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John F. Kennedy International Airport

20 hours ✈️

Northeast Coconut Grove, Miami

First job of the year like @megan9er

Miami Beach, Florida

I'm that exited to be in NY at the end of the week .. 👁

MUCH needed way back to the roots ! Africa I'm on my way #motherland #IneedYou ! See y'all in 2017 (if I'm back) ✌🏿

I never had the chance to meet Franca, sadly, but did a few apparitions on the Italian Vogue, and one of the highlight of my modeling career was to be included in that very special cover : the 50 years of Italian vogue ! What a great honor! Sharing the cover with the 49 biggest supermodels in the world. What a Woman, what a talent, and what a smile !!! Thank you . Rest in paradise beautiful soul 🌹 #francasozzani

My fav @colienarentmeester shot this in tulum 2 weeks ago ... 🙏🏾 @anais.bodysuits

New York, New York

#Bananarepublic holiday campaign - when my Afro caught on Fire ( see the candle behind me?) 👀

We are going to pay sooner or later for all of this ! We are going to pay for being silent, we are going to pay, big time, for seeing a genocide happening right in front of our eyes, and do nothing ! We are all going to pay for it in this life or the next ... #Aleppo

Serge&Jane #helmutnewton

Sunday Mood 🐾⚔️🗡🔨🛠⛏🔪⚰️ 😌

Querelle Janson 💥@peter.lindbergh

Directing 💥

Ran out of set to go hug Geraldine !!!! Look at her little hat 😩 #argentina🇦🇷

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I always wanted to be a LUI cover girl !! I was told by my ex model agency 2 years ago, that I wasn't sexy enough for The Magazine. So I wanted to thank first of all @nextmodelsparis for making this happen and a huge thanks to LUI for giving me the opportunity to show y'all what I could do (I'm a pretty shy girl 😈 and don't often pose nude) so this is Huge for me ! I've been criticized by the industry for Yeaaaaaaars because of the way I looked (too skinny , too sexy , not sexy enough, too petite .. blabla) I'm so at ease now that I realized that sexy begins by loving yourself and not caring what others think (EVER). Don't ever let anyone tell you that you re not good enough for this or that ! If you think that you are .. well you are . If the other are too blind to see it, their loss .. And this .. is me 💋

@instagram Can't handle it ... 🌶

Harpers Bazaar @nathanielgoldberg @tom_van_dorpe @maudlaceppe @diegodasilva_

Harpers Bazaar @nathanielgoldberg @maudlaceppe @tom_van_dorpe @diegodasilva_

Harpers Bazaar @nathanielgoldberg @maudlaceppe @diegodasilva_ @tom_van_dorpe ⚡️

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