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Американский актер, наиболее известен по роли Дуайта Шрута в телесериале «Офис», за исполнение которой трижды выдвигался на премию «Эмми».
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#Repost @lidehaiti with @get_repost ・・・ On behalf of all of us at Lidè—co-founders, teachers, staff, and participants—we honor the hundreds of thousands who lost their lives, homes, and loved ones on January 12, 2010. In celebration of the Haitian people's courage, resilience, and inspiration, which has been our greatest teacher, and in spite of the arrogant, race-driven comments attributed to the US government, the Haitian staff who lead Lidè continue forward, educating and empowering Haiti’s next generation of young women, with joy, vision, optimism, and hope. #riseup #inspiration #haiti #voicesofwomen #communitybuilding #transformation #socialjustice #potomitan #leader #idea #illumination #betterworld

#Repost @lidehaiti with @get_repost ・・・ LIDE Educational Coordinator Isabelle leads a walking meditation at our program in Bayonè. ⠀ ⠀ "The practice of mindful walking is a profound and pleasurable way to deepen our connection with our body and the earth. We breathe, take a mindful step, and come back to our true home. We can train ourselves to walk with reverence. Wherever we walk, we are walking on the earth and so we are in a holy sanctuary." -Thich Nhat Hanh⠀ ⠀ @rainnwilson @holidayreinhorn #HaitianGirl #education #empowerment #riseup #timesup #povertyissexist #educateagirlchangetheworld #changebeginswithin #mindbodyspirit #meditation #dailypractice #transformation

#Haiti #Shithole

Idk if you've heard of my friend @marthastewart48, but she's raising support for the @croptrust on @Prizeo. The Seed Vault ensures the survival of crops from all over the world in case of disaster, and you could win a trip to Norway to tour it with Martha! prizeo.com/Martha

He's just like you, except worse. #ThomPain, filmed at @GeffenPlayhouse, is now live on @broadwayhd. Link in profile. Check it out!

If you couldn't see it live at @GeffenPlayhouse, you can see me in #ThomPain on BroadwayHD.com starting Jan 11. @BroadwayHD

I guess “trunk” was taken.


I saw a beautiful & odd man in Hyde Park, London calling wild parrots with an exquisite bird call he made from deep in his mouth & then the parrots would fly to his hands for a morsel of something.

1st non-European Nobel prize winner. Rabindranath Tagore- The bard of Bengal. Written in 1913 and still true 100 years later.

Too bad I don’t drink! #London

In this case I think the “plus” stands for “luggage”.

Some behind the scenes shots from #PermanentFilm - out this Friday! (After you see Star Lasers, check out this delightful coming-of-age comedy) ENJOY!!!

Check out our mini Office reunion on “Baking with Josh and Ange” on YouTube @angelakinsey @bakingwithjosh https://youtu.be/5hEfxK1t_sg

Me at 14. 1980. Seattle. Terry cloth. Mouth breathing.

My main question about “On th Thresh Hole two”? How do you misspell T-H-E!?!??

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