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Malibu, California

Just posted a new video!! Bikini Haul under $25!! Find out where I got my newest swimsuits!! Youtube.com/NinaAndRanda #summer ☀️☀️

Malibu, California

My hair is in this hairstyle 90% of the time 🙈☀️💚

When you drink coffee for the first time in 8 months.... wait for it.... #dance

Malibu, California

Fact: I only have one dimple. 🤪 Another Fact: I LOVE THE BEACH. ☀️

Santa Monica, California

Getting some fresh produce from the farmer’s market 😍😍😍 #vegan #health #happiness #summer #twins

Malibu, California

Free as the wind ☀️

Malibu, California

Have you seen our new video? We try the Victoria’s Secret Model Diet!! Link in bio!! Comment if you’re going to watch ❤️ #beach #summer

Malibu, California

Do you believe the world is pre-destined? Or do you believe in free will? ☀️

Congrats to @merrelltwins for the launch of their clothing line @true_img!!!! Check out their amazing clothes 😍😍 #twins #trueIMG

Malibu, California

Woke up at 6 am, ate a bunch of rice noodles and stir fry, then went back to sleep. 😂 Does anyone else do this? BEST SLEEP LOL 🙈

When your dress matches the ocean 🙈 get me to the beeeeach!!! 🤩☀️

Malibu, California

Do you think this outfit is one piece or 2 pieces? 😋 #beach

Malibu, California

What are the first row of your emojis? Mine are 😂😋😊😱😾💃🏻😀😅😇

Malibu Beaches

Taking life one sassy step at a time ☀️ #beach #summer

When you haven’t cut your hair since November 🙃 powered by plants 🌱 #rebel #selfie

Always fun brushing up my dancing 🙈💃🏻 @ninanelson @laurenvanvleet #twins #dancing #dance #brunomars

Inn of the Seventh Ray

I love weddings 😍😭

Wedding today!! So excited to see @kristin.creates get married today!! 😍👰❤️ #selfie

Filming a Q&A today for you guys! Comment below your questions and topics to be in the video! Anything from dating, lifestyle, fitness, health, or problems you may have. ❤️ #youtube #twins

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