Филиппа Култхард


Австралийская актриса, известная по главным ролям в телесериалах «К-9» и «Неземной сёрфинг».
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Rome, Italy

Touristing in Rome ❤️


A little ride through the forest 🐎✨

Belgrade Fortress

Watching sunset from the Fortress ✨

Belgrade, Serbia

A late night in Belgrade with @jessicagreen 👯

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia! 🇷🇸

A little painting for my beautiful mumma, whose birthday was earlier this week 💗

When I met her, she was orange. But fake tan has come a long way since then (phew), and we’ve been on countless adventures along the way. Happy Birthday, Schmoogly! I adore you! 👯💕✨🍰💗 #orange

😬📸 @natalieimgraben

North Stradbroke Island

Straddie ❤️

Picnic with @elizamccabe @stephirvine_ ✨💗

@harrietcoulthard took me out for High Tea yesterday 💝😋

☺️🎓💕 @juliancoulthard @harrietcoulthard

Happy birthday to @juliancoulthard who just graduated with a 1st class honours degree in some crazy science shit that I will never understand. You’ve made me a very proud big sis 💗

A Witch cooked me pasta 🖤🍝 @valouuu_____

A flapper visits the Coven 🎃

Pupukea, Hawaii

It only took a severely painful sunburn to get @jessicagreen on team #SunSafe ☀️😎

Kaneohe Bay Sandbar

They’re just so proud of their sun safe friend 💕

Honolulu, Hawaii

A brief moment before the #rashy 🌺

Honolulu, Hawaii

A more realistic shot of my beach attire 95% of the time... 😎 #rashy #hautecouture

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