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💕💄💋can't wait to show you my intentions💋💄💕 @chelsealjlopez @joshalexx

Waste management 😉😉

When you're out wearing a cute pom pom hat trying to have a nice time but your relentless existential death anxiety comes creeping in to tempt you with the sweet sounds of eternal nothingness

Make yourself comfortable 👍🏼

The video for Flowers In A Vase Is out today. Check it out and read the full article on @westwoodwestwood 💐 Directed and edited by @jason___brown Featuring @jajabuofficial Side note: Jason and I did everything ourselves for this video. We set up and took town everything on set. And I forgot to bring makeup, so it's completely au naturel. Making videos is a lot of work! Lol. Thank you so much @jason___brown

This song "Flowers in a Vase" is out today! Go listen on Spotify or Apple Music or Napster? Or LimeWire? Thank you @4thandbleeker for the incredible cinematography. @jajabuofficial for playing with me/co-writing and producing this track, and constantly putting up with my bullshit.

My next single "Flowers In A Vase" comes out Friday 🌷💊

Sleepy eyes

Happy birthday @jajabuofficial 🎂you're my best friend! May you twirl your way into infinity! 👬


🔮I'm seeing a new music video release in the very near future✨✨✨

Why did the phone wear glasses? Because it lost all it's contacts. 🥁🎶😎

There's no place like home

Ghouls just wana have fun 🐸👻

Rise and shine

Take it cool---Keep cool---Feel cool--This is cool🌹🌹🌹🌹

Baby kitty I'm fostering has a broken hip! Fingers crossed she will be all healed up and ready to adopt in about 3 weeks. DM me if you're interested (Los Angeles only 😽)

✨Struggling to write songs about anything else...

Oh baby 👶🏼💕

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