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A simple Instagram shout out to working parents is not enough but it’s what I’ve got to give right now so here you go 💪🏻 #momlife #parenting #careerwoman #careermom #setlife #adulting #workingparents #twofulltimejobs

Canada Goose

Thank you @canadagoose for the warmest sweater a girl could hope for in a no-joke #Chicago winter 💋

My sexy, funny, talented, cheeky as all hell friend @mehns and the fierce, hilarious, incredible to work with @elaine4animals have a movie out that you should see. Caitlin, I would turn vegetarian for you 😘 #Repost @mehns with @get_repost ・・・ It’s the day of the show y’all! #LEZBOMB opens TODAY IN THEATERS AND ON VOD! I’m so incredible grateful to have worked with this incredible cast and crew and cannot wait to share this movie with the world! To my faux-gf-for-life @jennalaurenzo I love you and thank you for giving me this opportunity 😘 #pinchme . @elaine4animals @kevinpollak123 @brandonmichealhall @steveguttenberg @jordydeee @maitelyw @summerlymoore @funnylezbo @megyraff @gabrielstanley @mialovesllamas_

Happy #worldadoptionday2018! Love is what defines a person, a community, a family. If there’s love, you are home. @worldadoptionday @adopttogether

#Repost @worldadoptionday with @get_repost ・・・ 1 MORE DAY! #WorldAdoptionDay2018 is tomorrow! • “it’s an honor to have been asked to raise + love my daughter for all of her days. it’s an honor to be raised by my loving, selfless [adoptive] parents. it’s an honor to be in the presence, even with distance, of my entire biological family. it’s an honor to share our daughters life with her first mama even though it’s through paper right now. it’s an honor to share our adoption story of brooklyn with my son along with my own. it’s an honor to be apart of my sister adoption story unfolding. it’s an honor that i get to share the adoptee life with my daughter. it’s an honor to hear the way my dad talks about my birth mom + birth father, now and then. it’s an honor that my birth parents have had the opportunity to communicate what the past + present means to them. it’s an honor that my entire triad have met face to face with arms wide open. it’s an honor to have 2 moms. 2 dads. living + loving grandparents. 4 sisters. 6 nieces and nephews. handfuls of new aunts + new uncles + new cousins. it’s an honor to have quadrupled the love + light in my life. || honor △" -Words + Photo by @kirabug for #WorldAdoptionDay2018

Telling the truth my ass @martenbenjamin ・・・ #Repost Being in the courtroom with @rachellelefevre is no joke. But I’m totally telling the truth. I swear.

This is my first vote in a major US election since becoming a citizen in February. I am so blessed to be a citizen of this country that welcomed me and made my wild career dreams a reality. I married an American and gave birth to one. Showing my gratitude for all that this country has given me means showing up to participate in the democratic process that is the backbone of this nation. My gratitude also means voting for candidates who believe other immigrants should have the same opportunity I had- to come here, work hard, build a life and uphold the values that, when being exercised, make the USA so very, very special. #ivoted🇺🇸 #voteouthate #civicduty #equalopportunity #immigration #inclusion #love

Thank you so much @freshbeauty for the lovely gift boxes you sent us on @innocentonfox! We are using it all with joy! Also, thank you for inventing your Sugar roll-on deodorant which I have been buying for years. Please never stop making it 🙏🏻💙

#Repost. Text by my extraordinary friend @ehill76 ・・・ Fair warning: This is not a light post. I rarely get political on my social media, largely because I use it for work and for posting the silly things I do and like. Given November 6 is around the corner, I cannot ignore my reaction to the film “Boy Erased.” For those of you who are unfamiliar with the movie, it’s about Conversion Therapy, otherwise known as “Pray the gay away” therapy. I was so uncomfortable during the film for the obvious reason that this type of therapy is ruled by FEAR, denial and hate - all in the name of “God.” What was most upsetting to me as I sat through the movie was coming face to face with my own internalized homophobia that I foolishly thought was “healed,” because I am out and proud. I, like every other person in this world, grew up in a heteronormative society where I wasn’t even really exposed to anyone who was “gay,” and if I was, the message I received was, “we just don’t talk about that.” To my little being, what I was left to deduce then was, “GAY IS WRONG.” Therefore, deep inside, I felt that something was WRONG with ME. It’s a hard feeling to shake when those hateful messages are still so rampant. If you think MANY in our current administration don’t share the views of these conversion therapists on some level, you are kidding yourself. If you want to just keep voting based on what’s “good for the economy” (and good for your pocket), you are contributing to this hate. As accepting and forgiving a person I am, it’s getting harder and harder to see you as a friend of mine. Rant over.

