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Sexiest photo I've taken in a while! #newcar #electriccar #plugin #hybrid #volvoxc90 #volvo #charge #eco #green @green4ema @environment_california @volvocarusa @galpinvolvo #ev

Liverpool House

The stuff that dreams are made of. Lobster spaghetti from @liverpoolhousemontreal. Thanks for an amazing meal as always. See you tonight @joebeefmtl. One more night and we could have also hit up @vinpapillon...

Happy #worldadoptionday #worldadoptionday2016 Thank you AdoptTogether.org for helping children find a family, a home and a place to find the love they deserve. @hank @adopttogether

I have the coolest fans! Thank you for this awesome Halloween gift, sorry I'm just seeing it now. Whatever app you used, I want it!

It's not safe out there... #election2016

#Repost @chriscrary . . . How to turn on a #nastywoman #vote #election2016

As usual with all things political, I find myself returning to the immortal words of #AaronSorkin #theamericanpresident


For Halloween we dressed up as people who go out to dinner #parenthood @chriscrary

Public School 818

When it gets so bad that your friend cleans out your wallet for you at dinner #mommyhood #girlsnightout

#Repost @chriscrary with @repostapp ・・・ Up up and away.

DCX World Tour MMXVI

Giving new meaning to "Ready to Run." @dixie_chicks

DCX World Tour MMXVI

Can't help but think of all the #troops out there tonight while listening to this one. I am safe at a concert because you're out there. @dixie_chicks @theforum #dcxmmxvi #dcxtheforum

DCX World Tour MMXVI

Incredible tribute to #Prince by @dixie_chicks tonight. @theforum #dcxmmxvi #dcxforum

DCX World Tour MMXVI

I don't know Natalie but I'm IN heaven now! @dixie_chicks @theforum #dcxmmxvi #dcxforum

DCX World Tour MMXVI

My concert photography is top notch. Wouldn't you agree @camarofox79? #DCXFORUM

Today I was in my mom uniform: baggy jeans, a Hanes white tee and my hair in the "mom bun." Tonight I'm just another LA chick in vegan leather pants headed to a @dixie_chicks concert!!!!

@kristenjane, @camarofox79 and I watched this moment three times just to be sure. Rachel's right, we're not dreaming but we ARE in hell. @kristenjane with @repostapp ・・・ This PSA brought to you by Rachel Maddow.

7am, why am I smiling? See bottom right corner of photo 😉

For a long time I thought I was doing my part just "not being racist" and speaking up when other people were offensive. The situation our society/humanity is facing is so much more complex and subtle than my over-simplification. I realize now that I misunderstood what was required of me to truly be an agent of change. If I'm not willing to do the work to learn and grow and be honest about my role then I am complicit. "It's a privilege to opt out." Thank you @mattmcgorry for an inspiring day at #AWARELA. #blacklivesmatter

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