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Американская актриса. Обладательница премии «Золотой глобус» за исполнение роли Мэрилин Монро в фильме «7 дней и ночей с Мэрилин».
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Corona del Mar, California

......for the birthday ❤️! It was so beautiful!! I'm so thankful for #LIFE and #LOVE! ❤️

Malibu, California

LOVING this life & this day!!! #WHOLE 💕 📸: @cyndiibee_ Styled by : @stylistjbolin I'm wearing: @stephengoudeau Hair: @nakiarachon Makeup: @kymmyizabeauty

Yaaaaaaaay!! I'm excited to be in Montgomery, AL with my baby sister @ms.monroe_mia! Yes!! I have a younger sibling!! She's having a baby girl today and I can't wait to see it all go down! I was honored that she'd ask me to be in the delivery room!! Y'all give her your love and prayers!!! 💞 #sisters #baby #love #deliveryroom #boobooandbreastmilk 😂

That time @diandre_tristan wanted to do a shoot! #TBT in some @balmain! 😜 📸: @keithmajor

FREEDOM: I believe Destiny's Child sang a song that says "Ain't no feelin' like bein free! When your mind's made up and your heart's in the right place yeaaaaaaah!" ❤️ 📸: @godsglamorousgirls

Ladies hold your man down .... and sometimes your weave too!! 😂😂🙆🏽

Baltimore Convention Center

In Baltimore: Such a great time this afternoon at @godsglamorousgirls and the @themergesummit. Thanking @boutiquehush for providing wardrobe today and @legallybeat, @quado1023 on glam! Meet us tonight at the Baltimore Convention Center for a power packed service.

#Repost @chadjohnson77 ・・・ You see it above ground and in the open but we have been building underneath and in silence. // The tallest structures are built on the deepest foundations! // @michellewilliams #letskeepbuilding 💪🏽😍#joytheworldcanttakeaway (I'm here for it)

Unexpected, Unannounced, Unbelievable. #HIM 💕 ---- 📸: @lizettetrent

Be still... 💕 --- Styled by @stylistjbolin Photo @cyndiibee_ Hair @nakiarachon Makeup @kymmyizabeauty Designer @pueyquinones

The earth is the Lords.....

The best place to be is: knowing that you are enough. 💕


😎 • • • • • Styled by @stylistjbolin Photographer: @cyndiibee_ Hair @nakiarachon Makeup: @kymmyizabeauty Kimono: @ottdubai Pants: @dayabyzendaya

Washington, District of Columbia

Thanking @legallybeat and @quado1023 for getting me together for my keynote address at the @mentalhealthamerica conference today in Washington, DC!

Why so serious all the time? Swipe.....💕


Los Angeles, California

"Michelle is showing a LOT of leg lately!" Yup I sure ammmmmmmm! This year has been #OperationLoveMyLegs." I hated my legs. That's why I wore pants all the time in Destiny's Child and after. (Or was it my COGIC upbringing😂) This year I started working with @dmoneystevens and his wife @claudiafijal who own @thepremierfitness. They knew my concerns and we started the WORK! I dread leg day but ummmmmmm the results are in the picture. I could never get past 115 pounds for the past ten years and now I'm putting on weight in a healthy way! It's diet and weight training that has made a world of a difference! I know, I know "I thought you sing gospel and you shouldn't be showing all of that!" Well honey no matter what I sing I want to feel good and look my best! I will continue to push myself to be the best me in every way!! This is for the skinny people who are always talked about and teased and hear comments like "oooo you're so skinny OR you need a pizza OR somebody feed that child OR you look sick" OR whatever foolishness we hear!! There's a pic that @larenztate posted of he and I and allllll the comments are "she needs to eat!" Duhhhhh I do eat but the way my metabolism is set up!! 😂 For those who have the blessing I have, just do some weight training and make sure you're eating and snacking through out the day! 💕 ---- #fitness #confidence #legday 📷: @cyndiibee_ Styled by: @stylistjbolin Hair: @nakiarachon Makeup: @kymmyizabeauty Dress: @stephaudinocouture

Wiston House

SWIPE LEFT: I've been a little more transparent lately so I thought I'd share this too!! I was telling someone today for the first time in a LONG time how great I feel OFF the stage! There are so many artists who perform and their dealing with their own issues but they (we)STILL have to go out there and smile, put on a brave face, have on great wardrobe but are MISERABLE! For some of us it's about an hour or two to escape from our own realities such as depression, heartbreak, betrayal, the ups and and down of "the business," etc. My testimony on this fine Sunday is those things that had me in such a gloomy place are gone. I had to let go. I've taken DRASTIC measures to protect this peace and joy. I talked about that in another IG post a few days ago. Alright I'm done now. Love you all. 💕📸: @beckywelfordphotography, @alphacourseuk, @tbnuk, @helenajadie #BigChurchDayOut #MichelleWilliams #BCDO #UK Ps.....my Music Director @nijiadeleye goin UP in that last picture! 😂

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