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Американский актер, наиболее известен по роли Дуайта Шрута в телесериале «Офис», за исполнение которой трижды выдвигался на премию «Эмми».
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#Repost @lidehaiti ・・・ "Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?" - Martin Luther King Jr. Lide Haiti's staff and students live this question each day by helping, supporting and lifting each other up. Each day, these words become a reality.

Amazing read in honor of MLK Day. True and harrowing story of the very last slave brought from Africa interviewed by the iconic American essayist/folklorist/novelist Zora Neale Hurston.

It is my birthday and I have the flu—but that won't stop me from celebrating with a facebook fundraiser for LIDÈ Haiti! To make it extra special, @holidayreinhorn and I will match every donation that comes in today. [link in bio] LIDÈ now serves over 800 girls in 13 rural locations accross Haiti. Getting to these rural locations takes a toll on our three trucks, which are vital for getting our teachers and supplies (and students in the case of BSEIPH, our differently-abled program) to our program sites. Tires and vehicle maintenance are one of our biggest expenditures, and a current necessity, so all the money raised today will help ensure safe and reliable transportation for LIDE staff and participants.

R.I.P. poet Mary Oliver:: “Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

@danmanganmusic is one of my favorite musicians and not enough people know about him! His new album 'More or Less' is gorgeous. Give him a follow! He’s touring all over the place but just announced these shows in the US: Mar 11. Philadelphia Mar 12. Washington Mar 13. Boston, MA Mar 14. New York Mar 26. Los Angeles Mar 27. San Francisco

The year was 2004. The movie SAHARA was shooting in Morocco. I had a scene where Rudi Gunn was escaping the bad guys by hiding in a truck filled with goats. What they didn’t tell me? When goats get scared, which is pretty much all the time, THEY PEE!!!! So every take the truck would start up and peel away from the border guards, the goats would start bleeting and peeing, bleeting and peeing. We did about 8 takes. By the end, I was awash in a sea of goat urine, which would slosh back and forth as the truck drove bathing me in a tsunami of petting zoo piss.

Answer: 13 mittens.

Apparently I was doing the “selfie tongue sticky out thing” all the way back in 1969! @MileyCyrus

The sun auroras the beautiful @HolidayReinhorn on the banks of our favorite river in the whole entire world, the Metolius. Here’s to the river and what it brings and where it leads. #light #love #forests #winter

So long, Oregon. Until next time. Have a great 2019 and STAY NICE!!!

#Repost @lidehaiti ・・・ “Women of Haiti” by Junia Elisca (written at age 17) We, women of Haiti We need courage We need to use our spirits, so we can reclaim our lives We need to take more action We need this courage because they say women cannot lead What we need is the courage to say back to them, "no" women can lead. What we need are our spirits We need our spirits when they say to us, “Women cannot do what men do; they can’t drive a tractor.” We must find in our spirits the voice to say, “no, women can drive one too” Men have hands, women have hands too. Men can learn, women can learn too. Men have memories, Women have memories too. We must be strong when they are saying, “men are stronger.” Men go to school, the women also attend school, Men have knowledge We must grasp hold of the same knowledge. We must know our rights, Do not put it in your head that men have more value than we have.

Please watch the vid/read the article and use the #YemeniBahais to show the Yemeni Govt that people are watching their cruel injustice. Swipe left for 2nd part of video. [Link to article in bio]

“Bobby? I tell you what... I know how we can save 3100 bucks. My cousin Vernon is pretty good at paintin’ and at the alphabet and he can make the damn sign for us! Screw them rip-off sign makers! Who needs ‘em?!” -Hotel, East Wenatchee, Washington

Nothing says Christmas like a little Settlers of Catan with the lovely ladies of Catan @HolidayReinhorn & sis-in-law @AmyReinhorn

#Repost @lidehaiti ・・・ Jwaye Nwel! This Christmas, we are thankful for the gifts of resiliency through creative writing. Through writing their inner hopes, dreams and feelings, our students promote their own well-being, flexible thinking and connection to something bigger than themselves. Writing offers a chance to access their unique purpose. This video of a creative writing session was captured by filmmaker and director Sally Bentley and cinematographer Quinn Benson at our Souvenance program site.

Happy Holidays

Excited for you guys to see this! I star in and direct this Star Trek Short Trek! #Repost @startrekcbs ・・・ The next Short Trek stars @RainnWilson as our favorite intergalactic con man, Harry Mudd. "The Escape Artist" drops January 3.

It all comes down to this. My 1st place team, “Love Ertz” (possibly without Ertz!) in the championship finals of the Office Fantasy Football league vs @Onlxn

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