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Balayage by Nancy Braun

Curly girls- find a hairdresser who blow dries your hair FIRST, then cuts. It's the only way!!! My man @ kevynemanuele never lets me down. @balayage_bynb #Balayage #NancyBraun #curly #curlyhair #curlygirls #haircut #hairstylist

We want our son to love and appreciate healthy food as he gets older so here's my attempt at making cauliflower delicious 😋 Olive oil, s&p, lemon slices, rosemary (thyme is better for this but I don't have any), garlic. Thanks for trusting me to cook for him so often @chriscrary! I've come a long way baby😉

Honored to be included in this! To the message I say, "Hellz YES!!!"

For all the things I have gone through- pain, struggle, self-doubt, loneliness, fear- I have been rewarded with faith, self-love, strength and inner joy that I would never trade for a moment less of the difficult journey that brought me here. Life does not suddenly get easy but if you are willing to endure the discomfort of growth then each time the load bears down you carry it with more ease and more grace. The goal is not for there never to be another struggle but that the struggle can be seen as an invitation, a battle from which you will emerge as more than who you were before. And when you get tired and think you can go no further, ask yourself, "Don't I want to be more than who I am right now? Don't I want to know what I'm made of?" and walk on into your stronger self.

As often as @chriscrary and I have thought about this moment, I swear he did it himself.

Petit Trois

I don't believe there's a God, I know there's a God. And he wants me to eat this on the REGULAR. @petittroisla

#tbt to that time the gorgeous @iamnataliemartinez tried to teach me some kind of twerking. Ya. For everyone's sake I'm never doing that again. @fitarts I told you it was bad 😂

#tbt to that time in Hawaii when surf champ and all around gentleman @briankeaulana trained me for doubles surfing. Sadly I don't have video of us on the water but we did this ON A SURFBOARD later that day. Never felt cooler. Not ever. #hawaii #oahu #makaha #surfing

Green Table Cafe

My new foodie obsession @realrawvegan Love your Body Use your body for Love 😝

#Repost @jenniferkhowell (@get_repost) ・・・ Art salon magic @theartofelysium @elysiumbandini celebrating @smarthouse26 @carterooster and the amazing music of Jenny O! The brilliant artistry of the wizard chef @chriscrary ! #love #art #heal #soul

Amazing night playing sous-chef for my man @chriscrary while @smarthouse26 and @carterooster got be fancy as honored guests of @theartofelysium 😝

The Flats Restaurant

Thank you @theflatsrestaurant for an amazing meal! Meatballs were gorgeous, polenta was stunning, flatbread on point and this corn cake dessert with beet gelato was a highlight. See you again soon! @chriscrary

"One day, someone will walk into your life and make you understand why it didn't work out with anyone else." -Unknown Among all the blessings in my life there has also been heartbreak- tears, ice cream, bad poetry about lost relationships I thought were the one. All in all a fairly normal journey I would guess. And then one day I met a chef who cooked me a meal, took me on a date, gave me a ring, walked me down an aisle, held my hand in the delivery room, and now wakes up with me at 7am to change diapers. My love @chriscrary, any journey that ends with you and our son is worth it, I would do it all again and again. Happy #fathersday to the best dad I have ever known. I love you ❤️

Summer grill vibes.

#tbt to before I breast-fed and my boobs stood up on their own. #dressedtokillmagazine @carllessardphotographe @juliecussonmakeupartist

Capoeira fitness training day two and already I'm saying, "Oh sh*t, there's a muscle there?!" @fitarts

I'm constantly watching those insane athletic competitions on TV and wondering, "Would I just make a total ass of myself or would I be half-decent." I got to find out. Judge for yourself when #battleofthenetworkstars returns June 29th on @abcnetwork 💪🏻👊🏻

I don't know these people and I didn't know gorgeous little Liam but they are turning tragedy into healing and a horrible event into a beautiful legacy and I am inspired. IF YOU ARE IN LA AND CAN SPONSOR A BOOTH OR DONATE GIFT BAG ITEMS PLEASE READ BELOW AND REACH OUT TO THEM. #dontdrinkanddrive EVER Repost @mackowal (@get_repost) ・・・ Join us for a great event for a great cause! #Repost @rememberliamslife (@get_repost) ・・・ Come #celebrate with us! 💙#LiamsLife Foundation is having an amazing event on June 25, 2017, 10am-2pm. This is a family event full of workshops (#Yoga, meditation, #BJJ, kids self defense), live performances, face painting, food, booths, and fun! Don't miss this!!! We are still looking for booths and sponsors to fill our goodie bags. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! This event will be live streamed on #AXS tv and Martial Arts Tribes! We anticipate 1000 people. All donations are tax deductible! Contact Mishel Eder to get a full breakdown of our sponsor packages: mishel@systemstrainingcenter.com - Fight drunk driving with us! Help save lives!

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