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When your little boy is finally old enough for his first suitcase 🥰 He picked the @away “kid’s carry-on” in green and now won’t stop going up and down the halls with it in his pajamas 😂

Dear @balenciaga, It’s my birthday in two weeks.* Sincerely, Rachelle Lefevre *the posted photo is purely coincidental

Somerset Restaurant

This is my breakfast. On Instagram. Is this still a thing? Asking for a friend...

Russell Hornsby. Hot damn indeed. @innocentonfox

Come hang with me for a live tweet of our premier 2/15 at 9pm EST & PST on @foxtv! @innocentonfox @20thcenturyfox

#Repost @innocentonfox ・・・ Can Madeline Scott take down the man who destroyed her life? Find out when #ProvenInnocent premieres February 15 on @foxtv.

My God I love this guy 💞 @chriscrary

Petit Trois

My happy place. @petittroisla

@innocentonfox #bts #nightshoots Coming 2/15 @foxtv

#Repost @adopttogether "This is a season of miracles, and perhaps there is no greater miracle than finding a loving home for a child who needs one...” -President Bill Clinton. At AdoptTogether, we believe in a family for every child. In 6 years, we have helped over 4000 families raise over $17M to bring their children home. This holiday season, join us as we continue to support families on their adoption journey and give the greatest gift of all: The Gift of Family. By making a donation to AdoptTogether, you can give the gift of a forever home to a child. Tap the link in our bio to donate! . . . . Photo: @magnolia

Because you also need our slogan 😉

This is me. Starring alongside #RussellHornsby & #KelseyGrammer on @foxtv. Pinch me all you want, I refuse to wake up. Coming February 15th ⚖️ #tv #legaldrama #proveninnocent #midseason #february #2019 #newshow #newdrama #justice #injustice #scottfree

Lyric Opera of Chicago

Ladies’ day out @lyricopera. If you haven’t been to this theatre please do whatever you can to get there! Beautiful space, incredible opera. And they have subtitles (I seriously need these!). #lyricopera #lyricoperaofchicago #Verdi #iltrovatore #lyric1819 #lyrictrovatore Next up- Cinderella en Français! 👠

“Everybody loses the thing that made them.” -Hushpuppy “Beasts of the Southern Wild” Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my father’s death and today is the two month anniversary of my mother’s sudden passing. As my heart heals and as my thoughts continually drift back to them throughout these days I keep wondering what lesson there is in their both being gone. What can I share since losing both the people who made this curly-haired, spaghetti faced kid? 1) When you lose the way of love, fight your way back as hard as you can. 2) Honoring your parents doesn’t mean sacrificing your emotional health or happiness for them. 3) Ask your parents what they want when they die, when the time comes it’s better to know than not know. 4) Some part of you will always be your parents. 5) You are not your parents. 6) Our parents love us to the best of their abilities; some people’s abilities are vast, some very limited, that’s not your fault. 7) Never judge your own or someone else’s grief. 8) Reactions of love, sadness, anger, longing, relief, despair, confusion, peace- it’s ALL okay. 9) You are the keeper of a legacy if you want it. 10) The cycle ends with you if you want it to. 11) Even when it doesn’t feel like it, you’re strong enough, you can, you’re ready. 🖤


#Repost @amyschumer ・・・ No. This will not fucking stand. How do you sleep at night after gassing children. It’s legal to seek asylum you fucking monsters. Happening at the border. Follow @paolamendoza @jessicayellin and @shaunking for true coverage

Coming February 15th on @foxtv!!! Hope you’ll join us, we didn’t get all dressed up for nothing 💋

THIS. For the holiday season and the rest of your life season. #Repost @bobbyberk

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