Рэй Уильям Джонсон


Комедийный видеоблогер из Нью-Йорка, получивший огромную популярность благодаря его мини-шоу «=3», которое транслируется на YouTube, имеет более 10 миллионов подписчиков и более 2,6 миллиардов просмотров.
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Club Bootylicious

When smart is sexy... 😂 @themagdalenevick @pagekennedy @glowpunk @radeklord @raywilliamjohnson

Jabba The Hutts Cantina

One of us is known throughout the galaxy as a ruthless bad ass... and the other is Boba Fett. 😎

Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario in real life. 😂 @santos_cordero @raywilliamjohnson (LEAVE A COMMENT on this video and I'll write you a little 'thank you' message on your Instagram page)

Spanky's Adult Emporium

#tbt #throwbackthursday I know you remember this skit I shot early last year. I posted it on FB and it got over 9 million views. 🔥Thanks for all the love. @kellylandrylive @raywilliamjohnson


There's a lot of Disneyland activity happing in my Insta stories right now.

My Comfy Ass Bed

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤ Make sure and get your Boo something she deserves. 🍆

People's Republic of Bacon

Did you ever play this game? ... (check out the extended version on my FB page) @radeklord @raywilliamjohnson


No matter what anyone tells you, you'll always be "somewhat fuckable" to me. 🌹

When you'll watch anything on TV... 📺 @santos_cordero @glowpunk @radeklord

Bob's Burgers

#tbt #throwback to this skit i shot last summer. I think you guys got it up to 5 million views on FB. 🔥@JulesMedcraft @santos_cordero @luangeles1 @glowpunk

Dildo Trading Post

[insert generic inspirational quote here]

Crybaby Bridge

I'm awkward af when people cry around me... 😂😂😭 @radeklord @pagekennedy

Bowser's Castle

The Lannisters approve of this relationship...

Bad Bitches Headquarters

This is bullshit. I shoulda got a cat.

Gangsta's Paradise

How to be gangsta... 😂 @pagekennedy @santos_cordero (song is "Haters Be Like" by Page Kennedy)

Guantánamo Bay

#tbt #Throwback to this gem I shot in spring of 2016. I think it's now at 7 million views on Facebook. 😎 @wuzgood @santos_cordero @kajamartin

Slumlord Homes

It'd be rude of you not to have a slice. 🍰

Shit Creek Paddle Store

Ladies, NEVER hand your purse to a man... 😂 @themagdalenevick @glowpunk @corey_blu @radeklord

Bullshit Reseller

I look like the dude on Tinder who pressured you to go on a date and then ghosted you...

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