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Комедийный видеоблогер из Нью-Йорка, получивший огромную популярность благодаря его мини-шоу «=3», которое транслируется на YouTube, имеет более 10 миллионов подписчиков и более 2,6 миллиардов просмотров.
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Bullshit University

Made something a little different for you 🔥😀 Just a reminder that my upload schedule is going to be off for a while- due to my apartment catching on fire and my stand-up tour. 😢


Took Kelly to Disneyland for a day to get away from all the house fire stuff. 😀 It sucks I think there is actually more damage to my apartment and my stuff than I had initially thought (smoke damage apparently ruins the circuit boards of electronics). It's officially estimated 5 months before I can move back in. I'll be touring across the US most of that time, so it might not actually be that bad not having any possessions. 👍🏽

White House Rose Garden

Tough crowd tonight.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Thank you, Milwaukee for letting me get on stage and yell words into a microphone for an hour. 🔥 NEXT STOP: North Carolina.

Slumlord Properties

Perfect timing. 🐿

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The Nut House

New skit 🔥 Only Clean Freaks Know This Feeling 😂😂😳 @themagdalenevick @radeklord @kajamartin @glowpunk

Hotmail Technical Support

Your Old Embarrassing Email Address 😂 @themagdalenevick @glowpunk @kajamartin @radeklord


Thank you, Texas. 🔥 I'll be back next year. NEXT STOP: Tennessee/Kentucky


Your rent is YABBA DABBA DUE! ... 😑 I'll show myself out.

In partnership with @Axe: Life will always keep you learning. That's why I use Axe Flexible Paste to keep myself looking and feeling my best even when I'm trying to get my learn on. 👨🏼‍🎓 What subjects do you guys like to study? Head over to @Axe page and let me know. 🔥#yougotsomething

The Soda Factory

When you tryin to drink healthy stuff, but soda keeps calling your name... 😂

Laugh Factory

New skit 🔥 When she kicks you in her sleep... 😂@themagdalenevick @raywilliamjohnson

Dream Land

I been chasing dreams so long, I'm finally living in one. 🔥 Shout out to everyone who's supported me since day 1. I am humbled by your support.

The Cat Box

New skit 🔥 How to Write a Viral Sketch 😂 @themagdalenevick @glowpunk @kajamartin @radeklord

Goat Yoga

New skit🔥 Honestly tho. Who the hell makes a phone call in 2017? 😂😂😂 @themagdalenevick @glowpunk

Side Splitters Comedy Club

Another sold out show last night. 🎤 Thank you, Tampa. I am humbled by your support. 😊

Planet Of The Apes

Chimpin' ain't easy... ✌🏼

Sweaty Hugs

New skit 🔥 I'm not a hugger. 😂 @themagdalenevick @glowpunk @kajamartin @bryanwriggle

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