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Happy Dolphin

Bending over backwards for ya

Give yourself a present this morning and listen to @thetwinshadow LITTLE WOMAN right this second. Side note, little lady’s got a cute neck, huh? 😉

Had/to/post/in/sections **Better Days** **unreleased** 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 (3 vid is my fave so it’s worth a scroll?)

Your dream place

Have a happy day, sweet cheeks 🍑

My Blood Drink

Something strange is happening. (Who knows a good psychic in LA... and also a good hairdresser) 🔮🌜🐩🌛🔮

Secret Admirer 🌷🌸🥀

Boner City

Are you a beaver? Cause dam. 🌹❤️💕I love you @thetwinshadow HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


JAPANESE TIME is out today! I love this song 🇯🇵 Go listen! Co-written and produced by @jajabuofficial Thank you for the playlist love @spotify @johnbstein @mikebiggram Thank you for the artwork @arms_studio and Thank you for inspiring me to write this song @margaretqualley @thetwinshadow @Tokyo

First show in NYC Friday at SOHO HOUSE (not ludlow house lol) 🌃❄️☯️

I peed in #mycalvins 💦

Cross your heart ❤️ ♥️ 💜 (outtake from @playboy )

🍀feeling lucky after last nights spooky moon 🌙 @luckybrand #luckyyou #ad check out the heritage denim collection👖


Sleepy Bye Bye Land



Called 3 people this morning to tell them the same joke and none of them liked it.

Million Secret Eyebrows

👌🏼 @thetwinshadow @rushzimmerman

Soft Skin

Show me what’s underneath 🐇 @playboy outtake pt 2

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