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when you find a tree that matches your hair....

almost the weekend.... #TheLibrarians #looooongweek

my favorite lady in all the land... happy mother's day, mum! xoxoxo

5 hours of sleep. pouring rain. but i made it to the farmers market.... little victories. (back to bed)

fun day at the office? #TheLibrarians



someone's cowlick has been misbehavin'...

more goats! so many goats!! regram from @goatyoga

goat selfies are tough.

goat savasana #namaste

goat love.

get ready for a lot of goat pictures! because me and @rebeccaromijn went to Goat Yoga yesterday and now refuse to take pictures or talk about anything other than goats.

a couple years late, but i'm trying to master my "senior picture". got it?

so much love to our #TheLibrarians fans... thank you for your excitement about season 4! you're the best!

gangs all back! @rebeccaromijn really took my post yesterday to a whole new level! so happy to be back with my second family! #TheLibrarians @librarianstnt

guess who's back for season 4?! #TheLibrarians

thank you, earth. #earthday

road trip finds! (season 4, here I come!) #TheLibrarians #PTcruisin'

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