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Американская актриса. Обладательница премии «Золотой глобус» за исполнение роли Мэрилин Монро в фильме «7 дней и ночей с Мэрилин».
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Time to CUT!!!! This was taken between 2008/2010. 📸: @keithmajor Initial cut by @nicolemangrumhair Shoot hairstylist: @starlist1 Makeup: @elenageorge1mkp RP: @unexpextedmw

Have you guys been enjoying @americansoulbet so far? Slap your neighbor and say “tomorrow night!” Tomorrow night is the episode that I’m blessed to be on!!! Directed by THEE @iamroberttownsend. Thanks again @jessecollinsent and @iamrobireed!!! #ReachOutandTouchNotSlap 🙈 Ps: Let me mention the wardrobe team/hair/makeup........FABULOUS!!! ❤️ On the next episode of “AMERICAN SOUL”, Don figures out a new creative way to score top talent for “Soul Train”, and goes after superstar Diana Ross (guest star singer/actress Michelle Williams). Will she follow Gladys Knight’s (Kelly Rowland) lead and agree to do the show, or leave Don out in the cold? Meanwhile, Soul Train dance coordinator Tessa goes to the extreme to get the young dancers into shape, only to end up hurting the show. And JT’s family is hanging by a thread. The episode “Just Us” is directed by the legendary Robert Townsend, with covers of “Night Time is The Right Time” and “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand” by Michelle Williams.

Happy Birthday to you @haileyfkilgore! The moment I heard your voice and witnessed your gift in @onceislandbway I knew you were special. Although my time in the show was brief, I’m so glad to have connected with you. I pray protection over you. I pray that God continues to elevate you and blow your mind! Even more, I pray you know that you are LOVED today and EVERYDAY!!! ❤️ 📸: @onceislandbway

....still!! ❤️📸: @mywtalconf Thank you @seritajakes for this moment! ❤️

Phoenix, Arizona

Listen allllll the way UP!!! In 2017 I went to Pastor @chadjohnson77 and his amazing ministry @elevateint RemixRETREAT for young adults and it was life changing. Wellllllllll this year it’s a conference that is open to EVERYONE of ALL ages in Phoenix, AZ April 4-6. Go to www.remixconf.com to register and for more information. I really believe if you are in a place of being uncertain of who you are or if you’re wondering if there is a purpose for your life....you NEED to get there. If you just wanna be in a great atmosphere and experience an incredible move of God....you better go. Love you guys! ❤️

It’s an exciting day! @americansoulbet premieres TONIGHT with two episodes on @bet at 9pm/8pm CST. I was cast as the incomparable Diana Ross! ❤️

My vision is more clearer now than ever. I’m thankful for every lesson because it’s been a blessing. I’m going into 2019 #FEARLESS! ❤️ Dress: @adolfocanaca Styling: @styldbylex Makeup: @makeupbyapollo Hair: @kitalanai Photographer: @inn8creative

I’m so excited to join the @americansoulbet cast as the legendary Diana Ross! Thank you to @iamrobireed! #AmericanSoulBET

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to be honest with ourself. Life isn’t meant to be lived in a picture perfect frame. I am more honest with myself than I’ve ever been and I won’t allow any past mistakes or negativity make me feel less than. I love who I am. ❤️ Dress: @adolfocanaca Styling: @styldbylex Makeup: @makeupbyapollo Hair: @kitalanai Photographer: @inn8creative

Thank you all for loving my new single #Fearless as much as I do! ❤️ Available on all digital outlets now.

I’m in control of my happiness. Regardless of the trials and tribulations that life may bring we all have a purpose. 💫 Dress: @adolfocanaca Styling: @styldbylex Makeup: @makeupbyapollo Hair: @kitalanai Photographer: @inn8creative

It’s always my mission to make sure I’m working alongside other women. We possess the same drive, determination and work ethic as men. We must stick together. ❤️✨ Dress: @adolfocanaca Styling: @styldbylex Makeup: @makeupbyapollo Hair: @kitalanai Photographer: @inn8creative

I’m so grateful to be on the cover of @AmareMagazine’s Second Anniversary Believe Issue! ❤️

Wow! Thank you ALL! ❤️ #2018ArtistWrapped

As 2018 is coming to an end, many of us are doing self-reflections. I’ve made a vow to myself that I will not allow fear to the get the best of me any longer! I will stand at my tallest and be the best version of myself. We all have the abilities to meet and live our dreams if we get out of our own way and go after it! ❤️ My new single #Fearless is out now!

Even if you've been rejected say yes anyway. Don’t allow doubt to win. The dream is yours and you’re meant to have it! ❤️ My new single #Fearless is available on all digital outlets now!

Have you heard my new single “Fearless” yet? ❤️ Available on all digital outlets now! Thank you @radiancemusicgroup, @drhollycarter and @jonathanazu for your belief in me. Thanking @itsjimicravity for putting this song in my way. #Fearless 📷: @catielaffoon Styling: @lindseydupuis Hair: @michrich2 Makeup: @jillpowellglam

My new single #Fearless is available on all digital outlets now!

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