Артур Дарвилл


Английский актёр. Известен своей работой в пьесе «Среди акул» и ролью Рори Уильямса в телесериале «Доктор Кто».
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Had a great time with this guy. Thanks Australia.

Great day so far.

Behind every name there's a story.

Beard fell off.

Find out why Rip looks so worried in tonight's @cw_legendsoftomorrow ..

I do all of my own stunts on @cw_legendsoftomorrow - these two guys just keep turning up on set wearing the same clothes as me. If I'm completely honest it's starting to creep me out a little. #legendsoftomorrow Camelot 3000 tomorrow night on the cw

Never before has a film been more relevant. Brilliant man, actor, hero. Rest in peace. #johnhurt #1984

Really scary episode of #legendsoftomorrow on Tuesday. #legionofdoom

'Phil' makes his Legends of tomorrow debut tonight. Phil gets all of his power from his hair, it makes him more attractive and cool. Peace and love. #legendsoftomorrow

Delete your search history

Are these flavours?


Picked up a few essentials today.

Purple haze.

Here's a cheesy picture of me having my picture taken. thank you for a bloody lovely night at the #sheratongrandlondon last night. Bostin.

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