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Британская певица, автор песен и танцовщица.
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📸: Lawrence Thomas for @selectmodelmgmt courtesy of @pixiedits

I got to perform this last night with the beautiful Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and lovely Louis but didn’t get a video so here’s a throwback to the festival summer - this song makes me cry every time! Amazing band, fabulous @jasonleighwinter and the best choreography for the whole show by @seanparkins 💫

Theatre Royal Drury Lane

🖤An honour to perform at this @timefliesraf100 with some amazing people 🖤

HippieFish Mykonos

I saw two shooting stars last night and made my wishes 💫 Then tonight I got to watch this sunset - I’m so happpayyyy. LOVE it when you get to work in Greece 🇬🇷🎶🎥

The Venetian Well

🌹 We are rose colour, just like no other I see only the beauty of you and I Somewhere in a secret place Messy, little runaways Somewhere we can hide in yesterday Where you and I can make the same mistakes forever... ☁️ co-written with @peterzizzo 🎶 - @domesmiramare #domesreorts

Domes Miramare, a Luxury Collection Resort, Corfu

casual wednesdays 🖤 @domesmiramare #domesresorts #wednesday

Korfu, Kerkira, Greece

writing songs about you @domesmiramare #domesmiramare #domesresorts

Theatre Royal Haymarket

I can’t believe this was two years ago!!!! Swipe right 💎 What an incredible cast and experience I will never forget that taught me ridiculous amounts and had me in tears every night 🖤 (The accent is transatlantic like an English/American blend : The Mid-Atlantic accent, or Transatlantic accent,[1][2][3] is a consciously acquired accent of English, intended to blend together the "standard" speech of both American English and British Received Pronunciation.)

Athens, Greece

If I could live in this dress for the rest of my life I’d be so happy 💎 felt so lucky to wear a one off, vintage @swarovski crystal dress from their archive at @marina_raphael_official opening! Thank yoou ✨thank you @christina_ich for the vid ✨✨✨

Athens, Greece

🚿📷 🖤🖤@marina_raphael_official 🖤🖤 we love you and the whole collection! What a launch party with wonderful people and all I took was this.

Too young 💗

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARCSTA @georgiadarcy9 🖤🖤🖤 chivesta, bridie, plankton! This was the night our best friendship was fully cemented (and the hot dog man with the hat of course) and the rest is history! From the parking tickets, the fabric Fanta banta, specs and lanky, Santa hats, is it in there nice, man on sofa, hotel evacuations right up until the missed flight, missing laptop and phone in the sea antics we have had the best timezzzzz and laughs (cackles from your part) and love!!! Love you to the moooooon ❤️💗❤️💗

Milan, Italy

Thank you @armanibeauty for my make up and @emporioarmani for my look to perform new songs at @grazia_it amazing 80th birthday bash 🖤🎵 #mfw #grazia80

Milan, Italy

I’m here @grazia_it #Grazia80 in Milan and cannot wait to perform for your 80th Birthday celebrations! 💗💗💗💗 wearing @emporioarmani 💎 make up @armanibeauty 💎 #mfw

Corfu, Kerkira, Greece

Sunrise, this morning at Peristera House 🧡 How wonderful is a new day! Tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring? (Fave quote from which movie?) Goodbye for now Corfu am off to Milan - see you very soon ✨✨✨✨ #Pixiver2019 #PixiesGrecianHen #WhatGoesOnTourStaysOnTour @cvvillas

Korfu, Kerkira, Greece

Am going to miss this view at Peristera House and my hens 🐔#Pixiver2019 #PixiesGrecianHen #WhatGoesOnTourStaysOnTour @cvvillas 💗💗💗

Korfu, Kerkira, Greece

My fans can now join me from inside a beautiful studio for an exclusive writing session of some new material! 🙏 Go to on.melodyvr.com/Pixie-Lott to find out how! #CloserToTheMusic 💘💘💘 with @melodyvirtual and the fabulous @peterzizzo

Korfu, Kerkira, Greece

This week has been unbelievable so faaaar🧡 so lucky to have my hens making me laugh like this 24/7 #Pixiver2019 #WhatGoesOnTourStaysOnTour #PixiesGrecianHen @cvvillas

Isle of Wight

🖤 LAST FESTIVAL OF THE SUMMER 🖤 thank you so much to my incredible band, dancers and team for the best summer of shows - you rock the world xxxxx 📷: @tom_haigh

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