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Американский актер. Известен своими ролями в фильма "Человек, который изменил все", "Стражи галактики" и "Мир Юрского периода".
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2AM check. All 50 plus lambs are playing tag. 😂

I could watch this on a loop all day. Our sweet Suffolk moms are so patient and loving to their babies. 55 lambs and counting #lambjam2019 is winding down. Almost done!

Here I am all misty eyed backstage. A moment I will never forget. Sound on.

Welp. I guess I died and gone to heaven. Thank you @garthbrooks and congratulations on the artist of the decade award. It was an honor to sing with you and the band on stage. I can’t wait for the upcoming stadium tour. God is so good. Thank you thank you thank you 😭🙏♥️👍🏼

As the leader of the Guardians allow me to thank our amazing fans and the @avengers for letting us come and play. Where will you watch #ENDGAME opening weekend? Please comment below. And feel free to share with me your thoughts on Starlord’s actions in the last movie. I’m not sure how you feel about me hitting Thanos.

Want to honor @katherineschwarzenegger hard at work on #internationalwomensday Love you dear!

It’s gonna be a great weekend for movies!! Why not make it a double feature? After seeing @BrieLarson in @captainMarvel Go see @ethanhawke @vincentdonofrio @danedehaan and ME! in #TheKid @moviethekid It’s a dope western and I play a bad guy. In select cinemas Friday. 🙏♥️

Happy Birthday to the hardest worker in the room and the best screen partner any guy could ask for. Love you @brycedhoward ♥️🙏👍🏼🎉🎊

Here are twin Suffolk lambs, “Blackbelt” and “Quicksilver.” These Suffolk Sheep descended from a nearly wild breed of Island Sheep, over three human family generations and dozens and dozens of lamb generations, becoming incredibly hardy. Before coming to our farm the entire herd gave birth in the fields with no veterinary help whatsoever. With no man made shelter, no medicine, no hoof trimming and no supplemented nutrients only the strongest survived. The result is an incredibly athletic, wild and unusually hardy sheep, which when full grown can easily jump a 5 foot fence. Ask me how I know! One of them jumped head first into my chest at a full run and nearly knocked the wind out of me. I was brought back to my days as an all area inside linebacker. Point being, I was an all area inside linebacker. Nonetheless, we’ve had many unique challenges trying to domesticate these wild little Suffolk. But it’s working! Amazingly mama didn’t mind as we picked up her babies. Our hope is in a couple generations they will become as calm and fearless as the other domesticated breeds.

Sleepy 😴

Clementine snuggles Cupid. The half sisters, daughters of Rex Dangerfleece get along well. We’ll see if that changes come middle school.

When you need to see if your stuff will fit in the new place but you forgot the tape measure.

Welcome Lamb #11 Alice Coopworth! Lamb Jam 2019 in full affect. This new Coopworth is a cross of Border Leister Ewe “Zha-zha” and Romney Ram “Rex Dangerfleece.” She will supply beautiful silky wool for many years to come. Christmas stockings, pot holders, sweaters, scarves and hats all courtesy a happy, sustainably and lovingly raised Alice Coopworth. #farmlife

On the set of Mag7 I remember @vincentdonofrio telling me and @ethanhawke about this western he wanted to make about Billy The Kid. Not only did he make it! He let me and Ethan be in it!!!! If you’re like me you love the lore of Billy The Kid. Young Guns was one of my favorite movies growing up. Check your local theaters March 8th and find one that’s playing The Kid. You won’t regret it. And you’ll get to see me play a real bad SOB to boot.

Took my young lady bushwhacking today. Nothing says Pacific Northwest like an ancient river of moss covered boulders. Favorite part of the day: Her:”So there’s no trail? How do you know how to get back?” Me: “I don’t. Sometimes you stay the night in the woods. Sometimes you end up just living there. We might run into someone who hiked out here twenty years ago never came back. Happens all the time. We’re gonna have to tell them all about cell phones and everything.”

@katherineschwarzenegger rocks the latest trend in fierce accessories. The eggshell wool baby lamb. Super high maintenance but worth it for this fashion icon. #farmlife

From Longhorn to Snow Bunny. Learn how BabyGurl does it all and still manages to brings the fire in an all new episode of The Real House Cows of #Farmlife Hills

The first lamb of the season arrived on Valentine’s Day. I think we’ll call him Cupid. ♥️ Good job Mamma! #farmlife #WeBeLambin’ #lambingseason2019

Tonight Stephen Colbert and I get deep. @colbertlateshow don’t miss it. @thelegomovie

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