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Американский актёр, известный по ролям в многочисленных телесериалах — доктора Криса ДеЛео в «Больнице Майами», Дина в «Пэн Американ», Зака Шелби в «Мотеле Бейтса» и Дэйла «Барби» Барбары в триллере «Под куполом».
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‪Till the casket dips, son..... #nationalbrotherday @snakipoo ‬

‪Our motto. Thanks to @mikalvega @NBCTheBrave #TheBrave ‬

Rodeo Ready!!! #ShootinFor8 #FranklinRodeo. #franklintennessee

Yucking it up with the lovely @AnneHeche #StayClassy @NBCTheBrave @NBC #NBCUUpfronts

Missing the lovely @natacha.karam in this. I've kept quiet for so long!!! #ForGodAndCountry coming to you on @NBC. So proud!!!!!

She used to beg me to take her to #HomeDepot with me. Now I have to bribe her with cacti and gardenia. #DaddysLittleGirl #NotSoLittle

That's a wrap. Casablanca-> Madrid-> NYC->Tenne-By-God-See! #Missing1 @noahmills @natacha.karam @haditabbal

Never do scenes with kids and dogs, they say. They steal the scene. True story. #RuleBroken #HeWon

Having a blast working in Morocco. Insanely talented folks. Both in front of, and behind the camera.

#twinsies. Of to watch sissies in their Christmas play at church .

Those magical movie moments where the only choice to exit a scene isstraight into a wall. Reminds me of life......

Oh, to be this young again. Thank you for all the BDay wishes! So thankful for everyone's support! #AgeBackwards

Today's the day! Catch the 1st part of our 2 part short. @AmazonMovieTv @itsryansmith

Incredibly excited about what @itsryansmith pulled off. Check out our short this Friday. #LongTimeComing

Built this in my technology absence. Now we have 27 chickens! Making sure the big ones play nice with the littles.

He loves bourbon just as much as I do! #ShowMeYourGrill @DailyDelivered photo cred

Two new additions to the family. Our laying hens. To be joined by 25 chicks later this week. Country living.

Country music lost a great one. So honored to see #TheHag in concert one last time last year. Rest easy. #RIPMerleHaggard #FightinSideOfMe

#turkeyseason2016 The boys didn't quite know what to make of my turkey attire when I came out of the woods....

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