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did some real fear conquering today as i climbed to the tippy top of karlskirche. i shook the entire way and could barely breathe, but i did it! and it was totally worth it!

here we go! @librarianstnt new (favorite) episode up now east coast... go watch!!

ooooh i loved working with this one! the gorgeous @giniferelaine guest stars tonight... all sorts of #TheLibrarians shenanigans tonight with Noah Wyle at the helm!


ok, fellow Librarians ... i'm not going to be able to live tweet with you tonight because i'm on vacation... but here i am at the National Library in Vienna... one of the most beautiful rooms i've ever been in. so im with you in spirit! enjoy the show tonight! it is one of my favorites!! #TheLibrarians xo

one of my favorite episodes of the season coming up this weekend! a whole lot of #jassandra action. written by my favorite kate rorick. and directed by none other than mr. noah wyle

we're back! who's on board for the @librarianstnt 3 ride? so much fun stuff in store for you guys!

so much fun hanging with these handsome fellas tonight! hope you guys on the east coast enjoyed the premiere... west coast, UK, Australia... everywhere else... can't wait to hear your reaction! love you guys so much! xo

join me and @johnharlankim as we live tweet in the dark! #TheLibrarians season 3 premiere!!

off to our live tweet! who's coming with me? @librarianstnt (and you can meet us at The Librarians facebook page after for a live q&a with the cast!)

hey everyone! leading up to the big @librarianstnt premiere tonight i'm doing an instagram takeover so head over to @screenertv for exclusive bts looks at Cassandra's world!

ladies and gentlemen... the supremely talented Librarians costume designer @critter_p wearing a Cassandra reject shirt and totally making it work!!

Hey, everyone! Watch the season 3 premiere of #TheLibrarians TONIGHT at 9/8c — and don’t forget the gang will be live tweeting during the episode and then join us LIVE for a Facebook Q&A right after the premiere!

wanna find out why i'm making this ridiculous face and flying like a very very colourful bird?! either way... tune into @librarianstnt for our season 3 premiere Sunday 8/7c on TNT

it's season 3 and @christiankane1 and i have pretty much mastered these looks to each other... tune in and see what happens with #Jassandra this year! @librarianstnt

who's ready for librarianing (totally a word)?! season three premieres this Sunday TNT 8/7c see you there! xo @librarianstnt

so sad to see the loss of a great canadian comedian... she was a straight woman beyond compare! special love to the Corner Gas family. especially @tspencernairn much love xo

when you are your childhood bestie are texting and even though you're on different continents, you are definitely on the same page. @leithclark

happy birthday to this one. sometimes you get lucky enough to work with the smartest, toughest, coolest, most ridiculous, talented, people... very rarely is that person all rolled into one supermodel package and even more rarely does that person say "let's wear matching gold outfits and take pictures." @rebeccaromijn i adore you, i'd be lost without you, happy birthday FLOC! 🎂

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