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@chriscrary and I are so excited and honored to be on the board of @adopttogether and on the host committee for its 3rd annual #BabyBall. We hope you'll join us!

My "I woke up on the wrong side of the bed" look actually turned out a little punk ;)

Feelin' the side part vibes over at #MaryKillsPeople.

I baked 😋

TASSO - Handmade Pastry

My friends will all attest to how much I LOVE small businesses. I've always been happy to pay a little bit more for a book, a toy, a coffee if it means helping a neighborhood place stay in business. I have come across many lovely spots on my travels but every once in a while something truly special comes along. I am currently enjoying a prolonged moment/obsession with a tiny place in Toronto called Tasso Baking. If you wake up early, go there. If you normally wake up late, set an alarm to wake up early and go there. Open Friday-Sunday 8:30am until sold out (I think they usually sell out by around noon). @tassobaking #Toronto #Canada #Baking #bakery #croissants #coffee #shoplocal #smallbusiness #smallbutmighty #heaven

I'm clearly hard at work while Richard Short is...high?...insane?...possessed?... #marykillspeople

I CANNOT. STOP. WATCHING THIS. #Repost @kmannmakeup (@get_repost) ・・・ You're not going to want to miss this tonight on @carpoolkaraoke 🚘🎤🎶 #Repost @carpoolkaraoke The Stark sisters have one thing in common: awesome Sean Bean impressions. 🙌 New episode w/ @maisie_williams & @sophiet tonight on @applemusic! #maisiewilliams #sophieturner #gameofthrones #got7

Toronto, Ontario

Incredibly excited to work with this amazing cast on a beautifully written show. If you haven't seen season one it is currently available on @amazon & @hulu. Season two will air on @lifetimetv in the US and @globaltv in Canada. @eone_tv #marykillspeople 👩🏻‍⚕️💉

Toronto, Ontario

Working on my lines... Can't wait to tell you what for! Very soon... Also super excited to be shooting in #toronto during #tiff2017!

Balayage by Nancy Braun

Curly girls- find a hairdresser who blow dries your hair FIRST, then cuts. It's the only way!!! My man @ kevynemanuele never lets me down. @balayage_bynb #Balayage #NancyBraun #curly #curlyhair #curlygirls #haircut #hairstylist

We want our son to love and appreciate healthy food as he gets older so here's my attempt at making cauliflower delicious 😋 Olive oil, s&p, lemon slices, rosemary (thyme is better for this but I don't have any), garlic. Thanks for trusting me to cook for him so often @chriscrary! I've come a long way baby😉

Honored to be included in this! To the message I say, "Hellz YES!!!"

For all the things I have gone through- pain, struggle, self-doubt, loneliness, fear- I have been rewarded with faith, self-love, strength and inner joy that I would never trade for a moment less of the difficult journey that brought me here. Life does not suddenly get easy but if you are willing to endure the discomfort of growth then each time the load bears down you carry it with more ease and more grace. The goal is not for there never to be another struggle but that the struggle can be seen as an invitation, a battle from which you will emerge as more than who you were before. And when you get tired and think you can go no further, ask yourself, "Don't I want to be more than who I am right now? Don't I want to know what I'm made of?" and walk on into your stronger self.

As often as @chriscrary and I have thought about this moment, I swear he did it himself.

Petit Trois

I don't believe there's a God, I know there's a God. And he wants me to eat this on the REGULAR. @petittroisla

#tbt to that time the gorgeous @iamnataliemartinez tried to teach me some kind of twerking. Ya. For everyone's sake I'm never doing that again. @fitarts I told you it was bad 😂

#tbt to that time in Hawaii when surf champ and all around gentleman @briankeaulana trained me for doubles surfing. Sadly I don't have video of us on the water but we did this ON A SURFBOARD later that day. Never felt cooler. Not ever. #hawaii #oahu #makaha #surfing

Green Table Cafe

My new foodie obsession @realrawvegan Love your Body Use your body for Love 😝

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