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love love love this amazing @librarianstnt fan art from @lyensworld thank you for taking the time to draw Cassandra, i love it! ❤️

root root root for the home team! #bluejays

no filter, just 🇨🇦

Cali. #PTcrusin'

happy birthday, boss! thank you @officialdeandevlin for making work seem like play and putting together the most outrageously talented Librarians family! hope you have the best day! 🎂🎊🥂

RIP to the 9million bugs who died on my car in 30 seconds as I drove through some sort of end of days swarm of bug-things. #PTcrusin'

road trip diet. #PTcruisin'

hotel taxidermy. #klamathfell #PTcruisin'

on my way home. crater lake. #smokeonthewater #PTcruisin' 📸@renevas

photos are never as good as the real thing... but i still keep trying. #pdx

eclipse fashion!

eclipse ready with @christiankane1

the face of packing procrastination.

wrap party ready.

goodnight, season 4. as always, such a privilege to work with this amazing, talented, loving cast and hilarious and hardworking crew. i love my job... stay tuned... this season is a wild one! xo

Cassandra hair by @autumnsanders_hmu One last time for season 4! #thelibrarians

last wake up! #thelibrarians

pdx 💚

had to regram this picture from @orb327 ... that's me on a hundred degree day at work having completely given up... perfectly describes my tuesday. #thelibrarians

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