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Американский актер, наиболее известен по роли Дуайта Шрута в телесериале «Офис», за исполнение которой трижды выдвигался на премию «Эмми».
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Thank you @emeraldcitycomiccon !!! #ECCC

Seattle! Join me and @joelmchale and some neighborhood friends, May 30 at The Paramount for an evening of music and comedy benefiting @themonafoundation. Many special guests! LINK IN BIO

For those of you who are doubting me, I got into Tufts university in 1984 on a well-deserved badminton scholarship. I EARNED my place as a Jumbo through hard work, perseverance and an immense hunger for the shuttlecock. #Proof

So I saw an EXTRAORDINARY movie for you young folk - @fivefeetapartfilm - it’s a heart-warming love story but more than that it’s a beautiful HUMAN story and I can’t recommend it more highly. Great performances by @HaleyLuHoo and @ColeSprouse - Expertly directed by @JustinBaldoni

Love of my life? @HolidayReinhorn? It is your birthday. Endless thanks that you are on this planet and that you are in my life. You bring light, love, humor, soul, passion and just the right pinch of total chaos to everything you do. You are the queen of the night, warrior Valkyrie, punk rock dynamo, poetess of the Oregon mountains. All hearts and galaxy knives salute you!

Congrats to @soulpancake – ‘Making stuff that matters’ for 10 YEARS!!!

#womensday #Repost @lidehaiti ・・・ This video shows the joy of our participants at the end of a program day, when we all come together to recognize a job well done. We applaud each other and ourselves, grateful for the chance to learn, play and grow together. In honor of International Women's Day, we at LIDE want to encourage you to reach out to the women in your life and community who you admire and who inspire you. Write a kind word, give a hug, say "thank you," or make a donation to an organization that supports the upliftment of women and girls. Most of all, celebrate the richness of women's contributions to our global community. #letgirlslearn #internationalwomensday #womensstories #womenhelpingwomen #girlseducation #haiti

Apparently I am on MOM tonight. Tune in America.

Getting ready for the final season of “Game of Thrones“ by getting a temporary crown. (sorry) [Also, what’s with Dr Carson’s torture glasses?]

Googled myself today. Let me answer these for you... 1) no 2) kind of 3) yes, happily 4) no, unfortunately 5) Nein 6) no but I’m open to that 7) the butterscotch stallion? nope 8) yes. My first film! 9) nope. Baha’i

Very excited to be joining this CRAZY conspiracy-thriller Sci-Fi graphic novel romp by @TheGillianFlynn (Gone Girl, Sharp Objects) UTOPIA!!! on #Amazon

Not if there’s stairs!

What exactly happened at Corky’s today!?!?!? #Coffee #Soda #CoffeeAndSoda @davidkoechner

In case you ever wondered what an upside down pitbull looked like. #Diamond #Rescue #PitbullLove

Fave Dwight Ink EVER!! #Repost @alejandravargus ・・・ #bearsbeetsbattlestargalactica

Had a blast with @ShabnamM and @Soulpancake discussing joy, art, purpose, connection, failure, empathy and The Matrix! Thank you #CalPoly !!!

In San Luis Obispo there is a wall of gum. Just FYI.

For the past 15 years @HolidayReinhorn and I have been hiring the tiny mountain of handyman awesomeness Pablo Martinez. All of 5’ tall this Salvadoran jack of all trades can make, build, fix, prop up, dig out, rewire, plumb, ventilate, irrigate, plug up, jerry-rig, patch, mend, construct and re-align most everything. He’s a citizen now and every one of his 4 boys have all worked for us as well - each successful in their own right. He’s hysterical, warm-hearted and tough as nails. And, get this, the dude is 70! I raise a pupusa to you, Señor! ¡Gracias por todo! (Thx @garydeanr @teatime1960 )

That one time @DavidChoe drew me with a green pen...

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