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Catch LA

Hot husband courtesy of @chriscrary, hot make up courtesy of @loritaylordavis 💋

Catch LA

The evolution of an attempt at obtaining a "sexy" selfie. It's no use @_annapaquin, cute as we are, we're just too silly. I'm always game to keep trying though. @sonypicturestelevision #PKDelectricdreams #ep104 #reallife

The Barker Hangar

@eatalyla @infatuation_la #stuffyourface #eeeeeatscon #eeeeeatyourfaceoff

My gorgeous sister! I love you!!!

Eden in Chicago

Had a sinfully yummy #Mothersday brunch @edeninchicago 😋

Bad Hunter

Thank you @good_drinker for an amazing brunch! Truly special & delicious!

Best #mothersday gift ever! I've been hurting so much over the events of the world (as we all have) and @chriscrary found a way to turn my hurt into action. This is the perfect reminder that instead of being overcome by feelings of helplessness we can always find a way to move forward and create change. Sometimes that's as simple as a donation made in honor of what you care about. My love, thank you for caring as much as I do and knowing that the best way to heal a heart is to help heal someone else's. I love you. I love our family. I'm blessed.

You really took one for the team @_annapaquin! You're my movie wife hero😍


If I'm going to sit through 90 minutes of straightening and 30 minutes of make up there's GOING to be a selfie. #ELECTRICDREAMS #setlife #trailerlife

Thank you so much to these beautiful ladies for smoothing & painting me yesterday 😘

Thank you @the.farmista for my luscious new @theearthlingbeauty products! So organic and clean that I'm even using them on the baby! I'd love to visit @theedibleapartment!

Friends support each other. @rochelleaytes4real Thank you @acroanya for being a strong base, a fearless flyer and a GREAT teacher!

Clarifying once again. @rochelleaytes4real

Everson Royce Bar

Before you ask- I was STONE. COLD. SOBER. Can't speak for @faithford... Thanks for the memories @eversonroyce

Au Fudge

Thank you so much @aufudge for a beautiful and delicious birthday party! We enjoyed every chaotic minute 🎂🎉🎈

What started as a #girlcrush settled into a #loveaffair that became the beginning of a life long #friendship. Thanks for the matchmaking, @abcnetwork #doomsdaytv!

So honored to be celebrating these fierce ladies tonight @appleofhisai #harriettubman @undergroundwgn

My sister be SERIOUS about Pesach. #Passover @omg_omb

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