Valentine DTLA

Amazing night with my hubby @chriscrary at #BabyBall to support the incredible mission of @adopttogether. Blown away by @curtisstoneevents, thank you for all your dedication @curtisstone. @hank & @focho you are the top spot on my vision board 😉 #familyforeverychild 💄 @makeupbylusine 👗 @Likelynyc 💇‍♀️ @kevynemanuele

Chicago, Illinois

When the love is real❤️ #vincentkartheiser #nikkimjames #ProvenInnocent #midseason #fox #tv #legaldrama #newshow #comingsoon #2019 #chicago #setlife

Indelible in my hippocampus. This photo was taken when I was thirteen, a year after I was sexually assaulted for the first time. I went to the home of a boy I liked, he was fourteen, I was twelve. At some point one of his friends came over which I was not expecting. I became uncomfortable and wanted to go home and when I expressed this I was told I could do so only after performing oral sex on him. When I protested his friend blocked the door and I was told that “only” ten seconds of oral sex would earn me my freedom. I was terrified so I did it. He kept his hand on my head the whole time and counted the ten seconds out loud before letting me leave. I told no one because I believed I had “consented” since I technically “agreed” to the ten seconds; I was sure I would be branded a slut by my entire school. When I finally did tell a couple of people years later they were confused by my distress because I hadn’t “really tried to get away.” I didn’t tell anyone else. The following year I was sexually assaulted again; I was thirteen. I had a few friends over to my house and someone had invited a guy I’d never met; he was nineteen. At some point that afternoon he quietly followed me into my bedroom and told me, matter-of-factly, that if I didn’t perform oral sex on him to completion he would come back one night and rape me. He could not have appeared more serious and as he knew where I lived, I believed him. So again, I did it. Believing I had “consented” for a second time I again told no one. The shame that I had somehow allowed this to happen twice was unbearable so I pushed it away for years, buried it. It was over a decade before I spoke of these assaults again and when I finally did I dismissed them as partially my fault. Like Dr. Ford, it took me years to tell anyone, my assaults have come up in therapy decades later and like her, I remember only specific sounds and images that make up the outlines of the events. I can no longer tell you what I was wearing, what day it was or even what time of year. But it happened. No matter how many more details fade over the course of my life, it happened. #ibelievechristineblaseyford #metoo

Teach him young @chriscrary, he will be cooking all our meals in no time! #dad #bestdad #qualitytime #fatherhood #topchefjunior #minifoodie

This. Thank you for sharing @karlawelchstylist 💛

I have always felt that the most important part of protecting women’s rights and experience in this world is us talking honestly with EACH OTHER about our inner & outer lives. To remove stigma & isolation through support, acceptance, humor, and shared vulnerability. When my fierce friend @imkatieroberts invited me to guest on her @clittalkshow podcast I jumped at the chance. Well done ladies, your brave honesty is contagious and I’m now fully infected (hmmm...maybe a better metaphor for a show named after vaginas?...). Men & women please listen!* *Don’t let your little ones eavesdrop. My ep is called “Radiant Relationships” but they are all wonderful. Link in bio.

#universalhealthcare #healthcareforall #humanrights #equality

Sometimes you read something and immediately know that it has been deep in you this entire time- unidentified, unexpressed, and unexplored- and now that it has words it must be met head on and you will be the better for it. Thank you @nayyirah.waheed

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