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Insecure because of the boys that have hurt me Insecure because Instagram pictures are edited so perfectly But being insecure is something I don’t want to be And what you focus your attention on becomes your reality I choose to see the good in humanity I choose to see hardship as growth and to look at things positively We are all so special and I hope that you see All that really matters is true love, good friends, and family #poetry #twins #love

When you know you can’t dance 😂😂 #arianagrande #dance #twins

This photo is in honor of the death of my love life. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. 🖤💀 #valentinesday

Does anyone else feel guilty for liking this song? 😂😂😂 #dancing #arianagrande #twins @ninanelson

Rainy day means lazy attire 😋 about to bake some brownies! Do you want the recipe? 😏 #selfie

My heart aches for you I wish there was something I could do Didn’t know it’d be this hard to say goodbye Cuz all the memories we made keep playing in my mind 🎶🎵 #music #harmonies #acoustic @ninanelson

Heyyy everybody. I hope you’ve been having an amazing week, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts. Overall, I’ve felt extremely happy lately because I feel like this anxiety has been lifted from my mind. Sometimes I ask myself, should I really feel this good? How is it even possible to feel this good? And I tell myself, enjoy it. Why not enjoy it? I also wanted to share some thoughts about Instagram. It can be such an amazing platform to share creative content, and I’m thankful to be able to share a bit of my life with you guys. With that being said, for me, I think Instagram can be a source of anxiety or contribute to it. Instagram creates this false illusion and changes our perception. As humans, it’s so natural for us to compare ourselves. And when you’re in the dating world, I feel like it amplifies this feeling of not being enough for someone. There’s always someone “better” out there, who seems more put together, successful, beautiful, or whatever. It makes me think, why should I even bother? Or WATCH OUT. Someone else might see your significant other on Instagram, and decide they’d like a chance with them. It’s a simple “follow.” In the real world, they wouldn’t have even known who they were. And maybe this is melodramatic, or maybe there really is a bit of truth in what I’m saying. Whatever the case, I genuinely just feel more at ease not seriously dating anyone and not worrying about these comparisons, at least for the time being. I hope our generation learns to appreciate their relationships with people because I do feel like the online world changes our perception as to what’s possible. It’s easy to throw someone away when you think you’ve got hundreds or even thousands of other options, right? And it’s an illusion. Damn, life is too short to waste your time and thoughts on people who don’t care about you. #rant 😂

Malibu, California

Sweater weather, am I right? 😋 What did you guys think of yesterday’s silly Diss track? Did you laugh? 🙈

Check out our latest video!!! I think it’s pretty funny 😂😂😂 you’ll find out why we’re dressed like this lolol 🤣

Twirling by the beach 🌈🥰 my favorite place to be 💕 what do you prefer: beach or mountains? 😋 #Malibu #beach

Hellloooo everybody! Didn’t post a video on the main channel, but we posted a video to the ASMR channel!!! Working on 3 different video ideas at the moment, so get excited 😏🥳

Lets groove 🕺🏻 and have a laugh while you’re at it 😂 #dance #groove #dancing @ninanelson

Waiting for daddy shark like 🦈 can anyone relate? 🤣 @ninanelson

You know there was a point in time where I wanted to be a professional dancer 😂😂 do you think it’s too late? #dance #music @ninanelson

Malibu, California

My favorite outfit at my favorite place 😍🌈💙🥳 #Malibu #beach

The anthem for when you get dumped 😂😂😂 we just posted a music video to this song! Check it out! Link in bio! I guarantee you will laugh 😂😂😂😁🥳 #song #dancing #funny #dance #twins

Lanikai Beach,Kailua

I’m human. I have good days and bad days. Mostly good days. But then a love song comes on, or the rain makes me wanna stay inside. And I’m consumed with the pain when I wake up. I wish my person was by my side. It’s only a moment of sadness. Maybe it’ll just last for a day. Gotta keep moving forward, and go out and play. ‘Cause there will come a time when I can let down my guard. Where I’m free to be me, and it won’t be so hard. Like I said before, most days are easy. Today, I woke up feeling blue. But I’ll make it a great one, I know what to do. I’ll go for a run and spend time outside. Try to escape the rain clouds that follow my mind. Let these tears be the rain ‘cause the storm always clears. This sadness fades. And a rainbow appears. 🌈 #hawaii #rainbow

New video just went live!!! We filmed an ASMR style video and also give a little life update. 🥰 check it out! #selfie

Honolulu, Hawaii

It’s easy to focus on where our mind thinks “think we need to be,” or “where we should be.” It’s easy to think happiness is only achieved if well live up to the standard in our own head. But you’ve got to appreciate what you’ve got and how hard you work. Friends, family, loved ones, good conversations, hikes, sunsets: that’s what brings happiness. What makes you happy? 😋 replying to comments 💕 #hawaii

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