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Американский актер, наиболее известен по роли Дуайта Шрута в телесериале «Офис», за исполнение которой трижды выдвигался на премию «Эмми».
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This is Yusemika. Kids at our BSEIPH handicap program always give away more smiles and joy than we could ever return. We love these kids who have become the spirit of @lidehaiti. Check out my instagram story for videos from my day in Haiti. Mesi anpil!

On #WorldChildrensDay we celebrate the rights of all children, all over the world. And not all kids are getting the same start in life. That’s why I’ve joined @theirworldorg to stand up for kids who haven’t mastered standing yet. We want to make early childhood development a priority worldwide. Join the #5for5 movement today. http://awrld.at/5for5Supercut

Gonaïves, Haiti

Kicking it @lidehaiti

I was visited by some very nice Mormon missionary Sisters this morning.

Thanks to everyone who sent an item from our @lidehaiti wishlist. If you would like to make a purchase, any received items will travel with me personally into Haiti. Thank you for supporting girls education. As a 501(c)3, any purchases can be used as a donation write off at the end of the year. Mèsi anpil. LideHaiti.org/wishlist

Had a blast on @LateLateShow with one of my all time idols @DjokerNole !!! 🎾🎾🎾

If you like acting, life, funny-business, stories, show biz and/or @MsJennaFischer, you’ll LOVE this book!

Peter from @Fit_Malibu is turning me into a “gym for muscles” WARRIOR!

Hey Guys - the trailer for my new movie PERMANENT has just “dropped”. Check it out on 12/15. It’s got funny and sad and HAIR! Plus @PatriciaArquette #PermanentFilm

I have so many questions about this poster I saw in a Starbucks. 1) how do you lose a parrot? 2) how do you find a parrot? 3) how do you know someone’s lost a parrot once you find one? 4) do people looking for lost parrots check the Starbucks bulletin board? 5) nice picture!

This Sunday night on CBS All Access, Harry Mudd returns!

Arcade Fire. Everything Now.

Check out the trailer for the short film “PUSH” by the great @_JustineBateman_ and @HolidayReinhorn - At Festivals soon!

THE FIFTY YEAR OLD VEGAN So about six weeks ago or so, my wife @HolidayReinhorn and I decided to try Veganism for a month. (Is that a thing? A word? VeganISM?) As an experiment. We were so dependent on eating animals and animal products, we just wanted to try it. Give our digestive systems a change-up. It was TOUGH. Especially that first week. I wanted a steak and eggs so bad. I felt tired and cranky and hungry all the time, even with the buckets of Quinoa I was shoveling into my mouth. Ugh. But then, sometime in the second and 1/2 week, things shifted dramatically. I noticed that I had more energy! I was sleeping better and deeper. I didn’t need naps in the afternoon as much. I started to drop some pounds. And, bonus, it’s supposed to be good for the planet. Personally, I have no moral issues with killing and eating animals. But the health and planetary benefits seem pretty good. Who knows, I may start adding some fish or some eggs. Or some fish eggs. But I’m enjoying the journey so far and want to leave you with a single promise: I WILL NOT BE ONE OF THOSE ASSHOLE VEGANS WHO IS ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT HOW THEY’RE A VEGAN!

Behind the scenes - trying to teach a pig to use a dog door. #Snortington

Exit Row, I feel the incredible burden of an extraordinary responsibility weighing heavy on my shoulders. 16F, you are mine. Please know I do not take this job lightly. I will open the fuck out of this door should the terrible need arise. Fly safe, America.

Last night was the PREMIERE of Harcourt Fenton Mudd on Star Trek Discovery! What did u think? Actually, I don’t wanna know. Hope you enjoyed tho!

#Repost @rrwilsonart (@get_repost) ・・・ "Majestic Red," oil on canvas," 81x58 inches. I am fascinated by the process of breaking down forms, or smashing forms, and then re-creating them with a freshly personal style. A line is a hunter, an emotion. A color connects the image to the eye. Shapes are experiences; places to live for a while. The reason to break down shapes is we live in a new age of new intellectual horizons, new relationships with others and a host of unexplored visions. Old visions won't do anymore. We paint new images for a new world experience.

Got to watch my heroes Courtney Barnett (@CourtneyMelba) and @KurtVile at the mighty @KCRW today. They are sweet, grungy/folk magic together.

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