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Shooting with @dreamstatelive again this afternoon!

Getting in my second cardio session of the day and my @stancesupplements fat burner is helping to give me some extra energy and to get a good sweat going. Something about feeling like a sweaty mess after cardio that makes me feel like a badass lol. Interested in trying @stancesupplements for yourself? Visit www.stancesupplements.com and use the code "StanceMe" for 10% off! #whatsyourstance

Ice cold. 📷 @thuyxtran

Like my shirt? More info coming soon 😉

#nationalsiblingday Love these two so much! They are both such talented athletes! My brother @kdub_19 plays baseball at the university of Iowa and my sister is a competitive gymnast at only 10 years old.


Same facial expression different day 😂 #cardio #noseriouslyImakethesamefaceineverypicture #Iswearimmoreannimatedinreallife

Rock climbing. Duh. 📷 @dreamstatelive

Social media is great because we get a glimpse into someone's life that we wouldn't otherwise know and that is pretty awesome. However, just because someone posts pictures and content it doesn't give you the right to pass judgment on their choices. I fully understand that having a lot of followers means that everything I put up is open to scrutiny and I can be a team player and brush it off because at the end of the day my opinion of my choices matters most and I am at peace with who I am. With that being said, at what point do we all just decide to chill the eff out on saying such mean things because we think we can? It's really simple... Scroll, see photo, decide to like photo or decide to not like photo and keep scrolling. Leaving a mean comment because you're "just being honest" and have "freedom of speech" is bullshit. It's mean and all you're doing is spreading your bad attitude around. Just don't be an ass and keep your hurtful words and "opinions" to yourself. They are unwarranted and just not necessary. 😃


Repost from @giotraining Here's Quick Clip Of #Dynamic & #Explosive Medicine Ball #Exercises To #Strengthen Your #Core, #Improve #Rotational & #Pushing #Power! Check Out The Entire #Video On My #YouTube: GiovanniTraining It's Composed Of 5 #MedicineBall #Movements That #Burn The Core & Make Those #Abs Pop! @Rvca @RvcaSport #StrengthAndConditioning #Fitness #Fit #TrainSmart #Workout #Pennywise #GioKnows

I have seen this @flattummytea tea EVERYWHERE! I just found out that its not a weight loss tea which is surprising so I thought I would give it a go and see if it really will make my tummy flatter by getting rid of any bloating…stay tuned!

Sometimes you just have to say screw it and take a nap wearing a big ol pair of sunglasses whilst holding your boobs to make sure they don't run away.

I Am Excited To Announce That @giotraining And I Are Now Sponsored @stancesupplements Athletes! We Will Be Working Closely With #stancesupplements To Provide Our Fans, Clients & The Public With Knowledge Of The Vast High Quality #Supplements We Represent. We Will Be Featured In Advertisements, Magazines & Be Attending Events & Signings Worldwide, As Well As Posting About #StanceSupplements Look Out For Further Posts About @stancesupplements & Hopefully See You Guys Soon At Future Events! Want to try #stancesupplements for yourself? Use Code "StanceMe" for 10% off your supplement order! #whatsyourstance Photo: @JoelFloraPhoto

I used to hate my Monday workouts with @giotraining I would complain a little extra and just not put in my full effort because my personal motivation was so low! The last few weeks I have really been trying to work past that feeling and keep in the mind set that every movement and every exercise will help me to look and feel my best. I'm so lucky to have a great trainer and motivator! If I were left up to my own devices in the gym realm I would probably just make up stretches for an hour while checking my phone lol so thank you @giotraining I never imagined I could feel this great!!!

Twins. 👚 @shop_chic_collection

It's getting weird on snapchat today. And yes I know this laugh is annoying. Just go with it. 👻 Jaclyn.Swedberg 👻 Giofitness @giotraining

All smiles! Having bad energy ages you... And I'm much too vain for that. 🙊😂

Love my new swimsuit from @hotmiamistyles I think one pieces are so subtlety sexy!

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