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Американская актриса. Обладательница премии «Золотой глобус» за исполнение роли Мэрилин Монро в фильме «7 дней и ночей с Мэрилин».
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True Story: When you find out that you're #Ghanaian, #Nigerian and #Irish. Someone said "no wonder why you're crazy!" 😂 Don't do me! 😂

"Knowing the difference between who to cut off and who to be patient with - is everything. " - @lalahdelia

My left STRIPE just went viral! #behumblesitdown 😂 • • Styled by @stylistjbolin Photographer: @cyndiibee_ Hair @nakiarachon Makeup: @kymmyizabeauty Designer: @charlesandron Handbag: @charlesandron

Healing prayers! 💕

Malibu, California

It took me about two years to get to this place of PEACE and JOY. I was so scared to let go of a "love" that I knew was the "one!" I'm finally in a place of trusting God when he says to let something go. I was certainly going back and forth with God like "are you serious?" I was mad and saying things like "all of my friends are wives and mothers so Lord I need you to fix this!" I believe He laughed at me! 😂 I'm saying all of this to say that I now trust that the things and people that are for me are closer than further. God has never let me down!! 💕 (Man if I could like all the comments and reply I would but I have something that I'm studying for so let me stop lurking!! 😂I just wanna continue to encourage you. You're not alone!! We do have a responsibility too......my responsibility is to guard this peace and joy by setting BOUNDARIES!!!! Everyday is NOT gonna be peaches n cream but I can definitely make sure that my surroundings keep me thriving!!! I encourage you to do the same! Love youuuuuu!! 💕)

Malibu, California

Malibu, California

Bad and Beachy! Styled by: @stylistjbolin Photographer: @cyndiibee_ Designer: @dayabyzendaya Hair: @nakiarachon Makeup: @kymmyizabeauty Bralette: shopjbolin.com


STRIPES!! 🖤 Styled by @stylistjbolin Photographer: @cyndiibee_ Hair @nakiarachon Makeup: @kymmyizabeauty Designer: suit: @oroceo_castro Black top: @houseofcb Handbag: @shopjbolin

Los Angeles, California

#poormichelle 😉👌🏽

Los Angeles, California

Making you my home! 💕

Los Angeles, California

If I knew then what I know now... #issavibe Styled by: @stylistjbolin Photography: @cyndiibee_ Makeup by: @kymmyizabeauty Hair: @nakiarachon Designer: @camillawithlove

Rockford, Illinois

Three Generations! Mommy, Sister and Niece! Doralyn graduated high school yesterday! She is so smart! Entering University of Wisconsin in the fall. I will have a key to her dorm and will show up unannounced juuuuuust to make sure she's studying books and not boys! Boys are gross until they're about 30!!! That's what I told her! 😂😂

"I see your true colors shining through and that's why I love you!" I love @ottdubai's designs! Full of color! Thank you @stylistjbolin for telling me to put it on and work! LOL! 📷: @cyndiibee_

The feeling you get when you can pray and genuinely wish the best for the person who hurt you. Oh honey.....I wasn't always at this place. I was plotting and scheming on how I could get them back. I learned that trying to hurt someone is like picking up a hot coal to throw it at someone. It's not gonna work because of TWO things: 1) you're gonna burn YOURSELF FIRST LOL 2) You may not even hit em because your aim was off LOL!! I'm thankful to be able to pray for them and not hurt them back! Guess what? I wish the same for you! 💕#PEACE #RESTORATION #HEALING #LOVE

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