair!! 😍 And my beautiful, incredible parents!!... Geez, I love you guys... ❤️❤️ My Christmas wish this year is to get to spend as many Christmases as possible with as Much of my family as possible... 😊❤️ Love you All! #Joy #MerryChristmas #HappyNewYear ❤️❤️❤️🎄🎉😍

Merry Christmas!!! 😍❤️🎄 A little early Christmas Surprise for all of you who've been asking... (Especially you International fans!) A huge thanks to all of you for all you've done to help make my year so special... 😊 And thanks to @josephmiselis, we now have an OFFICIAL @reevecarney Online Store. It's the only online source for my physical CD! (I even have signed copies available!) As well as al other RC merch. The LINK to the store is in my Bio! 😀😎🎄Thank you for all of your support and encouraging words 😊 Means so much to me... Wishing you all the absolute best throughout this holiday season and into the New Year 😊🎉

Spiderman NYC..Foxwoods Theater

First time seeing this #Amazing #Spiderman fan art! Incredible 😍😳 Who made this?! #Honored 😊 Brings me back... 😊 Sending love to all my @spideyonbway family 😊❤️ What an incredible ride... #SpidermanTurnOffTheDark #PeterParker

Fremont Theatre

It has been such a joy being out on the road again with @jonnylangband... 😊 And such a pleasure meeting you all! One more show on this run to go! TONIGHT! In one of my favorite towns, #SanLuisObispo 😍 LINK to TIX in Bio 👍👍 Photo by @josephmiselis 😎

Uptown Theatre Napa

Opening for @jonnylangband TONIGHT! #uptown_theatre_napa!! Come on down early to catch my set! Doors at 7pm 😊👌😎🍷

You guys!! My mom's AWESOME new website is now live! Go check it out, and use the CODE: HaveFun, to get 15% off of anything in the store! 😳😍😎 In addition to the jewelry I wear, on the site you'll find the pieces I wore as #RiffRaff in @rockyhorrorfox, as well the pieces that inspired some of the look that came to be #DorianGray on @pennydreadful! 😍 LINK in Bio. #HaveFun! 😍😎@fablesintheair

See you TONIGHT in #Fresno! Opening for @jonnylangband @tower_theatre 😍😎 #JonnyLang #ReeveCarney #ReeceCarvey

Belly Up

#SanDiego!! Playing @bellyuptavern TONIGHT and TOMORROW NIGHT!! Opening for @jonnylangband! Come on down! 😍😎

Strawberry Fields

While I hadn't yet entered this plane at the time this man's transition, I've always felt a kinship with him, and a desire to proliferate the messages of peace and love that were so dear to him. It's a message we need now more than ever. For that reason I am honoured to have been asked to judge the #JohnLennon #Songwriting #Contest. Enter your songs by 12/15 to support @lennonbus non-profit mobile recording studio that offers students free hands on opportunities to create.

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