Джейсон Момоа


Американский актёр. Наиболее известен по ролям Конана в фильме «Конан-варвар», Кхала Дрого в телесериале «Игра престолов» и Ронона Декса в телесериале «Звёздные врата: Атлантида».
  • Все 1982
  • Фото 1852
  • Видео 130

Greatest papa moment watching my babies first all blacks haka. Greatest team on earth. #allblacks Mahalo to fox sports for the seats and earnie Epic game Love u NZ.

"I simply love you more than I love life itself" listening to Elton with the loves of my life. Raising sensitive savages Priceless day on set proud to be aqua papa. OHANA

Great day surfing and climbing with my OHANA back to work. Stoked that @soill made me custom savage size street LV climbing shoes. All black Aqua dipped 😜😜😜😜 Aloha to da crew @normontesmvj @realdealmada @angusdavidson @danielsaann @fitnessbyfortitude Game ready tomorrow after a couple @guinnessus 😜😜😜😜Aloha j

FUCK ME. It's been so hard for me not to talk about the greatest show on earth. And I don't want to spoil anything for anyone So I have been taking it easy on the posts. But holy shit that was intense. Wish I was there to fuck shit up So proud of Dan and David the cast and crew of GOT Aloha DROGO. DRAKARUS 😜😜😜😜😜😜 @emilia_clarke miss u mama your a badass super proud

Greatest days lately surfing with my babies super proud papa had to get more presents. 😜😜😜😜😜. Mahalo RAZ @firewiresurfboards @raz_mehlsen @kellyslater @slaterdesigns @rob_machado @dan_mann @tomo_surfboards. Mahalo unko KELLY kids are stoked Aloha j

I have never been so surprised in my life. 38 is the greatest to date. I love u my loveee my babies my friends and OHANA to my cast and crew. Mahalo for caring. It was so beautiful. Mahalos to all the warriors It was an honor. #mindblown. #roots #connected #mytribe aloha j mahalo @jasinboland

OCCY the LEGEND so stoked to meet @markocchilupo at @billabong_australia mahalo @stebmagazine for hooking it up. Aloha j

Love my @justiceleague OHANA.

Check out the new JL trailer. @justiceleague Everywhere Such an honor to be on the Justice League Love u San Diego comic con. Love to the fans mahalo for all the support. Mad love to Zack mahalo for picking me. Congrats @creepypuppet you did a great job. You were missed. Aloha to my cast and crew enjoy everyone Aloha j. #alohahallH

Arthur loves a red head. @amberheard first state of origin Go Queensland My 8th state of origin I love rugby #ibleedmaroon aloha j.

Raise them right. DA MOMOAZ bleed. QLD. All black. And Port Power. I love Australia and New Zealand. Best sports ever. Except they need hockey. Go maroons. #queensland #imgonnarubitinatwork Aloha j

I'm really stoked about this movie. If it's in a theatre near you please check it out. If you've seen it spread the word small films need help from us Otherwise if u can't see it on the big screen it's out everywhere else Aloha. Miami man. @lilyinapad @thebadbatchfilm

Supposedly I went to work 😜😜😜😜love to London my shoreditch crew I miss you all see u at the premiere of JL its going to be amazing super pumped Aloha j

Kid in a candy shop. Super stoked my first boards. Normally I always borrow my OHANA's boards. Mahalo Kelly and raz Check out these pads. never did Algae feel so good between your toes! Through this patented algae-technology @slaterdesigns are removing excess algae biomass from freshwater sources, reticulating freshwater back into the habitat and aiding in the capture and sequestration of CO2. @slaterdesigns are literally scarping pond scum, solar drying and pulverising it before foaming the material to create a pad that helps rebalance the natural ecology! @bloomfoam @slaterdesigns @kellyslater @firewiresurfboards #drawingnewlines #thefutureunderyourfeet

Catching up with my OHANA around the world. @kellyslater super stoked to support and follow this beautiful man A wealth of knowledge from the LEGEND. Aloha j @firewiresurfboards @slaterdesigns @bloomfoam. @guinness

Thank god for all my blessings Finally with my OHANA. Please please please. Australia Paparazzi Let me papa bear with my babies #drogoissleeping Mahalo for the respect Aloha j.

Paying my respects. To the OG 🇦🇺 @billabong_australia @kim_fardy @stebmagazine Mahalo for taking care of my OHANA Aloha j

Love ya LONDON mahalo @keelerpatrick @madeworn for making my childhood dream come true. @bigkemdizel @tadao310. love you Braddahs Coolest guy in the world SLASH your a legend Aloha j. Happy papas day

Mad crazy love to @tadao310 one of my oldest friends. Finally reunited mahalo to @bigkemdizel Love u aloha j. #gunsandfuckingroses

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