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Американский актёр, известный по ролям в многочисленных телесериалах — доктора Криса ДеЛео в «Больнице Майами», Дина в «Пэн Американ», Зака Шелби в «Мотеле Бейтса» и Дэйла «Барби» Барбары в триллере «Под куполом».
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It’s MADNESS!!!! #macysdayparade

Taking the oldest terror with me to NYC to do press at the #macysdayparade for @nbcthebrave she opened the @americanair magazine on the flight and found daddy’s article. Pretty cool. Tune in to the parade tomorrow and watch us!

Tonight, come with us to Tehran for our last episode before @nbcthebrave returns in January. It’s a heart stopper, sure to be worth your time. #thebrave see you there!

‪Took the family for a hike up at Tent Rocks yesterday. Breathtaking scenery. Kids crushed it. Courtney crushed it. Thanks again to @vertx for the gear. Their clothing and bags are most comfortable I’ve ever used. ‬

‪It’s no secret who our favorite #NASCAR driver is... big ups 2 @Tbayne6 for the hats and keeping the Vogel family smooooothe. Finish strong brother. @advocare @PerformancePlusMotorOil @Nascar #6 #VroomVroom ‬

‪In continuing my children’s education, while we are in ABQ filming, I introduced a twerking 101 class I, of course, acting as professor.... #RaiseEmRight ‬

Good gracious that’s a good looking bunch. Just under three more hours till it jumps off tonight!!! @nbcthebrave #thebrave

From our “training” for tonight’s episode. It all comes in handy. An excuse to ride in ABQ? Yes please @nbcthebrave #TheBrave

‪This.....is one of my favorite episodes. A hornets nest in Mongolia. Do not miss it. Tell everyone you know, family pets and divorced family members included😎. @NBCTheBrave #TheBrave ‬

‪Charles G Vogel. USN. My grandfather. Started a generation of service. Continued in my Uncles and cousins. #VeteransDay2017 ‬

What an honor! Getting to meet Special Operations legend #GeneralJerryBoykin on our way to DC for press on @NBCTheBrave Made my #VeteransDayWeekend #TheBrave @demetriusgrosse

Our office for the next couple days.... @nbcthebrave #thebrave

‪Tonight, this dude drops the mic and confronts his past. Come with us to Paris! @NBCTheBrave #AmirAlRasani #TheBrave ‬

Once again....money where our mouths are. Combatives training. Huge thanks to @mikalvega @jpd_amaro for keeping us sharp. @jacksonwink_mma for the use of their world class facilities, and @abqjournal for the picture. Stay frosty

‪Big shout out to @vertx tactical gear for our care package! Use code: Brave30 for 30% off and money goes to support vets!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸‬ gitcha some!!!!

This dude’s foibles almost get us killed tonight......at least we’re in Spain👊🏻. Tonight 10/9C @NBCTheBrave #TheBrave #McGgetsfreaky

Putting our money where our mouths are. @nbcthebrave #training #altitude

Tonight things pop off in Nigeria. Tune in to #TheBrave @nbcthebrave

YOU. HAVE. NEVER. INSANE. This does no justice. The noise deafening. The adrenaline intoxicating. The smell everything. @nbcthebrave @kansasspeedway

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