Джейсон Момоа


Американский актёр. Наиболее известен по ролям Конана в фильме «Конан-варвар», Кхала Дрого в телесериале «Игра престолов» и Ронона Декса в телесериале «Звёздные врата: Атлантида».
  • Все 1907
  • Фото 1795
  • Видео 112

Well. HELL to the YEAH. I'm so pumped I haven't seen anything yet. 2 long ass days away Zack hook Akuman up. You know I'm impatient. Aloha j. Bolder United #JusticeLeague #Aquaman #UniteTheLeague

Bolder United #JusticeLeague #Aquaman #UniteTheLeague. Aloha j 😜😜

@senderone @chris_sharma I love this place. Been training hard here getting ready for the big show. And I just want to thank wes and his team for taking care of my OHANA. Please come check it out tomorrow grand opening of sender one. LAX Go check out uncle sharmy 😜😜. Aloha j

Quality time with my me Ma Taught right. Mahalo ma. @guinnessus for life. Happy St Patricks everyone. Alohaj. Take it easy

Sharing my poke and Guinness with the team mahalo to @ahi_assassins and @kala_dacaptain my brother for sending Akuman some fresh fish and poi. I get da @guinnessus Chhheeeehoooooooooooooooooo. Mad love to the Witjas. Brandt Meridith chris holly lee and the patrick gonna miss you fuckers #WME #teammomoa aloha j

Surround yourself with artists I'm going to miss all my friends you know who U are. Getting ready for the big show. Need new hats and pants for oz. Mahalo @Schaeffersgarmenthotel And @mrgunnerfoxx The master hatter. Best in the world. Aloha j

We can't even see. 😂😂😂😍😍😍So much love and joy for @lilyinapad and @sheridavani Aloha j

Go and get yourself a pair of these signature @mauliolafoundation gloves by @triumphunited. The profits benefit children with genetic disorders. We should all do whatever we can to help those that are less fortunate. Go to triumphunited.com to get yours. Aloha and mahalo J.

#internationalwomensday Celebrating with my babies love to the goddesses. Aloha momoas

I want to be my son 😜😜😜😜

My Boy wants to drum. Music the Greatest art form. Teach them to sing to drum to wail to shred I love music aloha j

The one the only Legend FLEA. And My baby girl. Fan boy fucking lost my shit. Tried to keep it together. Didn't happen but I got this shot. Mahalo dan weiss and Peter. GOT perks. DROGO perks. 😂😜😜😜😜worth dying for

Josh and wolf. Nuff said. Stoked papa Momoas love the peppers. Aloha j

LA. Screaming your my home - sick love Taking my babies to jam with the peppers Epic night Aloha j

Please support my Kauai OHANA. This is my new Aquaman GI for sure Barcahana x MOYA x Boars Nest release this Thursday March 16th 9 am Pacific, 7 am Hawaiian Time.  All proceeds go to Boars Nest Gym buildout  In order to serve at risk youth in the community.  Sign up for our newsletter for promo codes and info at www.moyabrand.com. Can't wait. Love u cuz @barcalive @moyabrand mahalo j

Living legend stone master john long LARGO. Hanging at @senderone with @normontesmvj I thought I never wore clothes Aloha j

Okay. Fan boy moment. ALICE fuckin COOPER. Holding my axe. Blessed my page Mahalo @ecguitars We have the Aquaman guitar. Finally 59 page. Long live led Zeppelin Cheeeeehooooooooo aloha j

Back in seattle with mi hermano. @captainriff waiting on two guns @whereyabennett It's gonna be a great weekend This is Brian's FUCK I'm in the bad light face. Or he has to poop. Not sure. He's hard to read 😜😜😜😜😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂aloha j

@ecguitars got my first guitar. STELLA in this shop now my first bass. Beautiful city. Amazing people. I love seattle. Aloha j.

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