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**sees a kitten once**

When you wear deodorant

Does anybody have a hair tie?

V proud and excited for @sokothecat 🌟🔥💗check out her new single/video for "sweet sound of ignorance". It's soooo goooooood!! Plus @margaretqualley and I are bunnies in it 🐰🥕

📲📲📲back in LA Google searching internet slang. YGTI 👉🏼L8R 👌🏼

I walked around with the lovely folks at @dvf and told them a bunch of strange things about myself. Check out the story and photos on their website 💙🍇💙

🍑 @ralphlauren

When the xanax kicks in

Roses are red @gregchanmanager is kind Fashion week is making me lose my mind. 💐🌹

Listen to SWEET SPOT (featuring @milesgarber ) on Valentine's Day and don't slit your wrists. 🌹🔪🌹🔪🌹

Literally namaste

🥀🥀changing in taxis🥀🥀@_dion_lee_

Dressing up for fashion week like 💅🏼

Heading back from @creaturesofthewind such a bomb ass collection! 🔥🥀🔥🥀🔥

AAHHHHHH!!! I'm freaking ouuuut!!! Thank you for adding SWEET SPOT to #newmusicfriday @mikewbiggane @Spotify 💕💕💕 literally a dream come trueeee!!! 😭😭😭

Yo @linder.nyc you're super weird I love you

Brand spankin new single out today!!! SWEET SPOT featuring @milesgarber 🐰💕🐰💕🐰💕🐰check it out on @spotify and @iTunes

New single SWEET SPOT out tomorrow!🐰

Could use a Lil pick me up! 🍏🍋

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