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Американский актёр, известный по ролям в многочисленных телесериалах — доктора Криса ДеЛео в «Больнице Майами», Дина в «Пэн Американ», Зака Шелби в «Мотеле Бейтса» и Дэйла «Барби» Барбары в триллере «Под куполом».
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One for the road..... I will miss this team immensely. They trained tirelessly, and gave all they had to bring the characters of @nbcthebrave to life. Thank you for taking the ride with us. All our love -Top, out

This guy misses you all. A lot (Swoon) @noahmills . We all do. Keep crushing Bravers. #TheBrave @NBCTheBrave

‪R. Lee Ermey.... one of the highlights of my career was working with this man, as a young actor. An idol of many who value the service and dedication of our armed forces. He will be missed. Thank you for your service. Rest Easy, Marine. #RLeeErmey ‬

So arty......🙄. What an amazing trip Paris has been. Now back to the real world. Thank you France for your hospitality, your history..... but most importantly, your wine. 🍷 Au revoir!

‪The obligatory photo..... The rain only enhances the beauty of Paris. Of course, my first stop had to be Musée de L’Armée...... show me the things that go 💥 ‬

A time honored tradition. Sighting in the turkey guns to get our birds for Easter dinner! Good friends, good bourbon. Gobble gobble 💥 📷: @whitestoneenterprises @wildturkey

We @nbcthebrave want to support those who support our fighting men and women. ‪Tyler has made “hero packs” for homeless veterans since he was 3 years old. What an inspiration! Watch and support him on @NBCLilBigShots this Sunday at 8/7c! #TheBrave‬

This time last year the gang was just starting hammer in Morocco. We knew there was something special happening. I think y’all feel the same way. Hoping to bring y’all a second season! #TheBrave @nbcthebrave

Perfect ending to a great day at the range. Favorite beer, favorite beer tool..... @lazymagnoliabrewery @bottlebreacher

Kid can spit.... start ‘em young. @officialblackalicious #alphabetaerobics

‪There is nothing more satisfying than watching the fear and trepidation of someone ordering a cheese steak for the first time in Philly.....😎 #troll #Steve’s #ByeByeAbs ‬#diet

‪11 years ago today, I became a father for the first time. I delivered her in my favorite cowboy boots and hat, almost dropped her, and was instantly smitten. Such joy, and light and love all wrapped up one little body. She will be the greatest thing in some man’s life someday....if I let him live@that long. I love you Cassy Renee. #NotSoBabyGirl ‬

‪Came across a little heirloom today..... #memories #UTD ‬

Briskets smoking...✔️ Eagles attire...✔️ Eagles Super Bowl victory.......we shall see, but I’m feeling good about it. @philadelphiaeagles @gatewaydrumsmokers

‪Brings a slight tear to my eye. Season finale of #TheBrave tonight. You all have been amazing. Again, if it breathes, and walks upright on two legs, tell them to tune in tonight. That may include some pets.... I’m fine with that. @NBCTheBrave ‬

‪It’s #TheBrave Monday. Muster at 2200/2100c on @nbc that is all. Dismissed @NBCTheBrave #StayFrosty #WearDopeJackets ‬

‪With all the stunt double talk.... I do my own as much as they’ll let me, but when things get hairy, my boy #RemmingtonSteele steps in. Worked with him since UTD. As good as they get. Look forward to seeing y’all at 3pm cst for #AskVogel @NBCTheBrave #TheBrave ‬

Tune in this Monday night at 10/9C as @nbcthebrave returns, or else!!!! I will dispatch @mikalvega and you will suffer the same fate as @haditabbal #TheBrave

‪My wife’s sickness has now transferred to our children. Ill chickens are now brought in the house for rehabilitation. Which means, they go, or I go. This has gotten out of hand... 😩‬

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