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THIS IS HUGE. For the next three weeks, we’ll be spotlighting candidates for the midterm elections who are looking to flip traditionally republican districts blue. THESE ARE RACES OF NATIONAL IMPORTANCE. AND WE TALK TO THE CANDIDATES! First up is KATIE HILL! Katie is running in California's 25th district, which has been republican for 40 of the last 50 years. Katie has been an advocate for homeless rights as the executive director of PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) and has worked with Emily's List. We'll talk about how she grew up as a liberal in a family of republicans, how she decided to run for congress while taking a shower, and being brave on rollercoasters. And if you like what we do plz RATE REVIEW AND SUBSCRIBE // LINK IN BIO

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NEW EPISODE!! Eriel Deranger is the executive director of Canada's only indigenous-led climate justice organization, called Indigenous Climate Action. She is a member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, and we talk with her about the indigenous model for living sustainably with the land, how colonial systems are continuing to take sovereignty from indigenous peoples, the problems with cap and trade, and who she would bring back from the dead to punch in the testicles. // LINK IN BIO RATE REVIEW SUBSCRIBE

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Deadlines to register to vote

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Do you like HAMILTON? Rory O'Malley is a Tony Nominated actor, singer, and actorvist (AND FRIEND🤗). He was in Book Of Mormon, the new Lifetime show American Princess (with me), and HE WAS ON STAGE when that whole Mike Pence performance of Hamilton happened. He also started a voting initiative called #BeltTheVote. We'll talk about marriage equality, why the Broadway community can make a difference everywhere, and why pituitary is Barry's most favorite word. // LINK IN BIO RATE REVIEW SUBSCRIBE

Congrats to @nathancaywood and @sabshowellson on their nuptials ! They are the loveliest, sweetest best friends one could ever ask for! So grateful to be a part of the fun

KIRBY IS A JOY. In addition to being one of our best friends, one of our co-stars on Downward Dog, and a wonderful actress and comedian, Kirby Howell-Baptiste volunteers for an organization called LA For Choice, where she assists women in safely accessing healthcare. We talk about weekly abortion protests, the politics of UCB improv, and why Americans would love the term knob cheese.

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Greg Barris @galimmimus is a comic chameleon, street wizard, culture jammer, and innovative thinker when it comes to alternative sources of energy, among other things. We'll talk about how the amount of coffee waste we already have can power the world 2.5 times over, why we should all be using our waste as fuel, and whether or not Joseph Stalin invented the one liner. // LINK IN BIO

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As if we needed more reasons to love coffee 😌☕️ on the latest @savingtheworldpodcast, Greg Barris (@galimmimus), #comic chameloen, street wizard, culture jammer, and innovative thinker when it comes to alternative sources of #energy, tells @barryrothbart and me about how the amount of #coffee waste we already have can power the world 2.5 times over 😯 LINK IN BIO!!

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