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If you have hometown friends, the ones who know where all the bodies are buried and love you and accept you and grow with you anyway, do everything in your power to keep them. It’s the people who TRULY know us and still give love that give life meaning. #friendship #women #blessed

Tune in tonight to see if these are actually photos of Kelsey Grammer giving me a detention for chewing gum in class. Proven Innocent Friday 3/15 on @foxtv 9pm/8pm central @innocentonfox

Giacometti joy @lacma

When you’re going to spend fifteen hours a day with someone all week you hope they are tolerable, you wish for them to be kind, you dare to dream you might become friends, and if you pray for a professional & personally life-changing relationship and those prayers get answered you get #RussellHornsby.

The ying and the yang. Tune in to #ProvenInnocent tonight at 9/8c on FOX 😘

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You know you wanna hang with us. TONIGHT 2/15 at 9pm/8pm Central you can! #ProvenInnocent premieres on FOX.

Reading what’s in someone else’s heart is a beautiful way to learn about an experience of the world different from your own. Thank you, Alice Walker, for this astonishing collection. #poetry #blackhistorymonth

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#Repost @innocentonfox ・・・ Who is to blame? #ProvenInnocent

#Repost @carllessardphotographe Thank you for this beautiful memory, Carl 💋 @momindustries @langmanagement @rachellelefevre @geraldbelanger #styling Nadia Pizzimanti#actress #actrice #beauty #photoshoot @machaaltareakian

@innocentonfox has a mug! We made it 🎉🎉🎉 Premieres Feb. 15th @foxtv (the show, not the mug).

The incredible @candycoke getting her morning hair & make-up trailer rock on 🤟🏽 #trailerdanceparty #hmu #bts #setlife #earlymorning

#Repost @nikkimjames ・・・ @rachellelefevre and I are so excited for @rentonfox tonight!!! I’m pretending to be a #JoAnne but everyone knows I’m a #MIMI. Are you watching? What are your favorite #rent moments???

When your little boy is finally old enough for his first suitcase 🥰 He picked the @away “kid’s carry-on” in green and now won’t stop going up and down the halls with it in his pajamas 😂

Dear @balenciaga, It’s my birthday in two weeks.* Sincerely, Rachelle Lefevre *the posted photo is purely coincidental

Somerset Restaurant

This is my breakfast. On Instagram. Is this still a thing? Asking for a friend...

Russell Hornsby. Hot damn indeed. @innocentonfox

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