Джейсон Момоа


Американский актёр. Наиболее известен по ролям Конана в фильме «Конан-варвар», Кхала Дрого в телесериале «Игра престолов» и Ронона Декса в телесериале «Звёздные врата: Атлантида».
  • Все 1970
  • Фото 1844
  • Видео 126

Supposedly I went to work 😜😜😜😜love to London my shoreditch crew I miss you all see u at the premiere of JL its going to be amazing super pumped Aloha j

Kid in a candy shop. Super stoked my first boards. Normally I always borrow my OHANA's boards. Mahalo Kelly and raz Check out these pads. never did Algae feel so good between your toes! Through this patented algae-technology @slaterdesigns are removing excess algae biomass from freshwater sources, reticulating freshwater back into the habitat and aiding in the capture and sequestration of CO2. @slaterdesigns are literally scarping pond scum, solar drying and pulverising it before foaming the material to create a pad that helps rebalance the natural ecology! @bloomfoam @slaterdesigns @kellyslater @firewiresurfboards #drawingnewlines #thefutureunderyourfeet

Catching up with my OHANA around the world. @kellyslater super stoked to support and follow this beautiful man A wealth of knowledge from the LEGEND. Aloha j @firewiresurfboards @slaterdesigns @bloomfoam. @guinness

Thank god for all my blessings Finally with my OHANA. Please please please. Australia Paparazzi Let me papa bear with my babies #drogoissleeping Mahalo for the respect Aloha j.

Paying my respects. To the OG 🇦🇺 @billabong_australia @kim_fardy @stebmagazine Mahalo for taking care of my OHANA Aloha j

Love ya LONDON mahalo @keelerpatrick @madeworn for making my childhood dream come true. @bigkemdizel @tadao310. love you Braddahs Coolest guy in the world SLASH your a legend Aloha j. Happy papas day

Mad crazy love to @tadao310 one of my oldest friends. Finally reunited mahalo to @bigkemdizel Love u aloha j. #gunsandfuckingroses

@bigkemdizel me and peter #gunsandfuckingroses aloha j

LEGEND. SLASH. @slash @dannyminnick the adventures of me and Pete #gnrforlife #fuckingslash aloha j

LOVE @reenie666 @markusmaverick Shoreditch posse reunion tonight Aloha j

Back at the heart. Memory lane love my Sandra. @normontesmvj @fatherdamian eat your heart out Miss u fuckers aloha j

Dream come true climbing with my babies and mi hermano @chris_sharma at my home crag Malibu creek epic day mahalo to @giancolafoto for capturing or adventure @pol_roca you are a badass. But unko sharmy is a legend. Check out the full video on YouTube Sharma channel. aloha j.

Got to FaceTime my grandma for the first time as Aquaman. It was priceless. Love u grams #raisediniowa #grandmasboy #missyougrams #meandmabel. Aloha j

Check out @carhartt link my profile. Mahalo to all the papas friends idols and badasses who have inspired me. Mad crazy love to @whereyabennett @captainriff @christianhosoi @madeworn @chris_sharma @love_cycles @mikehayesmusic @richardbaggettstudios @michaelraymondjames @jameshward4 @mendoza_jw @tobiaslcrabtree @kennykirk @wfmft @hottoddy73 fuck there is to many. Just everyone I follow that has balls and are crazy artists love you check it out. Happy papas week. Aloha j

@the_newyork_times I love reading this. HAWAII I LOVE YOU. Can't wait to come home Aloha j. #defyingtrump #blessedera

My lunch break. FINALLY 20 attempts at least. On the 45 with @soill slopers Sorry about the cussing. But I can't help it. I LOVE CLIMBiNG #dirtbagforlife #metallicahelpmesend #fuckyourchair. aloha j

PLEASE GO TO MY PROFILE and click on link The amazing man @colehbc @heartbreakconditioning who taught me this haka for @markhuntfighter He needs our aloha and support J

I wish I was there. Please if can. Go support @blessedmma @yancymedeiros Hawaiian pride. #blessedera ALI'I. Congrats kanaks. Aloha j

HAWAIIAN PRIDE. Love u congrats cuz @blessedmma Aloha j. #westside #waianae ALI'I. It's all yours.

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