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It's so shiny

Free me

I lol every time I watch this


reunited (almost) & it feels so good

It's still Tuesday

TONIGHT ON ABC 10/9 Central

Tune in tonight to see and save TV's most soulful relationship comedy. ABC 10/9 central. Thx for all the nice feels.

I've been told you might be able to SAVE #downwarddog by watching ONE FULL HOUR OF IT this Tuesday on ABC at 10/9 central It may be our series finale? Who knows? I'll be drunk tweeting it for sure. Also this week u learn that my character can fix stuff with his hands 👷🏻

Without movies, how would we ever hear ppl say things like this

bea is smaller than a shoe

day one

When ur bosses be all like #downwarddog

The critics loved us. Our ratings were good. ABC/Legendary know that viewers loved it. It came down to money. That's all. Please join us and watch our final two episodes on Tuesday. They're terrific. (I think some of the better network tv you'll ever get to see.) Thanks so much for all the love and support. You have no idea what a joy this experience was, and how sad this is for me to share. And I certainly won't discourage anyone if they want to contact ABC and let em know how they feel. Maybe you'll save us. Crazier things have happened. I mean the Cubs won the World Series last year... #downwarddog ABC This Tuesday THE BIG FINALE 10/9 central. Join us for the big event Love you guys!

when they ask if u all right


THERES A MOTHERFUCKING PUPPY TONIGHT ABC 8/7 central Make all ur friends watch #downwarddog

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