Б.Дж. Новак


Американский актёр, сценарист и продюсер. Новак родился и вырос в городе Ньютон, в пригороде Бостона, штат Массачусетс. Закончил тот же колледж, что и Джон Красински.
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Lower East Side

I'll be the judge of that

New York, New York


New York, New York

I don't especially need a divorce right now, but who am I to turn down these prices

Getty Museum

In college I studied photography with Chris Killip. He is the one who first observed I was drawn to "pictures of text." His work is extraordinarily sensitive, clever and precise. There's an excellent exhibit of it right now at the @gettymuseum in Los Angeles.


Aw man someone took my band name

LAX - Los Angeles International Airport

A little ominous, into it

"Things had gotten too goth"

Is this the most pretentious thing you've ever seen in your goddamn life



Happy 20th Anniversary to Divorce Magazine. Via twitter's @ emjwilk.

More. I want more ingredients. More stuff. More more more. Sorry not enough going on with this snack mix

"Okay, the motto committee came through. Good enough, we'll use it. And what about the brand name?" "... They flaked, sir."

Always laugh remembering how @neomarxisme used to tell people that "au bon" meant "house of"

Five dollar bills? Who does this jukebox think it is

My favorite event in the world. A @picturesoftext dream. Check it out next year or in New York via @printedmatterinc


Do you think I'm an idiot

It just occurred to me that this is a weirdly happy song for taking place in December, 1963

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