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Американская актриса. Обладательница премии «Золотой глобус» за исполнение роли Мэрилин Монро в фильме «7 дней и ночей с Мэрилин».
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Chicago, Illinois

#ANightOnTheRunWade A very exciting night for @dwyanewade and @gabunion! This was the first year Dwyane had his charity event in Chicago instead of Miami. His hometown showed a lot of love! (I borrowed this pic from @unexpectedmw....thanks boo) 😘

Chicago, Illinois

In the middle of two fun women @gabunion and @yayadacosta! 😘#ANightOnTheRunWade

Sweet Dreams 💜

#TheFaceYouMake: When you are sure of what you're talkin' about!

So many pictures to choose from! I'm gonna post a few more of my favorites! I had such an awesome time with the ladies of @therealdaytime!

WAIT FOR IT! 🙈❤ #HUMOR #LAUGHTER @therealdaytime

"Looking good, doing good and feeling good is the best, because you never want your ex to feel like he or she has you down in the dumps because it didn’t work out!"

How do you feel about relationship progress reports? We share our thoughts on today's Girl Chat. Tune in for more!

Gooooooood Morning!!! It's another day on @therealdaytime!!! 😘

Hey!! I'm joining my favorite ladies on @therealdaytime TODAY!! It's always fun and you NEVER know what you'll find out! ☕️

......and that's ok sweetheart! 😎

"My soul looks back in wonder!" Had the amazing opportunity to sing one of my favorite songs at the Lyric Opera House in Chicago for @reneeflemingmusic's Chicago Voices. It will air soon! My girl and trainer @claudiafijal captured this moment.

Throwback to when I made my debut in the London West End production of "CHICAGO the Musical." The West End in London is equivalent to Broadway in New York. A little black history for you: I was the first African American woman to star in the role of Roxie Hart in the London production of Chicago. I also starred in the role on Broadway and a national touring production!!! I miss the theatre stage.....soon return!!!!

#redlightmanagement My manager @jonathanazu with/@lecrae @emilykingmusic @rrtfb @grandwazoo4u. #grammyparty


#Repost @napolianbarnes ・・・ The right mate won't see you as their COMPETITION. They will see you as the person who will help you COMPLETE your goals. COMPLETE... not COMPETE!

I love my @annasevenldn shirt! Thank you @kenhertz for making sure I received it! Have a great day beautiful people! ❤

I have to show love to my new trainers! They are fitness champions @dmoneystevens and @claudiafijal owners of @thepremierfitness. I have no problem showing love because I'm a thousand miles away today and they can't kick my butt today. They have made sure my meal plans are great and I'm literally seeing my body transform. Apparently when I'm back on Thursday, Claudia has a leg workout that will have me going crazy. I'm anticipating the pain! I can't WAIT! 😂 Anyhoo....I have goals #OPERATIONLOVEMYLEGS because I've hated them for YEARS. I have the power to change what I hate. Taking a lot of work but it's worth it! #fitness #body #wellness

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