Рэй Уильям Джонсон


Комедийный видеоблогер из Нью-Йорка, получивший огромную популярность благодаря его мини-шоу «=3», которое транслируется на YouTube, имеет более 10 миллионов подписчиков и более 2,6 миллиардов просмотров.
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In partnership with @AXE thanks for hooking it up with the Axe Flexible Paste. They got me lookin fly all day over here. #yougotsomething

South Dakota Women's Prison

Shooting some heat 🔥 with @jackson_odoherty and @shammi_ltd. 🎬 These Aussie rockstars killed it on set.

Inside Your Head

(swipe left) Are you listening to me?! 😡😂 (TAG 1 FRIEND who never listens) @themagdalenevick @glowpunk @kajamartin

Inside Your Head

So my non-internet friends told me about this mythical place called "outside". ☀️ I went there once. It was okay. Not enough wifi for my taste tho. 💻

Ku Klux Klan Tire and Lube

Old people be racist... 😂 @kajamartin @santos_cordero

Gangsters for Christ

(swipe left) Happy Monday. I made another weird skit for you... 😂 @santos_cordero @glowpunk @kajamartin


Happy fuckin Easter. 🐣

Dick and Willie Passage

Instead of working out, I'm just gonna sit here on the grass and look confused. Cool? Cool.

Kangaroo Scrotum Central

(swipe left) These skits are getting out of control... 😂 @santos_cordero @glowpunk @kajamartin

Kardashian Awareness Program

Stupid trends hurt people. 😂(swipe left) @santos_cordero @kajamartin @glowpunk

The Trump Hair Salon Studio

It's no secret I hate our president's tweeting habits. It was only a matter of time before I made a skit about it. Enjoy! 😊 @santos_cordero @radeklord

Bill Cosby's Pudding Pop Shop

Going analog. Telling jokes the old school way. 😜🎤

Shitty Donuts

Your rent is due. Don't think I'd let you forget. 😉 (big shoutout to Andy at Pledge Promotional Agency for making these shirts for me)

Notting Hill

Stop that wedding! 👰🏽 @glowpunk @kellyvrooms #raywilliamjohnson

Penis Size Reduction Clinic

Check out my autobiographical role in @dave_farese's vid. 😂

Shit Creek Paddle Store

Prank couple! 😂 @themagdalenevick @raywilliamjohnson

Power Rangers Headquarters

It's Morphin time! 👊🏼

Jews for Jesus

Stop tripping in horror movies!! 😡 @kellyvrooms @raywilliamjohnson

Alcoholics Anonymous

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Guess who forgot to wear green. 😢😂 #stpatricksday #stpattysday @glowpunk @kellykfarrell @themagdalenevick

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