Джейсон Момоа


Американский актёр. Наиболее известен по ролям Конана в фильме «Конан-варвар», Кхала Дрого в телесериале «Игра престолов» и Ронона Декса в телесериале «Звёздные врата: Атлантида».
  • Все 2015
  • Фото 1879
  • Видео 136

SO many beautiful MEMORIES it's been awesome going through my phone. I wish I could show more Mahalo to my team you know who u are I will take you with me in my heart always. Mahalo to Australia for being so amazing to me and for respecting my OHANA I am going to miss so many. It's been a wild ride this last 7 months All my aloha j. JUSTICE LEAGUE TOUR. Here we go. Can't wait for the world to see it. Mahalo zack for picking me. Love u

My BLOODRIDERS @kim_fardy @ryantarran I wish I could show the world what u have done for me and this movie. Most of my best friends are stuntmen it baffles me that these amazing men and women aren't noticed or rewarded for their craft. It's bullshit. It will happen in my lifetime #oscarsforstunts I'll die trying Fucking so proud of you two. I love u both blood of my blood aloha j. #respectstunts #reckognizestunts #itsacollaboration #oscarforaquamanstunts. Big Mahalo to chad Dave Jv jojo and all the @87elevenaction for training and teaching me the craft

The adventures of CAPTAIN SLUGGO and chief silverback A friendship fueled with meat(basically raw). booze(mostly Guinness) donuts(for Mada) hard work and crazy mad laughter you killed @realdealmada fucking love u cuzzy bro. Aloha j.

Team momoa wrapping it up @markplatzerl @neilalien67 @realdealmada @getyourdailyserve has been taking care of me since day 1 on Aquaman. It's a steady diet of sashimi poke sardines and eggs. And @guinnessus But not today. My favourite spaghetti bolognese and vino #sprinklesomehawaiianonit aloha j

The countdown begins. @guinnessus to start spaghetti for dinner and @penfolds till we burn our it down . Big mad crazy love to my MERA. @amberheard My rider we went through some heavy shit mama. I'm super proud of you. Congrats. My crew and cast these awesome studios. Australia I fucking love ya. Aloha j. Ps sorry I can't be at the game all blacks gotta wrap Aquaman. I know you'll win we always do. #allblackeveything #loveyouaustralia @villageroadshowstudios

AQUAMAN best wrap day gift ever cheeeeeeeeeehooooooooooo. and @gibsonguitar @gibsoncustom saved me a @slash firebird. YayayayayyauayayayayyYy So Fucking happy. Love you matty and clay @claydoughty @captainnubah Lots of crazy posts today I'm gonna miss u Australia. Aloha j

SLASH. @gibsonguitar @claydoughty @captainnubah matty and clay hunted down my dream guitar from the greatest rocker ever. My spirit animal @slash hahahahahhahah. Mahalo brothers you are my OHANA. Truly thankful and honored. Mahalo for helping me get my Aquaman wrap gift. For myself. hehehehehheeh. #gibsonfirebird #slashismyspiritanimal #donttellmywife aloha j

I'm such a fan boy. I was so stoked and honored to meet @cwstoneking last night at @leftysmusichall fantastic venue . CW is an amazing musician father man stud Aussie legend love ya bud. And I got to play is guitar ahahahahahhhhhhahhh. Such a fan girl. Any who check him out buy it all. Stay tuned We fucking wrap. Aquaman today. 114 days. BOOM. Should be a trip Aloha j

Aquaman in Canada sooooooocold but I love it. FRONTIER season 2 starts finally. @discoverycanada Super proud of this show. Mahalo to my fans for the support. Comes out on Netflix day after #justiceleague One month away Aloha j

#FRONTIER season 2 @discoverycanada FUCK YEAH tonight Canada @netflix soon. Aloha j

Amazing silly night with my best friends. @markplatzerl @realdealmada @vallkree @timmybe @kim_fardy and jACK I'm gonna miss Australia JL tour here I come. And Canada tune in tonight for #frontier @discoverycanada I'm coming back soon. Aloha j

Canada I love u. I'm coming back soon. But today is the day Season 2 frontier I'm super thankful and proud of my cast and crew. I love this season tonight on @discoverycanada Coming soon on @netflix Aloha j. Celebrating tonight

The last climb it's all coming to an end Mahalo @wfmft @awesomewoodys super stoked to connect with @aussierockrat Making the most beautiful holds @chris_sharma check him out Hermano #MotherNatureholds #drseussshit #imgonnamissyouoz #nomoreworkingoutjustclimbing #yayayayauauauauauayyayayayayayyayayayaya. Aloha j

@timmybe showing me the ways. We got some really cool stuff coming for a great cause. aloha unko Aquaman @thesurfboardwarehouse #thesurfboardwarehouse #atlantissup #surfaid @mauliolafoundation

@kim_fardy @ryantarran These two beautiful men have saved my life and made Aquaman amazing They risk their bodies everyday. Teach, help train me I'm truly thankful for my stunt team love you Ryan and kim. I'm gonna get all classy and shit and have some wine with my boys love me some Aussie wine. @penfolds #bloodofmyblood #mybloodriders aloha j


Traveled the world with these loves @caldercrisis and @guinnessus Home away from home #layoversneversuckwithguinness. Aloha j

Finally. Scalped the beast @realdealmada #teachthekidsalesson love u bro. Congrats to the future Aloha j. #captainsluggo

Super stoked my first custom board hand shaped by mr will weber @will.webber.surfboards Bumped into this legend down in angourie with @danielsaann one of the best point breaks in the world Aloha j. Love OZ. ONE OF WILLS

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