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Reposting my boo @chriscrary

My amazing purchases from today's trip to @ryu_apparel #shopcanada #canada #buycanadian #fitness #sportswear #workoutclothes #black (not an ad, I paid for everything). #beautifultough

The calm (sort of) before the curl...

Nat: "We're always kissing!" *laughs Me: "I know." *BIG smile

Hey @justingchatwin @tayediggsinsta #DanByrd #JackDavenport, you're welcome 😉 #DoomsdayTV

#tbt to that time my friend @kristenjane got me a very funny cake to celebrate my first job back after 14 months. @nbcsvu

Love admiring #Canadian designers while on home turf! #CovetingCanadian @houseofmackage

I never thought I'd be that person posting a bare torso photo but I also never thought after having a baby my torso would ever look like this again. Hard work WORKS. Thank you @liftsilverlake & @flywheelsports for pushing me and never making me feel like it mattered how long it took, only that I committed and put in the effort. I'm actually excited to set my new fitness goal and see what results I can achieve. Bring on the next level! 💪🏻 #commit #workhard #believe

"Um, @justingchatwin, do you know my line?..." "I'm just here to look beefy." "Cool." #DoomsdayTV #PilotHeaven #CanadiansRule

Need a good excuse to treat yourself to new make up? @colourpopcosmetics is donating all the proceeds from the sale of their "Puppy Love" and "Cat Nap" colors to @bestfriendsanimalsociety! Helping #savethemall looks good on you ;) #nkla

Over the years I have tried what feels like every workout on Earth to meet my fitness goals. The one thing I didn't try, because I was afraid to bulk up (silly me) was good old-school, down and dirty weight lifting. The really heavy sh*t. After my son was born I didn't just want to be lean, I wanted to be strong and so off I went to see Dirk & Chenelle @liftsilverlake. After only a few weeks the difference was visible and after a few months it's now radical. I'm stronger than I've ever been, more toned than I've ever been and...tada...I'm also leaner than I was BEFORE I got pregnant. Thank you both for pushing me and believing in me and I'm sure @chriscrary thanks you for making me squat so much 😉

Jon & Vinny's Restaurant

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." Chocolate budino w caramel, sea salt, olive oil @jonandvinnydelivery

At home in my hydrating face mask fantasizing I'm in #exmachina #scifi #nerd #geekgirl

A hundred years ago... #bigwolfoncampus #firstjob

I was only seven when my grandfather died of a heart attack but my memories of him are incredibly vivid. To this day I can feel how much he loved me and even though I have lived most of my life without him, I miss him terribly. If we can spare others these losses, even the seemingly small things become huge contributions. Thank you @rootscanada for partnering with @TheHSF in raising money to beat these diseases! #HeartMonth #Moremoments Vanity bonus: my cute toque is now protecting my hair from the LA rain. http://bit.ly/2kY8bj6

Wolf Dining LA

Our dinner @wolfdiningla was so good it was a crime...scene. Ya, I went there. Thank you and congrats Chef! @marcelvigneron

Petit Trois

Thank you all for your amazing birthday wishes! I had an incredible day that ended with a BIG MEC for dinner which was like getting to heaven and then finding out there's a next level. Thank you @chriscrary for the best date and @chefludo @frenchchefwife @petittroisla for the best spot!

#letthemin #resist #immigration #muslimban #refugees #immigrants #onepeople #values #humanity

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