Б.Дж. Новак


Американский актёр, сценарист и продюсер. Новак родился и вырос в городе Ньютон, в пригороде Бостона, штат Массачусетс. Закончил тот же колледж, что и Джон Красински.
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Hmm... what do we say about ice... um.... just winging it here

Some weeks are like

Newton, Massachusetts

#TBT that time I got dressed up

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

Gets one house plant

Subtext for restroom hand dryers: “Look, I know you hate me – let me explain”

Lil Wayne should sue the fuck out of Thich Nhat Hanh

Or unless they are dead

When I ask someone to reserve four recycling bins for me, I mean it

When you want your structure to be perfect

Malibu Creek State Park

Kids, life before Google Maps was a nightmare

When you ask her out for a cup of coffee but you don’t want it to be casual at all


When I met @mindykaling in 2004, she lived in a small apartment off Fairfax in Hollywood. This is what’s in front of that building today. @wrinkleintime

Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Super present with @mindykaling @vanityfair ❤️ 📱📷

Literally as far as I could get on today’s puzzle. @nytimes

Repost from the Twitter account of Javier Blas (@ javierblas2). A study in contrasts at Davos.

Kind of a weird boast

Joel Edgerton like ughhh I hate the pic they used of me

Alexa, I feel like you might have made a glaring omission here... Merry Christmas everyone! 🌲 🌟 and happy birthday Shane MacGowan!

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